Oriflame MLM Company

Oriflame is an established MLM brand renowned for its Swedish-inspired beauty and wellness products. It has a global presence and offers individuals the opportunity to become independent consultants, through a direct selling model. The company is known for its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, including cruelty-free product testing and environmental initiatives.

How it all began

Oriflame is owned by brothers Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick, along with their friend Bengt Hellsten. They founded it in 1967 in Sweden, with a vision to create a beauty brand inspired by nature. The name "Oriflame" is derived from the medieval French word "oriflamme," which means a “Royal Banner” or “Standard”. Today, Oriflame is a global leader in beauty and wellness products, operating in over 60 countries.

Oriflame MLM Company

USP of Oriflame

Oriflame is committed to providing high-quality beauty and wellness products through a direct-selling model. It distinguishes itself by combining Swedish natural ingredients with innovative research to create effective skincare and wellness solutions It empowers individuals to become independent consultants and build their own businesses. This combination of quality products and entrepreneurial opportunities defines Oriflame's USP.

USP of Oriflame

Quotes from Oriflame Leaders

Melina Galeadi, Global Senior Communications Manager, Oriflame

“It can be awkward to discuss skin care concerns, especially if they are related to age, but SkinExpert removes that awkwardness by acting as a third party in the conversation with a potential customer.”

Melina Galeadi

Global Senior Communications Manager, Oriflame

Company Leadership

Anna Malmhake, Chief Executive Officer & President
Anna Malmhake

Chief Executive Officer & President

Carl Rogberg, Chief Financial Officer
Carl Rogberg

Chief Financial Officer

Niclas Palmquist, Chief Commercial Officer
Niclas Palmquist

Chief Commercial Officer

Bertrand Rousseau, Chief People Officer
Bertrand Rousseau

Chief People Officer

Alexandra De Greck, Chief Operations Officer
Alexandra De Greck

Chief Operations Officer

Antonia Simon-Stenberg, Chief R&D, Sustainability & Communications Officer
Antonia Simon-Stenberg

Chief R&D, Sustainability & Communications Officer

Elena Degtyareva, Chief Marketing Officer
Elena Degtyareva

Chief Marketing Officer

Caroline Krasse Hemph, Vice President Business Development
Caroline Krasse Hemph

Vice President Business Development

Koppany Berkes, Executive Vice President General Manager, Poland
Koppany Berkes

Executive Vice President General Manager, Poland

Thomas Ekberg, Executive Vice President and General Manager, China
Thomas Ekberg

Executive Vice President and General Manager, China

Oriflame Manufacturing Facilities

Oriflame operates six cutting-edge manufacturing facilities across Poland, China, India, and Russia. It also has various corporate offices in Switzerland, London, Ireland, Luxembourg, Singapore, Stockholm, Germany, and Warsaw. With global distribution centers in Poland and Hungary, the brand maintains a streamlined supply chain for the timely delivery of its diverse product range worldwide.

Warsaw, Poland

Oriflame's largest factory, spanning 15,000 square meters and employing 400 workers, is in Warsaw, Poland. Established in October 1995, its annual capacity is 300 million units or over 400 Oriflame products. It produces shower gels, shampoos, mascaras, and foundations. It has a scale-up facility and a microbiological laboratory to ensure that product development processes are tested and confirmed before they are used in large-scale production.

Noginsk, Russia

Oriflame’s manufacturing facility in Russia is in the modern trading industrial complex in the Krasnogorsk Suburbs of Moscow. It covers almost 22,000 square meters on a 13-hectare plot and specializes in color products like lipsticks, pencils, and other cosmetics. The annual capacity of the plan is approximately 100 million.

Oriflame Company details

Information Details
Year Founded 1967
Founder Jonas and Robert af Jochnick
CEO Anna Malmhake
Headquarters Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Industry Personal Care Product Manufacturing
Company Size 5,001-10,000 employees
Revenue $811 Million

Oriflame’s Business Plan

Oriflame revolves around Direct selling, empowering individuals to launch their own beauty business. It has diverse skincare, cosmetics, and wellness products. The Oriflame MLM business plan allows individuals to earn through retail sales and team building. This model fosters entrepreneurship, personal connections, and flexibility, making it a popular choice for those looking to enter the beauty industry.

What is Oriflame’s Business model?

The brand leverages the power of network marketing to sell its products. Independent consultants join Oriflame Network marketing company to sell its wide range of products.

They earn commissions on sales and building teams through recruiting and training. This helps the brand expand its reach and provide personalized services through its independent consultants while providing them with excellent business opportunities.

How do Oriflame distributors make money?

Distributors of Oriflame products are given the title of “Independent consultants”. They make money through retail sales of their products. Also, the Oriflame network marketing structure allows consultants to generate income from their personal sales and the sales made by their recruited team members.

