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How Lead Generation Differs for MLMs

Conventional businesses filter leads according to the products and services they are most interested in. In the case of MLMs, you can't pinpoint a single product as multiple aspects create interest for the prospects. Thus, the leads from an MLM campaign require a customised approach not bound to a specific service.

For a direct selling business, you should have an inclusive plan that explains the entire network structure, product descriptions, and income opportunities within a few minutes. It needs thorough research and market study to remain effective, but if executed correctly, it can create hundreds of options for your business to grow.

Customised Lead Generation That Remains Effective Yet Accessible

Lead generation is a two-way process. You can’t have customers giving out their contact details, especially in a digitally sensitive climate like today, unless you make it worth their while. Therefore, a business needs to remain proactive in generating and managing leads, giving the utmost consideration to personalise a campaign per the prospects.

MLM Software for Content Creation
Content creation
  • Intuitive CMS that requires no coding skills to publish curated content
  • Use varied content types such as blogs, videos, infographics, etc. to drive the audience towards your business
  • Create audience personas to track their on-page activity conveniently
  • Personalise content that caters to each visitor individually
  • Easily share on-page content through suitable social media
MLM Software for Lead Nurturing
Lead Nurturing
  • Rate each lead on your domain without much user input
  • The software automatically generates detailed activity reports for each visitor
  • Create specific CTAs for each visitor, like purchase recommendations and feedback forms
  • Secure storage protocols limit the visibility of any personally identifiable information
  • Easy to integrate with your current CRM
Convenient Lead Scoring
Convenient Lead Scoring
  • Automatically grant numerical grades to any prospects
  • The grade is based on the criteria that the lead finds most interesting
  • Ease the process of analysing the quality of leads
  • Gain a unique insight into your marketing strategies
  • Works for both cold and hot leads
Effective Prospect Distribution
Effective Prospect Distribution
  • Assign all prospects to the appropriate employee
  • Make your conversion process efficient through state-of-the-art digital tools
  • Identify each prospect with reference to your active sales funnel
  • Reduce time to convert by up to 30% without increasing costs
  • Easily modify the funnel parameters on the fly
Automated Email Campaigns
Automated Email Campaigns
  • Conduct email campaigns with minimal user input
  • Templates let you speedily draft all essential details
  • Track the relevant responses without violating your prospect's privacy
  • Plan for thousands of variations to personalise each email as per the recipient
  • Change any specifications without halting the active campaigns
Detailed Sales and Analytics Reporting
Detailed Sales and Analytics Reporting
  • Make your venture more productive by leaving detailed analytics to our lead generation software
  • Observe all the relevant data through exact figures and comparative graphs
  • Detailed insights that optimise all your marketing campaigns effectively
  • Choose from a varied range of criteria to analyse, granting priority to the ones you find more crucial
  • The responsive CRM design lets you access the reports through any device, including smartphones and tablets

Make Your MLM Platform Work Well For Both Hot And Cold Leads

Most digital solutions can only cater to either deliver cold or hot leads. Why limit yourself? Our advanced CRM can do both with a single platform.

Cold Lead Generation
Cold Lead Generation

Seek out leads through active measures, such as Facebook ad campaigns, promotional emails, and cold calling

Hot Lead Generation
Hot Lead Generation

Provide prospective customers with a personalised experience through chatbots, adaptive colour schemes, and curated service packages.

Reduced Conversion Time
Reduced Conversion Time

Reduce the average time it takes to attend to each aspect through detailed analysis and momentary updates.

MLM Software
Intuitive UI

Don’t burden your associates with complicated command windows. Give them an intuitive system that doesn’t drain their devices.

MLM Software
Multiple Currency Support

Give out commissions and accept payments through any registered currency with conversion rates updated in real-time. If required, our software can even manage cryptocurrency transactions.

MLM Software
Responsive Design

Your leads and employees can consistently interact with your MLM software, whether on a computer or a portable device. The best part? You don’t require separate versions for the two.

Benefits That A Lead Generation Tool Brings To Network Marketing

MLM Software

Easier distribution of assignments among team members

MLM Software

High traffic with the right audience directed to your website

MLM Software

Improved sales assessment through grading leads and tracking outcomes

MLM Software

A more personalised approach to evaluating prospects

MLM Software

Faster decision-making for campaigns and recruitment of promising associates

MLM Software

Unique branding opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our initial coin offering platform? Look here.

What is Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Software ?

MLM Software also known as Network Marketing Software or MLM Marketing Software used by MLM companies to manage referral network, distributors, commissions, operations. It is usually customised as per the unique compensation plan of each company.

Global MLM Software is the top MLM software development company that provides white label MLM software. The platform is designed to meet easy back-office administration, timely & accurate commission processing with distributor engagement tools and sales enablement features

Global MLM's script aids direct selling companies and distributors throughout the sales and marketing process - it provides features that assist with lead generation, marketing, distributor management etc..

We provide assistance with Compensation Plan design as well as Evaluation: Design for New Companies :

We educate you on the various types of compensation plans including unilevel, binary, matrix, gift plan etc.. We explain to you the pros and cons of each type of plan. We design a compensation plan that meets your goals and priorities.

Design for Established Companies:

If you are an established company seeking help to amend or to rewrite your compensation plan, we take the time to listen to your current challenges and goals. Our expert consultants review the statistics and identify the areas which need attention.

Compensation Plan Evaluation :
If you already have a compensation plan already but need guidance to ensure it is in good shape, we can also assist you. We offer a results-oriented review of your compensation plan with recommendations.
    Popular Global MLM Software features include :
  • Referral System
  • Robust Commission Engine
  • Genealogy Tree
  • International Payment Gateways
  • Reporting and Analytics to understand your business deeper
  • For more please check Global MLM Software Features list
Yes. Global MLM Software is built on a highly customizable platform. It can be completely customised as per compensation plan, feature and integration requirements
With our Enterprise support system, you'll have access to a team of highly skilled support engineers to assist you with all your issues, big and small, generating solutions in under an hour, on average.

It depends on the project complexity from Design, functional, technical and integration aspects.

Please contact us , we will be happy to assist you with your queries

Yes. We sign NDA and Service Level Agreements (SLA).

All our employees work as full-time employees and are bound by company confidentiality and non-disclosure clauses.

Additionally, for sensitive projects, we create isolated network segments disconnected from any public network.

Usually we host the software in client infrastructure. If you require we can host in our Cloud environment