What is smart contract MLM software ?

Updated on May 18th, 2022
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What is smart contract MLM software ?

Are you an MLM business owner looking for a solution really make your business ‘smart’? And while doing so, what if you could significantly increase the integrity in your business?

In any business, it is essential that you as an owner make it transparent and trustworthy enough to let your partners easily trust your credibility. In an MLM business where the business is almost entirely run by your network, you really need for the network to trust your business operation.

This is where smart contracts come to the rescue!

In an MLM business like yours, you are always on the lookout to scale the operations with more agents joining your business. However, as the number of agents grow the complexity of the business grows for you.

It is for this reason that the contracts that you enter in with your agents need to have a clearly defined compensation plan. And what best if the compensation criteria could be checked directly by the system and hence be executed?

Smart contracts provide you with the ability to do precisely that!

What are Smart Contracts?

Any contract in the world, including the ones you have with your network partners in the MLM business, is about a transaction getting executed when a certain criterion of work is met. Now, smart contracts are computerized and run automatically, eliminating the need for third parties to execute transactions or perform certain activities.

Here’s how IBM defines smart contracts:

Smart contracts are simply programs stored on a blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met. They typically are used to automate the execution of an agreement so that all participants can be immediately certain of the outcome, without any intermediary’s involvement or time loss. They can also automate a workflow, triggering the next action when conditions are met.

Now that you are clear with what a smart contract means, you could be wondering how to do integrate a smart contract into your MLM business seamlessly. This is where a good smart contract MLM software comes into the picture.

If you want to know more about what is smart contract MLM software, then look no more as I have covered everything essential to know in this article.

What is Smart Contract MLM software?

The smart contract MLM software is basically a ready-to-launch MLM software that manages your entire MLM business. But it isn’t just like any other MLM software. A smart contract MLM software manages all your contracts ‘smartly’ on Blockchain networks and is completely based on Blockchain-powered smart contracts.

Which simply means that the signup process for your agents and their payouts are entirely automated and are safe on a blockchain.

The smart contract MLM software is excellent for automating the processes usually performed on traditional MLM platforms and therefore has reduced or completely removed the involvement of third parties and human efforts to smoothen out the inefficiencies found in previous models.

Global MLM Solution is your best bet when it comes to selecting a smart contract MLM software for your business. The software is truly plug-and-play with endless customizations that you may require and you must go through a demo to truly start loving that fact how easy it is to get started on some of the top-of-the-line MLM features.

Why do you need a Smart Contract in the MLM Business?

Now that you know what is smart contract MLM software, it is likely that you have also understood that why do you need smart contracts in your MLM business. Simply put, integrating smart contracts MLM software in your MLM business will reduce risks of losses, enhance security due to performing decentralized automated transactions, and eliminate the involvement of human efforts and centralized power.

Additionally, let me list down a few compelling benefits of using a smart contract MLM software:

  1. It makes sure to avoid any malpractices and offers process tracking, which helps increase your network’s trust in the business.

  2. The smart contract is fully decentralized because of being created in the public blockchain.

  3. This allows secure transactions that are blockchain-enabled.

  4. There is no possibility of human error since all the processes are entirely automated.

  5. Further, there is absolutely no interference from any third party.

  6. Many such software allow peer-to-peer transactions, which means you can instantly send payments without facing any delay.

  7. There’s a guaranteed privacy security and data protection.

Cryptocurrency MLM Software

There is no denying that multi-level marketing has gained much popularity in recent times, all thanks to the money-making opportunities it offers. However, along with the conventional MLM business model, the MLM cryptocurrency model has also made waves.

These days, most businesses have started relying on cryptocurrencies for financial transactions. This is mainly due to it being fully decentralized and the one owning it having the full authority over it. Due to this fact and the increasing popularity, many businesses are now utilizing cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment settlement and for transactions. And this is where cryptocurrency MLM software is made use of.

If you are using a MLM software like the Global MLM software, some fantastic benefits that it includes are:

  1. Capable of supporting a vast range of coins and cryptocurrencies on your wallet.

  2. Coupled with the smart contracts feature, it automates the process of disbursing the cryptocurrency payments.

  3. Needless to mention that while automating the payment process, an MLM cryptocurrency platform keeps track of all members involved and their payment history.

  4. Which means that the backup of cryptocurrency transactions can be restored through software.

  5. This leads to a complete control of the platform for the administrator.

  6. Enables full customization to meet the business's unique needs.

Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software

While there may be various smart contract MLM software that you can start with, Ethereum has always stood out and worked amazingly well, especially for startups. Therefore, here is all that you need to know about what Ethereum smart contract MLM software has in store for you.

Deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, the Ethereum smart contract MLM software is basically a readymade MLM solution that makes the entire system decentralized and automated due to being based on a smart contract.

Whatever I had explained above stands true for the Ethereum smart contract MLM software as well.

Due to the whole process being automated, there is no delay in the MLM business system. Additionally, the decentralization of the MLM system guarantees earning the confidence and trust of the target users.


An MLM business owner dreams of a decentralized environment that is fully automated which makes the business infinitely scalable. While the traditional MLM business models may work really well, there are always chances of errors happening due to human interference and manual handling of tasks.

This is where a smart contract MLM software comes to the rescue since it dismisses human interference in the MLM processes and automates it completely to make sure that everything is happening in the best possible way without anything left to chance, especially the things with regards to payments and processes.

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