MLM Compensation Plans

Choosing the right compensation plan is the one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for direct selling success. However choosing the best mlm compensation plan that suits your business goal depends on multiple factors.

The compensation plan is one of the reasons people will join and stay with the company. Hence compensation plans must be designed to motivate specific behaviours of distributors and customers.

Types of MLM Compensation Plans

Unilevel tree
Unilevel MLM Plan

Unilevel Compensation Plan is one of the easiest MLM plan to work with, it is a plan with unlimited width.

Binary tree
Binary MLM Plan

Binary MLM Software Plan network is distributed under 2 people who have joined at the first level.

Matrix tree
Matrix MLM Plan

MLM matrix Plan Software is an organised plan for distributors that motivates them to hire more members down the line.

Board tree
Board MLM Plan

MLM Board Plan software is one of the most critical MLM compensation plans that focus on the development of business services.

Monoline tree
Single Leg MLM Plan

This MLM plan has become a new trend in recent years. This plan is an appendage to fall in the same single (or) "Mono" line..

Generation MLM Plan

Manage and keep track of the performance of various generations promising an unbiased distribution of your profits..

Party MLM
Party MLM Plan

The Party MLM plan is a unique network marketing strategy where MLM companies leverage the power of social gatherings.

Stair Step MLM
Stair Step MLM plan

The Stair Step MLM plan is an advanced network marketing strategy that provides plenty of growth prospects for its distributors.

Gift tree
Custom and Hybrid MLM Plan

Many direct selling companies combine two traditional compensation plans to give better compensations and more bonuses for its members.

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