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All in One Integrated Global Board MLM Software features

What is Board MLM
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Board MLM Software is an innovative and powerful tool designed for network marketing businesses. It is a comprehensive software solution that streamlines and automates various aspects of managing a board MLM structure.

With Board MLM Software, you can efficiently handle tasks such as tracking network members, managing commissions and bonuses, monitoring sales and downline activity, and ensuring accurate calculations. This software is specifically built to handle the complex matrix structure that is common in board plan MLM systems.

Global Board MLM software

Manage your Network with a Real-time genealogy tree view and incentivize distributors with accurate payouts.

Oversee your network operations through a comprehensive dashboard and real-time genealogy tree view. Automate your business operations through various 3rd party app integrations, and stay ahead of your competitors.

checkmark Get an at-a-glance view of important KPIs like Team Overview, Sales overview, Admin income, Top earners, Recent earnings, News and events, etc.

checkmark View a comprehensive list of new members under the “Latest Joinings” table on the dashboard.

checkmark Send the latest news and live updates to the members regarding payouts, rank achievements, etc. using the news management module.

checkmark Keep track of member performance through the dashboard’s top earners overview feature.

checkmark Get a visual of the genealogy tree with live updates regarding active, inactive, and empty positions with the Real-time genealogy feature.

checkmark Add new members to the tree easily with the Add Member feature.

checkmark Place members in the holding tank until they are assigned to the correct positions.

checkmark Organize all new member information in one place with the Tree tooltip under the Genealogy tree tab.

checkmark Set benchmarks for commissions achieved by the members based on various parameters like recruitment, sales, downline performance, etc.

checkmark Automate payouts to members and provide them with multiple options to receive payment through various e-wallet integrations.

checkmark Set up a Daily capping feature to limit the earnings of members and ensure fair payouts to all.

checkmark Create guidelines for rank advancement bonuses to increase motivation and improve the performance of members within the organization.

checkmark Automate your marketing and promotional activities by setting up Mailchimp configuration to manage all your email and SMS campaigns.

checkmark Attract visitors to your business website and engage with leads by integrating a customer service platform like Hubspot into the software.

checkmark Simplify your business operations by integrating 3rd party E-commerce apps like Shopify, Woocommerce, etc.

checkmark Enhance your team communications and increase collaborative efforts through apps like Slack and Twilio.


Super-Powerful Distributor Portal

Boost Your Distributor Performance with a feature-rich website and Marketing tools.

Get in touch with potential leads through the replicated website and expand your network. Seamlessly share your marketing promotions on social media. Increase your reach, boost sales, and achieve your goals in the MLM network.


checkmark Get a unique web address with your personalized username and ID.

checkmark Access your product portfolio in one place for easy promotion and distribution.

checkmark Identify and collect information about potential customers and downlines through the lead capture forms integrated into the website.

checkmark Expand your online presence by sharing your promotional campaigns through social media integrations directly on the landing page.

checkmark Explore your commissions and bonuses earned, through the “Latest earnings” list on your homepage.

checkmark Keep track of your old and new purchases through the detailed order history available in the software for easy inventory tracking.

checkmark Get a comprehensive list of your downline sales and earnings for performance tracking.

checkmark Access your wallet balance and send requests directly to the admin for withdrawals and transfers easily through the software.

checkmark Enjoy a real-time updated genealogy tree view of your network, along with Member ID and rank.

checkmark Get a detailed view of your direct referral list, along with member contact information and current status for easy tracking.

checkmark Add members to your network easily through your personalized registration link, making it easy to calculate sponsor bonuses.

checkmark Provide accurate information to new joiners regarding their placement in the genealogy tree through e-mail notifications.

checkmark Get customized referral links for easy promotion, tracking recruits, and calculating referral bonuses conveniently.

checkmark Seamlessly share marketing materials and referral links directly from the replicated website on all social media platforms.

checkmark Incentivize member purchases throughout your network and attract new customers with discount coupons provided by the admin.

checkmark Increase customer engagement through personalized E-mails about new product launches, pending shopping carts, etc.

Features of Global Board MLM software

The Board MLM software, also known as the Revolving Matrix MLM software from Global MLM Solutions, has impressive features that will help automate your network management functions.


