Top 10 Network Marketing Automation Tools (2024)

Updated on Jan 31st, 2024
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Top 10 Network Marketing Automation Tools (2024)

Personalized approaches help network marketing companies to acquire and retain customers in the long run. However, for MLM companies with a decent following or customer base, huge chunks of data may look overwhelming.

Therefore, network marketing automation tools come into play. These tools automate your important processes like organizing lead generation, managing social media, and much more.

If you are wondering which network marketing automation tools can help you do it, stay with us. Because we are going to discuss this in detail.

What is network marketing automation?

Network marketing automation refers to the process of automating all your day-to-day network marketing tasks, such as lead generation, data analysis etc. Using different technologies allows an MLM company to analyze and manage its campaigns across various channels.

In short, all your time-consuming tasks in network marketing are managed by tools while you can free up time to create strategies to improve your MLM business.

Further, Automation in network marketing allows businesses to reach out to their potential and existing clients using valuable data and insights. In addition to this, some AI-based automation tools help network marketers in suggesting their ideal marketing approach and next course of action. In short, automation aids in precision-oriented operations for an MLM business.

Network Marketing Automation Tools

After researching various aspects of the MLM industry, we have come up with a list of Top 10 network marketing automation tools that every MLM company must use.

1) Bonus and commission automation

Commissions and incentives are part of the network marketing industry, and they need to be managed properly. For an MLM company, keeping account of incentives on spreadsheets can be tedious and is more prone to errors. Automating the bonus tracking process using platforms like CaptivateIQ and Spiff can not only save an entrepreneur's time but also maintain transparency with their distributors.

Here are some common features and benefits that bonus and commission automation tools may provide:

  • Data management

  • Report generation

  • Automated tax calculations

  • Real-time insights

2) Business Intelligence (BI) tools

When dealing with a lot of data, it can be hard to make informed decisions quickly; therefore, BI tools save the day. These tools help a business understand the market trends in a better way, which adds up to tactical decision-making.

Using business intelligence tools, network marketers can analyze customer churn and even predict the users' buying patterns using Sisense, Tableau, and QlikView. Moreover, they can even keep track of their team’s activities and overall performance with it.

These BI tools come with some exciting features and benefits, which are as follows:

  • Data-driven decision making

  • Real time data insights

  • Team collaboration

  • Location-based data analysis

3) Business process automation

BPA refers to the automation of repetitive tasks using an automated workflow. All a business owner needs is to identify their tasks and configure the tool as per the requirements. A fine example of this can be customer support or handling multiple requests at a time.

A network marketer can use these for various purposes, like automated appointments and commission tracking. Kissflow can be a fine example of this. Using this tool, one can create custom workflows that can automatically proceed with scheduling meetings after a specific trigger. All it needs is a clear trigger to perform an action.

Some key features and benefits of BPA tools include:

  • Data Analytics

  • Easy integration with different platforms

  • Workflow management

  • Automated execution of tasks

4) Distributor engagement automation

These kinds of tools surely transform the business process of network marketers. With the help of tools like Salesforce and Zoho CRMs businesses can engage with their network efficiently. These tools come with distributor-centric features that allow users to visualize distributor hierarchy and track commissions for each member.

Additionally, Distributor engagement tools have some features like performance dashboards making it best fit the purpose of modern network marketing professionals.

Some key features and benefits of distributor engagement automation tools are:-

  • Automated onboarding

  • Better team collaboration

  • Improved data insights

  • Performance tracking

5) Distributor hierarchy management or genealogy management

A well-defined distributor hierarchy is important for establishing clear communication with people in one’s network. As a team grows, it becomes more challenging to manage each member separately. Hence, to save a business’s time, automated distributor hierarchy management tools are used.

Such tools allow MLM businesses to visualize a network and the downlines, which aids in the smooth execution of projects and quick problem solving.

For instance, if a member qualifies as a target, the platforms such as Teamzy and Leadsquared can automatically change his level. Even for planning, training and mentorship sessions, genealogy management tools can be a good choice.

Let us now take a look at some features and benefits that you can find with DHM automation tools.

