Nu Skin MLM Review

Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. is a prominent direct-selling company specializing in personal care and wellness products. Established in 1984, it operates globally through a multi-level marketing model that empowers individuals to build their businesses. The company promotes youthfulness and vitality through innovative skincare and nutritional supplements

How it all began

The Nu Skin MLM company was founded in 1984 in Provo, Utah, by Blake Roney, Steve Lund, and Sandie Tillotson. They were unhappy with the skin care options, which had more fillers than active ingredients. After extensive research, they started Nu Skin with 13 innovative products. Today, the brand develops next-level skincare and wellness solutions.

Nu Skin MLM Review

USP of Nu Skin

Nu Skin has made a mark for itself in the competitive skincare industry through its expertise in anti-aging solutions. The USP of the brand is its high-quality skincare and wellness products, featuring the ageLOC range of products. It ensures rigorous quality control for the highest standard of product efficacy and safety.

Brief Overview of Nu Skin MLM Company

Information Details
Company Name Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.
Founded 1984
Industry Retail Health and Personal Care Products
Headquaters Provo, Utah
Revenue $1,970 Million
Company Size 1,001-5,000 employees

Quotes from Nu Skin Leaders

Steven J Lund, Nu Skin Co-founder

“We decided to build a company that would combine innovative personal care products with ingredients that subscribed to the philosophy of 'all of the good, none of the bad”


Nu Skin Co-founder

Jeron Christensen, Nu Skin VP of Strategy and CX Operations for the Americas Region

“At Nu Skin, our business model is all about connecting people. Technology has allowed us to scale that connection faster and broader than we could have ever thought.”

Jeron Christensen

Nu Skin VP of Strategy and CX Operations for the Americas Region

Nu Skin Manufacturing facilities

Nu Skin Manufacturing facilities

NU Skin operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States and China, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards for its products. These facilities are the epicenter for the development and evaluation of their products.

  1. Nu Skin Enterprises Center for Anti-Aging Research

    The brand operates manufacturing facilities in the US through its subsidiary Rhyz Inc. Moreover, it has a 22.,000 square foot center for Anti-ageing Research Centre situated in Provo, Utah, USA. This innovative center has state-of-the-art labs- The Formulation Lab, Stability Lab, Microbiology Lab, Clinical Lab, and Chemistry lab that continue to provide the latest anti-aging solutions.

  2. Nu Skin manufacturing facility in China- Greater China Innovation Park

    This 20,400-square-foot complex contributes to the Pharmanex research and product development. It is home to a team of highly qualified scientists, who work around the clock. The facility houses six labs used for developing and testing the products. All the products undergo the stringent 6S quality assurance process to maintain the highest quality and safety standards .

Company Leadership

RYAN NAPIERSKI, Chief Executive Officer & President

Chief Executive Officer & President

CHAYCE CLARK, Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

STEVE HATCHETT, Executive Vice President, Chief Product Officer

Executive Vice President, Chief Product Officer

JUSTIN KEISEL, Executive Vice President and President, Global Sales

Executive Vice President and President, Global Sales

JAMES THOMAS, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

RUSS MOOREHEAD, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

MARION SHUMWAY, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

CHRIS STUBBS, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business Model Strategy

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business Model Strategy

JOE SUEPER, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

CHARLENE CHIANG, President, East Region

President, East Region

VICKY LEEVUTINUN, PH.D., President, Southeast Asia & Pacific

President, Southeast Asia & Pacific

MIKAEL LINDER, President, Europe and Africa

President, Europe and Africa

Nu Skin Company Growth Over the Years

Since its inception in 1984, the brand has rapidly growth into a global powerhouse in skincare and wellness. Nu Skin’s resilience and commitment to innovation have solidified its position as a leader in the beauty and wellness industry. Let us explore the company's growth over the years-



Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson, and Steve Lund started Nu Skin in the USA with 13 products.



It moved its corporate office to Provo, Utah, and expanded to Canada.



It was listed in the New York Exchange under the symbol “NUS”



It acquired Phramanex to enter into the nutritional and wellness products market.



The brand launched the 1st Facial Spa device.



It launched its most popular ageLOC brand in the market.



The brand celebrated the opening of a 160,000-square-foot innovation center in Provo, Utah.



It launches ageLOC LUmiSpa iO, its first IoT-connected device.



Nu Skin was named the world’s #1 brand for beauty device systems.

Product Portfolio

Nu Skin offers a comprehensive product portfolio spanning skincare, wellness, and personal care categories, that stand for quality, efficacy, and luxury. In a world where beauty meets innovation, every product is dedicated to making individuals look, feel, and live their best lives.