Oriflame Company growth Over the Years

Oriflame has come a long way since its inception in 1967. Today, it is one of the biggest Beauty and Wellness brands, known for its innovative products. The below timeline will take you through the brand’s incredible journey through the years.



Oriflame's journey starts by launching its inaugural product range, featuring skincare creams, lipstick, and mascara infused with herbal and plant extracts from Sweden, along with a pioneering commitment to sustainability.



Oriflame pioneers innovative selling methods, breaking away from tradition by focusing on catalog and one-to-one selling. The company prints its very first Oriflame catalog in August, marking a shift in its sales approach.



Oriflame makes history by becoming the first foreign company listed on the London Stock Exchange since World War II, reflecting its global reach and setting the stage for decades of financial success and international prominence.



Oriflame takes a bold step into the digital frontier with the launch of its global website, Oriflame.com, marking its digital debut and enhancing global connectivity.



Oriflame opens its state-of-the-art Research and Development Centre, equipped with a dedicated clinical testing suite named Oriderm, becoming a hub for skincare innovation.



Oriflame launches Ecobeauty, the first global cosmetics range to partner with four independent global organizations for sustainable and environmental responsibility.



Oriflame celebrates its 50th anniversary with a grand celebration, reflecting on its storied legacy and looking ahead to the next 50 years of growth and impact.



Oriflame secures the top spot as #1 Climate Leaders in Europe in the Personal & Household Goods sector, to recognise its unwavering commitment to sustainability.



Oriflame marks significant strides with the introduction of groundbreaking product ranges like Duologi, Wellosophy, and Novage+, along with the opening of its Research and Development Centre in Stockholm.



Oriflame rebrands with the launch of 'Reach your happy place,' reinforcing its commitment to bringing joy and positivity to the lives of its customers and Brand Partners worldwide.

Company Statistics

  • Annual Revenue

    Oriflame MLM company’s Annual Revenue for 2023 was 811 Million USD.

  • Global Reach

    Oriflame’s products are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide.

  • Total Payouts

    In 2022, the company paid a total of 244 million euros as payouts to its network of Independent Consultants.

  • Number of Independent Consultants

    The brand had a wide network of over 3 million Independent Oriflame Consultants around the world, as of 2019.

  • Product Popularity

    IN 2022, Oriflame collected over 429,000 product reviews for its popular products, among the Fragrances and Wellness range.

Oriflame Social Initiatives

Oriflame’s commitment to social responsibility extends beyond its business operations. Through its various initiatives, it actively engages in philanthropic efforts to improve communities worldwide. Some of the noteworthy ones are

  • The Oriflame Foundation

    Oriflame Foundation is dedicated to empowering vulnerable children and young women, striving to offer them opportunities for positive life changes. By collaborating with NGOs and global charity organizations, the foundation supports long-term commitments and partnerships, ensuring support for those in need.

  • AF Jochbick Foundation

    The AF Jochnick Foundation believes that everyone is responsible for contributing to building better societies. It supports projects that enhance children's welfare, education, health, democratic development, and environmental sustainability. The foundation also partners with organizations globally to positively change the lives of the less fortunate.

    With over 250 projects supported in 65 countries across five continents, the AF Jochnick Foundation has impacted the lives of countless individuals, securing education for over 100,000 children in the last 15 years.

Oriflame Social Initiatives

Latest News on Oriflame

Oriflame’s Support & Donation for Morocco in Challenging Times
April 3, 2024

Oriflame’s Support & Donation For Morocco in Challenging Times

Oriflame Appoints Scientific Advisory

Feb 15, 2024

Oriflame appoints Scientific Advisory Board

Oriflame releases NFT Assets
Jan 17, 2024

Oriflame releases NFT Assets

Success Stories

Many success stories have been attributed to Oriflame’s network marketing model. Let us delve into one such inspiring story where the brand has helped change lives for the better.

The story of 25-year-old Dr. Sameh Dahech Bride Ghanmi

Dr. Sameh Dahech Bride Ghanmi, a 25-year-old student, swiftly climbed to the rank of Gold Director in under three years with Oriflame. Leveraging digital tools like Facebook, Skype, and the Oriflame Business App helped her build her network. Despite mobility challenges during pregnancy, she focused on online prospecting and utilized the Oriflame Business App for efficient follow-ups.

Ghanmi emphasizes consistent online engagement, conducting over 50 shares per day and providing regular online training for her team. Her future goal is to become a Diamond Director, focusing on finding potential leaders and consultants. Oriflame has empowered Ghanmi to become a successful businesswoman while working from home.

Oriflame’s range of products

Oriflame’s extensive product portfolio covers, nutrition, skincare, makeup, bath & body, hair care, accessories, men’s grooming, and Kids & baby care. It also offers a comprehensive range of supplements for health to luxurious fragrances, catering to diverse beauty and wellness needs.

