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What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

Initial Coin Offering is buying the shares of a venture but in the world of blockchain. Before we proceed, let us help you brush up on some of the most basic terminology of the ICO world.

What is a coin?

In the blockchain world, a coin is not necessarily a currency coin or a crypto currency. A coin here refers to a token that is a digital creation on the blockchain. These digital blockchain tokens can be created (or “coined”), transferred, bought, sold and destroyed. Hence, the word coin which can also be referred to as a token.

What is an Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

A company in the real-world can raise funds by offering shares to that company. These shares imply part-ownership to the company. This part-ownership is also referred to as Equity in the company. Such an ownership of shares can be created (through the IPO launch), transferred, bought and sold.

What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

As lucidly explained by Deloitte, an ICO involves issuing a virtual asset, which is the token, that can be used on a platform or within an ecosystem that is yet to be built - in that respect, it can assist in raising funds for the creation of a blockchain or for funding of a blockchain venture” yours. Ethereum has been so far the platform for the vast majority of the ICOs (over 84%).

What is an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)?

Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) are essentially ICOs that list directly on a virtual asset exchange, in some cases being a regulated sponsor-based platform.

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Do you already have an existing system ? No worries. Global MLM Software can be easily integrated within your application using our single sign-on API or SAML authentication.

Focus on your core competency

Save your time and resources for developing your core products, rather than building a MLM module or solution building from scratch.

Robust referral network

Improve sales and customer satisfaction by Integrating a strong referral network into your existing system

Accelerate time to market

As a reliable MLM partner, we ensure that no deployment issues or unforeseen delays will hamper your release schedule

Great User Experience

Give your customers a great user experience by providing single sign-on across multiple platforms without having to create separate accounts

Heres what's more you need to know about ICO

$324.71 Billion

Market Cap of all cryptocurrencies as on Jan 2021

$10 Million

Total Amount Raised through Tokens/Coins in 2017 itself

16,000 Tokens

Created just between 2014 and 2021

Why do you require an Initial Coin Offering Platform?

The Initial Coin Offering is the first big step in the lifecycle of any cryptocurrency. An ICO is aimed at increasing the market cap of the cryptocurrency with the objective that more people would invest in the cryptocurrency and would purchase the tokens. The top three reasons why you need an Initial Coin Offering platform are linked with each other and are mission critical to the success of the ICO. These three reasons are:

  • Blockchain, tokens, cryptocurrency and NFTs are still a blackbox for many people. Further, with regards to ICO, unfortunately, the ease with which money can be raised also attracts market participants with bad motives who take advantage of the unregulated ICO market to scam investors. A few major scams made headlines and investors experienced tremendous losses in a number of high profile scandals.

  • It is tough to get the word out about your new token and even more tough to build a brand around it. However, for ICO success it is crucial to build a community of highly motivated members who progate the message and get the people to invest. Designing a marketing plan with proper incentivisation of sales agents or community members is the key to quickly build a brand.

  • Technology could seamlessly fill the trust and marketing gap. This is exactly where an Initial Coin Offering platform comes in. It brings in transparency in the entire operation of disseminating the tokens among the subscribers. Further, a well-designed platform provides all marketing and sales features to build and grow the community which advocate on your behalf. With these systemic challenges, you need a platform that helps you win in all the three spheres and make your ICO a success.

Introducing our Unique Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Platform

We, at Global MLM Solutions, realized that the challenges in the way of a successful Initial Coin Offering makes for a good direct selling use-case which requires transparency and recording of all the transactions in a matter that is visible to all the investors. And we are the market leaders in direct selling software and platforms that facilitate global transactions with ease. Here are the top three reasons why you should choose our platform for your ICO launch:

  • Supreme Transparency
    Transparency and trust in your coin can be the biggest reason why your initial coin offering launch may never reach the heights that it easily could have.
  • Trustworthy
    When your users get a chance to create a free account and peak into your business, it builds trust like nothing else ever would.
  • Engine for growth
    This single-window feature-loaded suite of ours will be your growth engine.
    With all your stakeholders and potential stakeholders on one platform, imagine the possibilities of growth that are possible even beyond your ICO.
  • Business management simplified
    Is it a CRM? Is it a business management platform? Is it an ICO platform? The best part is, it is all of them packaged into one powerful platform.
    With elements of all the crucial business management tools, staying focused on growing your business while the platform manages the operation - has never been easier.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience

Dont believe us. Hear from our existing customers about Global MLM Software

Global MLM was the choice we made after reviewing six separate platforms in detail with the founders and their team.

