MLM Clothing Companies: A Complete Guide for Beginners


Updated on Mar 19th, 2023
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MLM Clothing Companies: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Clothing articles have established the foundation of modern civilization. You can instantly recognize the timeline and geographics of people by observing their apparel. Unlike other products, clothing can be transported in wrapped caches without significant damage to the product. The global apparel industry may reach USD 1.7 trillion by the end of 2023.

Yet, breaking ground within the business can prove challenging. That's why clothing network marketing companies can prove as a viable alternative. If you're looking to join a fashion direct sale organization and start a business on your terms as a sales associate, then this is just the guide for you. It will convey how clothing network marketing companies work and how you can choose the best one that suits your requirements

What Is Multi-Level Marketing & How Do They Calculate Commissions?

Multi-level marketing refers to a commercial organization that operates with a direct-selling method. Instead of conventional enterprises with multi-million-dollar supply chains and numerous outlets, MLM companies work with the guys on the ground. They don't have expensive marketing campaigns with celebrities, nor do they indulge in costly movie deals.

Instead, MLMs trust their associates to market and sell their products to the right crowd. That saves them plenty on the cost price of each sale, which they can convert to commissions for specific legs of their operation. Since the payout depends upon sales and successful conversions, the profits scale from the bottom up. Thus, the people selling particular merchandise make much more than those above them.

MLM clothing companies have been successful for decades using the same process. The best part about apparel is that you can place an order customized for each customer, ensuring the best fit and quality along with a lower price than conventional outlets. Moreover, anyone is open to joining an organization and deciding their level of involvement. As long as they meet their quotas, they can do well for themselves and their community.

Top 10 MLM Clothing Companies

Still, there are so many fashion direct sale companies that it can confuse beginners to decide which to join. Thankfully, we've narrowed down the top 10 best-performing firms and listed them below for your consideration.

1. LuLaRoe

One of the most popular clothing MLM brands for women, LuLaRoe has made quite a name for itself. The firm is based in the United States and has been operating for over a decade. The main attraction of the firm is that you can find anything from singular pieces to entire dresses, making it the perfect choice for any suburban entrepreneur.

While other companies might ask for commitment, LuLaRoe focuses on freedom. It understands the aspiration of all individuals and enables them to set up their businesses alongside gaining the necessary experience. The official website quotes thousands of women who set up their own stores and boutiques by starting at LuLaRoe. Thanks to its inclusive policies, the company had an annual revenue of over $500 million in 2021.

2. Cabi Online

Carol Anderson founded Cabi in 2002 with support from her husband and a few other friends. Before that, she had already worked as an apparel supplier for high-end stores and boutiques. Carol understood the limitations that every conventional business inherits. Thus, she adopted an MLM approach to supplying clothing, primarily for women.

Her venture made an annual revenue of over USD 250 million in 2021. The company's tagline is 'Fashion and personal styling on your own terms.' It focuses more on style than particular items, allowing the perfect fit and look for women who avail of its services.

3. Ann Summers

One of the longest-running MLMs on this list, Ann Summers has stood the test of time. Michael Caborn-Waterfield founded it as a small store in London in 1970. The store was meant for lingerie, and Michael quickly realized that people weren't openly talking about something so personal.

As an alternative, he recruited women in various communities to market the product in the privacy of their own homes. By 1981, the company saw booming sales. Today, it operates in more than 15 countries and makes more than USD 180 million in revenue.

4. Matilda Jane Clothing

Want to buy a pretty dress for your little princess? Then Matilda Jane has you covered. This direct sales clothing company has apparel for all ages, from toddlers to adult men and women. They even offer premium quality accessories that rival H&M and Fashion Stop.

Matilda Jane Clothing expanded its enterprise by offering up to 35% commissions to all associates in their sales operations. The website updates its collections almost every season so that all customers know precisely which order to place from their local representative. Its sales have only increased in recent years, recording a revenue of around USD 130 million in 2021.

5. Maruko

Maruko was started in 1978 by an experienced designer, the first brand of its kind in Japan. The firm understood the country's conservative values would get in the way of marketing. So, it developed an MLM approach that let women make their own decisions on what kind of fabrics and shapes brought out their inner beauty.

Maruko takes on giants like Amore and Victoria's Secret. The difference is that Maruko delivers high-end products straight to your doorstep in record time. With its website updated regularly with the latest collections, you can never be too far from finding your perfect fit. Their strategy has worked well so far, earning the company over USD 180 million annually in global revenue.

