Top 11 MLM Companies in Malaysia (2024)

Updated on Jan 6th, 2024
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Top 11 MLM Companies in Malaysia (2024)

Multi level marketing, or MLM, has gained massive popularity as a strategic approach for direct sales companies in Malaysia. From health and wellness products to consumer and household items, MLM companies offer a diverse range of opportunities.

But before you dive into this vibrant business world, a crucial question arises: is MLM legal in Malaysia?

Yes, MLM is a legal business model in Malaysia. However, the path to embarking on this journey isn't without its hurdles. A company trying to leverage MLM must register with the Companies Commission of Malaysia or the Registrar of Societies (ROS). It must also have a physical address within the country and appoint a local director who is a Malaysian citizen.

Another key requirement for an MLM business is maintaining a specific paid-up capital. For a private company, the minimum threshold stands at RM 100,000. For Public companies, it is RM 200. This financial benchmark serves as a safeguard against potential pyramid schemes and ensures that MLM ventures operate with a stable foundation.

But, while the legality and financial aspects are crucial, understanding the core workings of MLM is equally important. MLM in Malaysia is a business tactic used by certain MLM firms to sell their products and services. Their distributors promote and sell their offerings in addition to recruiting new members. On an average the distributor salary in Malaysia is RM 2,809 per month.

MLM Companies in Malaysia

Here is the list of MLM companies in Malaysia.

Logos of Top 11 MLM Companies in Malaysia

1. Infinitus


Infinitus is a leading multi level marketing company in Malaysia that helps people achieve holistic wellness through rest, diet, exercise, and emotions. By building a network of distributors, Infinitus offers life-changing health improvements and an opportunity to earn commissions and exciting bonus rewards through their compensation plan.

  • Year Founded: 1992

  • Latest Revenue: $3200 million (2022)

  • Social Media:

2. QNet


QNet is one of the top MLM companies in Malaysia and is based in Hong Kong. The company is operational in 25 countries and offers a range of products in categories such as health & wellness, personal care & beauty, home & living, or watches & jewelry. QNet distributors can earn commission in the form of retail profit, repeat sales points (RSP), early payout, step commission, rank advancement bonus, and year-round rewards.

  • Year Founded: 1998

  • Latest Revenue: $520 million (2022)

  • Social Media:

3. Cosway


Cosway is another one of the top MLM companies in Malaysia. It is based in Kuala Lumpur and produces high-quality consumer and health products. You can make money with Cosway by building a network of smart consumers and earners. As your network grows, you unlock rewards based on your achievements. These may include group development bonuses, branch bonuses, and leadership development bonuses.

  • Year Founded: 1979

  • Latest Revenue: $368 million (2022)

  • Social Media:

4. Elken


A homegrown company, Elken offers a wide range of health products. The company's Brand Ambassador program (BA) offers a tiered incentive structure, starting with a personal detox set for a USD 200 investment. You can unlock initial bonuses by recruiting 2 new BAs, while scaling up to 6 or more unlocks the incentives. Talking of bonuses these include performance bonuses, manager bonuses, manager achievement bonuses, leadership bonuses, and more.

  • Year Founded: 1995

  • Latest Revenue: $200 million (2022)

  • Social Media:

5. PhytoScience


PhytoScience, a popular name in health and wellness, offers scientifically proven products like their Double StemCell supplement. They also present a lucrative business opportunity with the potential for high income, supported by comprehensive training materials and a well-defined financial plan.

  • Year Founded: 2012

  • Latest Revenue: $180 million (2023)

  • Social Media:

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6. Zhulian Marketing


Zhulian Marketing is a multi level marketing Malaysia company that sells jewelry, and consumer health products.. By becoming its distributor, you can earn potential financial rewards through retail profit, performance bonuses, leadership incentives, and exciting travel programs.

  • Year Founded: 1989

  • Latest Revenue: $108 million (2022)

  • Social Media:

7. Sahajidah Hai-O


Sahajidah Hai-O is another Malaysian company regarded as the best MLM company in Malaysia. The company offers a good mix of healthcare, household products, beauty products, and wellness products. You can leverage the Sahajidah Hai-O business opportunity by selling its products and recruiting downline associates.

  • Year Founded: 1992

  • Latest Revenue: $91 million (2022)

  • Social Media:

8. Destina 1 International


Destina 1 International is a leading MLM company in Malaysia that sells a vast array of products in the areas of health, wellness, beauty, and lifestyle. You can become a partner, share their products, and build your network.

  • Year Founded: 2012

  • Latest Revenue: $36 million (2022)

  • Social Media:

9. Asia Herbal Biotech


This network marketing Malaysia company is famous for its biotechnology and innovative products. The company allows interested individuals to earn a minimum of RM 5,000/day to RM 150,000/month. Members can access exclusive bonuses and rewards directly through Asia Herbal Biotech’s online account.

  • Year Founded: 2010

  • Latest Revenue: $6 million (2023)

  • Social Media:

10. Edmark International


Edmark is an MLM company that sells health & wellness, beauty and lifestyle products. The company's compensation acknowledges group performance rather than individuals. The members can earn the performance bonus by achieving a minimum CPGS (Current Personal group Sales) of 500SV, which allows them to override sales of their non-manager downlines.

  • Year Founded: 1986

  • Latest Revenue: $2.4 million (2023)

  • Social Media:

11. Gano Excel


Gano Excel, a network marketing Malaysia company, was introduced in 1995 with the aim of promoting Ganoderma lucidum products. The company uses a hybrid pay plan that combines a binary MLM structure with additional earning opportunities like direct sales bonuses, team commissions, check match bonuses, and pool bonuses.

  • Year Founded: 1995

  • Latest Revenue: $3.0 million (2023)

  • Social Media:

Factors responsible for the success of MLM companies in Malaysia

The success of MLM companies in Malaysia can be attributed to the following factors. They are:-

  • Innovation and adaptation: To cater to the consumer preferences, these Malaysian MLM companies are embracing innovation and technology like never before. They can be seen introducing new product lines and adapting the existing ones to maintain their relevance.

  • Global Expansion: Several above-mentioned companies are venturing into international markets. All ten companies have well-thought-out strategies to access global markets, diversifying their sources of income. To do so, they ensure their marketing strategies and products comply with local rules and regulations.

  • Training and support: These companies provide comprehensive training and support for distributors, such as product knowledge resources and community-building initiatives.

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The allure of financial gains and appealing product features is a significant reason for Malaysians to join and remain in MLM. But remember, making it in MLM takes more than that. You need to research carefully, make smart choices, and keep working hard.

So make sure you understand the laws and prioritize good products and support systems in the direct selling industry. Also, choose the right MLM Software like Global MLM Software to scale in this industry. Don't wait, take the first step and see the possibilities!


1. Is it safe to invest in MLM companies?

Investing in MLMs can be risky, but thorough research can help you select a trustworthy company and lower the risk involved.

2. What questions to ask before joining a MLM company?

Before joining an MLM company, the top questions you should ask include:

  • How long has the company been in business?

  • What types of products do they offer?

  • Does the MLM company help and train new members?

  • What is the compensation structure?

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