Isagenix MLM Review

Isagenix is a health and wellness multi-level marketing company offering products like dietary supplements and weight loss solutions. It emphasizes quality ingredients and scientific research. Isagenix operates through a direct selling model, with independent distributors marketing products directly to consumers. This Isagenix MLM review highlights its range of products, its wellness programs, and its compensation model in detail.

How it all began

Isagenix began in 2002 and has been around for over two decades. The founders Jim Coover and Kathy Coover came together with a vision to create a company focused on health and wellness. They launched Isagenix with a commitment to offering scientifically potent solutions for weight loss, energy enhancement, and overall well-being. Today, Isagenix weight loss programs are touted to be one of the most effective in the industry.

Isagenix MLM Review

Isagenix Global Headquarters

Isagemix’s headquarters are in Gilbert, Arizona USA. This headquarters serves as the central hub for the company’s operations, including administrative functions, product development, marketing, and distribution. Its strategic location provides convenient access to major transportation routes and amenities, facilitating efficient business operations for the brand.

USP of Isagenix

Isagenix’s USP is its wide range of products, supported by groundbreaking science and a community of people with a shared passion for good health and well-being. All this is encapsulated in their tagline “Simply better together”. The brand aims to unlock the potential for greatness in each individual through effective products and a supportive community.

Brief Overview of Isagenix MLM Company

Information Details
Founded 2002
Headquaters Gilbert, Arizona, USA
Industry Health and Wellness
Company Size 501-1,000 employees
Revenue $400 Million

Company Leadership

 Jim Coover, Co-Founder, Isagenix
Jim Coover

Co-Founder, Isagenix

Kathy Coover, Co-Founder, Isagenix
Kathy Coover

Co-Founder, Isagenix

Sharron Walsh, CEO, Isagenix
Sharron Walsh

CEO, Isagenix

Joshua Plant, PH.D, Chief Science Officer
Joshua Plant

PH.D, Chief Science Officer

Simon Davies, Chief Financial Officer
Simon Davies

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Heaphy, General Counsel
Kevin Heaphy

General Counsel

Todd Haynes, SVP of Information Technology
Todd Haynes

SVP of Information Technology

Ashley Weir, VP of Global Business Development
Ashley Weir

VP of Global Business Development

Christina McCalley, VP of Supply Chain
Christina McCalley

VP of Supply Chain

Product Portfolio

Isagenix’s product portfolio consists of various healthcare and wellness products that are scientifically tested and proven effective through clinical studies. They offer products, from weight management systems to performance supplements and healthy aging solutions. Let us look into the company product portfolio in detail.

The brand offers a comprehensive range of products under the weight management category. These systems provide a structured approach to weight loss and maintenance, including options like a 7-day reset, 9-day reset, deep cleansing system, and 30-day reset. The program has an easy-to-follow schedule and an intuitive guide to integrate into the user’s daily routine seamlessly.

These programs offer bundled products that provide a clinical approach to weight loss and maintenance while supporting the development of lean muscles and healthy habits. It comes with nutrient shakes, soothing adaptogens, targeted daily supplements, and cleanse support to enhance metabolism, reduce stress, and detoxify.

7-Day Reset

With the products in the Masterpiece Collection— Moisturizing Cleanser, Advanced Youth Serum, Cashmere Firming Cream, Restorative Eye Treatment (also found in the Celletoi® Complete Collection), along with Collagen Elixir —you’ll experience a difference in your skin that you’ve never seen before.

This innovative skincare regimen harnesses the power of our cutting-edge Biofirm Complex and pairs with the effectiveness of Collagen Elixir for a beauty boost that comes from both the inside and the outside. You are a masterpiece.

Celletoi® Masterpiece Collection

A plant-based energy shot with naturally sourced caffeine paired with an adaptogenic botanical blend to increase energy, focus, and mental alertness.

  • It contains 85 mg of plant-based caffeine from green tea and yerba maté.

  • Natural botanicals and adaptogens help your body adapt to stress and perform at its best.

  • It provides a long-lasting energy boost any time of the day.

  • 35 calories per serving with no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.


Isagenix’s fitness product category primarily features its AMPED brand. The products are tailored to support athletic performance and muscle recovery. Pre-workout energizers like AMPED Nitro to post-workout recovery aids such as AMPED Power and AMPED Repair provide support for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Other AMPED products in this category include AMPED Hydrate and AMPED BCAA Plus which offers hydration and muscle recovery support during and after intense workouts. Additionally, the AMPED core bundle combines various supplements to optimize performance and recovery. This product range helps individuals maximize their fitness potential through science-backed and scientifically formulated products.

