Privacy Policy Statement

At Global MLM Software, your privacy is among our top priorities and we take every step to safeguard your personal information. We handle every piece of information with utmost care and do not sell or share it with any third parties unless there is a legal requirement.

Who Are We?

Global MLM Software is regarded as an industry leader in Multi Level Marketing and Direct Selling Solutions. Our mission is to provide a reliable, scalable, and secure solution to direct selling businesses. With an expert team of Business Consultants and Technical Experts, we have completed more than 300+ projects in our 7+ year journey.

Information We Collect from You

We collect two types of information from you when you visit our website or communicate with us through our website form.

  • Personal identification information: We may collect some personal information from you which includes your name, email address, phone number, office address, and other contact details.

  • Non-personal identification information: The non-personal information includes your device, browser, IP address, operating system, location, internet service provider, and similar information.

How We Collect Your Information?

We receive your information in several ways.

  • When you share information directly: We receive your personal information when you visit our website, and submit your details for a consultation or use our services.

  • Using cookies: We also receive your browsing information through cookies and web beacons when you interact with our website without sharing any personal information. It includes information about your browser, device, IP address, location, and other details when you browse our website.

How Do We Use Your Information?

Your personal information or other details help us to improve our services and develop new solutions that might interest you. Here is how we use your details.

  • Provide you services: We use your information to deliver you services and improve your experience.

  • Consultation: We contact you when you book a consultation to learn about our solutions and services.

  • Security and compliance: We use your information for security purposes. It includes detecting and preventing any unauthorized activity on our website.

  • Comply with legal authorities: We share your information with law enforcement authorities if it is needed to protect our rights regarding infringement of intellectual property or violation of terms of use and complying with the laws.

The Legal Basis We Follow for Using Your Personal Information

We understand the criticality of your data security and use your information responsibly by following the legal process. The legal bases we follow while processing your information are:

  • Business requirements: When you provide us consent by enquiring about our services or you have already subscribed to our services.

  • Legal requirements: When we need to share your information with legal authorities to comply with the law and regulations.

  • Legitimate business interests: We may also use your data when we have business interests, such as doing market research, getting insights by analyzing data, or improving our services.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies and similar technologies, such as web beacons to collect your browser and device details. When you visit our website for the first time, you get a prompt to accept or deny cookies. This enables our website to recognize your browser and helps the site to load faster. We usually use four types of cookies:

  • Performance Cookies: These cookies enable us to collect data about the frequency of your visit, the pages you browse, the buttons you click, and your traffic source. It helps us to improve our website performance and load it faster. These cookies don't collect any personal information.

  • Functional Cookies: These cookies collect your login information, region, preferred language, etc. to help you quickly access our website and its full features.

  • Session Cookies: Session cookies remain active only for a particular browsing session. They collect data about the browsing session, like their login status, how long they were active, etc.

  • Third-party Cookies: These cookies track your browsing history and activities to show personalized ads for products and services you might be interested in.

How to Manage Cookies?

Managing cookies properly helps you protect your personal information and maintain data security. Here are four tips to manage your cookies.

  • Block cookies: You can block cookies to prevent websites from collecting your browsing information, although it can impact your browsing experience.

  • Allow all cookies: Allowing all cookies will improve your browsing experience; however, it may compromise your security.

  • Allow selected websites: You can choose which website to store cookies on your browser. When you access a website for the first time, it gives a prompt to allow or deny cookies.

  • Delete cookies: You can delete all the cookies on your browser anytime.

Here is how you can delete cookies.

  • Open your web browser.

  • Click the menu button present on your browser(usually three horizontal lines or dots at the top-right corner).

  • Click "Settings".

  • Click "Privacy" or "Security".

  • Select "Cookies and other data".

  • Choose the cookies you want to delete and click the "Delete" button.

Children’s Privacy at Global MLM Software

Global MLM Software gives utmost importance to children's policy. This website and its content are targeted at businesses and not for children and individuals under the age of 18. We never intend to collect any personal information from children.

If you find any child has submitted their information, you can contact us at [email protected] and we will take steps to delete it from our database.

Amendments of this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change or modify this privacy policy at any time without any prior notification. If you are using our website, we recommend you check this page every time you visit. We are not responsible for any amendment we make that might impact your privacy. If you are using this website, we will consider that you have accepted our privacy policy terms.

How Do We Safeguard Your Information?

At Global MLM Software, we employ cutting-edge technologies to secure your data and protect your privacy. This includes secure hosting, using HTTPS protocol, keeping software up to date, scanning the website regularly, and controlling access.

Besides that, we comply with data and privacy protection laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect our users' information.

How You Can Control Your Information

As a Data Subject, you have the right to access, restrict, or request to delete your personal information. Let's look at how you can control your data.

  • Write to us to know if we hold your personal information.

  • If we access your information, you can request to share a copy of the information.

  • You can also write to us to rectify any incorrect information.

  • Ask us to restrict using your information for any specific purpose or delete it completely.

Your Acceptance of Our Privacy Policy Terms

If you are accessing our website, it means that you have read and accepted our privacy terms. If you don't agree with us, please don't use this website.

How to Contact Us?

You can contact us at [email protected] if you have any queries or complaints about our privacy policy. You can also submit the form here. We will contact you within 30 days.