doTerra MLM Review

doTerra is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, renowned for its holistic approach to wellness through essential oils. doTerra is a Latin word that translates to “Gift of the Earth”. It aims to positively impact people and communities through sustainably sourced, high-quality pure essential oils. With an innovative business model and a dedicated community of wellness advocates, it is the largest essential oils company in the world.

How it all began

doTerra’s journey began in 2008, from a collective vision shared by a group of healthcare enthusiasts. They were deeply passionate about the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Drawing from their experiences, they set out to create a company that provides the purest and highest quality essential oils. Today, doTerra is known for its 100% pure, premium-grade essential oils, wellness supplements, and personal care products.

doTerra MLM Review

USP of doTerra

doTerra’s USP lies in its commitment to purity, quality, and sustainability. Through its Co-Impact sourcing initiatives and Healing Hands foundation, it ensures the sourcing of the finest raw materials while supporting local communities. With its Certifies Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) Standard, doTerra guarantees potency and efficacy, distinguishing itself as a trusted leader in natural health and wellness.

Brief Overview of doTerra MLM Company

Information Details
Company Name doTerra
Founded 2008
Headquaters Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA
Industry Health & Wellness
Company Size 1,001-5,000 employees

doTerra Manufacturing facilities

doTerra Manufacturing facilities

doTerra’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process starts from the unique “Global Botanical Network”. The raw plant materials used to produce the oils are sourced from over 40 countries worldwide. The communities that provide the raw materials are monitored closely to ensure that they adhere to the 8 Sourcing Guiding principles laid out by the company.

Once doTerra sources its oils, these are transferred to its various manufacturing facilities for processing, testing, and packaging.

  1. doTerra Production and Manufacturing Facility- Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA

    This stunning manufacturing facility spans over 278,000 square feet, with 16 bottling rooms, each room can produce 100 bottles per minute. The unit produces over 400,000 bottles in a day. More than 300 employees work round the clock, 5 days a week to ensure smooth manufacturing operations.

  2. doTerra European Manufacturing facility in Blarney Business Park, Cork, Ireland

    This building was established in 2020 and became doTerra’s first manufacturing facility outside the US. The facility produces and distributes doTerra products to the European market. This has allowed the brand to serve the European and nearby markets, where the product demand is increasing.

Company Leadership

 Kirk Jowers, Chief Executive Officer
Kirk Jowers

Chief Executive Officer

Murray Smith, President
Murray Smith


Emily Wright, Founding Executive, Chair of the Board
Emily Wright

Founding Executive, Chair of the Board

Greg Cook, Founding Executive
Greg Cook

Founding Executive

Mark Wolfert, Founding Executive
Mark Wolfert

Founding Executive

Dr. David Hill, DC, Founding Executive, Chairman of Scientific Operations
Dr. David Hill

DC, Founding Executive, Chairman of Scientific Operations

Drew Wolfert, Chief Financial Officer, Chair
Drew Wolfert

Chief Financial Officer, Chair

Shannon Bible, Executive Vice President, North America
Shannon Bible

Executive Vice President, North America

Jared Auger, Vice President, North America
Jared Auger

Vice President, North America

Mark Wolfert Jr., Chief of Staff to CEO
Mark Wolfert Jr.

Chief of Staff to CEO

doTerra Company Growth Over the Years

Since its inception in 2008, doTerra has experienced remarkable growth and expansion, establishing itself as a prominent player in the essential oils industry. Here’s a timeline highlighting key milestones in doTerra’s journey.



doTerra was founded



doTerra introduces its plans to build a state-of-the-art corporate headquarters in Utah.



doTerra reached more than 1 billion USD in sales, within 7 years of its establishment.



over 3,000,000 Wellness advocates were associated with doTerra.



doTerra breaks Guinness World Records for the MOST PERSONAL HYGIENE KITS ASSEMBLED IN AN HOUR.



The brand is named one of “America’s Best Midsized Employers” By Forbes, for the third time in a row.



doTerra opens a new product center in Alaska.



doTerra opens new manufacturing headquarters in Cork, Ireland.



doTerra opens new markets in Thailand and Israel.

Product Portfolio

doTerra offers a comprehensive range of essential oils and other wellness products crafted with a commitment to purity and potency. Its product portfolio includes a wide range of single oils, proprietary blends, and oil-infused wellness products.

