Top 100 Network Marketing Earners in 2023


Updated on Mar 19th, 2023
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In (2022), The Top 100 MLM Earners in Network Marketing

Multi-level marketing also known by the name of network marketing is one of the well-recognized ways to advertise a product and take it to new heights. The method is becoming popular due to the many success stories coming up.

This business forms its roots from relationships and human connections. This is the magic formula of business growth because as the network grows, you will earn more. The strategy has proven the best for many people as they have earned a fortune with MLM solutions.

The top networking marketing earners are fantastic with their leadership skills, communication skills, and their vision to change the world as well as their life. Here we have come up with some names under the top 100 MLM earners that will definitely make you think about entering this field.

But first things first, what are MLM Earners?

The people who entered the world of MLM with lower profiles but later acquired the skills to become multi-millionaire are MLM earners. They transform their network with their own marketing methods and bring glory to their life.

You just have to be efficient with your skill set, loyal, and committed to being a millionaire. Working to enable distributors with proper sales tools and implementing the best marketing tactics are 2 important ingredients for success. If you are wondering about how much a person can earn with MLM, you are at the right place.

Here is the list of the top 100 MLM earners

Stormy Wellington - Net Worth: $25,000,000

Country: USA
Company: Total Life Changes

Stormy is the queen when it comes to rising from the bottom in terms of multi-level marketing. She is one of the top network marketing earners who has seen success after a lot of struggles. Her net worth is 25,000,000 US Dollars. And she has honored as the number one female network marketer of 2015 in the world.

She has been the inspiration for all women out there. She teaches other women to face their challenges and put their hearts through her organization namely “Girl Hold My Hand Inc”. Getting rich and earning loads of money before turning 30 is a huge milestone that Stormy has fulfilled graciously. And she is a coach of over 150,000 people.

Stefania Lo Gatto and Danien Feier - Net Worth: $21,000,000

Country: Italy, Germany
Company: Jeunesse

Stefania and Danien come under one of the most successful couples in the field of network marketing having a net worth of 21,000,000 US Dollars. Danien believes in the notion that a job work is to support your life rather than get accustomed to it. When he got to know about the path of network marketing, he was sure that this is the way to reach heights. The same goes true with Stefania. She dealt with every difficulty that came her way to build a successful business in more than 23 countries within just 3 years. Isn’t that amazing?

David Imoniti - Net Worth: $23,000,000

Country: USA
Company: IM Mastery Academy

David is one of the top-notch network marketing leaders who also help in the growth of everyone. He believes in simultaneously helping others with his growth. Keeping this in mind, he has given a push to many entrepreneurs who wanted to make their mark in the industry of direct selling.

With an approximate net worth of 23,000,000 US Dollars, he is also a writer. His best-selling book “Conceive Believe Achieve” shares his ideas about becoming a multi-millionaire and how to work towards your purpose and goals. You would be surprised to know that he is also the founder of the trust named “iBelieve Foundation”. He believes in supporting people through his attitude, advice, lifestyle, and finances. People come and thank him for sharing his wisdom to earn 6-7 figures income.

Ivan and Monika Tapia - Net Worth: $45,000,000

Country: USA
Company: IM Mastery Academy

If you have ever seen someone going from rags to riches, then you can’t miss out on this couple - Ivan and Monika Tapia. From starting their MLM business with just 500 US Dollars to reaching a net worth of 45,000,000 US Dollars, they have achieved a lot which is nothing less than inspirational.

Being the top income earners in MLM, many individuals treat them as couple goals. And the reason behind the same is that they had held the back of each other in the worst global recession year of 2008.

They have given training to an innumerable number of students about entrepreneurship. The couple has assisted more than 300 people to make a monthly income of over 10000 US Dollars. Besides, they also have the credit to create a few millionaires.

They boost a lot of beginners to start from scratch and never get disheartened with anything whatever life tests them for.

The following list consists of the top 100 MLM earners worldwide.

