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Unlock the potential of seamless automation, and Empower your Network marketing team with the cutting-edge Global Party MLM software. Our software is an all-in-one tool for party management, tracking invitations, and boosting customer engagement. Elevate your Party Planning business to the next level only with our revolutionary Party MLM software.

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All in One Integrated Global Board MLM Software features

What is Party MLM
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The Party MLM software is designed for businesses that operate on the party plan model, or the Home party plan. In this model, sales representatives or consultants host parties or events to showcase and sell products directly to customers. The MLM software helps automate and streamline various aspects of the home-party business.

The Party MLM software from Global MLM Solutions will completely transform how you manage your MLM business. Our innovative and high-tech solutions will help your business reach its full potential. Boost your business operation with ultimate automation. It is time to redefine your party MLM business with a tech-driven revolution.

Global Party MLM Software

Optimize your business operations with superior automated tools.

Navigate your MLM business towards success with superior tools, secure sensitive business data with privacy controls, and do much more with just a click of a button.

checkmark Maintain a party calendar to keep track of open/close parties and evaluate network activity.

checkmark Monitor various parties hosted by the independent representative to track sales and performance metrics.

checkmark Manage guest list and track guest participation to gauge customer engagement and marketing efforts made by the host.

checkmark Help hosts maintain brand consistency by providing party decor and other prompts according to company policies.

checkmark Keep track of active and inactive hosts based on their party schedules and sales volume.

checkmark Assign hosts to open parties based on their availability or company criteria.

checkmark Explore the entire list of hosts in the network and their genealogy tree with the genealogy list feature in the software.

checkmark Implement a reward system for Hosts based on different criteria such as sales volume, number of parties hosted, rank achievement, etc.

checkmark Manage a consolidated portfolio of company products along with product range, information, and pricing to maintain uniformity.

checkmark Maintain product catalogs with unlimited categories and subcategories to provide the latest offerings to representatives.

checkmark Assign commission types, values, and points per product and volume to incentivize sales among the representatives.

checkmark Manage product SKUs for inventory control and maintain an optimal supply chain.

checkmark Manage and oversee orders from various consultants under one roof for seamless order management.

checkmark Add and remove options to receive payments from consultants based on your preferences.

checkmark Automate warehouse-to-customer deliveries by integrating third-party delivery management apps for shipping.

checkmark Enhance the order processing and dispatching system by integrating barcodes on invoices.


Integrated Host profile

Advanced Back Office features for Party Hosts

Enhance your Host performance and improve customer relationships through a streamlined sales process to become the undisputed leader in the MLM world.


checkmark Provide guests with an immersive experience at MLM parties through product showcases and other tools the admin provides to increase customer engagement.

checkmark Maintain an exhaustive list of guests through the portal and invite them quickly through the “Invite” button.

checkmark Send personalized emails to guests for upcoming parties, new product launches, and order statuses to improve customer experience.

checkmark Encourage customers to make repeat purchases by educating them regarding discounts and loyalty programs run by the company.

checkmark Get a unique and personalized URL with your Username and ID for easy business operations.

checkmark Promote the company products easily by accessing the product portfolio with details regarding features and price.

checkmark Identify and collect information regarding potential leads through lead capture forms integrated into the website.

checkmark Share your product promotional campaigns on various social media through links integrated directly into the web page.

checkmark Organize, and maintain a schedule of parties and update their status easily through the Party management feature in the software.

checkmark Search for nearby parties using the “Search parties” tool. You can also join the party as a co-host and conduct combo sales.

checkmark Send personalized party invitations to your social network through the social media apps integrated into the software to increase customer participation.

checkmark Use various promotional tools and referral links to promote the company and encourage interested candidates to join the network.

checkmark View important KPIs like Team overviews, sales overviews, Earnings overviews, active parties, upcoming parties, etc from the dashboard.

checkmark Add new members easily through the registration link on your dashboard.

checkmark Get a comprehensive list of your latest earnings from various parties to manage and keep track of your finances.

checkmark Receive live updates on new events, parties, and other admin announcements through your dashboard's home page.