It provides a spa-like experience at home. The RenuSpa iO promotes positive overall well-being by helping you to look and feel your best. Using Adaptive Microcurrent Technology, this device offers a smooth and comfortable massage, helping your body feel refreshed and relaxed while restoring and revitalizing your skin by using stimulation to contour, tone, and firm skin. With metallic nodes that fit the contours of your body and Conductive Gel to help them glide effortlessly over your skin, this device gives you the optimized, just-for-you treatment every time.

Nu Skin® RenuSpa iO™

The brand’s multivitamin lineup caters to diverse nutritional needs, offering targeted support for individuals of all ages and lifestyles. LifePak is a complete micronutrient supplement with 40 powerful antioxidants to promote cell defenses. Jungamals LifePak for kids provides essential nutrients in a child-friendly chewable form, The Go Blue Faster pack contains G3, a nutrient-dense fruit blend full of antioxidants that protect cells.

LifePak® + ageLOC® Vitality

Incredible, rejuvenating hair care to help you look amazing down to your roots. ageLOC Intensive Scalp & Hair Serum delivers vital proteins and nutrients to your scalp and strengthens your roots for a fuller hairstyle. This leave-in, non-greasy formula invigorates the scalp day after day and makes hair look and feel divine. Repeat this effortless ritual morning and night to help revitalize your hair.

ageLOC® Scalp & Hair Serum

ageLOC LumiSpa Treatment Cleanser— Rose was developed for all skin types and beautifully mattifies, leaving your skin feeling fresh, silky, and oh-so-soft. Formulated with Nu Skin’s proprietary ageLOC ingredient blend to target the sources of aging and preserve the look of youth.

ageLOC® LumiSpa® Treatment Cleansers Rose

This silky-smooth formula contains ingredients that protect against sun damage with SPF 22, stimulate youthful cell turnover for a smoother, softer texture, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles —delivering radiant, flawless skin.

ageLOC® Radiant Day SPF 22

Makeup that acts like skincare. Bioadaptive BB+ is a one-of-a-kind BB cream that helps your skin respond to stress and defend against blue light and UV rays, all while working as a perfect foundation for a luminous complexion.

Nu Colour® Bioadaptive BB+ Skin Loving Foundation Sand 2.2

Humectants help the skin hold onto precious moisture. With vitamin E and the natural humectant NaPCA, this cream is absorbed quickly to supplement the skin’s own moisture-binding capacity. The dewy-light after-feel of NaPCA Moisturizer makes it ideal for all skin types.

NaPCA Moisturizer
Nu Skin® RenuSpa iO™

Nu Skin Business Model

Nu Skin operates through a direct selling business model, empowering individuals to become Nu Skin Brand Affiliates. They market and sell the company’s products directly to consumers. The company provides them with advanced digital tools through apps like Nu Skin Vera, Nu Skin Stela, and Nu Skin Connect. They also get marketing materials and regular training to increase their earnings potential.

What is it and How does it work?

The company works on the multi level marketing model, where nuskin distributors, called Brand affiliates, market and sell the company’s products, directly to consumers, eliminating wholesalers and middlemen. This helps them provide competitive pricing to their customers. The commissions earned are based on various factors such as the time put in, commitment, and skills.

Nu Skin allows its Brand affiliates to purchase products at special member prices and sell them directly to consumers at retail prices. This way, they earn a profit margin on each sale. They can also set their own retail prices. A 5% to 10% bonus is earned through each sale. The company does not require any purchase of starter kits.

Moreover, Brand affiliates do not receive any compensation for recruiting others into the business. The company also has a returns policy, where all previously paid commissions are reimbursed if the products are returned following the company’s returns policy.

Nu Skin MLM Business Model

Nu Skin’s Social Initiatives

Nu Skin demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility by actively engaging in various initiatives aimed at making a positive impact on society and the environment. Through its corporate policies and practices, the brand strives to conduct business ethically, promote sustainability, and support communities in need. Here are some of its active Social initiatives-

  • Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation

    The NU Skin Force for Good Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of the brand. It focuses on empowering youth by providing opportunities for education, self-development, and economic support. The foundation partners with local organizations and charities worldwide to address pressing social issues and make a meaningful difference.

  • Nourish the Children Initiatives

    Nourish the Children is a humanitarian program launched in partnership with various organizations. It allows anyone to sponsor VitaMeals, a power-packed bag of nutritious food containing all the essential nutrients for the less fortunate. This initiative has provided more than 120,000 children around the world with the right nutrition.