Sr No. Name Organization Country Annual Income (est.) Lifetime Income (est.)
1 Omar Salazar XIFRA Mexico $19,200,000 $12,000,000
2 Ivan & Monika Tapia IM Mastery Academy USA $18,000,000 $45,000,000
3 Sergio Penunuri XIFRA Mexico $17,040,000 $1,200,000
4 Jenna Zwagil MyDailyChoi ce USA $12,720,000 $25,000,000
5 Stormy Wellington Total Life Changes USA $12,000,000 $25,000,000
6 Jason Brown & Matthew Rosa IM Mastery Academy USA $9,600,000 $5,000,000
7 Amira Habib & Paulo Tuynman OmegaPro Netherlands $9,000,000 $6,000,000
8 Stefania Lo Gatto & Danien Feier Jeunesse Italy, Germany $8,760,000 $21,000,000
9 Allan Badilla & Laura Castro BE Costa Rica $8,760,000 $3,000,000
10 Rolf Kipp Forever Living Products Germany $8,400,000 $100,000,000
11 Bryce Thompson IM Mastery Academy USA $7,800,000 $5,000,000
12 Igor Alberts & Andreea Cimbala Success Factory Netherlands, Italy $7,200,000 $160,000,000
13 Yager Group (Dexter Yager) Amway USA $7,200,000 $460,000,000
14 Nathalie Nicole Smith Total Life Changes USA $6,636,000 $4,000,000
15 Joachim Heberlein PM International Germany $6,420,000 $10,000,000
16 Ana Cantera Total Life Changes Dominican Republic $6,300,000 $4,000,000
17 John Haremza Valentus USA $6,000,000 $27,000,000
18 Khalid Shaath Dubli Network - Ominto UAE $6,000,000 $30,000,000
19 Trin & Jirawan Vichaidith Nu Skin Thailand $6,000,000 $25,000,000
20 Alfred Nickson Financial Education Services USA $5,436,000 $5,000,000
21 Andreas Matuska Lyconet Monaco $5,412,000 $2,000,000
22 Mark & Judy Willodson The Happy Co. USA $5,412,000 $6,000,000
23 Jeff Roberti Juice Plus+ USA $5,400,000 $105,000,000
24 Calvin & Shannon Becerra Jeunesse USA $5,400,000 $11,000,000
25 Enrique Salazar XIFRA Mexico $5,236,896 $4,000,000
26 Viraj Patil iX Global India $5,040,000 $2,400,000
27 Amber & Dean De Grasse New U Life Canada $4,860,000 NA
28 Brian McClure Ambit Energy USA $4,800,000 $20,000,000
29 Daniel Onoja OmegaPro Nigeria $4,620,000 NA
30 Rodrigue Sodansou OmegaPro Canada $4,620,000 NA
31 Oscar Mendoza XIFRA Mexico $4,596,000 $3,000,000
32 Alex Ramos XIFRA Mexico $4,512,000 $3,000,000
33 Sharmeeka Brooks Total Life Changes USA $4,500,000 $3,000,000
34 Anthony Valentino & Fabien da Cunha OmegaPro France $4,380,000 $1,000,000
35 Hamza Majdi & Mehdi Ben M’louka BE Morocco, France $4,200,000 NA
36 Terje Dusend Lyconet Norway $4,200,000 $1,000,000
37 Brandon Martinez Lugo XIFRA Mexico $4,200,000 NA
38 Jose Ardon BE Honduras $4,200,000 $10,000,000
39 Pier Olivier BE Canada $4,200,000 $1,000,000
40 Rodrigo Avila XIFRA Mexico $4,165,248 $2,000,000
41 Ada Caballero Vida Divina Mexico $4,080,000 $2,000,000
42 Felix Palomino Gutierrez XIFRA Peru $4,020,000 $3,500,000
43 Julio M Lama Total Life Changes Dominican Republic $3,918,000 $3,800,000
44 Jordi Oviedo & Lidia Lorenzo XIFRA Spain $3,816,000 $2,000,000
45 Gustavo Salinas ByDzyne Ecuador $3,768,000 NA
46 Nicola Smith Jackson Financial Education Services USA $3,732,000 $14,200,000
47 Dan & Megan Valentine Optavia - Medifast USA $3,720,000 $12,000,000
48 Carolina Herrera & Luis Fernando Key XIFRA Colombia, Costa Rica $3,720,000 $1,400,775
49 Alejandro Moreno & Dania Jiménez XIFRA Mexico $3,720,000 $3,000,000
50 Ed Bestoso Melaleuca USA $3,600,000 $55,000,000
51 Nobuhiro Kaneko Thanks AI Japan $3,600,000 $22,000,000
52 Branden Thompson IM Mastery Academy USA $3,600,000 $1,000,000
53 Park Jin Hi Unicity South Korea $3,600,000 $15,000,000
54 Dario Mendoza XIFRA Mexico $3,144,000 $1,000,000
55 Hayley Hobson DoTerra USA $3,120,000 $10,000,000
56 Islam Mohamed Jeunesse Egypt $3,120,000 $9,000,000
57 Anthony Napolitano iGenius USA $3,120,000 $10,000,000
58 Islam Wasfy Jeunesse Egypt $3,060,000 $10,000,000