Arborvitae essential oil comes from the majestic arborvitae tree—also known as the western redcedar, Thuja plicata, and the tree of life that is native to Canada and the Northwestern US. Arborvitae essential oil captures the tree’s distinct, methyl thujate–rich chemical profile, providing a warm and earthy aroma that’s ideal for meditation. It’s also an effective cleaner for both the skin and household surfaces.

doTERRA responsibly sources Arborvitae essential oil by distilling discarded wood to ensure no trees are unnecessarily harvested for production.

Arborvitae Oil

doTERRA sun After Sun Restorative Body Spray delivers incredible benefits so your skin looks and acts as young as you feel. The power of this spray stems from plant-based ingredients like Japanese green tea, hyaluronic acid, and a blend of CPTG® essential oils, including Copaiba, Lavender, Peppermint, Helichrysum, and Frankincense. The spray provides soothing nourishment and restorative moisturization to weathered skin.

This formula is paraben- and phthalate-free, as well as vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. It comes in an aluminum, non-aerosol spray bottle that delivers a continuous, 360-degree application for easy overall coverage. Made for everyday use by every age.†

DoTerra sun after sun Restorative Body Spray

Healthy, smooth skin begins with Veráge Cleanser. Infused with CPTG® essential oils of Wild Orange, Tea Tree, and Basil, this natural gel formula cleanses and invigorates skin while emollients nourish and hydrate, leaving a glowing, youthful-looking complexion. Veráge Cleanser gently lifts dirt and makeup away, yet reaches deep into pores to purify skin. Vital macromolecules of amino acids, lipids, and fructose provide nutrients that help keep the skin looking hydrated and healthy. As the first step in your daily skin care regimen, Veráge Cleanser leaves skin feeling clean and soft while its fresh, herbaceous aroma energizes the senses.

Veráge Cleanser Skin Care

Influenced by nature, the Lumo diffuser features a maple wood base and several light settings inspired by natural elements. Offering customisable output, Lumo can run 2 to 5 hours continuously and 10 hours intermittently.

Transform any room into a serene or uplifting environment by diffusing CPTG® essential oils with a custom designed, nature-inspired, ultrasonic diffuser.

Lumo Diffuser

This deodorant features the long lasting fragrance of doTERRA Balance® essential oil blend, with baking soda and arrowroot for use every day. The warm, woody aroma of doTERRA Balance® essential oil blend helps create a sense of calm and well-being for every day confidence.

dōTERRA Balance® Deodorant
Arborvitae Oil

doTerra Business Model

The doTerra multi level marketing business model empowers individuals to achieve financial success while promoting holistic wellness by distributing essential oils and other wellness products. The brand operates within the framework of MLM to offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to build their own businesses by selling its products while recruiting and mentoring others to do the same.

What is doTerra Business Model?

The doTerra business model centers around direct selling and Multi-level marketing. Through this model, individuals purchase doTerra products at the lowest prices and sell them at the listed retail prices. They also have access to the company’s loyalty rewards program. They can also earn bonuses and commissions based on the volume generated by their team members

How do the doTerra reps make money?

Individuals joining the doTerra business are known as Wellness Advocates. They can participate in the doTerra MLM business in three ways, buying the products for personal use, buying the products for resale, and sharing the business opportunity with others interested in joining the network.

The difference in wholesale and resale prices is the most common income source for Wellness Advocates. Though the brand does not give bonuses for recruiting or sponsoring, members do receive a percentage of commissions when their sponsors purchase.

doTerra MLM Business Model

Company Statistics

  • Global Reach

    doTerra products are shipped to 86 countries worldwide.

  • Profit Potential

    All doTerra Wellness Advocates have over 25% profit potential on each retail sale if they sell the products based on the recommended retail price.

  • Active network

    In 2023, approximately 44% of wellness advocates ordered products to resell and earn commissions.

  • Average earnings

    On average, doTerra reps associated with the brand for a year earned more than $155 monthly, whereas the top 1% earned more than $1883 monthly.

  • Retention rate

    doTerra claims to have a high retention rate among wellness advocate leaders, with over 97% choosing to stay with the brand, year after year.

  • doTerra US market

    There were approximately 360,000 doTerra Wellness advocates in the US in 2023. Out of these doTerra paid commission to over 168,00 of them.

