What is MLM Software and how to choose one?

Updated on Dec 20th, 2022
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What is a MLM Software and how to choose one?

How many times have the thought of managing multi-level or network marketing scared you? Managing the performance of hundreds of individuals is not an easy task, and I can totally understand that. However, you do not need to take the whole burden on your shoulders since a MLM Software can ease that task.

Not only will it help simplify the whole process of network marketing, but it will also help you manage the whole network of customers and distributors easily.

If you want to know more about what is an MLM software, it's demo and different MLM software companies, this article has it all covered under one roof.

What is Multi Level Marketing or MLM Software?

A Network Marketing Software is specifically designed for business owners or top-level marketers like you who are managing multi-level marketing businesses.

It helps with almost everything from resource management to marketing and distribution, so you don't have to put much of your time and effort into looking after all of it.

Using this software, the admin user can easily manage a compensation plan, the network, and all of its users. Although you can run a Multi-level marketing business all by yourself, there is no denying that the process can be a lot more challenging.

This is because of the over-expanding and hierarchical nature of an MLM business.

Therefore, to ease the whole process of running an MLM business out for you, a Multi-level Marketing software takes all the responsibility on its shoulders and delivers exactly what you must be expecting from such a tool.

What makes a Multi-level Marketing Software important?

While an MLM Software does have unique advantages in store for you, here are some of the common advantages that make having MLM software quite important for all the network marketing companies.

Record Tracking:

MLM software can work as a business record tracker as it can keep all the records and work as a reporting platform.

An MLM system is great to track revenue, number of members and give out a pictorial and analytical representation of the hierarchal structure of the MLM members and of the different kinds of sales reports, etc.

Management of Accounts

For every organization, especially that of the network marketing type, effective account management is quite essential, and this is where an MLM software can prove to be very helpful. An MLM program can handle almost all the tasks required for account management like transactions, records of members, expenditures, etc.

Backup and Security

Multi Level Marketing software keeps the data very secure, but it is also great for keeping a history of transactions made right from the start. This helps in preventing the loss of important data and provides excellent backup.

Compare this with the traditional methods of maintaining files and dossiers for each account/agent etc. The cumbersome task from the past is now as easy as it can get.

Compensation Plans

A good MLM software has pre-built compensation plans for all the different kinds of Multi-Level companies. You have the option to choose from any one of these plans, including the Unilevel plan , binary plan, gift plan, board plan, matrix plan, etc.

Bonus, some of the Multi-level Marketing software also allows customizing your own compensation plans according to your needs and demands.

Inventory Management

For MLM companies, Multi-level marketing software is able to deliver flexible and smooth inventory services and products. This is quite beneficial as it helps the company receive regular updates about their products.

Thus, it is a great option for companies in the retail or wholesale industry as inventory management across the entire network becomes one of the greatest problems and an resistance in the path of scaling up.

Easy Integration

Compatibility and easy integration with any third-party software is necessary for any MLM businesses, and thus, most of the good MLM software provide you with this advantage without any hassle.

How to choose the best MLM software vendor

Choosing a MLM software vendor is not an easy task. That’s because deploying a software for your business is a massive commitment on your part and you should be going in with a vendor who is with you throughout your learning curve with software.

What’s best is if the learning curve itself is short and easy for you and your employees to travers. Therefore, if you are wondering how to choose the best MLM software vendor then here are some of the things you definitely need to look for:

Vendor’s experience:

More often than not you vendors who have more experience are the ones who have the answers to the questions that you may with regards to your MLM business. However, don’t always mistake the experience for superiority.

What you need to check is whether that experience translates into good and clear communication with you or not. Software deployment: You will usually have two options.

To go with a vendor that provides a cloud-based direct sales software system or a software that is not cloud-based but is deployed on your server. Now, frankly, either of it is fine because the software is essentially the same.

If you are medium to large company already or have a server of your own – you might as well take an on-premise system. Or if you are just starting out with MLM, cloud-based is likely to be the better option.

Technical modalities:

There are not many technical things that you will need to check when you are choosing the software. In fact, a good MLM software is going to be one which doesn’t become a headache for you to handle.

But, if you do want to check anything technical, make sure that the vendor is providing you with software that has an API to integrate with other tools, tightly integrated and does the job in real-time. Any software that requires a nightly batch job or manual synching should be avoided.


What you should be looking at are the features that directly translate to benefits in your business. The software that vendor is offering for you should be feature-rich. Some of the features that must be included are having a good intuit dashboard, email, social login, geo location, cloud sync, two factor authentication, etc.

However, it need not always be that the software with the most features is the best one. Always compare it with what you require for your business.

Customer service:

Make sure the vendor provides excellent customer service whenever needed and is always willing to customize the solutions depending on your needs. The vendor should provide you with software that has a multi-lingual support so that it is accessible for everyone without linguistic issues being a limit.


Simply put, the price should meet your budget. We are the not the ones who will advise you about the ‘cheapest’ MLM software out there. We recommend that the investment that you make should be worth it in terms of the features and the service.

Upgrading MLM software vendor

If you are already working with an MLM software vendor but have an inkling that you need to upgrade them, then most likely in this section you will discover the top reasons to know when is the time.

Communication challenges:

If your current MLM software provider is not being effective in communicating with you, you need to let it go! When upgrading your MLM software provider, you should look for the one that is easily accessible to you whenever needed.

Overall relationship:

Having relationship trouble with MLM providers is yet another reason you should choose to upgrade. The MLM provider should be capable enough to build a strong and positive relationship with your company and if yours isn't, make sure you look for another one.

That’s because the software needs to scale with your business. And only a vendor that works along with you as a partner can make that happen with you. Customer orientation: The MLM software provider should also be good enough to know what is good for your company and what is not. Call it to quit if your current one only knows how to hard-sell the products and push them down your technology funnels without resonating with its requirement in your business.

Better integrations:

You might be using multiple tools with your business. For the business to function well, all the tools definitely need to interact with each other. Therefore, if your MLM software doesn’t provide direct integrations or an API, then there could clearly be a problem and hence you might want to upgrade.

Future outlook:

Your business keeps on evolving and you might even want to plan a new pivot in your business. Suppose, you want to disburse the commissions in the form of crypto currencies or tokens.

Can you do that with your existing tool? Or, can your vendor accommodate cover this request in a short period of time. The future outlook of your vendor towards their business creates an impact on your business.

A Multi-level Marketing Software your business needs.

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There is no denying that MLM software can prove to be a lifesaver when you are in the network marketing business. This is because it plays a significant role in simplifying managing customers and distributors in network marketing and also lessens your burden like a pro. Therefore, getting your hands on a company that provides a Multi-level marketing software demo for you to check how it works is extremely important before you decide to select anyone.

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