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Drive your network marketing team to success with Global Single Leg MLM Software. Experience the best-in-class features and comprehensive reporting tools with a user-friendly interface. Unleash the power of your business to drive growth with features like real-time tracking, secure transactions and multi-currency support. Join us to transform your MLM business with cutting-edge innovation and efficiency.

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Single Leg MLM Software

What is Single Leg MLM
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Single Leg MLM Software is specifically developed to support Multi-level marketing businesses with a Single Leg Compensation structure. It helps automate and streamline the management of a network with a single-line hierarchy. It means that all distributors are in a linear structure.

Single Leg MLM Software will help simplify your business by automating payouts and commission calculations. You do not have to worry about manual calculations anymore. Other exceptional features include genealogy tracking, robust backend, data security and e-commerce support. The software has real-time reporting and analytics to help you make informed decisions. It is also customisable, making it a perfect fit for all your business needs.

Superior, Feature-Rich Single Leg Software

Empowering Financial Success

Power your network with robust financial management tools. Ensure smooth financial transactions and success within your MLM network.

checkmark Provide your customers with options to make payments through multiple payment gateways.

checkmark Accept payments across various payment methods like debit cards, credit cards or other online e-wallets.

checkmark Ensure the protection of customer data through our 100% secure payment gateways.

checkmark Scale your business by accepting cross-border transactions through our software.

checkmark Stay updated with your national and international taxes with our integrated tax calculation process.

checkmark Simplify your tax-related functions and calculations with our advanced software features.

checkmark Receive new updates regarding new tax compliance laws, which can be easily integrated when needed.

checkmark Streamline your Tax payment process with automated deductions for complete accuracy.

checkmark Automate your payout system with our expert software, while ensuring 100% accuracy.

checkmark Ensure timely disposal of payouts and commissions to members to foster trust and satisfaction

checkmark Eradicate the need for manual calculation of commissions and payout with our advanced payout calculator

checkmark Stay compliant with all payments as our software ensures all regulations are followed while indulging in zero legal hassles.

checkmark Make expert financial decisions with detailed financial and budget reports.

checkmark Optimize your financial transactions with 100% accuracy

checkmark Monitor your business expenses with tracking tools to assist in financial planning

checkmark Maximize your financial operations with our software’s efficient financial reporting and analytics tools.

Industry Leading Single Leg MLM Software

Powerful Business Management Resources

Consolidated Tools for e-commerce Integration

Facilitate Exceptional MLM success through integrating E-commerce features to enable businesses to manage sales product life cycle, and maximize their business potential.

Integrated Financial Management

checkmark Centralize your E-commerce operations through our advanced product management system to manage your product inventory.

checkmark Streamline your product marketing with a single product catalog for a comprehensive view.

checkmark Simplify your inventory management with our advanced set of tools that track and manage inventory

checkmark Automate your ordering process with our consolidated order management system when stocks run low.

checkmark Provide your customers with a smooth shopping experience by integrating user- friendly shopping carts into your e-commerce system.

checkmark Secure your customer's data with our advanced data encryption and firewall features.

checkmark Enable multi-currency transactions into your business’s checkout system for a hassle-free transaction process

checkmark Enjoy increased sales with the software’s smooth features to increase customer satisfaction and translate into long-term success for the business.

checkmark Streamline your order processing operation with our automated systems for quick dispatch

checkmark Track your customer's order status and enjoy real-time updates with our advanced order processing software features

checkmark Increase accuracy in your order processing system with our accurate and automated solutions.

checkmark Scale your business to new heights and our software and grow with you.

checkmark Safeguard your customer's financial details and provide them with safe payment gateways with 100% data encryption.

checkmark Prevent financial losses through chargebacks with the advanced chargeback prevention features

checkmark Protect your financial data with our superior firewall network security.

checkmark Avoid payment fraud with our advanced security features to help detect unscrupulous activities and avoid financial fraud

Features of Global Single Leg MLM Software

The Single line MLM software, also known as Single Leg MLM software from Global MLM Solutions, offers numerous features that will help propel your business to new heights. Take advantage of real-time analytics features, user management, and performance optimizations, all while ensuring 100% data protection.


E-wallet Transfers

Ensure 100% security for all your financial transactions, hassle-free in multiple currencies.


Income and Expense Report

Get a detailed insight into all your monetary transactions regarding your income and expenses.


Tailor-made Business Plan

Our plans help you customise the software to fit the demands of your business.


Genealogy Tree

Get a quick overview of your network with our genealogy tree feature.


Real-time Updates

Monitor the performance of your business and network in real-time for easy decision-making.


Easy and Uncomplicated Dashboard

An easy dashboard helps you use the software features optimally without getting overwhelmed.

Get Started with 3 Easy Steps

When you need a kickstart in your business and you have no time for coding for your website. Global MLM will take that job for you and have a customised solution for you.


Set up The MLM Software

Choose your own theme for Admin, Member dashboard.


Configure the Business Plan

Setup the Single Leg commission and distributor onboarding tutorials.


