How to grow my direct selling business

Updated on May 28th, 2023
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How to grow my direct selling business

How often have you put your efforts into finding the answer to "how to grow my direct selling business” being its owner?

Having a direct selling business can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. While you are putting all your efforts into making your business grow, you still get stuck with queries like "how do I get more sales in direct sales?”

Relax! Your anxiety and having such queries are definitely normal. To ease that out for you, I have cleared out almost everything you need to know about growing your direct sale business and also about direct sale business models.

Direct selling is a business model where products or services are marketed and sold directly to consumers by independent sales representatives or distributors. Here are the tips mentioned to answer your query about "how to grow my direct selling business."

1. Identify the ideal target audience.

It is the first basic step that you need to start off with. You need to think about whom are you trying to sell to and what is it that you are planning to sell to them. You should see this as a Marketing 101 lesson where it is always important to start with your consumers in mind.

When you have your target audience in mind, it directly impacts your sales strategy, your sales script and also your product.

You could already be having a direct selling business when you are reading this but it always pays off to go back to the basics and check if you are fundamentally on the right path or not.

2. Make yourself unique through fantastic branding

Once you know who your target audience is and what your product is, think about a unique positioning for yourself. Which means that how is your product different from any other product in the market.

You consciously need to get into this exercise. Just imagine, if it is difficult for you to put a finger to what makes you different, how would your customers ever find the difference. And why would they prefer you over the others?

Therefore, the key to good branding is first discovering your unique positioning.

3. Build technology infrastructure

A network marketing or direct selling business is best managed with good technologies working in the backend of your business. Therefore, you need to deploy a multilevel marketing (MLM) or Direct selling business software in your business so that your business can be managed and scaled effortlessly.

Obviously, if you already have a software in place, you need to revisit and check how well is it meeting your requirements and does it allow your business to grow or not.

Global MLM software is going to be your best bet if you are looking at a truly futuristic MLM software that will become an enabler for growth. With our multiple integrations and multiple possible use-cases, you can be sure that the software gives the right shape to your direct selling business.

4. Sell your products through storytelling and interesting content marketing.

It is futile to think that people are interested in your product. People purchase promises and a better version of themselves. Therefore, you need to utilize good storytelling to make your products more attractive to the audience.

This follows from the point above where I mentioned that you need to develop a strong and unique positioning for your product. The content that you develop around the product needs to be in line with that positioning.

Further, it is this storytelling that will lead to better sales scripts and will help align the entire salesforce or network with a common unifying message.

5. Grow relationships

This might seem to be an extremely general tip, however, this is one strategy that brings out the long-term advantages in your business. A direct selling or network marketing business is about relationships.

Whether it is the relationship which you have with your network or the relationship which your network and agents have with their customers. It is all about how you can develop high quality relationships.

Therefore, if you have been running your direct selling business for long and have been wondering how to really take it to the next level – you should know that you need to strengthen your relationships across the spectrum of our business.

A new sales agent would want to join a well-knit community. A customer would want to buy from people who focus on the relationship. Proper training to the entire network on relationship building would go a long-way for your brand.

6. Create strategic partnerships.

Be it whichever direct sales business models you would be operating with, all of them are hinged upon how you can leverage strategic partnerships.

These could be partnerships at the product-level, marketing-level or the sales-level. If your question is “how to grow my direct selling business” then the answer is that you must actively pursue partnership opportunities that will help you explore more business areas.

Let me give you an example of a strategic partnership at a product-level. If there is a product in the market that is complimentary to the product that you sell, you can strike a profit-sharing partnership with the company and sell the product through your network.

7. Make sure to give away extras and free samples.

If you are wondering “How do I get more sales in direct sales”, then one of the most time-tested methods that I can suggest to you is called sampling. Now obviously, this is specific to those direct selling businesses who have a tangible product to sell (either online or offline).

Always budget for a few products to go out as samples and utilize them actively and judiciously to grow make your product reach to the influencers within your target audience.

Identify that who are the decision makers in your target audience, who influence the purchase decision. These are the key people who need to approve of your product for it to truly percolate within the community.

8.Highlight positive reviews and testimonials.

If you already have a direct selling business, the reviews and testimonials of your existing customers or network member will be invaluable. These will solve the ignition problem for your business and will help ensure that a positive word of mouth has been spread about your business.

Again, the strategy of sharing samples etc. also coincides with this particular point. Once you utilize the influencers, you are likely to get good reviews from them. These will drive your business forward.

9. Take full benefit of the power of social media.

Needless to say, a big growth driver for you could be social media. Depending on what your product is, you should be able to choose which social media platforms suit you the best. Where exactly is your audience congregating?

If you realize, every suggestion I gave you above weaves together. You need to bring out the storytelling in your product so that with the help of consistent content marketing you are able to produce a great impact on the social media.

Social media marketing is about bringing out good content that helps your audience and promises to solve their problems.

This also means that the MLM software that you use in your business should be able to integrate with most social media platforms and tools that you would use. And hence using a software that has a progressive attitude towards new trends in the business will suit your needs the best.


“How to grow my direct selling business" is definitely the first question that pops up in the mind of people starting with a business of direct selling. Even if you are an existing business owner whose business seems to be stagnating, it will be worth it asking this question.

There is no denying that the process can be quite overwhelming; however, following the right strategies and tips can help your business grow significantly. Therefore, I have made sure to cover everything important in this article so you can sit back and relax, knowing the task isn't as difficult as you expected.

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