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Unleash the full potential of your Network marketing team with our powerful Global Generation MLM software. This revolutionary software will help scale your multi-level marketing network to greater heights. Its advanced tools and features will enhance your business with efficiency and growth.

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All in One Integrated Global Generation MLM Software features

What is Generation MLM
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The Generation MLM software is a feature-rich software that helps businesses following the Generation MLM plan to expand and streamline their business operations. This robust software is loaded with next-generation technologies that help e-commerce businesses overcome the intricate operations that come with the Generation MLM plan.

With the Generation MLM software from Global MLM, your business will receive a complete technological transformation. It is built with cutting-edge technologies that promise to elevate your direct-selling business to the next level. Enjoy accurate commission calculations, real-time business reports, and order management tools to automate your business activities. Our software also supports the latest 3rd party app integrations, that will help boost your transformative journey into becoming a leader in the MLM space.

Global Generation MLM Software

Specialized Business Management tools

Drive your Network marketing business to success with comprehensive business reports and a high-powered website integrated with dynamic third-party applications. Enjoy the power of automation to its fullest.

checkmark Manage your website content like text, files, folders, and images seamlessly through an integrated content management system.

checkmark Access boilerplate forms for various company policies to standardize and ease new distributor registrations.

checkmark Configure other website settings like countries allowed/ disallowed, currency management, localization settings, etc, making navigation easy for international clients.

checkmark Establish user sign-up rules for easier distributor onboarding.

checkmark View and manage distributor profiles like personal information, contact details, and performance metrics.

checkmark Set up commission structures and define criteria for rewards and bonuses based on various KPIs like sales, recruitment, etc.

checkmark Establish criteria for rank advancement within the network to foster active participation.

checkmark Ensure Distributor proactiveness by incorporating distributor engagement tools like leadership boards, Incentive programs, etc.

checkmark Receive Audit trails and access log reports to monitor system usage and identify suspicious activities.

checkmark Enhance the security of your financial transactions through 2-factor authentication and end-to-end data encryption protocols.

checkmark Enforce strong password policies to safeguard user accounts from malicious activities.

checkmark Ensure the authenticity of new registrations through KYC compliance.

checkmark Integrate your E-commerce business with 3rd party E-commerce apps like Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, etc. for seamless business operations.

checkmark Provide your customers with multiple payment options through payment gateways like Stripe, Coin Payment, Netcash, Paystack, etc.

checkmark Automate your order fulfillment and delivery process through ShipStation and Pargo API for maximum customer satisfaction.

checkmark Simplify your team communication through connectivity tools like Twilio and Slack.


Consolidated Distributor Portal

Superior Backoffice features for Distributors

Enable your distributors to build a robust downline team with advanced team building and collaborative tools. Build strong customer relationships and enjoy lasting success in your MLM network.


checkmark Use personalized referral links to identify and invite potential leads.

checkmark Share lead capture forms on various social media handles or link them to email campaigns to maximize recruitment efforts.

checkmark Add new members easily into your network using the “Add member” feature in the software.

checkmark Introduce new team members to the educational material provided by the admin and monitor their progress in completing various training modules.

checkmark Get a replicated website URL featuring your customized username and ID.

checkmark Showcase company products with images and pricing details to potential customers for easy promotions.

checkmark Enhance team communication and increase member collaborations through the direct messaging feature in the replicated website.

checkmark Share marketing banners, product images, and videos to various social media apps integrated into the website, for a wider reach.

checkmark Obtain a detailed history of your purchases along with the date and purchase value for inventory tracking.

checkmark View your wallet balance and access wallet transaction reports for easy accounting.

checkmark Access reports regarding your previous and upcoming payouts to understand income trends.

checkmark View rewards earned in the rewards section of your earnings tab on your dashboard.

checkmark Enjoy a real-time updated genealogy tree of your network on your dashboard for a comprehensive view.

checkmark Get details of your direct referral list with member contact information and current status for easy tracking.

checkmark Search members through the Search Bar option using user ID for easy access to member information.

checkmark View separate lists for personally sponsored downline members, distributors, and customers to keep track of recruitment and sales trends.