Third-party App integration

Streamline your business activities with various third-party app integrations for e-commerce or communication.


Multi-currency support

Widen your customer base and accept payments in any international currency.


Customizable features

Our MLM board plan software comes with customizable features to suit your business preferences perfectly.


E-wallet transactions

Accept and make payments using multiple e-wallet facilities for easy and swift financial transactions.


E-commerce integration

Grow your E-commerce business by integrating it into our board MLM plan software to automate tasks and increase productivity.


100% secure

Stay secure with our advanced data privacy features such as CSRF token, Data encryption, and 2-factor authentication to safeguard financial details and other sensitive information.

Get Started with 3 Easy Steps

When you need a kickstart in your business and you have no time for coding for your website. Global MLM will take that job for you and have a customised solution for you.


Set up The MLM Software

Choose your own theme for Admin, Member dashboard.


Configure the Business Plan

Setup the binary commission and distributor onboarding tutorials.


Onboard the Distributors

Start enrolling them into your community

Our Actions Speaks louder than words

We pride ourselves on providing customers the best service and experience possible. Our customers love us!

Advantages of Global Board MLM software

The Board Plan MLM software can help revolutionize the way you manage your marketing network. It can help you automate commission calculations, update the genealogy tree, and provide you with accurate sales reports for efficient network management.


Efficient network management

The Global Board Plan MLM software allows for structured network management as the system places new members in the exact positions in the genealogy tree.


Accurate commission calculations

With the Global Board Plan MLM software, you can receive accurate commission calculations and other financial reports helping you make better decisions.


Error-free payouts

Members in the Board MLM structure receive different commissions and bonuses. The Global Board Plan MLM software helps calculate these commissions and bonuses for accurate payouts.


Flexible Board Structure

The Global Board Plan MLM software provides flexibility to businesses to choose between different Board structures like 2X2, 3X3, etc.


User-Friendly Interface

The Global Board Plan MLM software comes with user-friendly features, making it easy to navigate and use different tools on the platform.


Enhanced User Experience

The Global Board Plan MLM software is fast and efficient in its operations. This enhances user experience and increases brand value.

How does the Board MLM plan work?

In Board MLM plan, MLM businesses provide each new distributor with a board based on their chosen network structure. It can be either 2X2, 3X3, or 4X4. The distributor then fills his downline positions with recruits. Once he fills in all the requirements, the system moves him to the next empty board.

A company can operate multiple such boards. A distributor may head more than one board at a time and earn commissions from multiple boards simultaneously.

A Genealogy tree representing diverse individuals, illustrating the concept of a 2X2 Board MLM plan

Explore more about the Board MLM plan, how it works, and its Commissions/Bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ has been compiled to some of the most frequently asked questions about our product and services. For more information, please Contact US.

What is Global Board MLM software?

It is a type of multi-level marketing software that uses a matrix board structure for organizing and managing the compensation plans of MLM companies.

Board MLM Software from Global MLM works by utilizing a matrix board structure where members are in different positions on the board, and as new members join, they fill available positions. Once the board is complete, it splits into two sub-boards, and members progress to higher levels, earning bonuses and commissions along the way.

Yes, it offers multi-language and multi-currency support, allowing businesses to reach a global audience and conduct transactions in various currencies.

Yes, it is user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and easy navigation, enabling administrators and members to manage various aspects of their MLM business.

It is essential to evaluate its features, scalability, customizability, security, support, pricing, and reputation before choosing the right software. The Global Board MLM software has all these features. The advanced software also comes with 100% data security.

Yes. It prioritizes security measures to protect sensitive member and transaction data. It employs encryption techniques, secure user authentication, and regular security audits to maintain high-level data protection.

The key features of this software include board management, member management, compensation plan customization, e-wallet integration, genealogy tree view, automated payouts, commission tracking, and reporting.

Yes, it can be integrated with various systems and platforms such as payment gateways, e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, and more, providing seamless operation and data synchronization.

Yes, it is scalable and capable of handling large member networks, ensuring smooth operation even with a high volume of users.

Yes, it can be customized to align with unique compensation plans, business rules, branding, and other specific requirements of MLM companies.

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