Top 7 Coffee MLM Companies (2023)

Updated on Nov 23rd, 2023
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Top 7 Coffee MLM Companies (2023)

Globally, 176 million bags of coffee were consumed in the year 2022. This means the potential for its sales is high. But how do people make money selling coffee that they do not manufacture? The answer is MLM coffee companies. These direct-selling companies allow individuals to sell this lovable beverage and build their lives financially and socially.

But which MLM coffee companies are worth your time and money? In this blog, we will explore the top coffee MLM companies.

MLM Coffee Companies: Criteria for Selection

To prepare this list of multi level marketing coffee companies, we have considered key factors such as years of existence, product quality, and ingredients.

Coffee MLM Companies

Here are the top 7 coffee MLM companies of 2023.

1. Vida Divina

Armand Puyolt started Healthy Coffee in 2016. Before starting his own venture, he had experimented with direct selling himself. His aim is to build secure lives for individuals the world over and has thus created world-class and assured MLM business opportunities.

The company is FDA-certified, making its products one of the most trusted in the industry. The carefully selected ingredients ensure weight control, sustained energy, peak performance, and healthy aging. By joining their team of direct selling, an individual can expect to earn up to 50% in commission. Although coffee is its main product, one can also get wellness and skin care products from Vida Divina.

Last Recorded Revenue - $700 Mn (2022)
Headquarters - Ontario, California, United States
Check out Vida Divina's website here

2. Organo Coffee Company

Organo is a global multi-level marketing coffee company that was established in 2008. On a mission to help people reach new horizons of well-being and financial freedom, this company offers premium products. It is based out of Canada and has been in the MLM business since the beginning.

Organo is a global multi-level marketing coffee company that was established in 2008. On a mission to help people reach new horizons of well-being and financial freedom, this company offers premium products. It is based out of Canada and has been in the MLM business since the beginning.

Last Recorded Revenue - $25 million
Headquarters - Richmond, B.C., Canada
Check out Organo's website here

3. Sisel

Sisel's is an American company committed to science, innovation, success, energy, and longevity, which can be seen in its high-quality products. One of the fastest-growing MLM companies in the industry, Sisel offers a wide range of health and wellness products backed by research.

Sisel offers the most rewarding compensation plan In the MLM industry. Interested individuals can pick a niche for themselves to resell. These involve products related to health, fitness, beauty, home, personal care, and cosmetics. What makes Sisel products believable is its state-of-the-art manufacturing units around the world.

Last Recorded Revenue - €373.1 million in 2022
Headquarters - Utah (US)
Check out Sisel's website here

4. Gano Excel International

Gano Excel is an FMCG company based in Malaysia that was started in 1995. The company has garnered attention all over the world for its high-quality Ganoderma immunology products. This encompasses its Supreno Premium Coffee - a creamy coffee made with the goodness of Ginseng, Tongkat Ali, and Ganoderma lucidum extract, Gano Cafe Mocha, etc.

An MLM coffee company, it has opened doors of borderless business opportunities for people of almost 60 nationalities. The distributors or Professional Network Marketers (as they are referred to) can pick from a range of Ganoderma-based products to sell or distribute further, such as beverages, supplements, and personal care.

Last Recorded Revenue - $3.0 Mn in 2022
Headquarters - Malaysia
Check out Gano Excel's website here

5. Java Momma

Java Momma, started in 2017, has carved a niche for itself in the MLM industry in such a short span. It has a team of 15 full-time employees based in its Danville office, in addition to several remote workers located across the country and the globe.

However, the primary channel of distribution is run by direct sales associates or Baristas who can leverage up to 20% on direct sales, making it possible for individuals to fulfill their financial goals. In addition to flavored and unflavored coffee, Java Momma makes high-quality teas, cocoas, and spice blends for reselling via the MLM network and is a sustainable company.

Last Recorded Revenue - <$5M
Headquarters - Danville, Pennsylvania
Check out Java Momma's website here

6. Javita

Javita is an MLM coffee company that is most famous for its Burn + Control coffee. The name is derived from two words: Java (a term often used for coffee) and Vita (the Latin word for life) The impressive product lineup from this network marketing company includes weight loss, focus, and appetite control.

All products are infused with herbs, making them effective in improving human health. If someone wants to sell Javita products, they can earn anywhere between 10 to 30 percent in sales. It is also possible for first-time customers to earn a bonus from selling a starter kit worth $50 to $250. Besides this, referrals help you make 5% extra every time, whether first or second.

Last Recorded Revenue - $2.4 Mn
Headquarters - Boca Raton, Florida
Check out Javita website here

7. DXN

DXN, established in 1993, is a network marketing company from Malaysia. As an MLM, the company serviced only Asian countries in the beginning before expanding its operation to Europe and now has a global reach. The founder, Datuk Lim Siow Jin’s journey as an entrepreneur began due to his firm belief in the medical properties of mushrooms in human health.

The company offers exquisite coffee products ranging from cream coffee to black coffee and more. Those interested in partnering with this direct selling company may also consider other products such as dietary supplements, food, personal care products, household products, skincare and cosmetics, and water treatment system.

Last Recorded Revenue - $902 Mn (2022)
Headquarters - Malaysia
Check out DXN's website here

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What Factors are Responsible for the Success of the MLM Coffee Companies?

Undoubtedly, certain factors are contributing to the success of these companies. They are:-

  • Consumable Product: Coffee is a consumable product with high demand, making it a suitable choice for MLM companies. People regularly purchase and consume coffee, creating a steady stream of repeat business.

  • Lifestyle Branding: MLM coffee companies often focus on lifestyle branding, emphasizing the experience and benefits of their coffee. This can include promoting a healthy lifestyle, social connections, and the joy of enjoying a good cup of coffee.

  • Social Aspect: MLM relies on personal relationships and word-of-mouth marketing. Coffee, being a social beverage, facilitates networking and conversations. Distributors can easily share and promote the products in a social setting.

Unleash the aroma of success with the top MLM coffee companies in 2023.🚀

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Coffee industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.61%. Therefore, you may consider starting a home coffee MLM business. We hope our list of MLM companies helps you pick the right company to start your journey in the industry. In case you are considering building an online marketing business presence, we have an MLM software solution for your needs.


1. What do you mean by MLM coffee companies?

MLM coffee companies sell coffee and other products through a network of distributors. The latter sell their products to others themselves or recruit new people to sell the products.

2. Can you make money in an MLM coffee business?

Yes, it is possible to earn good money in an MLM coffee business but there is no guarantee. It depends on a number of factors, such as their ability to sell, recruit new people into the business, and the compensation plan.

3. How to select an MLM coffee company?

While picking a company, study their:

  • Compensation plan

  • Products (in-demand)

  • Customer feedback, and

  • The support system

4. Are there any risks of joining MLM coffee companies?

While MLM coffee companies can offer opportunities, it's important to be aware of potential risks such as market saturation, fluctuating incomes, and the need for significant time and effort. As with any business venture, thorough research and understanding the compensation plan are crucial before joining.

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