Dalvo Diamante, USA

CEO, GEMx - A Publicly registered company based out of USA

Unique Features of our ICO platform

Apart from giving you a clean, professional-looking and minimalistic admin and user interface, our initial coin offering platform has the following unique features.

Ecommerce Capabilities

Initial coin offering is no different from a direct selling business where the people purchase directly from you. Our platform has all the functionalities to facilitate a great purchase experience even if you are not listing your coin on an exchange.


Our ewallet capability serves as the store for virtual money during the transactions that your users will have on the platform. Which means that the coins that you users would purchase could simply be stored in their e-wallets.


How to do an initial coin offering with complete trust and security would be your concern. However, not with our platform. Ours is probably one of the best ICO listing site which not only has multilayer security protection but also an epin that ensures added security for your users.

Payment Gateway

Needless to say, a platform like ours which is ready to facilitate transactions for your initial coin offering will provide your users the best payment gateways. We integrate with PayPal, stripe, crypoto, payU, RazorPay and Local Payment Gateways.

Social Sharing

A successful initial coin offering hinges upon how well you can build your brand. Members and existing users can refer new people by sharing their unique link on various social media channels. They can create their free accounts to get started.

Promotional Tools

Attract the right audience and convert more visitors into traders using Global MLM’s inbuilt promotional tools like referral links, replicated website, email campaigns etc

Get Started with 3 Easy Steps!

When you have an initial coin offering to focus on, building and managing a website with a business management tool should be the least of your concerns. That is why you can launch with our ICO platform in 3 easy steps.

Set up The MLM Software

Choose your own theme for Admin and Member dashboard which align with your brand

Configure the Business Plan

Setup the business and initial coin offering structure, reseller commission, referral commissions etc.

Onboard the investors and users

Get users to sign up for free on your new platform and convert them to participate in your initial coin offering.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ has been compiled to some of the most frequently asked questions about our product and services. For more information, please Contact US.

What is ICO software?

ICO software refers to a platform or system designed to facilitate the launch and management of Initial Coin Offerings, allowing companies to raise funds by issuing and selling their own cryptocurrency tokens.

ICO software typically provides tools for creating and managing token sales, including features like smart contract creation, token distribution, and investor management. It often involves blockchain technology for transparency and security.

A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement directly written into code. In ICOs, smart contracts automate the token sale process, ensuring transparent and trustless transactions.

The key features include token creation, smart contract functionality, multi-currency support, KYC/AML integration, investor dashboard, and reporting tools.

ICO software allows users to easily create and customize their own cryptocurrency tokens, specifying details such as name, supply, and tokenomics.

A whitepaper is a document that outlines the details of a cryptocurrency project, including its purpose, technology, tokenomics, and the team behind it. It is a crucial component for investors to understand the project.

Security features may include encryption, multi-signature wallets, and secure coding practices. Regular audits and testing are also essential.

Yes, ICO software platforms allow token sales in various cryptocurrencies to broaden the investor base.

Token wallets provided by ICO software allow investors to store and manage the tokens they acquire during the ICO.

Yes, ICO software solutions offer integration capabilities with other platforms, such as payment gateways and third-party services.

Popular MLM Solutions for Your Token Sale

Here are some popular mlm solutions among our valuable customers. You can either choose a single compensation plan or multiple plan (Hybrid model) as per your requirements. Global MLM platform is 100% customizable and configurable based on the needs with ready-made options.

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  • Active and Engaged Traders
  • High traffic right audience to your trading website.
  • Unique Brand Positioning
  • Unlimited referral possibilities
  • Passive income opportunities