When it comes to safety, all Oriflame products adhere to EU or local safety standards for cosmetics and nutritional products worldwide. A few of its popular product ranges include.

Oriflame’s nutrition brand Wellosophy, offers products to support overall health and wellness. The range has different flavors of protein blends, balance shakes, meal replacement drinks, and weight control drinks. Targeted supplements like Omega 3 and Multivitamins & minerals help support individual health goals. The range also has smart accessories like SmartShake Bottle, and Hydrate Water Bottle to ensure a holistic approach towards well-being.

Wellosophy Wellness Pack Man

Oriflame's skincare range offers extensive products curated to address various skin concerns and needs. It includes the luxurious NovAge+ line featuring the Comfort Oil-to-Milk Cleanser and Proceuticals Micro Essence Multi Mist to the beloved Tender Care balms in Raspberry and Green Apple.

Love Nature masks in Avocado, Orange, and Passion Fruit variants provide indulgent experiences, while NovAge+ Bright Intense and Lift + Firm eye creams cater to specific anti-aging needs. With a wide array of products ranging from cleansers and toners to serums and day creams, Oriflame ensures a comprehensive skincare routine tailored to individual preferences and skin types.

Novage Time Restore SET

Oriflame's makeup range encompasses a variety of brands, each offering distinctive products tailored to different beauty preferences. The OnColour range features affordable yet trendy nail polishes and eyeliners, whereas, Giordani Gold's luxurious foundations and lipsticks infused with SPF protection are perfect for a glamorous evening ensemble.

The One's innovative mascaras and eyeshadows help achieve a natural everyday look. These brands provide high-quality formulations and versatile shades to suit every style and occasion.

Giordani Gold Age Defying Serum Boost Foundation

Oriflame's haircare range offers products designed to address various hair concerns and cater to different hair types. Brands like Love Nature, Duologi, and Eleo, offer unique formulations infused with organic ingredients.

The range includes products like shampoos and conditioners, hair masks, and oils, aimed to nourish, protect, and repair hair, promoting healthier and more vibrant locks. Additionally, Oriflame provides accessories like scalp massagers and brushes to complement the haircare routine, ensuring a comprehensive approach to hair health and styling.

Eleo Repairing Overnight Hair Oil

Oriflame offers a range of fragrances designed to cater to different preferences and occasions. The range features brands like Love Potion, So Fever, Possess, Giordani Gold, Eclat, and Glacier. Their collection includes options for both men and women, from fresh and floral scents to bold and intense fragrances.

Some notable products include theNordic Waters, Infinite Blue Eau de Parfum, Floral Eau de Parfum, Amour Intensité Eau de Toilette, and the Sparkling Fantasy Eau de Toilette. With captivating scents, Oriflame's fragrance range aims to provide an olfactory experience that suits every individual's style and mood.

Nordic - Waters Infinite Blue for Him Eau de Parfum

Oriflame's men's grooming range encompasses an array of products designed to cater to various skincare and grooming needs. The North For Men line offers the Sensitive Protect Deodorant Roll-On and Active Carbon Shaving Foam, which provide effective solutions for everyday grooming.

For targeted skincare concerns, options like the Advanced Blackhead Remover Tweezer from the Pure Skin range offer specialized care. The range includes fragrances like Possess Man Eau de Toilette and grooming essentials like the Subzero Hair & Body Wash.

North for Men Subzero Hair & Body Wash
Wellosophy Wellness Pack Man

Oriflame Marketing Strategies and Tools

Oriflame MLM company empowers its brand partners with innovative digital solutions to amplify their business reach and enhance customer engagement. These tools enable seamless interactions in today’s digital landscape and become a driving factor for the growth and success of the brand and its network of independent consultants. Some of these include

  • Oriflame’s Skin Expert app

    Oriflame's Skin Expert app revolutionizes skincare recommendations by leveraging advanced technology and real-world testing. Developed in collaboration with Oriderm, Oriflame's clinical testing suite, and insights from the Age Reflect study, this app offers tailored skincare advice based on individual concerns and needs. It is available for both iOS and Android.

  • Digital Skin Advisor

    Oriflame's Digital Skin Advisor, developed with Revieve, is an AI-driven skincare solution, available in 54 countries. It is integrated into Oriflame's app to offer personalized skincare recommendations based on users' unique concerns and skin types. This tool empowers brand partners to deliver precise recommendations without additional training.

  • Personalized Skincare Routine Tool

    Oriflame’s personalized skincare routine tool, accessible via the app, analyzes users’ skin types and concerns to offer tailored product recommendations and step-by-step routines. It empowers users to address their specific skincare needs, enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

    Direct selling has evolved in the digital era, by integrating different strategies like Online stores, social selling, influencer partnerships, etc. You can explore more of such trends in our blog: “Evolution of Direct Selling in the Digital Era”.