Additionally, the AMPED core bundle combines various supplements to optimize performance and recovery. This product range helps individuals maximize their fitness potential through science-backed and scientifically formulated products.

AMPED™ Next-Level Pack
7-Day Reset

Best Selling products of Isagenix

The brand has a reputation for offering high-quality health and wellness products catering to diverse needs. Among its extensive portfolio, some best-selling products are popular among the customers for their quality and efficacy.

These include the Collagen Elixir, IsaLean Shake, Ionix Supreme, e+ Natural Balanced Energy Shot +, Recharge NAD supplements, Energy bites, BEA Biotics, Renewal Sleep Support, and Hair Revival capsules. The 30-day Reset weight loss systems are among the best-selling programs of the brand.

Isagenix Podcasts

Isagenix hosts podcasts to educate, inspire, and empower individuals on their health and wellness journey. These podcasts cover topics such as joint health, intermittent fasting protocols, protein intake, stress management, and weight management strategies. These podcasts offer actionable advice and opinions of experts like Dr. Paul Arciero and Dr. Joshua Plant to support listeners on their wellness journey.

These podcasts also aim to educate listeners to understand the benefits of various products and supplements Isagenix offers and teach them how to incorporate these for a healthy lifestyle.

Isagenix Business Model

The Isagenix multi-level marketing business model rewards associates for sharing products and creating a network. The company provides them with tools, training, and systems on their journey by offering a no-compromise guarantee on products, a mobile shopping app called the IsaLife app, and a 30-day product satisfaction guarantee.

The MLM model works by encouraging associates to prioritize their personal health journey with Isagenix, share their positive experiences authentically, and engage with others to introduce them to the brand. Associates can build a successful business by following the “Eat It, Love It, Share it” approach.

Isagenix Business Model

How does Isagenix's Business model benefit the company and its distributors?

Isagenix's business model supports its associates by providing opportunities for income through product sales, team building, and achieving milestones. Associates receive training, tools, and support to help them succeed, along with incentives and recognition for their efforts. This model empowers them to achieve financial success and personal growth.

On the other hand, the company utilizes motivated associates to expand its reach and drive sales. Associates effectively market products to a wider audience, contributing to revenue growth and market expansion. Direct selling helps the brand build strong customer relationships, leading to increased loyalty and retention, without a heavy marketing budget.

How do Isagenix associates make money?

Isagenix distributors are referred to as associates. They make money through direct sales, team building, and achieving milestones in the Isagenix network marketing structure. This includes commissions and bonuses from selling products, team commissions based on performance, and incentives and rewards for business growth. Overall, they have multiple avenues to generate income and advance within the company’s structure.

Company Statistics

  • Average Earnings

    The Average earnings of all Isagenix associates in the US was $892 in 2022.

  • Legacy Club Earnings

    As of December 31, 2022, 415 Associates worldwide have earned membership in the prestigious Legacy Club by accumulating $1,000,000 or more in lifetime commissions.

Company Statistics

Isagenix Social Initiatives

The brand is committed to making a positive impact not only within its business but also in society through various social initiatives. These initiatives focus on promoting health and wellness, supporting communities in need, and advocating for sustainability and environmental conservation. Key highlights of their various social initiatives include -

  • Partner with SERV International to donate over 5 million nutritional meals to remote and underdeveloped communities worldwide.

  • Construction of greenhouses and establishment of transitional housing for children in Kenya.

  • Aids to those affected by natural disasters.

  • Empowering individuals by providing wellness education for all.

Isagenix Social Initiatives

Success Stories

Isagenix's success stories feature independent associates who have achieved financial freedom through the brand’s business opportunity. Let us delve into the story of one such Isagenix Business associate-

The Story of Sandra Davidson

Sandra Davidson's Isagenix journey began with a desire for better health and energy. After experiencing significant weight loss and renewed vitality by using Isagenix products, she decided to embrace the Isagenix opportunity and share her success with others.

Sandra recently transitioned to full- time entrepreneurship. Now, she travels around the world with her family, by leveraging her Isagenix business to work remotely and build a global team. Her story highlights the transformative power of health, entrepreneurship, and seizing new opportunities.

Isagenix Community

Isagenix believes in culminating a vibrant community centered around holistic health and wellness. Through its community initiatives like Isagenix Health.Net, Start, IsaBody Challenge, 7-Day Reset, and the 30-Day Reset program, individuals are empowered to embark on transformative journeys towards better health and vitality. Some of its programs include-

  • IsagenixHealth.Net

    It is a comprehensive resource hub for individuals interested in the wellness journey. It serves as a platform for informative articles, FAQs, and ingredient breakdowns, which help users make informed choices about their health and nutrition, Users can delve into the science behind Isagenix products, their famous Reset or Cleanse programs or explore skincare solutions.