Onboard the Distributors

Start enrolling them into your community

Our Actions Speaks louder than words

We pride ourselves on providing customers the best service and experience possible. Our customers love us!

How Single Leg MLM Plan Works?

Single Leg or the Monoline plan in MLM is a compensation structure where all the members are placed in a single line. New enrollments done by the members start at the bottom. There is no limit to the number of enrollments. It means that people higher in the line are the company's older members and enjoy a higher payout. The amount of bonus or compensation is distributed among the members based on the overall volume of sales generated. This plan is also one of the easiest to explain to recruits.


For example- Distributor A recruits a new member B, into the business. Member B will be placed under A.


On the same day, another distributor X makes two recruits, Y and Z.


The next day, when distributor A checks the genealogy tree, he finds Y and Z directly under them and then B.


It happens due to time sensitivity in the Single Leg system. It simply means that Y and Z joined the network a few hours earlier than B.


Also, distributor A may get compensation when Y and Z join the network, even if they are not recruited by him.


The main advantage of this system is ease of understanding and unlimited earning potential.

Single Leg Plan

Advantages of Single Leg MLM Software

Integrating the Global Single Leg MLM software with your business will benefit you greatly. You can easily manage your network of distributors and track their performance. Other benefits like an automated compensation calculator and Downline management are a part of this dynamic software. Other attractive features include



The monoline MLM software is one of the easiest to navigate and manage. It has a simple network structure with a single downline, making it a perfect option for new MLM business owners.


Faster Payouts

Automated commission calculations mean zero error and faster processing of payments. Also, the software calculates bonuses and referral income as new members join down the line, leaving zero room for error.


Team Communication

The in-build software features allow direct communication among members through mail and chat options. It helps in team building and unity among team members.


Unlimited Growth Potential

There are no limitations to the number of members added to the software. Hence, it grows along with the business and contributes to the organisation's overall success.


Easy Management and Tracking

The user dashboard is quite simple for even a novice to operate. It provides accurate and real-time details regarding recruits and other KPIs.


Easy customization

The one-size-fits-all is a dated concept. The Global Single Leg MLM software is designed to be customised based on the requirements of the business. It can be through a customised compensation plan or the dashboard and other features.

Compensations & Bonuses in Single-Leg MLM Software

Accelerate the growth of your network with customised Bonuses and compensation plans with Global Single leg MLM software. A lucrative payout is the best motivation among the network members. Optimised and on-time payment plans can help charge your business to move ahead.


Single Leg Plan

This bonus is paid to all distributors placed in a single line. Commissions are based on metrics such as overall sales volume and new recruitments.


Rejoin Bonus

This feature is unique to the Single-leg compensation plan. A member receives this bonus when he meets certain criteria and rejoins the network.


Referral/Sponsor Bonus

Distributors receive sponsor bonuses when a new member joins the downline. In a single-leg plan, you can receive a bonus whenever there is a recruit, even if they aren’t sponsored by you.


Matching Bonus

A distributor receives a bonus when a member in the downline makes a sale or a referral. Both of them will receive a bonus at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ has been compiled to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our product and services. For more information, please Contact US.

Single-leg MLM software, also known as Monoline MLM software is a type of multi-level marketing software that follows a single-leg compensation plan. In this plan, all distributors are placed in a single leg or line, allowing for a simplified structure.

Single-leg MLM software can be suitable for a wide range of products or services. However, it may be particularly beneficial for businesses that focus on recruiting many distributors or those that require a simple compensation plan.

The benefits of using single-leg MLM software include a simplified compensation plan, ease of understanding for distributors, and the potential for rapid growth within the organization. It can also be suitable for companies with a focus on recruitment.

Yes. Single-leg MLM software providers offer customization options to adapt the software to your specific business requirements. It includes features like branding, compensation plan modifications, integrations with other systems, and more.

How does single-leg MLM software work?

Single-leg MLM software works by placing all distributors in a single line or leg. Whenever a new distributor joins the network, they start at the bottom of the line, and all existing distributors move up. Commissions and bonuses are typically based on the sales or recruitment activity within the single-leg structure.

When choosing single-leg MLM software, it is important to consider features such as an intuitive user interface, secure payment processing, flexibility in commission calculations, reporting and analytics tools, and the ability to scale as your business grows. Additionally, focus on finding a reputable software provider with good customer support.

Yes, single-leg MLM software is designed to handle networks of various sizes, including large networks with thousands or even millions of distributors. However, it is essential to ensure that the software you choose is scalable and can meet the demands of your growing business.

When selecting a single-leg MLM software provider, consider factors like the provider's experience and reputation in the industry, customer reviews and testimonials, the range of features offered, pricing and affordability, customer support, and the ability to customize the software to fit your specific needs.

Yes. Single-leg MLM software providers offer integration options with other business systems, such as customer relationship management software, e-commerce platforms, and payment gateways. Integration can help streamline your operations and improve efficiency.

Single-leg MLM software differs from other MLM plans, such as binary or matrix, by having a single line or leg structure. Other plans may have multiple legs, a binary tree structure, or a fixed matrix placement. Each plan has its advantages and suitability for different business models.

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