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The Ultimate Guide to Generating Leads for Your MLM Business


Updated on Mar 30th, 2023
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The Ultimate Guide to Generating Leads for Your MLM Business

For any business to achieve sustainable growth, an expanding customer base creates a firm base. Therefore, reaching as many people that may be interested in your product or service is a critical part of any company, especially for an MLM.

Most multi-level marketing companies don’t have extensive marketing departments with several experienced professionals. Instead, most of the effort is from the associates, most of whom have no experience with marketing. Thus, it’s up to the company to provide the necessary resources so that people who join can attain their desired sales targets efficiently.

In a digital age, the internet has become the best MLM leads source for companies worldwide. Gone are the days of setting up trial runs in community centers. In order to reach desirable prospects from various communities, your associates must learn to use various necessary online marketing tools. In this guide, you’ll learn what network marketing lead generation entails, and the most effective methods you can utilize to scale your MLM business.

What Is MLM Lead Generation?

Lead generation in MLM enterprises can go about two ways. One of them is about attracting customers to buy your product or subscribe to your service. The other is about recruiting sellers who can prove themselves as valuable assets for your organization. As such, there is a difference between the material you present to either of them to peak their interest.

A lead consists of the basic information of a prospective buyer/seller, usually their name and contact information, that the company can use to connect with them. It’s usually obtained with the person’s consent, and senior members can follow up on them using an updated database.

Each MLM business has a different digital approach for lead generation to suit their campaign. For instance, companies like Avon and Stella Dot may focus more on feminine prospects, whereas other firms like Herbalife and Vorwerk might generate MLM leads from a broader audience. The priority remains around the sales and customer information to help the company manage their inventory and

7 Ways To Generate The Best Network Marketing Leads

If you own or work in an MLM business and want to generate quality leads, there are a few measures that can prove effective, regardless of your industry type. Those are described through the following points.

1. Networking Through Social Media

Social media takes up such a massive portion of cyberspace that people often use the terms ‘social media’ and ‘internet’ interchangeably. It allows you to run targeted ads for your products and create groups where you can receive feedback directly from the customers. The best part is that you don’t need a big budget to run campaigns. You can distribute smaller campaigns among your associates and scale up the ones that deliver results.

In terms of recruiting, social media is a viable platform as well. Sites like LinkedIn can get you in touch with professionals looking to break away from their 9-to-5 job, having the experience valuable to your company. You can put up job vacancies and describe your vision in clear detail without complicated paperwork or applications.

2. Content Marketing

Recent statistics show that 76% of marketers focus on content to generate quality leads. That goes with the age old saying ‘Content is king’ still going strong. Your online presence and the language you use to describe your initiative is what shapes public opinion about your company. You can have a broad and engaging marketing campaign that spans multiple platforms, but it only remains effective when you have a definite and illustrious footprint on the web.

Therefore, having an engaging website or an informative blog goes a long way in generating leads. Unlike third-party platforms, you can implement design inputs on your website without any restrictions, and monitor all traffic on the domain. You can urge your visitors to connect with you through secure forms, and create a cookie policy that lets you promote the latest marketing material with consent of the visitor. It saves you plenty from the conventional method of printing pamphlets that typically find their way into the trash or used as rough paper.

3. Participating In Online Forums

Another way to gain public support and the general feedback for your company is to participate in online forums. Sites like Reddit and Quora provide both companies and individuals to discuss the finer points about MLMs. In most cases, you can observe rants about people describing their and their family member’s experience with pyramid schemes , and how it’s difficult to separate those from genuine MLMs.

That opens up a huge opportunity for marketing your enterprise. You can clear up differences and doubts, building trust within the community. With the right content, you can generate MLM leads that can result in profitable conversions. Additionally, you can quell any doubts about the nature of your business, establishing it as a genuine initiative that stands apart from malicious ponzi schemes.

4. Hosting Online Events

Hosting a physical event via large community centers or in town squares requires an ample investment, which you can’t determine will deliver results. On the other hand, hosting an online event is much more straightforward and requires only a fraction of the budget. You can create an event on Facebook or schedule a podcast on Twitter spaces, inviting participants from various backgrounds to join in and listen to what your company has to offer.

5. Email Marketing

Even as more platforms are coming into the spotlight, proven methods like email marketing still remain relevant. It still has the highest ROI than other methods mentioned in this list, with a single email costing 5% on average compared to the returns earned by companies.

Still, there are lessons that you can apply to your campaign. It helps to utilize automation and send emails during less busy hours. Depending on how long you’ve marketed the product, you need to plan the weekly frequency for your campaign and optimize the content based on the response.

6. Developing Youtube Partners and Affiliates

As cable TV becomes less popular, people are moving to video streaming and OTT platforms for content curated by talented artists and unbiased news media. Youtube is a massive platform that observes over 122 million active users per day. While running ads on the website proves fruitful, it’s more beneficial to have affiliates that can deliver objective opinions on your products.

In addition, you can create your own channel and upload relevant material about your brand. You can also provide testimonials from your associates and customers to create a compelling narrative about your organization. The human touch does wonders for public interest in your MLM and fetch you free network marketing leads.

7. Utilizing AI Chatbots For Customer Feedback

Artificial intelligence can yield benefits for more than just email marketing. You can also implement AI chatbots on your website to gain valuable information from your visitors. The queries generated can provide you appropriate data on what your audience is most interested in. You can relay that to your associates to make their future campaigns more effective.


Lead generation for an MLM creates significant opportunities with the right resources. Sure, managing them all on various applications can prove challenging, which is why an integrated MLM software solution provides for improved functionality. At Global MLM, we can design a software with all required augments that best suits your budget and your network marketing plan. Check out our main page for a free quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are the Different Types of Leads To Generate?

There are two types of leads that you can obtain for your MLM business: inbound leads and outbound leads. Inbound leads are the ones that initiate contact directly to your or any of your marketing channels. Outbound leads the ones that you develop with your marketing or recruitment campaigns.

2. Is Google an Excellent Platform For Online Marketing?

Yes. Google and its subsidiaries like Youtube offer various tools for efficient network marketing. You can create multiple campaigns, focusing on both recruiting new associates and product sales. Google has assisted various small businesses in gaining ground and increasing their reach. Although, it always pays to focus on good content and design for best results.

3. What Is the Importance of Qualifying Leads?

Not every lead you get from your campaigns is going to convert. As such, it helps to maintain a high percentage of qualifying leads to maximize the efficiency of your campaigns. The precise statistic varies with the mode of marketing, but a response of above 10% is generally considered a good sign.

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