  • IsaBody Challenge

    The North America IsaBody Challenge is a transformative program tailored for anyone seeking a positive change in their health. It is more than just a weight loss initiative and fosters holistic well-being. In this 16-week challenge, participants should order at least 500 BV of Isagenix products, send 4 before photos, submit a 250-500 word essay, etc. Anyone over 18 and an active Isagenix customer can participate in this challenge.

  • 7-Day and 30-Day reset Programs

    The Isagenix 7-Day and 30-Day Reset Programs offer effective solutions for individuals seeking quick results or long-term weight management. The 7-Day Reset provides nutrient-dense meals and detox support in a straightforward routine, while the 30-Day Reset aids in weight loss, muscle building, and stress management through a comprehensive system of shakes, supplements, and guides.

Isagenix Community

Isagenix Events

Isagenix’s robust marketing strategy empowers its members with the various products and their benefits. It also lays a strong emphasis on hosting various in-person or virtual events. These meetings introduce individuals to the company's rewarding business model and innovative products. These are some of the recurring events hosted by the brand.

  • Opportunity Meetings

    Isagenix’s opportunity meetings, like the Super Saturday Sweden event, are ideal for people interested in Isagenix’s community and business potential. Each session begins with a 30-minute presentation on Isagenix and the earning opportunity. Guests can then sign up with an exclusive €25 discount.

    The event provides essential insights for launching a successful business in the first 30 days, along with product samples and enrollment tools. With affordable tickets and complimentary guest admission, this event provides a valuable opportunity for learning and networking.

  • Associate Run events

    Associate-Run Events (AREs) are organized by Isagenix associates across North America. Isagenix does not officially sponsor these events. However, they provide an opportunity for associates to share the Isagenix culture, products, and business vision with their communities. Each ARE is unique, offering insights into the Isagenix lifestyle and the business opportunity.

    Attendees get to network, develop skills, and get a chance to deepen their understanding of the compensation plan and leadership principles. These events provide a supportive environment for learning, growth, and connection within the Isagenix community.

  • Isagenix Master Class

    The Isagenix Master class is designed to propel the professional growth of Isagenix business associates. However, associates with the rank of Executive and above are eligible to attend these events. These offer an immersive experience where associates can master the fundamentals of business strategy and growth.

    Associates also get to deepen their understanding of the brand’s clinically supported products and make connections within the community. The event features renowned trainers such as Carol Elizabeth, Dr. Paul Arciero, Lisa DeMayo, and more.

  • Isagenix Elite Business Leaders event

    The Elite Business Leaders Event is a one-of-a-kind program designed to reward and recognize top-performing leaders for their exceptional achievements and dedication through luxury trips. These trips include vacations to luxury international destinations with perks like exclusive experiences, luxury accommodations, and free travel.

Isagenix Events

Awards and Recognitions Over the Years

Over the years, Isagenix has received numerous awards and recognition for its exceptional products, innovative business model, and commitment to positive social impact. Some of its notable achievements include-



The brand was honored with the Golden Statue for the Event of the Year at the Best in Biz Awards.



Chief Visionary Officer Erik Coover was recognized as one of Direct Selling News magazine’s Forces Under 40.



Isagenix was named one of the Best Places to Work in Direct Selling by Direct Selling News magazine, for three consecutive years, 2017, 2018, and 2019.



The brand is recognized as a finalist in the Outstanding Corporate Responsibility category of the AZ Business Angels Awards, as bestowed by AZ Big Media.



Isagenix was named one of the Top Companies to Work for in Arizona by Arizona Capitol Times.

Isagenix Compensation Plan Details

Isagenix Compensation Plan Details

The Isagenix compensation plan works by rewarding associates for their efforts in promoting the brand products and building teams. It includes various components such as retail profits, product introduction bonuses, team commissions, leadership bonuses, and incentives and rewards for achieving specific milestones and ranks within the organization.

Some features of the Isagenix compensation plan include-

  • Individuals looking to buy Isagenix products can open a membership account and receive 15-25% off on the retail price of all products.

  • These customers can upgrade to “Consultants” or “Independent associates” to sell the products and take part in the compensation plan.

  • Associates have an opportunity to advance from Associate level to Platinum Executive level, by completing the qualification criteria for each level. Each title has more earning opportunities and exclusive bonuses.

  • Each product is assigned a point value called Business Volume (BV), which is used to track and measure product sales and calculate member commissions.