  • Automatic position update

  • Visualized network trees

  • Commission management

  • Improved communication

6) Notification automation

These kinds of tools fall under marketing automation tools as they allow marketers to send push notifications on their mobile phones and browsers. With high opt-in rates on mobile, MLM companies can drive a lot of traffic for their business.

This process can be automated efficiently using; Pushwoosh. As this tool allows Geo-targeting and segmentation to send notification as per their demographics and interests. In addition to this, you can use this to send your notifications in different languages.

Some common features and benefits of this tool are:

  • Multi-channel integration

  • Advanced scheduling

  • A/B testing

  • Customer segmentation

7) Distributor retention automation

Distributor retention in the MLM industry needs a lot of personalization. Activities such as email marketing and social media marketing are also included in this. Luckily, with the help of tools like Zendesk and Hubspot, businesses can automate tasks like running email campaigns, loyalty and reward programs.

Further with these tools, MLM businesses can create different profiles for each distributor. So that the management staff knows about every distributor’s performance. In addition to this, they can centralize their communication networks to communicate more efficiently by using a ticketing system. Because of a better user experience, network marketers can retain their distributors using these tools.

Some key features and benefits of these tools are as follows:

  • Gamification elements

  • Churn prediction

  • Campaign management

  • Customer feedback

8) Marketing automation

These tools allow MLM business owners to manage tasks like content marketing, CRM, and email marketing. Specifically, this can help automating some repetitive tasks like posting on social media, crafting emails etc. Marketing automation tools can also lead scoring (it ranks the lead based on a customer’s interest). Eventually, saving a business's time.

Tools like MailChimp and Marketo are some of the best tools for email marketing. Both of the mentioned software have pre-defined templates for emails and campaigns. Moreover, they come with A/B testing and analytical modules.

Many network marketers may not be familiar with automation in email marketing campaigns, which is why they are not able to propel their message in the right manner.

Email marketing automation is the process of broadcasting your message to your customers via email. Instead of sending an email to each user differently, it allows you to send your emails all at once. An email marketing tool can help you track the success, open-rates and even provide an automated response to the customers.

But that’s not all; marketing automation tools also come with a wide range of features and benefits, like:

  • Lead nurturing

  • Social media management

  • Landing page builders

  • Performance tracking

  • Distributor onboarding

9) Social media automation

Social media marketing automation focuses on automating posts, social media listening and data collection. The main benefits of choosing social media automation for marketing purposes are improved leads, better engagement rates, and increased brand awareness.

Network marketers may rely on Sprout Special and CoSchedule for this. These tools have some common features that help users generate social media post ideas and analyze ROI. Furthermore, CoSchedule can even find out your top-performing network marketing posts and podcasts to boost engagement.

Here, all major social media channels can also be integrated for marketing and analytical purposes. For MLM entrepreneurs who want to source customers from social media, these tools can be very beneficial. Its key features and benefits include:

  • Content scheduling

  • Multi-channel integration

  • Workflow management

  • A/B testing customization

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10) Sales automation tools

These kinds of platforms are designed to automate all the processes related to sales, ranging from customer acquisition to closure. Due to its error-free operations, sales automation can save a lot of time and increase the potential for leads and conversions. Exigo and Hubspot are some of the commonly used sales automation tools.

Some of the key features and benefits of Sales automation tools are:-

  • Sales pipeline tracking

  • Enhanced collaboration and communication

  • Easy CRM integration

  • Data collection

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So far, we have discussed the must-have network marketing tools used for automation in 2024. Employing these tools can be beneficial for your company to increase its reach, capture leads and improve brand awareness. While choosing an automated network marketing platform, it is suggested to consider a reliable platform like Global MLM software to scale your business to new heights.


1. Should beginners in MLM use network marketing automation tools?

Yes, of course. Even in the initial phase, MLM automation tools can help beginners in connecting with like-minded people.

2. Can automation remove the need for face-to-face interactions in network marketing?

Up to some extent, yes. Even though network marketing tools can free up your time and build a good reputation in the MLM market, face-to-face interaction may still be needed.

3. Are Network Marketing Automation tools safe and secure to use?

These network marketing automation tools comply with global quality and safety standards. Some even have advanced encryptions while others offer role-based access. Therefore these tools are said to be safe and secure.

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