59 Mariel & Frank Filippone QSciences USA $3,036,000 NA
60 Juan Carlos Torres & Myriam Bizarro XIFRA Spain $3,028,440 $1,117,713
61 Jesse Macpherson Seacret Direct USA $3,000,000 $1,000,000
62 Jeff & Maureen Miller Melaleuca Canada $3,000,000 $22,000,000
63 Philip Eckart Ambit Energy USA $3,000,000 $5,000,000
64 Steve Thompson Ambit Energy USA $3,000,000 $13,000,000
65 Iulian Cimbala Success Factory Italy $3,000,000 $8,000,000
66 Patrick & Allyse Sedivy DoTerra Canada, USA $3,000,000 $4,000,000
67 Austin Godsey IM Mastery Academy USA $3,600,000 $1,000,000
68 Enrique & Graciela Varela Herbalife Mexico $3,540,000 $15,000,000
69 Betty Sung Nu Skin Taiwan $3,540,000 $28,000,000
70 T. Wongsa & A. Chantarangsi Jeunesse Thailand $3,540,000 $2,500,000
71 Seville & Rachaell Ko Melaleuca USA $3,516,000 $1,500,000
72 Ryan Higgins Truvy USA $3,504,000 $7,600,000
73 Violeta Vazquez XIFRA USA $3,492,000 $1,000,000
74 Christian Daniel Lopez Corrales ByDzyne Colombia $3,456,000 NA
75 J. Kulsubmongkon & I. Prajogo Jeunesse Indonesia, Thailand $3,420,000 $5,000,000
76 Robert Hollis MyDailyChoi ce USA $3,372,000 $56,000,000
77 Rafael Rojas Melaleuca Mexico $3,360,000 $14,000,000
78 Sashin Govender Seacret Direct South Africa $3,300,000 $1,000,000
79 Cathy Lau Allysian Sciences Hong Kong $3,276,000 $1,271,672
80 Jared & Heather Burnett PURE USA $3,180,000 $16,000,000
81 Samer Yorde & Paula Landino ByDzyne Venezuela $3,156,000 NA
82 Sunny Hsu & Debra Hsieh Amway China $3,000,000 $14,000,000
83 A. Benitez & Raquel Cortez Herbalife USA $3,000,000 $15,000,000
84 Nancy Dornan Amway USA $3,000,000 $125,000,000
85 Patrick Maser & Mike Maser ACN USA $3,000,000 $9,000,000
86 Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu InIk Amway South Korea $3,000,000 $21,000,000
87 Nathan Ricks Nu Skin USA $3,000,000 $58,000,000
88 Aurelie Moron OmegaPro South Korea $3,000,000 NA
89 Brittany Hitch QSciences USA $2,892,000 NA
90 Nicola Palacios & Charlotte Graham XIFRA Peru, Colombia $2,883,924 $1,000,000
91 John & Lori Tartol Herbalife Ireland $2,880,000 $25,000,000
92 Susan Peterson Herbalife USA $2,880,000 $55,000,000
93 Ivan Martinez & Juan Fernando BE Colombia $2,760,000 NA
94 Phillip Birchfield Total Life Changes USA $2,736,000 $5,500,000
95 Scott & Sue Olsen Jeunesse USA $2,700,000 $30,000,000
96 Leonard & Irina Weisbein Herbalife Russia $2,700,000 $15,000,000

Final Thoughts

Becoming successful in network marketing is not a tough row to hoe provided you follow the tricks and hacks of successful MLM earners and pioneers of this industry. You are definitely empowering and changing the lives of the people if you are in this field. So, it's time to earn fortune and inspire the world with your success story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which country & company has the highest number of MLM earners?

America has the highest number of MLM earners that are 43. And the company that has the most MLM earners (16%) is XIFRA.

2. Who is the top earner in network marketing in the world?

The top earner in the network marketing world is a person from Mexico. His name is Omar Salazar.

3. Who is the highest earner in MLM in Asia & Europe?

Having an annual income of 9 million US Dollars, Amira Habib and Paulo Tuynman are the highest MLM earners from the Netherlands in Europe.

Talking about Asia, it is Khalid Shaath from the United Arab Emirates that has an annual income of 6 million US Dollars which is the highest.

4. Who is the highest earner in MLM in Africa?

The person named Daniel Onoja with an annual income of 4.62 million US Dollars is the highest earner in MLM in Africa.

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