Digital Transformation and Direct Selling


Updated on Dec 20th, 2022
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Digital Transformation and Direct Selling

Digital transformation is the use of technology to help improve business. The key point of digital transformation is any source of technology that enables your business & allows you to be more protective, more efficient and effective.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the use of technology to help improve business. The key point of digital transformation is any source of technology that enables your business & allows you to be more protective, more efficient and effective.

In the direct selling industry digital transformation happens in two forms. The first one is the integration of e-commerce in direct selling. Second thing is convergence of field activities. It includes lead generation, recruiting, promotional and selling activities are now not only in “real” environments but they are also in the “virtual” world.

Digital Transformation helps businesses to make the right decisions leading them forward innovation and success. Digital Transformation provides low-cost tools and strategies that enable small and medium sized businesses to compete with major enterprises. Using real-time data , successful direct selling companies have transformed their business process and models for improved customer experience.

Digital transformations depend on data and data depends on effective collection, cybersecurity, analytics and applications. Get the data , protect the data , analyze the data and then utilize the data. These are the essentials of digital transformation.

Digital transformation strategy

According to the 2017 forester report 74% of companies have digital strategy , but only 15% of companies have skills and capabilities to execute digital strategy. Digital transforming your organizations changes everything.It changes corporate strategy, business processes, marketing capabilities, it even changes the roles and skills you need to fill in order to bridge the gaps between the company and technology you need to master. If you want to enhance your operations in a customer-centric way with minimal overhead and maximum reach, you cannot ignore SMAC – the most trending technology in the digital world.

What is SMAC ?

SMAC stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud. In other words, SMAC indicates a converged stack of these technologies.

What is SMAC

It is a true game-changer, and those who adopt new technologies for future business are the companies that are riding this wave most confidently. It is safe to say that SMAC has set its foundation. What remains is for further exploitation, adoption and adaptation of this technology since it is currently in its infancy. The convergence of Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud will lead business technology for the next decade, and will act as an enabler for the next generation of technological trends. Entire business models and industries are now digitized, and market leaders are information-based, implementing a SMAC stack; an integrated technology platform where the combined components are greater than the sum of their parts.

📌 Social media

Social media

Social Media is no longer just a fancy phenomenon. It has become an essential tool of communication, connectivity and social interaction. Direct Selling companies have an opportunity to use social and digital tools to enable better collaboration. Social media marketing was one of the main factors in creating a successful business network. Using advanced technology, you can actively promote your brand through social media activities is an important task in the MLM business. Now people are less personally associated with each other than in the past, since they spend a majority of their time online. But investigators have found that social media does not degrade ties or contact between people, rather it is a medium that serves as a bridge for better communication.

📌 Mobility


Mobility is the ability to move freely.The design of the mobility solution focuses on mobile Learning (M-Learning) that assists the direct selling company and direct sales to enhance their business. Mobility is about more than wireless connectivity. Mobility combined with cloud computing is changing business to make it more immediate, more relevant, and more intelligent. But to reap the benefits, companies must rethink computing and business-process strategies and move away from old paradigms. Mobility and the “Internet of Things” require a company to modify its network connectivity models as well as prepare for a massive increase in real-time information. One of the most important aspects of our mobility is to understand the trends, and the impact those trends have on the enterprise.

📌 Analytics


Analytics deals with the processing of all the raw data available from various sources. Direct Selling Companies can now garner a multitude of data relevant for making business decisions. Everything can be analyzed with digital analytics. It makes sense of the collected data. There is plenty of information generated by a multitude of businesses and people on a daily basis. In the formulation of new policies and strategies, the information collected is used. It is companies that keep track of the data being produced that will emerge in their fields as market leaders and game changers. Best practices in the construction of the Management Information System allow enterprises to obtain information about their insights.

📌 Cloud computing

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user. As cloud is off-premise, hence there is nothing a company has to worry about. Any kind of software update which is needed will be handled by the supplier so there is no need for the company to spend on maintenance and software updates.When you have a team spread across the globe, moving to cloud makes it easier for your resources to access the same set of files from different locations. Cloud computing is an important enabler and empowers direct selling companies in ensuring personalized consumer engagement and also in executing effective and near real-time marketing campaigns. It is a cumbersome task to gather all the lost data when a laptop or a mobile phone is lost. The data stored locally on the systems are permanently lost when the device crashes.


Building personal and strong relationships with clients and employees in direct selling is the base for becoming a success for businesses. With the help of SMAC we can streamline communications and decrease the burden involved in building and sustaining a strong business network. From the past few years top MLM companies are using SMAC to grow their business.

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