How to Build A Strong Network Marketing Team?

Updated on Mar 19th, 2023
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How to Build A Strong Network Marketing Team?

Everyone wants to be successful in network marketing and make a decent income. However, If you want to build and grow your network marketing business, you need to have a rock-solid down line team who are CONSISTENTLY producing, duplicating and showing up to occasions. If you are not familiar with these terms, no worries we will explain them in this article.

Now more than ever, it is crucial for network marketers to invest time and money into the growth of their team. With so much competition, it is getting harder and harder just to get the right people to join your team.

The first step to building a team and growing your network marketing company is to create a leadership foundation. Success in network marketing depends on two things: Getting people to enter your business system (joining as distributors), and getting other people to join after they see the success of your team. That's why this leadership training guide is so important to your future.

Before I go on and dive into 7 Secrets to Build and Grow Your Network Marketing team, would like to share TWO biggest mistakes people do while building their team

Mistake 1: Treating Recruitment is Everything

There's a common misconception that network marketing is all about recruiting. This is understandable. The key to building and growing a successful team is via recruitment; however, recruitment is just the beginning of team building.

The key to a successful career in network marketing is not just in the number of people you recruit and sponsoring, but also in how well you develop those people and prospects. Having new people join your team is great, but unless you continue to put effort into them and help them succeed, those new members won't help you succeed either.

Mistake 2: Reinventing the wheel

Anyone can learn to become a great recruiter to build a network marketing team. Unless there is a duplication your team never grows !!! Even if it grows it will be at snail's pace !!!

Duplication is nothing but “Teach your downline on how to build their downline”

You need a set of things to tell your brand new recruit the moment they join your team. They need the right training, right information at the right time. This multi-step process must be duplicable, meaning they should be able to pass on this knowledge to their downline with ease without having to spend time reinventing the wheel.

Now let’s deep dive into Top 7 Secrets to build and grow your network marketing team:

1. Have an effective communication system in place

The most important thing you can do to build and grow your network marketing team is have an effective communication system in place. Network marketing teams are built on trust, and it's through regular communication that this trust is created.

It is extremely important that you get to know each of your team members on a personal level. Communicate regularly with your team, both about the goals you have set for the team as a whole, but also about their personal goals. You will have more success if your members are motivated and feel like they are part of a team.

Your team needs to be able to reach out directly to you for guidance and support when they need it, and you need a reliable system for getting back in touch with them as quickly as possible.

There are many different communication systems available that will help keep your network marketing business running smoothly and keep everyone up-to-date on what's going on. For example, if you have email groups set up so that your entire team gets the same message all at once, then bring them all together by creating an online message board where each member can post their ideas or ask questions. You also want a system for giving feedback—and receiving feedback from—your team members so everyone knows how things are going at every step of the way.

2. Never Assume

Never Assume Your Downline Knows Everything About Network Marketing

Network marketing is a very different world than your traditional business. You should never assume that your downline knows everything about network marketing. As you work together, you build a bond and create a foundation for success. You must be able to communicate with each member of your downline, so assume nothing about what they know or don’t know about the business.

Never Assume Your Downline Will Do What You Want Them To Do

While every single one of us would love it if our downline just did exactly as we said all the time without question, this just isn’t going to happen in real life. If you want someone to do something, you have to ask them (and even then it might not get done). Part of building your team and growing is letting go and trusting others to do their job, but again: don’t assume they will do things exactly how you would do them because they won’t. Learn how they work best and adjust accordingly.

Never Assume all of your downlines will be interested in earning passive income

Some of your downlines might be just interested in consuming the product rather than earning the passive income through referrals. You should be happy with any one who wants to just stay on as a customer instead of trying to push them for something which they might not be interested in.

3. Teach them how to build their downline

As you build your own downline team, it is important to teach them how to grow their downline as well. Teach them how to build their own downline, keep them active and generate sales. Give advice on what has worked for you and others in the past, but let them know that they can be creative as well. Make sure you are regularly checking in with your downline team in order to make sure they are motivated. Being able to teach and motivate others is a great skill to have when building a team of network marketers!

4. Motivate and reward them for their good work.

Rewarding and recognizing the achievements of your team members not only helps you keep up morale, it also strengthens your workplace culture. Ultimately, this may be one of the most important things you can do as a leader. Here are some possible ways to recognize good work:

Praise from peers and leadership. Your team needs to know that they’re doing good work and making an impact on the business. The best way to let them know is by telling them yourself! If there's someone in particular who stands out for their hard work or commitment, be sure to highlight his or her efforts at company meetings so everyone knows how awesome they're doing.

Celebrate small victories along the way with awards that are symbolic or silly but fun, like Star Performer of the Month certificates, trophies, medals and special parking spots (like “Best Salesman”).

5. Have a training session regularly

Now that you know the importance of training, let's talk about how to train. First, you need to figure out what kind of training will be most useful for your team members. Do they need a refresher on the basics? Are there certain techniques that are working for some people but not for others? Are you looking for ways to generate leads? Brainstorm a few ideas and then narrow them down into a more manageable list.

Next, decide how often you want to train and how long each session should be. Here are some suggestions:

If it's just basic information your team needs, you can create an online course that they can watch at their own pace (this can also work if they're new). Make sure this video is easily accessible from your website or social media accounts so anyone who wants to join your network marketing business has access.

If there are specific techniques that are working for some people but not others, offer one-on-one training sessions so you have time with each individual person who needs more help in this area.

If leads are an issue then think about hosting regular weekly/monthly/yearly events where members of your network marketing company come together as part of the community to learn new skills such as prospecting potential customers while networking with others in similar industries outside their direct company lines! This will help everyone involved.

6. Lead by example

Leading by example is a great first step toward building an effective team. People look to their leaders for inspiration, and they need to see that the leader is committed to the cause, centred on the same vision they are—and living true to it. If you have strong values, live by them. Set your expectations high and hold yourself accountable. Be ready to lead and other people will be ready to follow.

When you lead by example, there are several things that happen:

  1. You set a standard for excellence that others can aspire to

  2. Your team members learn what’s acceptable in your network marketing organisation

  3. You become more visible as a leader within your team

7. Invest in software to help you manage your team efficiently.

As your organization grows, you must set up a system to manage it efficiently. It is essential to use technology that helps you keep track of all your team members and their progress. Typically, Network marketing platform like Global MLM Software are web-based and can be accessed from anywhere. You will find many features that make it easier for you to keep track of things:

  1. Prospecting and lead management

  2. Customer Acquisition & Retention

  3. Training & Development

  4. Team Building

  5. Marketing Automation

  6. Social Selling

Building a strong and dedicated team can be tough. However, with the right skills and resources, you can make it happen.

Motivation is the key to success. High morale and open communication will help you keep your team members engaged and focused on the right goals.

Train your team with a mix of technical knowledge and soft skills for best results. Keeping your team functioning smoothly may be enough work as it is, but you’ll also want to focus on growing it whenever possible. Each new member adds skills and industry knowledge that makes the whole group stronger.

You'll have a strong, thriving, growing organisation built to last you a lifetime of residual income if you just follow the system !!!. A Network marketing management software like Global MLM Software can help you build and grow your network effectively and efficiently.

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