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Unlock the potential of your network marketing team with Global Unilevel MLM software . Seamlessly build and grow your network while ensuring error-free commission calculations. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual tracking and join the league of successful network marketers with our reliable Unilevel MLM Plan software.

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Unilevel MLM Software

What is Unilevel MLM
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Unilevel MLM software is a powerful tool designed to streamline and optimize the operations of multi-level marketing businesses. It is specifically tailored for the Unilevel compensation plan, which allows distributors to build their network by recruiting an unlimited number of frontline members.

With Unilevel Marketing Software, you can efficiently manage your network, track sales and commissions, and ensure accurate payouts. It eliminates manual calculations and automates the process, saving you time and reducing errors. Real-time reporting and analytics provide valuable insights into your team's performance, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to accelerate growth.

Industry-Leading Unilevel Software

Comprehensive Network Management Tools

Stay organized and maximize growth with powerful network management tools. We help you build and manage your network with powerful tools to monitor, manage and scale your business

checkmark Automatic tracking and recording of referrals for each member

checkmark Ability to view and monitor referral activity and performance

checkmark Commission calculations based on referral sales or actions

checkmark Incentives and rewards for successful referrals

checkmark Visual representation of the network structure

checkmark Ability to view all levels of sponsors and their sponsored members

checkmark Interactive features to navigate and explore the genealogy tree

checkmark Display of key information about each member, such as name and rank

checkmark Comprehensive insights into the performance of the downline network

checkmark Metrics such as total volume, active members, and growth trends

checkmark Visual reports and charts to track growth and identify opportunities

checkmark Ability to export data and generate customized reports for analysis

checkmark Easy-to-use tools to recruit new members and expand the network

checkmark Personalized referral links and marketing materials

checkmark Automated email campaigns for prospecting and onboarding

checkmark Real-time notifications and alerts for new sign-ups or activities

Industry Leading Unilevel Software

Integrated Financial Management

Commission and Payout Management

We provide tools to help you efficiently manage your commission and payout programs, including tracking and reporting, as well as online payments.

Integrated Financial Management

checkmark Accurate and transparent tracking of commissions earned by members

checkmark Real-time calculations based on predefined compensation plan

checkmark Complete history of commission earnings and transaction details

checkmark Ability to customize commission rates and structures

checkmark Efficient processing and distribution of payouts to members

checkmark Multiple payout methods including bank transfer, e-wallet, and checks

checkmark Configurable payout schedules and thresholds

checkmark Automatic calculation of deductions, taxes, or fees

checkmark Detailed reports and analytics on sales performance

checkmark Revenue breakdown by product or service category

checkmark Identification of top-selling items or best-performing regions

checkmark Comparison of sales data across different time periods

checkmark Integration with accounting systems for seamless financial management

checkmark Tracking and reporting of income, expenses, and cash flow

checkmark Ability to generate financial statements and tax reports

checkmark Secure management of financial transactions and records

Features of Global Unilevel MLM Software

Enjoy optimal profitability and data security with the Global Unilevel Plan MLM Software's features, which include customizable user management, real-time analytics, performance optimizations, and data protection.


Replicated Websites

Empower your MLM members with personalized replicated websites that are easy to set up and manage


Multi-language & Multi-currency

Expand your MLM business globally with built-in multi-language and multi-currency support.


Payment Gateways

Ensure secure and hassle-free transactions with integration to trusted payment gateways.


Real-time Reporting

Monitor and evaluate your MLM business's performance with real-time reporting and analytics.


Member Management

Effectively manage your MLM member database with an intuitive member management system. Keep track of member details, track their progress, and provide support & training resources.



Seamlessly integrate e-commerce functionality into your MLM software. Allow members to sell products and services directly from their replicated websites, making it convenient for customers to make purchases.

Get Started with 3 Easy Steps

When you need a kickstart in your business and you have no time for coding for your website. Global MLM will take that job for you and have a customised solution for you.


Set up The MLM Software

Choose your own theme for Admin, Member dashboard.


Configure the Business Plan

Setup the Unilevel commission and distributor onboarding tutorials.


Onboard the Distributors

Start enrolling them into your community

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How Unilevel MLM Plan Works?

Unilevel MLM Plan is an unlimited width plan. The main feature of this Unilevel Plan is that there is no limitation on the number of people you can sponsor on your front line. In this plan, all the distributors sponsored by a member will be on his/her frontline, hence there is no spillover and the efforts made by a distributor on recruitment are directly beneficial to him/her.


For instance, in the above MLM plan, the distributor A has sponsored the distributors B,C, D, E, who are his frontline.


The distributors B has sponsored the distributors B1, B2, B3, B4, ∞ who are his frontline.


The distributors C has sponsored the distributors C1, C2, C3, C4, who are his frontline.


The distributors D has sponsored the distributors D1, D2, D3, D4, who are his frontline.


The main advantage of unilevel plan is that, as there is no limit on the number of distributors one can sponsor, the more number of sponsors, the more is the commission.

Unilevel Plan

Advantages of Unilevel MLM Software

Implementing the Unilevel MLM plan becomes much easier with the software as the tool can help you navigate the plan’s complexities. The software offers more perks than that. These include



The Unilevel Compensation Plan is easy to understand and explain, making it effortless for members to navigate and share with others.


Group Work

The Plan fosters a sense of collaboration among members, encouraging teamwork in achieving individual and collective goals.



Each member in this has an equal opportunity to earn commissions and rewards based on their own efforts and performance.



Members in this plan have the freedom to work at their own pace and build their business according to their preferred methods and strategies.



This plan allows for unlimited width, meaning there is no limit to the number of recruits or downline members that a member can have on a single level.



The Unilevel Compensation Plan has the ability to accommodate growth, making it ideal for businesses looking to expand their network and reach.

Compensations & Bonuses in MLM Unilevel Software

Drive engagement in your network with custom compensation structures, commissions, and bonuses. Motivate and activate your team with Global Unilevel MLM software.


Direct Sponsor Income

This income is paid to distributors for referring new members into the network.


Fast Start Bonus

This bonus is rewarded to new MLM distributors for making their first sale or purchase, aimed at encouraging quick start and momentum.


Matching Income

Receive a bonus or commission based on the sales or performance of the members that you personally recruit or sponsor into the MLM organization.


Rank Advancement Bonus

Earn one-time bonuses or rewards for achieving higher ranks or levels within the MLM compensation plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ has been compiled to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our product and services. For more information, please Contact US.

Global Unilevel MLM software is a specialized platform designed to manage and automate the operations of a Unilevel MLM compensation plan.

Yes, Global Unilevel MLM software is designed to handle an unlimited number of frontline members, allowing for a broad distribution network.

Yes, Unilevel MLM software from Global MLM allows businesses to customize commission structures, including percentage rates and the number of levels for commission payouts.

Yes, it often includes features to manage bonuses and incentives, encouraging distributors to achieve specific milestones or targets.

How does the Global Unilevel MLM software handle spillover in a Unilevel plan?

Unilevel MLM software from Global MLM can be configured to handle spillover, where distributors may place new recruits beyond their first level, contributing to the downline structure.

It is designed to comply with legal regulations and guidelines related to network marketing and direct selling.

Yes, it supports multiple currencies and is equipped to manage the complexities of international MLM operations.

Global Unilevel MLM software employs robust security measures, including data encryption, user authentication, and secure payment gateways, to protect sensitive information.

Yes, it can be integrated with other business systems, such as CRM and accounting software, to streamline overall operations.

Global Unilevel MLM software providers offer training resources, documentation, and customer support to assist businesses in implementing and using the software effectively.

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