Top 11 MLM Clothing Companies [2024]

Updated on Jul 11th, 2024
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Top MLM Clothing Companies

Let us begin with a quick question. Is clothing MLM a profitable business?

Yes, it is. In fact, the profit margins in a fashion or clothing business generally range from 30% to 60% on average.

And the best part? This industry has a scope for MLM companies to enter. Following the profit margins and growing demand of apparels. Some MLMs ventured into this market and set up a profitable business ecosystem.

Wondering which companies mastered the MLM clothing business? Don’t fret. In this article, we are going to talk about top MLM clothing companies in detail.

List of Network Marketing Clothing Companies

A fashion MLM company refers to a company that sells clothing and fashion accessories through a network of Independent Business Owners (IBOs).

In order to rank these MLM clothing companies, we carefully evaluated them based on their revenue and achievements primarily. Here’s the complete list.

1. LuLaRoe


LuLaRoe is one of the top network marketing clothing companies in the world. The company mainly deals in women's apparel.

  • Founders: DeAnne Stidham and Mark Stidham

  • CEO: Mark Stidham

  • Headquarters: USA

  • Year Founded: 2013

  • Company Size: 200-500 employees

  • Products: Women's apparel, including leggings, dresses, tops, and skirts.

  • Revenue: Approximately $1.2 billion

  • Website:

2. JHilburn


J.Hilburn is a premier custom menswear brand that combines luxury fabrics with personalized fit, offering a wide range of men's clothing and accessories. It ranks among the top network marketing clothing companies in the USA.

  • Founders: Hil Davis and Veeral Rathod

  • CEO: Stein Ove Fenne

  • Headquarters: USA

  • Year Founded: 2007

  • Company Size: 51-200 employees

  • Products: Custom Men's Clothing, Dress Shirts, Suits and Blazers, Casual Wear and Accessories.

  • Revenue: $316.7 Million

  • Website:

3. Faberlic


It is one of the top network marketing clothing companies specializing in personal care and beauty products.

  • Founder: Alexey Nechaev

  • CEO: Katie Afri

  • Headquarters: Russia

  • Year Founded: 1997

  • Company Size: 501-1,000 employees

  • Products: Cosmetics, Clothing and Accessories, and Health and Wellness Products.

  • Revenue: $346 million

  • Achievements: Faberlic became the largest Russian direct sales company in the CIS and Baltic markets.

  • Website:

4. Cabi Online


Cabi is one of the leading direct selling clothing companies that offers a unique shopping experience through its network of independent stylists.

  • Founders: Carol Anderson, Kimberly Inskeep, Maryjo Valder, Cynthia Mertensmeyer, Linda Nelson, Janet Hankinson, Anne Hunter, Susie Anderson, Karen Kohlan, Suzanne Eisenbrand, Kim Carpenter, Sydney Ryan

  • CEO: Katie Malone

  • Headquarters: USA

  • Year Founded: 2002

  • Company Size: 51-200 employees

  • Products: Women's apparel and accessories.

  • Revenue: $200 million

  • Achievements: Cabi Online won the Social Responsibility Award in the Business Journal Fashion Awards.

  • Website:

5. Ann Summers


Ann Summers is a British clothing MLM brand specializing in lingerie, swimwear, erotic dresses and much more.

  • Founders: Jacqueline Gold, David Gold, Michael Caborn-Waterfield

  • CEO: Maria Hollins

  • Headquarters: Whyteleafe, Surrey, England

  • Year Founded: 1971

  • Company Size: 1,000-5,000 employees

  • Products: Lingerie, gifts, erotic products, swimwear, and nightwear

  • Revenue: $104.6 million

  • Achievements: Jacqueline Gold won inaugural Retail Activist Award.

  • Website:

6. Maruko


Maruko is a renowned Japanese clothing MLM brand specializing in high-quality shapewear and lingerie. It is known for its innovative designs.

  • President: Shinji Iwamoto

  • Headquarters: Japan

  • Year Founded: 1978

  • Products: Women's fashion clothes, swimsuits, and inners.

  • Revenue: $128 million

  • Achievements: Maruko secured 49th in 2023 DSN Global 100.