  • Nu Skin sustainability efforts

    Nu Skin is committed to sustainability and keeping global communities clean, along with creating sustainable products and packaging designs. It also runs the Recycle Right program to help people dispose of their Nu Skin products responsibly. The company created an Environmental Impact scoring system to include recyclable or recycled packaging..

  • Community Outreach

    Nu Skin actively engages in community outreach efforts to support local communities and promote social welfare, Through volunteer programs, charitable donations, and partnerships with community organizations, its employees donate a portion of their monthly pay to support the causes.

Nu Skin’s Social Initiatives -

Latest News on Nu Skin

Nu Skin Ranked the World’s #1 Brand for Beauty Device Systems for Six Consecutive Years
August 29th, 2023

Nu Skin Ranked the World’s #1 Brand for Beauty Device Systems for Six Consecutive Years.

Nu Skin Launches RenuSpa iO, a New Personalized Beauty and Wellness Device
February 27th, 2024

Nu Skin Launches RenuSpa iO, a New Personalized Beauty and Wellness Device

 Nu Skin Enterprises Appoints James D. Thomas as Chief Financial Ofiicer
July 27th, 2023

Nu Skin Enterprises Appoints James D. Thomas as Chief Financial Ofiicer

Success Stories

Nu Skin Success stories are transformative experiences of individuals who have embraced its products and business opportunities. These go beyond the Nu Skin multi-level marketing reviews to show the profound impact of the brand on their personal and professional growth, within the brand Community.

The Story of Khosa Singita

Khosa Singita’s Journey with Nu Skin began in 2018 when she stumbled upon a flexible business opportunity. Despite initially not knowing much about the opportunity, she was drawn to the idea of building her own business. With determination and hard work, Khosa successfully balanced her studies, modeling career, and Nu Skin business.

“I would wake up early in the morning, give up my university breaks, and stay up late at night to work on my business”, she said. A significant milestone in her journey was when she became a Brand representative. This motivated her further to achieve the “Diamind Director” level. Today, Khosa has two degrees and a thriving business that she is proud of.

The Story of Kerstin Zacharias

Owner of a Beauty Salon, Kerstin was no stranger to the world of beauty. After receiving great results on herself, she was fascinated by the Nu Skin products. After her confidence grew, she introduced the products to her customers, who instantly fell in love with the results.

“I love the Science, Expertise, and research behind the company,” she says. She is grateful for the opportunity to build her Nu Skin business, which has helped her become a better version of herself. She hopes it proves to be life-changing for others as well.

The Story of Suse Madeira

Suse Madeira’s journey with Nu Skin shows us the real power of saying “Yes”. After a maternity break, she wanted to try something new and came across this opportunity through her mentor Catarina. By embracing Nu Skin’s products and company ethos, Suse not only discovered a thriving business opportunity but the freedom to be a mother in her own time.

Beyond sharing exceptional products, Suse loves that the brand supports numerous social causes. “It is all about the uplifting culture and taking care of others by taking care of ourselves,” she says. Suse is extremely thankful for the journey and the self-growth she has witnessed in herself over the years.

Nu Skin Marketing Strategies

The brand’s Marketing Strategies aim to create engaging experiences that foster customer relationships and promote their products. The brand leverages its network of Brand affiliates and various digital tools to create a compelling marketing campaign driving its success. Let us look into the depths of some of its marketing strategies.

  • “Velocity”- The perfect Sales performance plan

    The brand’s latest sales performance plan rewards its independent distributors for sharing products, building networks, and leading teams. It lays the conditions for brand affiliates to receive compensation and other bonuses. A good compensation plan is a perfect marketing strategy for any MLM business and the brand has certainly elevated its marketing plan with this innovative approach.

  • Nu Skin enjoy rewards program

    The new loyalty rewards program provides members in the brand affiliate positions and below with points on every purchase above the specified minimum order size. These points can be later redeemed on the next qualifying purchases of the company products. This marketing strategy encourages continuous brand engagement and fosters brand loyalty, ultimately driving sales.

  • Nu Skin EmpowerMe digital platform

    EmpowerMe is a one-of-a-kind digital platform with the latest tools for its distributor network. The platform contains a link to the product catalog. It also provides them with seamless connections to all social platforms to share their product links online. With access to exclusive Nu Skin apps, this digital platform empowers its business partners to grow and thrive.

  • The best marketing strategy for an MLM business is a loyal customer base. Discover Proven Techniques to Build Customer Loyalty in your Direct selling busines through our blog.