  • Success of the doTerra Loyalty Program

    doTerra’s loyalty program had a redemption rate of 83% in the US alone in 2023. Through the program, it paid a staggering 440 million retail worth of products to its members.

Company Statistics

doTerra Social Initiatives

doTerra is committed to social responsibility and community engagement and supports various social initiatives. These aim to make a positive impact locally and globally. Key aspects of doTerra’s social responsibility efforts include-

  • Co-Impact sourcing

    doTerra prioritizes ethical sourcing practices by partnering with farmers and producers in regions where plants required for producing quality essential oils are grown. This approach ensures sustainable livelihoods for local communities along with being environmentally sustainable.

  • Healing Hands Foundation

    Through its philanthropic arm, the Healing Hands Foundation, doTerra supports humanitarian projects worldwide. These focus on healthcare, education, and economic development for communities experiencing poverty. It also supports various other initiatives to provide micro-credit loans, clean water wells, build schools and clinics, and more.

doTerra Social Initiatives -

Latest News on doTerra

dōTERRA Hosts Ireland’s Finance Minister, Michael McGrath TD, at Official Opening of Cork Manufacturing Facility
May 30, 2023

dōTERRA Hosts Ireland’s Finance Minister, Michael McGrath TD, at the Official Opening of Cork Manufacturing Facility

Utah Tech University officially opens doTERRA Nutrition Center in renovated Habibian Athletic Center
Sep 11, 2023

Utah Tech University officially opens the doTERRA Nutrition Center in the renovated Habibian Athletic Center

doTerra Marketing Strategies

The brand employs a multifaceted marketing strategy to promote its products, fostering community engagement, and incentivizing customer engagement. It also hosts educational initiatives and other digital content to connect with its target audience and enhance brand visibility. Some of its ongoing marketing activities include-

  • Essential Oil Awareness Programs

    doTerra regularly conducts educational events, workshops, and seminars to raise awareness about the benefits of essential oils and their applications for health and wellness. The “Recharge your Health” and “Essential Oils Solutions with doTerra” educate consumers and help them include essential oils for a healthier lifestyle.

  • Refer A Friend Program

    doTerra incentivizes customer referrals through its “Refer a Friend” program where wholesale customers can earn free products for sharing doTerra products with their friends and family, THis word-of-mouth marketing approach leverages the power of personal recommendations to expand their customer base and drive sales.

  • Weekly Podcasts

    doTerra’s enlightening podcasts provide enthusiastic entrepreneurs with invaluable tips, strategies, and insights from doTerra leaders, corporate strategists, and other professionals. The business podcast has new episodes weekly, with discussions ranging from effective sales techniques to leadership development.

  • doTerra promotions

    doTerra regularly launches promotional campaigns, including monthly deals, free membership gifts, and special offers on select products. These promotions not only drive sales but also encourage customer engagement and participation in the doTerra community.

doTerra Marketing Strategies

Awards and Recognitions Over the Years

doTerra’s commitment to excellence and innovation has earned it numerous awards and recognition in the health and wellness industry, Here’s a timeline highlighting some of the key accolades received by the brand over the years.



The brand was recognized at the Utah Genius Awards as a Top 20 Trademark Registrant.



The brand was honored by the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce as the Business of the Year.



The brand received the Best of State Awards in the Essential Oils/Botanicals category. It was also named as Top Ten Economic Engine by Utah Valley BusinessQ.



doTerra earned top honors at the Best of State Awards for the second consecutive year. It was also recognized by Forbes as America's No. 10 Best Midsize Employer and the No. 1 Enterprise in the State of Utah.



It received the American Spa's Professional's Choice Award for Favorite Aromatherapy Line.



Emily Wright, one of doTerra's founders, was named among the "Limit Breaking Female Founders" by HuffPost.



The brand was honored with the Gold Stevie Award for Achievement in Sustainability.



The brand won the Gold Award at the Universal Beauty Awards for “Best Essential Oil Product with the Anti-Aging Moisturizer”.

doTerra Compensation Plan Details

doTerra Compensation Plan Details

The doTerra compensation plan rewards Wellness Advocates for selling products and earning bonus commissions through sales made by team members. Here are a few facts about the doTerra compensation plan.

  • doTerra’s compensation plan has 12 titles from Wellness Advocates to Presidential Diamond. Every member starts by being a Wellness Advocate.