  • Associates can apply to participate in international markets by completing an International Sponsorship Application and paying an Annual Regional Associate Fee. They can also earn commissions on group volume generated by their team member in international regions.

Eligibility Criteria, Commissions, and Bonuses for each rank

The career path for Independent Consultants in Isagenix offers a structured and rewarding progression through various ranks. They gain access to enhanced benefits, bonuses, and recognition, as they advance through the ranks.

Here is a brief on level-wise eligibility criteria and commission/bonus structure.

  • Preferred Customer


    • Purchase Isagenix products through an associate or open an Isagenix Customer membership account.

    Commissions and bonuses

    • Preferred members are not part of the Isagenix compensation plan and hence are not eligible for any commissions and bonuses. However, they get to enjoy 15-25% off retail prices.

  • Associates


    • Preferred customers must upgrade their account to Isagenix Independent Associate by completing the Associate application process, which may require a minimal fee..

    Commissions and bonuses

    • Retail profits. (associates buy the products at wholesale prices and sell them to customers at retail prices. The difference is termed as their retail profit).

    • Retail direct profits. (Customers order products directly from the Isagenix website at retail prices and the associates earn profits, which is the difference between the wholesale and retail price of the product.

    • 20% PIB (Product introduction bonus. Each associate earns 20% of the sales price of their first order when they enroll a new customer).

  • Consultant


    • Accumulate a total of 300 QV (Qualifying Volume)

    • Out of the 300 QV, 100 Qualifying Volumes should be from personally enrolled members on their right and 100 QV should be from their left sales teams within 30 days.

    • 100 QV should come from personal sales.

    Commissions and bonuses

    • Retail profits

    • Retail direct profits

    • 20% PIB.

    • A one-time payment of £37/€44 as a Rank Advancement Bonus.

    • Unlock eligibility to receive Team bonuses (AKA cycles).

  • Manager


    • Should have two personally enrolled associates with the title of Consultants within the first 30 days.

    • Accumulate a total of 500 QV .

    • Out of the 500 QV, 100 should come from personal sales of the associate, 200 BV from 2 personally enrolled active team members from a consultant in one leg, and 200 BV from 2 personally enrolled active team members from a consultant in the other leg.

    • Associates at the manager level can earn the status of Crystal Manager if they advance from the associate level to the Manager level within 60 days.

    Commissions and bonuses

    • Retail profits

    • Retail direct profits

    • 20% PIB.

    • Crystal manager bonus of £185/€221 on promotion.

    • 10 cycle bonuses.

    • Team bonuses of up to 100 cycles.

  • Director


    • Should have six personally enrolled associates with the title of consultants within the first 30 days.

    • Accumulate a total of 1300 QV .

    • Out of the 1300 BV, 100 should come from personal sales of the associate, 600 should come from 6 personally enrolled active team members from a consultant in one leg and 600 should come from 6 personally enrolled active team members from a consultant in the other leg.

    • Associates at the director level can earn a one-time Crystal-Director promotion bonus when they have six personally enrolled consultants on their teams within 120 days of becoming an associate.

    Commissions and bonuses

    • Retail profits

    • Retail direct profits

    • 20% PIB.

    • Crystal Director bonus of £555/ €664

    • 10 cycle bonuses.

    • Team bonuses of up to 100 cycles.

Compensation plans are the heart of every MLM company. Check out our guide to various MLM plans, their structure, and how they determine distributor commissions and bonuses.

Eligibility Criteria, Commissions, and Bonuses for each rank


Isagenix's compensation plan offers multiple ways to earn income, including retail sales, bonuses, and team commissions, providing a flexible and rewarding opportunity for distributors.

Isagenix products are clinically proven to support weight loss and overall wellness, with many satisfied customers experiencing significant results through our comprehensive nutritional systems.

Isagenix provides extensive support and training to its independent distributors through online resources, regional events, and mentorship programs, empowering them with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in their business endeavors.

Isagenix products are not approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) because dietary supplements do not require FDA approval before they are marketed. However, Isagenix complies with FDA regulations and operates under strict quality control standards.

Isagenix is a sizable company with a global presence, employing approximately 7,749 individuals and operating in 26 countries. With its extensive reach, Isagenix has established itself as a significant player in the health and wellness industry, offering its products and services to consumers worldwide.

No. The idea of the Isagenix Pyramid scheme is false. The MLM company is a registered member of the direct selling association and offers genuine health and wellness products, unlike MLM companies operating as pyramid schemes.

Yes, you can sell Isagenix products by becoming an Isagenix Independent Associate. Simply sign up as an Associate to access wholesale pricing and earn commissions on product sales. You can also get bonuses and other incentives for building teams and supporting your team members.