Oriflame Marketing Strategies and Tools

Introduction to Oriflame’s Compensation plan

The Oriflame compensation plan rewards its Independent consultants for sales and team building. It includes commissions on personal sales, bonuses for recruiting and training, and incentives like trips and gifts. Consultants who are a part of the Oriflame MLM can build a flexible and rewarding business based on their own efforts and goals. Here are a few facts about the compensation structure

Introduction to Oriflame’s Compensation plan

The Oriflame compensation plan rewards its Independent consultants for sales and team building. It includes commissions on personal sales, bonuses for recruiting and training, and incentives like trips and gifts. Consultants who are a part of the Oriflame MLM can build a flexible and rewarding business based on their own efforts and goals. Here are a few facts about the compensation structure

  • Every Individual getting started with the Oriflame compensation plan is titled “Brand partner”. They receive a 20-30% discount on every purchase. They also get discounts and bonuses based on their PBP (Personal bonus points), which they collect on every purchase.

  • One calendar year is divided into campaigns. Presently, Oriflame has 17 campaigns running in a year. Commissions, bonuses, and promotions are given based on the performance of the brand partner in each campaign.

  • Brand partners (BPs) undergo 3 phases of their journey in the Oriflame MLM plan- Brand Partner << Manager << Leader. Each level has certain qualification criteria to receive the next title.

  • BPs are eligible to receive two main bonuses. The Unilevel bonuses are paid based on the network’s sales. It increases with the growth of the team and their sales. The Unilevel bonus percentage for the 1st level is 12%, the 2nd level is 9%, the 3rd level is 5%, the 4th level is 4% and the 5th level is 1%.

Brand partner’s Career Path

The career path for Independent Consultants in Oriflame's compensation plan provides a clear and rewarding progression through various ranks, allowing individuals to advance based on their sales achievements and the growth of their team, with each level offering greater benefits and incentives.

Below are the requirements and compensation structure for each level.

  • Brand Partner

    • Requirement : You should sign up as a “Brand Partner” by paying the membership and annual renewable fees.

    • Compensation :

      • Receive a 20-30% discount on all orders.

  • Brand Partner Bronze

    • Requirement : PBP (Personal Bonus points) of 100 and DBP (Downline Bonus points) of 200.

    • Compensation :

      • Receive a 20-30% discount on all orders.

      • 8% Level 1 unilevel bonus.

  • Brand Partner Silver

    • Requirement : PBP of 125 and DPB of 300.

    • Compensation :

      • Receive a 20-30% discount on all orders.

      • Unilevel bonus of 9% on Level 1.

  • Brand Partner Gold

    • Requirement : PBP of 150 and DPB of 500.

    • Compensation :

      • Receive a 20-30% discount on all orders.

      • Unilevel bonus of 10% on Level 1 and 5% on Level 2.

  • Brand Partner Platinum

    • Requirement : PBP of 200 and DPB of 1000.

    • Compensation :

      • Receive a 20-30% discount on all orders.

      • Unilevel bonus of 11% on Level 1 and 6% on Level 2.

  • Team Manager

    • Requirements :

      • PBP of 250 and DPB of 1800.

      • Also, members should have 3 bonus-qualified legs in their downline, and 2 partners should be Brand Partner Silver.

    • Compensation :

      • Receive a 20-30% discount on all orders.

      • Unilevel bonus of 12% on Level 1, 7% on Level 2, and 3% on Level 3.

Brand partner’s Career Path

The career path for Independent Consultants in Oriflame's compensation plan provides a clear and rewarding progression through various ranks, allowing individuals to advance based on their sales achievements and the growth of their team, with each level offering greater benefits and incentives.

Below are the requirements and compensation structure for each level.


Yes, Oriflame MLM company is quite reputable and is known for its quality beauty and wellness products. It also provides business opportunities to individuals through its direct selling model.

Oriflame MLM’s structure allows individuals to become independent consultants, earning commissions through selling products directly to customers and building their own sales networks.

Oriflame supports its MLM distributors through various means, including training programs, marketing materials, and incentives such as bonuses and rewards for achieving sale targets.

Oriflame ensures the quality of its products through rigorous testing, adherence to EU safety standards, and collaboration with reputable suppliers and manufacturers.

No. The notion of the Oriflame Pyramid scheme is wrong. It operates as a legitimate MLM company where consultants earn income through selling products and building sales teams, rather than solely through recruitment.

Yes, it is safe to use Oriflame products. They undergo thorough testing and comply with strict safety regulations to ensure their quality and efficacy.

Presently, Oriflame does not have a legal presence in the US but the company has been planning its expansion in the region for a while.

The requirements to join Oriflame typically include purchasing a starter kit, agreeing to abide by the company's policies and procedures, and actively engaging in selling and recruiting activities to build a successful business.

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