Nu Skin Marketing Strategies

Awards and Recognitions Over the Years

From Industry accolades to corporate responsibility honors, the brand has consistently been recognized for its commitment to product quality, business integrity, and social impact. Here is a timeline highlighting some key awards and recognition received over the years.



Receives the “Golden Apple Award” from the US Environmental Protection Agency for its commitment to environmental excellence.



Gets Recognized by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) with the “DSA Vision for Tomorrow Award” for its innovative business practices and ethical standards.



Is listed among Forbes's “200 Best Small Companies” for its financial performance and growth prospects.



ageLOC technology won the prestigious “Innovation Award” from the Personal Care Products Council for its groundbreaking anti-aging advancements.



Nu Skin is named one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” by the Ethisphere Institute for its commitment to business ethics


The brand’s Nourish the Children Initiative receives the “U.S. President’s Volunteer Services Award” for its significant contributions to addressing global malnutrition.



Gets recognized as a “Best Place to Work” by Glassdoor, highlighting its positive workplace culture and employee satisfaction.



Receives the “Direct Selling Association Partnership Award” for its collaborative efforts in promoting the direct selling industry and fostering positive relationships with regulators.

Nu Skin Compensation Plan Details

Nu Skin Compensation Plan Details

Nu Skin has a special compensation plan known as Velocity, that is designed to reward distributors for their efforts in promoting and selling the Products. It offers various ways for distributors to earn an income. Here are a few facts about the Nuskin Comp plan.

  • There are various levels of the Nu Skin compensation plan. Every distributor starts from the Brand Affiliate level.

  • Their progress in terms of sales volume and pay is organized into blocks. Each block represents 500 points of sales volume. Also, a part of the building blocks are sharing blocks, which represent purchases made through personally registered members only.

  • For an individual to move from a Brand affiliate to a brand representative, they must collect at least twelve blocks in six months.

  • Brand affiliates receive a scaling bonus of 5% for achieving their first block, which may scale to over 40% on the 16th block. They also receive more bonuses when they achieve more than the monthly requirement of two blocks a month.

  • Each level has a higher commission percentage and other benefits such as product discount codes, reward points, etc.

Various partner levels at Nu Skin

The brand offers a comprehensive Velocity Compensation Plan with various partner levels. Each level comes with increased benefits and opportunities. Success at each level of the Nu Skin Pyramid structure depends on the dedication, skills, and commitment of each partner.

Below is the summary of the various levels of the Nu Skin Multi-Level Marketing Plan, the eligibility criteria, and so on.

  • Brand Affiliate

    It is a Non-Brand Representative level. Brand Affiliates are authorized to register customers and resell the products at their own retail prices. They earn commissions through retail profits

  • Brand Representatives

    Requirement-Complete at least 4 building blocks each calendar month.


    • Commissions on retail sales.

    • Are eligible to receive a Building Bonus for completing 4 building blocks each month.

  • Brand Partner (Gold)

    Requirement-At least one person in their team, forms a team of their own, which will be referred to as G1 (generation 1)


    • Commissions on retail sales.

    • Building bonus for achieving building blocks each month.

    • A paid generation bonus of 10% on the CSV of the G1 and 5% CSV of their personal team.

  • Senior Brand Partner (Lapis)

    Requirement-At least 2 members in their team should have teams of their own.


    • Commissions on retail sales.

    • Building bonus for achieving building blocks each month.

    • A paid generation bonus of 10% on the CSV of the G1 and G2 and 5% CSV of their personal team.

  • Presidential Director (Team Elite)

    Requirement-At least 6 members in their team should have teams of their own, with 1 generation having an LTSV of 10K, one generation having an LTSV of 20K, one generation having an LTSV of 30K, and one generation having an LTSV of 40K.


    • Commissions on retail sales.

    • Building bonus for achieving building blocks each month.

    • A paid generation bonus of 10% on the CSV of the G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, and G6 and 5% of the CSV of their personal team.

    Compensation plans are the heart of any Network Marketing business. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to the Best MLM plans in 2024, our blog provides you with compressive insights into the pros and cons of each MLM plan.

Various partner levels at Nu Skin


The income of Nu Skin Representatives varies widely depending on factors such as sales volume, team size, and individual effort, making specific earnings unpredictable.

The Rumors of the existence of the Nuskin Pyramid Scheme are false as the company primarily generates revenue from the sale of products. In fact, Nu Skin does not incentivize its members for recruitment activities.

The FDA regulates Nu Skin’s products for safety and labeling compliance, but FDA approval is not required for cosmetic products like those offered by Nu Skin.