Features of Global Party MLM software

Choosing the right MLM software for your MLM party business needs careful consideration of certain features, based on your business requirements. When you choose the MLM Party Plan software from Global MLM, you get the following amazing features that will elevate your Party MLM business to the next level.


Automated Commissions Calculation

The Party MLM software automatically calculates commissions based on sales, recruitment, etc, for accurate payouts.


Genealogy tree

The Global Party MLM software comes with a visual representation of the network’s genealogy tree to show relationships between members.


Communication tools

The inbuilt communications tools within the Global Party MLM software make member communications and collaborations easier.


Event Management

Various tools within the Party MLM software help you organize and manage your MLM parties with ease.


Virtual contracts

The Global Party MLM software allows distributors to sign their contracts and agreements virtually from anywhere, easing the onboarding process.


Single sign-on feature

The SSO feature allows users to simplify the login process while keeping the login credentials secure.

Get Started with 3 Easy Steps

When you need a kickstart in your business and you have no time for coding for your website. Global MLM will take that job for you and have a customised solution for you.


Set up The MLM Software

Choose your own theme for Admin, Member dashboard.


Configure the Business Plan

Setup the binary commission and distributor onboarding tutorials.


Onboard the Distributors

Start enrolling them into your community

Our Actions Speaks louder than words

We pride ourselves on providing customers the best service and experience possible. Our customers love us!

Advantages of Global Party MLM Software

The Global Party MLM software offers several advantages to MLM direct sales companies and independent distributors.


Efficient Sales Management

The Global Party MLM software helps streamline sales by automating order processing, sales tracking, and inventory management.


Detailed reporting

The Home Party plan software from Global MLM provides detailed reports on sales, commissions, and overall network performance for insights and strategic decision-making.


Real-time notifications

Members receive real-time notifications for upcoming events and announcements in the Global Party plan MLM software, helping them stay connected and informed.


Centralized resource library

The Global Party MLM software makes it easy for business owners to create and maintain a centralized repository of resources, documents, and marketing materials for easy access by network members.


Simplified Tax Process

With automated Tax calculations with every transaction, the Party MLM software simplifies the taxation process for distributors, ensuring 100% tax compliance.


Financial transparency

The MLM party software from Global MLM provides comprehensive details of financial transactions, making it easier to track transactions.

How does the Party MLM plan work?

Party MLM plan is a unique network marketing concept where independent distributors host parties to promote the company's products. The company provides them with all the essential promotional materials required for effective marketing. The host invites their social circle and creates a fun and engaging environment for product sales.

Each independent distributor of the network is placed below each other in the Party MLM genealogy tree. The customers of each distributor are placed horizontally next to them and form a generation.

A diagram illustrating the working of a Party MLM plan with three generations.

Find out more about the Party MLM plan, how it works, and its Bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ has been compiled to some of the most frequently asked questions about our product and services. For more information, please Contact US.

What is Global party MLM software, and how does it differ from traditional MLM software?

Global Party MLM software is designed for businesses that operate on a social gathering or party model. It facilitates tasks specific to home party plan structures, such as managing party bookings and host rewards.

Yes, Global Party MLM software solutions offer integrations with social media platforms, making it easier to promote parties and products through social channels.

Yes, the software includes features for scheduling and management of parties.

The software supports various compensation plans, including those specific to party-based models. It accommodates features like hostess rewards and bonuses tied to party sales.

Global Party MLM software streamlines tasks like party scheduling, hostess rewards tracking, and order processing, enhancing the efficiency of businesses that rely on social gatherings.

The software assists in managing product demonstrations, tracking sales at parties, and processing orders generated during these events.

Yes, it includes features for managing product inventory specifically tailored to party-based sales, ensuring accurate tracking and availability.

Yes, it offers real-time reporting and analytics, allowing users to monitor party sales, hostess rewards, and consultant performance.

Global Party MLM software providers often offer training materials, documentation, and customer support to assist businesses in implementing and using the software effectively.

Yes, it includes features to help businesses comply with legal regulations related to party-based sales by providing accurate tracking and reporting.

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