  • Website:

7. Captain Tortue Group


This company mainly deals in women's clothing and accessories through its direct sales model.

  • Founder: Philippe and Lilian Jacquelinet

  • President: Philippe Jacquelinet

  • Headquarters: France

  • Year Founded: 1993

  • Company Size: 1,001-5,000 employees

  • Products: Women's clothing, including casual wear, activewear, and accessories.

  • Revenue: $81 Billion

  • Website:

8. Silver Icing


Silver Icing is a dynamic Canadian fashion company that offers comfortable, and affordable clothing for women.

  • Founder: Christina Marcano

  • CEO: Christina Marcano

  • Headquarters: Canada

  • Year Founded: 2011

  • Company Size: 51-200 employees

  • Products: Unisex fashion, sleepwear, activewear.

  • Revenue: $62 million

  • Website:

9. Matilda Jane Clothing


Matilda Jane Clothing is a unique American brand celebrated for its whimsical and colorful clothing for girls and women, as well as home goods.

  • Founder: Denise DeMarchis

  • CEO: Jiaxin Jiaxin

  • Headquarters: USA

  • Year Founded: 2005

  • Company Size: 51-200 employees

  • Products: Girls' Clothing, Women's Clothing and Baby Clothing.

  • Revenue: $24.1 Million

  • Website:



It is an exclusive women's fashion brand that provides sophisticated, high-end clothing designed to empower women with style and confidence.

  • Founder: Sue Stickley

  • Headquarters: Holland

  • Year Founded: 2000

  • Company Size: 25+ employees

  • Products: Women's apparel and accessories.

  • Revenue: $5 Million+

  • Website:

11. Ruby Ribbon


Ruby Ribbon is one of the top network marketing clothing companies in the world that specialize in women’s clothing, including shapewear and athleisure.

  • Founders: Lori Bush, Anna Zornosa

  • CEO: Melyn Campbell

  • Headquarters: USA

  • Year Founded: 2011

  • Company Size: 50+ employees

  • Products: Ruby Ribbon mainly deals in shapewear and athleisure.

  • Revenue: $5.8 million

  • Achievements: Ruby Ribbon is a proud recipient of the Product Innovation Award at the 2017 DSA Awards.

  • Website:

Sl. no Company Name Year Founded Revenue Company Size
1 LuLaRoe 2013 Approximately $1.2 billion 200-500 employees
2 JHilburn 2007 $316.7 million 51-200 employees
3 Faberlic 1997 $346 million 501-1,000 employees
4 Cabi Online 2002 $200 million 51-200 employees
5 Ann Summers 1971 $104.6 million 1,000-5,000 employees
6 Maruko 1978 $128 million
7 Silver Icing 2011 $62 million 51-200 employees
8 Matilda Jane Clothing 2005 $24.1 million 51-200 employees
9 ETCETERA 2000 $5 million+ 25+ employees
10 Ruby Ribbon 2011 $5.8 million 50 employees

What are the Factors Responsible for the Success of Network Marketing Clothing Companies?

Every clothing company owes its success to a number of aspects. Some of them are related to their product distinction and market size, while others are related to their genius marketing strategies. Let us take a look at some factors responsible for the success of the above-mentioned companies.

1. High Demand and Recurrence

The demand for clothing surged all across the world, which means these companies got a chance to penetrate the market and expand their profits. Furthermore, companies like Maruko came up with some good products that could largely target female customers and make a difference in the market.

2. Product Improvisation

When it comes to clothing, quality is all it takes for conversion. Some companies like Ruby Ribbon and Ann Summers improvised on their products like festive clothes and experimented freely to capture specific customer segments. Hence, seeing them successful is no surprise.

3. Inclusivity

The brands like Ruby Ribbon created their clothes for women with different body types. These included LEVEL 2 SMOOTHING, LEVEL 3 LIGHT SUPPORT & COMPRESSION, and even LEVEL 5 MAXIMUM SUPPORT & COMPRESSION. Because of the availability of premium clothes for each size, these companies could reach their audience effectively.

