How much does it cost to develop a MLM Software for Direct Selling Business?

Updated on May 9th, 2023
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How much does it cost to develop a MLM Software for Direct Selling Business?

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is a great marketing opportunity and has been on a rapid growth path over the past years. As technology advances, MLM software supports the business with innovative features, quicker business processes, and transparent information availability. This article looks at the financial sides, how much it costs to develop MLM Software today, and why you should go to MLM software experts instead of considering developing it in-house. First, let's jump to the basics.

Why should you invest in MLM software?

Automation brings efficiency, transparency, and improved productivity, enabling businesses to be competitive. In the MLM business model, multilevel marketing software automates the management of your member networks and member compensations. The software assists the company in managing sales and payments.

Your customers and resellers can browse products, select products, and make online payments to purchase a product. Some advanced MLM software may permit substantial customization of the product catalogue and storefront.

Multi Level marketing (MLM) software provides accounting in a variety of ways. In addition to aiding in product sales, inventory management, and payment processing, the program also facilitates income tax reporting and distributor payments.

Important Benefits of MLM Software

Multilevel marketing software aids in the execution of business operations such as employee onboarding, marketing, customer management, distribution, inventory, logistics, sales commission management, and sales performance management, among others.

Moreover, the software allows for real-time tracking of each individual's sales records, settling information for the concerned group of individuals who met their sales targets and calculating commissions. The software's dependability and quickness make it easier for MLM organisations to track the status of their sales.

As per PRNewswire "The global multilevel marketing software market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 8.3% during the forecast period from 2021 to 2029. The anticipated growth will be driven by the rising network marketing market worldwide. Since 2009, network marketing has grown over 60% to reach US$ 189.6 Bn in 2017, starting from US$ 117.0 Bn in 2009."

Is MLM software development different from other software?

MLM software can be complex when creating the business logic, depending on the various schemes and features. It is advisable to choose a company with software development experience in the MLM space.

Creating software for network marketing organisations requires multiple phases of software development, with each stage accounting for fixed or variable expenses.

MLM software development is often a custom software development project, with costs varying based on the functionality incorporated or omitted. You can have many modules and features or have the basic limited ones and then expand later. These costs define the pricing of MLM software and play a crucial part in determining the performance of the programs.

Average Cost of MLM Software Development today

In general, the cost to develop MLM software is proportional to the time and work expended. Typically, software development projects cost between $10,000 and $75,000 or more. It depends on your requirements and which features/modules you need. It is advisable to contact expert MLM software vendors and evaluate your requirements for an optimal solution.

Various factors on MLM software pricing must be evaluated and calibrated to determine the typical cost of developing it. Direct and indirect expenses make up the overall cost of developing MLM software.

What are the Direct Expenses in MLM Software Development?

Here's a rundown of the critical factors that influence the cost of developing MLM software:

  1. Salaries of software engineers, development teams, and other human resources.
  2. Computing resources like acquiring development capabilities by purchasing gear and software.
  3. Power bills, internet connections, and other infrastructure components are examples of amenities. Licensing software resources for cost-effective and dispersed development is known as shared resources.

These costs may rise further if the MLM software development project requires specific money to mitigate software development-related risks. All these costs can add up to be an expensive proposition in the case of an in-house development team.

An MLM software development company will already have the software development setup and resources to lower your software development and support costs.

What are the Indirect Expenses in MLM Software Development?

Among the primary factors that indirectly affect the cost of building MLM software are the following:

  1. Quality: Spending on software engineering ensures that the MLM software product achieves the objectives and offers the best value.
  2. Audits: Audits Costs are accounted for via external and internal assessments of the MLM software to determine its conformance with the project roadmap.
  3. Security checks and countermeasures: A methodical spending of products and technologies used to enhance the security of MLM software without compromising functionality.
  4. Regulatory compliances: The costs of conforming to international IT and software development standards come under regulatory compliance and need adherence.

Addressing these indirect expense parameters may be a new experience if opting for an in-house MLM software development exercise and can increase risks. An experienced MLM software development firm will be familiar with security and regulatory compliances and ensure high-quality software development.

The average cost of developing MLM software

A software development company can estimate the typical cost of developing an MLM software project once an exact computation of direct and indirect charges happens. Some software development businesses charge a premium for the perpetual support of their MLM software solutions.

MLM Software Development Cost Breakdown:

As with the development of any other software program, MLM software requires numerous phases. These phases of software development are crucial to the cost allocation of an MLM software project. Key MLM software development phases include

1. Software Platforms:

The initial phase of the software development project involves the selection of the MLM software platform. Platform Selection entails identifying the operating systems the MLM software will run. It also consists in utilizing the tools necessary to ensure that the software development supports the intended platform and its configuration requirements.

2. UI/UX Design:

Critical to the MLM software development lifecycle is product design. MLM software's User Interface (UI) design utilises A/B testing. Development and testing of different UI variations take place to fulfil the functional and graphical requirements of the MLM program.

Only one or two of these UI concepts are chosen and implemented as the skins for the MLM program. The initial phase requires accurate cost estimates to avoid overspending on unneeded UI designs.

Designing the User Experience (UX) components of the MLM software is also a significant aspect of the software development process. Most software development organisations do not hesitate to invest lavishly in UX design. Designing the UX for MLM software solutions requires significant work. This section focuses on the MLM software's usability.

We added the average UI/UX design cost for an MLM program, accounting for around 20% of MLM software development costs.

3. Software Development:

The creation of MLM software needs proper budget allocation. During the development of software, software project managers must consider user support.

Here's an estimate of the costs associated with each stage of development:

  1. MLM software features – 30%
  2. MLM Plan complexities and support – 10%
  3. Web development – 20%
  4. Working hours – 5%
  5. Third-party integrations – 20%
  6. Customizations – 15%

Simultaneously, developing software for sophisticated MLM compensation programs presents hurdles. It takes substantial efforts besides time to develop features. Customizations sought by clients need to get evaluated to see impacts on development costs.

4. Testing and Development:

Quality assurance services in the last phase take a sensible amount from MLM software development's remaining expenditures. Testing costs may vary depending on the intricacy of the MLM software product. Quality assurance activities help in avoiding potential issues.

Non-Technical Factors in MLM Software Development

The software development firm may spend extra money on non-technical aspects of MLM software development.

  1. Staff experience – Software engineers and developers' seniority
  2. Infrastructure upgrades – IT modernization
  3. Migration to different areas and markets are also known as regionalization.

Wrapping Up:

MLM software has numerous direct and indirect advantages besides giving organisations a competitive edge! MLM software enables businesses to reach out to as many people as possible, allowing them to promote their consumer goods or services more efficiently and successfully! Now that you have a fair idea of the cost components for MLM software development, you can make an informed decision.

We recommend you to contact experienced MLM software development firms like Global MLM Software, who have the expertise to give guidance to develop a custom and optimised MLM Software within your budget.

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