Features of Global Generation MLM Software

Generation Plan MLM Software from Global MLM Solutions has amazing features that will help streamline your business operations and improve customer satisfaction.


Role-based access controls

The software allows role management so that companies can grant permissions and control access to specific roles.


Mobile-friendly design

The Generation MLM software is optimized for Mobile devices, making information easily accessible, anywhere, anytime.



The Generation MLM software is adept at accommodating the growing needs of an e-commerce business, helping scale operations as the business expands.


Legal compliance

The Generation MLM software is 100% legally compliant with the local rules and regulations regarding MLM businesses.


Search and filter options

The search bar in the Generation MLM software allows users to locate specific information or filter data according to requirements.


Data Backup and Recovery

Generation MLM software from Global MLM comes with a robust backup mechanism to prevent data loss and ensure quick data recovery whenever needed.

Get Started with 3 Easy Steps

When you need a kickstart in your business and you have no time for coding for your website. Global MLM will take that job for you and have a customised solution for you.


Set up The MLM Software

Choose your own theme for Admin, Member dashboard.


Configure the Business Plan

Setup the binary commission and distributor onboarding tutorials.


Onboard the Distributors

Start enrolling them into your community

Our Actions Speaks louder than words

We pride ourselves on providing customers the best service and experience possible. Our customers love us!

Advantages of Global Generation MLM software

The MLM Generation Plan software from Global MLM helps you to expand and streamline your E-commerce business operations. Make data-driven decisions and optimize your marketing network with the latest tools. Gain an upper edge over your competitors and enjoy higher profits.



The Generation Plan MLM software allows you to expand your business to international markets by enabling multi-currency payments and multi-language support within the software.


Enhanced Security

With the MLM Generation software, you can be assured 100% security of all your financial transactions and business information through the latest security measures.


Easy Training and onboarding

Distributors can find all training materials at their fingertips with the generation MLM software, reducing the duration of the settling period.


Effective Customer Relationship Management

Customers are the heart and soul of an E-commerce business. The generation plan software is integrated with CRM tools to enhance and nurture customer relationships.


Marketing automation

The Generation MLM software comes with automated email and SMS campaign features to minimize manual efforts and help keep customers engaged.


Automated Inventory management

The Generation MLM software has specialized tools to ensure accurate inventory tracking and enhanced operational efficiency.

How does the Generation MLM plan work?

Under the Generation MLM plan,each distributor is placed vertically in a straight line. All the sponsors of the distributor are placed horizontally. A distributor and all his direct and indirect sponsors form a generation. While an organization may restrict the number of distributors joining the network, there is no limit to the number of sponsors in each generation.

A Genealogy Tree illustrating the different Generations in a Generation MLM structure.

Learn more about the Generation MLM plan, how it works, and its Commissions/Bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ has been compiled to some of the most frequently asked questions about our product and services. For more information, please Contact US.

How can Global MLM Generation plan software benefit my business?

Global MLM Generation Plan software streamlines tasks related to managing and calculating commissions in a generation-based compensation structure. It helps track performance across multiple generations.

The main features of this software include tracking, commission calculations based on generations, member management, reporting tools, and support for various generation plan structures.

Yes, it is designed to support various generation structures, including unlimited depth or fixed-depth configurations, depending on the business requirements.

It automates commission calculations based on the specific rules defined in the generation plan, considering factors such as sales volume, ranks, and downline performance.

Yes, it is scalable and can adapt to the growing needs of a business, accommodating an increasing number of distributors and generations.

Yes, Global Generation MLM software solutions are designed to support international operations, including the ability to handle multiple currencies and languages.

Security is a priority in Global Generation MLM software. It looks for features such as data encryption, secure payment gateways, and user authentication to ensure the security of sensitive information.

It helps recruit and manage members by providing tools for onboarding, tracking sales, and monitoring the performance of each distributor across generations.

Yes, Global Generation MLM Software is designed to be customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the system to their specific requirements.

Yes, it provides API integrations to connect with other tools and systems, such as payment gateways, CRM systems, and e-commerce platforms.

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