  • The compensation plan has 7 levels that determine the percentage of commissions and bonuses that members earn. Level 1 comprises personally sponsored members of Wellness Advocates.

  • The brand employs a unilevel compensation structure to reward its members.

  • Each member should fulfill certain criteria to move to the next level.

  • Wellness advocates earn a retail commission of 5% on every sale. Apart from this, bonuses such as the fast start bonus, the power of 3 bonus, the unilevel organization bonus, and the leadership bonus pools bonus provide other avenues for earning income.

  • Any Wellness Advocate having a personal volume (PV) Loyalty rewards Points of 100 gets a fast start bonus of 20% of the new enrollee’s PV in level 1, 10% in level 2, and 5% in level 3. The PV achieved by the new member within 60 days of joining will be considered. This bonus is paid weekly. However, these orders will not be eligible for unilevel bonus.

  • The compensation plan also includes compression to maximize the earnings of Wellness Advocates. The commission of any non-qualifying member in a particular wellness advocate’s team is added to the commissions of the next qualifying member. This way, the team leader does not lose out on any sales commissions of their team.

Various partner Titles at doTerra

Various partner titles denote the different ranks and levels of achievement within the doTerra MLM structure. These titles reflect the progress and success of Wellness Advocates as they advance through the ranks by meeting sales and team-building goals. Each partner title signifies increasing leadership, responsibility, and earning potential within the doTerra business model.

Below is the summary of various titles at doTerra, eligibility criteria to move to the next title, and so on.

  • Wellness Advocate

    Requirement-This is an entry-level title. Individuals should enroll as doTerra members to qualify for commissions and bonuses by paying a $35.00 application fee.


    • 25% commissions on retail sales.

    • Eligible to receive a fast start bonus if they meet the criteria.

    • Eligible to receive a Power of 3 bonus for more than 100 PV LRP and 600 TV (Team Volume) orders in a month.

    • An organizational bonus of 2% for level 1 once they achieve a monthly PV of 50.

  • Manager

    Requirement-Monthly PV (personal sales volume) of 100 and OV (organizational sales volume) of 500.


    • 25% commissions on retail sales.

    • Eligible to receive a fast start bonus if they meet the criteria.

    • Eligible to receive a Power of 3 bonus for more than 100 PV LRP and 600 TV (Team Volume) orders in a month.

    • An organizational bonus of 2% for level 1 and 3% for level 2.

  • Director

    Requirement-Monthly PV of 100 and OV of 1,000.


    • 25% commissions on retail sales.

    • Eligible to receive a fast start bonus if they meet the criteria.

    • Eligible to receive a Power of 3 bonus for more than 100 PV LRP and 600 TV (Team Volume) orders in a month.

    • An organizational bonus of 2% for level 1, 3% for level 2 and 5% for level 3.

  • Executive

    Requirement-Monthly PV of 100 and OV or 2000.


    • 25% commissions on retail sales.

    • Eligible to receive a fast start bonus if they meet the criteria.

    • Eligible to receive a Power of 3 bonus for more than 100 PV LRP and 600 TV (Team Volume) orders in a month.

    • An organizational bonus of 2% for level 1, 3% for level 2, and 5% for levels 3 and 4.

  • Elite

    Requirement-Monthly PV of 100 and OV of 3000


    • 25% commissions on retail sales.

    • Eligible to receive a fast start bonus if they meet the criteria.

    • Eligible to receive a Power of 3 bonus for more than 100 PV LRP and 600 TV (Team Volume) orders in a month.

    • An organizational bonus of 2% for level 1, 3% for level 2, 5% for levels 3 and 4, and 6% for level 5.

Various partner Titles at doTerra


The brand ensures product quality through its unique “CPTG Testing” certification. The products need to undergo rigorous examination and testing to ensure they are of the highest quality. This certification is what sets doTerra Essential apart from its competitors.

doTerra provides comprehensive training and resources to its distributors, including educational materials, ongoing support, and weekly podcasts to help them succeed in their businesses.

No, doTerra is not a Mormon-based company. While some of its founders have ties to the Mormon community, doTerra is a separate entity focused on providing natural wellness products.

No, doTerra is not specifically affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). While it was founded by individuals with ties to the LDS community, doTerra operates independently as a wellness company.

No. The notion of doTerra MLM scheme is not true. It offers genuine products and opportunities for individuals to build their own businesses through direct selling and team building.