Unique Reasons Why These Clothing MLM Companies Are Better than Others

Thinking of joining these MLM clothing companies, here are some reasons why choosing them would be a wise decision:

1. Women Empowerment and High Commissions

Brands like Ruby Ribbon had a clear brand voice and vision of IBO, more specifically women empowerment. They offer high commissions of up to 40% to women in business and even provide them with business tools like a virtual office, Ruby Ribbon Studio, etc. This is one of the reasons that helped them reach more women MLM enthusiasts and put good numbers on the board.

Women entrepreneurs have always been able to bring good results in MLM. Do you know who were the top 11 successful women entrepreneurs in direct selling? Read our latest blog on Top Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing Business.

2. Flexibility in Sales Methods

These companies sell their products in both online and offline modes. Because of high levels of flexibility and convenience, IBOs and customer interaction became even better, leading to success.

It can be observed that Convenient selling on E-commerce has helped these companies make better sales. If you are yet to explore the role of E-commerce platforms in MLM, consider reading our insightful article on Best E-commerce MLM Software 2024.

3. Sustainability and CSR

Brands like Cabi Online run “Cabi Foundation'' to help live up to their social responsibilities. It is no surprise that aspects such as CSR improve a company’s overall credibility and attract others to associate with the brand more enthusiastically, which is one of the reasons for its overall success.

1. Sustainability Initiatives

With high demand for sustainable and ethically sourced products among Gen Z buyers, MLM companies would have to go the extra mile in terms of sustainability.

2. Influencer marketing

In order to attract a Gen Z age group (who represent a large population), the companies will have to ensure that known and credible influencers represent their company. Hence, it could be a game changer for brands.

Marketing Strategies that Worked For these MLMs

The market size of the global clothing industry is expected to reach $1424 billion by the end of 2024?. So, how did these brands grow amidst such a dynamic market? Well, the answer lies in their smart marketing strategies, some of which are as follows.

1. Personalized Selling

The clothing industry caters to a large audience, meaning that you need better analytical tools to frame your strategy. Ann Summers leveraged LMS systems to enhance the learning process for their IBOs. They also used analytical tools to come up with a good strategy to target women who have very specific and unique requirements for a clothing brand.

Moreover, they provided their IBOs with business automation tools to help them improve their business efficiency. It’s by virtue of innovative thinking and MLM automation tools that this brand reached its target audience efficiently.

Want to know which tools you need to carry out your MLM business operations effectively: Read our new blog on the: Top 10 Network Marketing Automation Tools (2024)

2. Internet Marketing

Almost all of these companies have been active on social media, from Facebook to TikTok. But what actually worked for them was quality content. Companies like Ann Summers were quite creative and vocal about their business statement on their Instagram page.

Moreover, they leveraged the power of reels and engaging videos that could convey their message strongly. Eventually, this could have helped them gain among their potential customers.

Want to explore how digital marketing could improve your reach and brand awareness? Read our latest blog on: how digital marketing helps grow an MLM business.

3. User Generated Content

These companies shared their customer experience with their potential customers to ensure a better brand reputation. Specifically, the LulaRoe brand even sparked discussions among different social media platforms, review blogs, and clothing haul blogs to vouch for their high-quality clothes.

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At the end of the day, the clothing MLM business is a profit-making business with a lot of direct selling clothing companies competing there. Despite cut-throat competition, this industry has a lot to offer to different kinds of brands ranging from Gen Z fashion, sustainable fashion to vegan clothing brands.

Furthermore, this sprawling market today demands personalized marketing, content creation, campaign management, and quick decision-making. And for these operations, the need for automation tools is higher than ever. These tools can enhance your productivity and offer valuable insights into the clothing market and user behaviors.

Hence, to achieve accuracy and growth in your MLM clothing business, Global MLM Software is the need of the hour.


1. Are there any minimum sales requirements I need to meet to remain active as an IBO in MLM clothing companies?

Generally, monthly quotas It varies from one organization to another. For instance, giant companies like Amway do not have a sales quota system (Source). Meanwhile, some other high-paying clothing MLMs may promote it. Hence, as a distributor, you should confirm this with the company’s executive.

2. Can I sell the clothing products online, and are there restrictions on which platforms or websites I can use?

Yes, you can. When you are associated with an MLM Clothes brand, you can do it on company-approved third-party sites. However, it is important to read a company’s e-commerce policies before that.

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