6. Nefful

In addition to dietary supplements, Nefful has an apparel line that it releases yearly catalogs for all prospective customers. It features all the upcoming designs for the year, which lets customers know what to expect months in advance. It makes placing orders for apparel more convenient, as the company can process them ahead of time.

Nefful has been going strong since its inception in 1984. Millions of customers and business representatives worldwide appreciate the quality of their products. As a result, the company has earned a substantial profit, reaching a revenue of USD 117 million in 2021.

7. Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot is a renowned MLM clothing and jewelry brand that has operated to empower women for decades. Its line of accessories has even found its way into several mainstream stores. Customers have the freedom to choose from silver, bronze, gold-plated, and pearl jewelry.

The business has grown tremendously in recent years, with a revenue of USD 110 million for 2021. It has effectively utilized the internet and social media, keeping its supply chain intact even during the pandemic. All those who join Stella & Dot can receive digital marketing training from those up the chain.

8. Ruby Ribbon

Where most brands want to market based on unrealistic body types through supermodels, Ruby Ribbon is all about body positivity. It features several articles, both innerwear, and outerwear, for a broad range of sizes. You can find a comfortable fabric that suits your lifestyle regardless of your body type.

Furthermore, Ruby Ribbon has earned substantial praise for developing a responsible supply chain. The associates and all ground-level employees receive fair compensation for their work. Unsurprisingly, the company has earned more than USD 51 million for just the year 2021.

9. Hello Pink

Few other MLM clothing companies offer a diverse choice of dresses and collections as Hello Pink. A brand dedicated to women's apparel and accessories, it has seen massive success since it was founded in 2014. According to recent statistics, it has an annual revenue of USD 7 million.

Hello Pink focuses on customer support and feedback to make its orders as accurate as possible. All the stylists who join the company receive a flat 25% discount on all apparel. In addition, they can earn commissions of up to 25% on every sale.

10. Silver Icing

Like Cabi, Silver Icing puts plenty of effort into establishing the right style instead of selling individual products. Of course, customers have the option for either, but the discounts that go for specific styles would steer them towards entire sets

The brand has successfully marketed men, women, and kid's clothing to millions worldwide. Its associates work closely with brands like Puma and Disney to deliver excellent products to their respective communities. Such collaborations have allowed Silver Icing to record a revenue of more than USD 33 million for 2021.

Final Words

MLM clothing brands can help you obtain a stable career and create your own business quickly. In joining any of the MLMs mentioned above, you're not only deciding your work hours but also assisting in creating a wholesome environment within your community. If you decide to start your brand, you need digital resources to compete with established businesses. Connect with Global MLM for the best-customized software solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an MLM clothing company?

An MLM clothing company uses a multi-level marketing network to sell apparel and accessories. It's similar to a regular clothing company, with the only difference being that MLMs rely on associates on the ground to market and sell the product.

2. How do MLM clothing companies work?

Whenever you place an order with an MLM clothing company, it records your details and schedules a drop or appointment with an associate closest to your location. They can approach you with the order or consult you for customization requirements. As the process doesn't involve massive infrastructure or supply chains, the product is better valued while providing fair compensation to everyone.

3. What are the benefits of joining an MLM clothing company?

Joining an MLM clothing company can yield several benefits:

  1. You can decide your working hours and level of involvement.

  2. There is no bottom line or sales quota to meet. Thus, there is less competition among the associates.

  3. You get access to premium clothing materials at wholesale rates.

  4. MLM clothing companies offer more diverse tasks than simply direct selling. You can become a stylist, join a boutique, or create an exclusive accessory collection.

4. Can I make money with an MLM clothing company?

Yes. Most fashion direct sales companies are registered and have a definite compensation plan for all members. Still, it helps to take a closer look at the pitch recruiters offer. If the focus is on recruiting members rather than selling products, it's more likely a pyramid scheme. It's best to steer clear of such organizations.

5. How do I choose the right MLM clothing company for me?

You must consider various factors before deciding on the appropriate MLM clothing company. Several malicious organizations operate as MLMs but are, in fact, a pyramid scheme. Before joining a direct sales clothing company, it's best to consider a few criteria.

  1. Does the company have a definite structure for all associates with fair compensation down the line?

  2. Is the revenue dependent more on product sales or joining referrals?

  3. Has the firm faced legal issues in countries where pyramid schemes are illegal?

  4. How many associates have actually received compensation as per their sales performance?

  5. Does the quality of the product match or exceed other non-MLM-based apparel companies in the current market?

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