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Updated on Mar 18th, 2023
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With the pandemic subsiding, people from around the world finally got to satisfy their travel bug. Staying at home or movement restrictions can take a toll, especially when you can’t reach the destinations you genuinely want to visit for some time off. However, most travel companies saw that as an opportunity to raise record profits. According to recent statistics, the global tourism revenue stood at USD 475 billion in January 2023 , with giants like TripAdvisor and Expedia making leaps and bounds with their turnovers.

That leaves small and medium travel businesses out of the competition. When you have most of the online bookings and reviews covered by a few corporations, investing your time and finances into a travel agency becomes increasingly challenging. Still, there is hope in the form of non-conventional approaches. If you want to initiate a career as a travel agent, an MLM travel agency can help you out.

Throughout this guide, we’ll examine how travel MLM companies work and the top 10 most lucrative options you can join in 2023.

How Do Network Marketing Travel Companies Work?

Network marketing is a methodology that prioritizes associates on the ground instead of lengthy supply chains. They save plenty of finances by not investing in showrooms or sponsor deals. Instead, they have their associates market their products to various locales and communities close to them. All they need is the details of the customers and the precise order, and the company can ship the product on their end.

In addition, all associates can receive commissions based on each sale. It prevents the organization from verifying the performance of each employee through lengthy reports. They can simply go over the sales figures. The precision of orders also allows for a high degree of customization, something not available in most brick-and-mortar stores.

The lack of stationary facilities also allows for improved mobility of sales. That’s what makes the model perfect for a travel agency. You can have travel agents working in numerous states and countries, offering the best deals, coupons, and plans to the ones looking to travel to and from the location. While the commission turnaround requires more duration than an office-based travel agency, you can attain more fluidity with the orders and offer discounts based on the demand of destinations.

List of Top MLM Travel Companies

Given how lucrative a network marketing travel agency can be, you might be tempted to join one yourself. Yet, several such companies are operating, and not all share a similar scale of success. Here’s our pick of the top 10 travel MLM companies.

World Ventures

World Ventures is the most profitable travel-based MLM. Based in the United States, it was started by just two people, Wayne Nugent, and Mike Aczue, in 2005. It focused on travelers into Southeast Asia, coordinating with various hotels and homesteads that customers won’t usually find on mainstream sites. While the company was on the verge of bankruptcy due to the pandemic, it has made a significant comeback in recent years. In 2022, it reported an annual turnover of USD 183 million.


Going on a cruise is often out of budget for middle- and low-income households. A five-day cruise through the Caribbean can cost up to USD 4000 per person, excluding taxes and hotel stays. InCruises seeks to bring those prices down to manageable levels. In collaboration with various luxury shipping companies, the company offers an invite-only plan that costs $100 to activate and $100 per month in membership.

The subscription lets you access various deals that can shrink the conventional estimates by up to 80% in savings. Moreover, your subscription fee automatically translates to reward points, which you can spend on benefits and additional luxuries, like getting a more premium hotel suite or a lavish lobster dinner.

MWR Life

MWR stands for ‘Make Wishes Real.’ It’s a vacation network marketing company offering a travel offers card subscription. Customers can receive that card digitally or through the mail, offering exclusive discounts on various facilities, including hotels, flights, trains, and cruises. They also allow customers to earn reward points, which they can spend on their own vacations or share with other family members on their plans.

Cardholders can also gain benefits from recruiting new members. Those who sign up can get access to 290 guest passes annually, allowing them to enter an exclusive event almost every day of the year. No wonder the company has scaled so much since its inception in 2013. It earned profits of over USD 100 million in 2022.

Essens Travel

Essens is a well-known MLM conglomerate that operates out of the Czech Republic. Initially, the company sold high-end fragrances but quickly diversified into various disciplines. One of those was the network marketing travel company called Essens Travel.

Unlike other travel agencies, Essens Travel guarantees a cashback for every flight you book, typically 1 point for every EUR 8 spent. Those can be converted into commissions or used for up to 100% discount on future payments. The registration process is entirely free, and you can redeem your rewards after 30 days of the transaction.


Zyndio is an international travel agency that has observed massive success in various vacation hotspots worldwide. The company's referral program allows prospective customers to avail of various travel benefits on the starter pack or start their own travel business with the Black Diamond pack.

Subscribers can save up to 85% on their travel expenses, with exclusive access to 5-star suites and luxury lounges in more than 500 destinations in more than 20 countries. Those who follow the MLM plan earn a commission of 25% from the entire membership. You can redirect those commissions to your account or use them for further discounts in your future travels.


One of the youngest network marketing travel companies on this list, Ibuumerang gets its name from the idea that you can have a pleasant vacation experience and share it to earn some cashback. It has allowed thousands of associates to become travel agents while offering various discounts and accommodations for their next vacation.

Ibuumerang’s business model revolves around sharing experiences on the internet. Many business owners have also used it as a platform to spread reviews and give their venture more spotlight. It has grown multiple times its initial estimate, recording a profit of USD 36 million in 2021.

Global Travel International

A significant firm backed by various government tourism agencies, GTI has travel agents in more than 40 countries. It has offered fun vacations and luxurious getaways at affordable prices to more than 500,000 satisfied customers. It’s one of the primary firms operating in the Middle East to offer high quality and safety standards to every traveler.


Taking the customization route to the next level, ByDzyne lets you explore bespoke products and solutions that suit your needs. One of them is a lifestyle package that suits your schedule and provides you with affordable accommodations to your favorite destinations. It’s an option for you to break through the luxury lifestyle market. ByDzyne entrepreneurs earn the most extensive commissions in the MLM industry.


A booking company specializing in luxury resorts and condos, FireFlies allows its customers to have an exclusive vacation to the top travel spots around the world. Whether you desire to spend a week in the Bahamas or a few days atop a skyscraper in New York, FireFlies has you covered at unbelievable prices. Thousands of reviews on its websites show that customers can save up to 90% on their trip.


Travelution is an MLM travel agency based in Florida. It’s an excellent choice for people who don’t have an experience in network marketing, as the recruitment process mandates a three-week course before new associates can begin sales. That hard work has paid off, as Travelution has managed to stay above water, even during the worst times of the pandemic. Its online focus and generous compensation plans allow a seasoned member to earn USD 30,000 monthly.


Whether you wish to join any of the MLM travel companies mentioned above or start your own, you need efficient online tools to convert most of your leads. Global MLM is a proven platform that has allowed thousands of legitimate businesses to take flight by empowering their associates with the right resources. For more information, check out our products page today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Network Marketing Travel Company Made the Most Profits in 2022?

As of 2023, World Ventures was the top network marketing travel agency, with an annual turnover of USD 183 million in 2022.

2. Can New Recruits Get Discounts on Joining an MLM Travel Company?

Yes, most MLM travel companies offer discounts to new associates. That way, they can vouch for the experience themselves instead of running from a script to prospective leads.

3. Which MLM Plan Is Best for Travel Companies?

A matrix plan is best for MLM travel companies. Its simplicity allows convenient tracking and recruitment statistics, while remaining straightforward to grant the necessary commissions.

4. Why Do MLM Travel Companies Have Delayed Commissions?

Travel MLM companies receive payouts from their partner services, such as hotels and airlines, only after their guests have made payments. Those partners often have a limited payout window, which only lets the MLM receive funds after the excursion has been concluded and all assets accounted for. Therefore, the associates experience a delay in commissions.

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