Shaklee MLM Review

Shaklee is a prominent MLM company known for its dedication to health and wellness. It was founded in 1956 by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee. This health and wellness MLM pioneered the concept of natural supplements and environmentally friendly products during its initial years. Explore its diverse range of products, including nutritional supplements, beauty items, and eco-friendly household cleaners in our complete Shaklee MLM review.

Shaklee company’s headquarters are located at 6920 Koll Center Parkway, Suite 211, Pleasanton, California 94566. In addition to its main office in the United States, it has a global presence with offices in Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan. This international reach allows the company to serve a diverse customer base and support its Independent distributors worldwide.

Shaklee MLM Review

Revenue trend

Year Revenue
2021 $595 Million
2022 $500 Million
2023 $500 Million

Quotes from Shaklee Leaders

Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

“Nature plays no favorites. So far as she is concerned, all men are born equal. Society alone is responsible for different stations in life.”

Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

Founder, Shaklee Corporation

Shaklee Company Details

Category Details
Founded 1956 by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee
Headquarters Pleasanton, California, USA
Industry Health and Wellness, MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)
Business Model MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)

USP of Shaklee

Shaklee Multi Level Marketing USP lies in its tagline: "Where Health Meets Science Meets Nature." The company offers safe, proven, and guaranteed products, backed by over 100 patents and rigorous testing. Shaklee is the first certified climate-neutral company and is dedicated to sustainability and reducing environmental impact. This blend of quality, scientific backing, and eco-consciousness sets Shaklee apart in the wellness industry.

USP of Shaklee

Shaklee’s Timeline



Dr. Shaklee invented “Shaklee’s Vitalized Minerals”, which was the 1st Multivitamin in the US.



Shaklee Corporation officially opens for Business.



Dr. Shaklee Creates “Instant Protein”.



Shaklee becomes the 1st company to obtain “Climate Neutral Certification“.



Shaklee introduces personalized nutrition kits under the brand name “Meology”.

Business Model

What is Shaklee’s Business Model?

Shaklee MLM's business model is a direct selling approach that focuses on promoting health and wellness through a network of independent distributors, known as Ambassadors. They sell Shaklee products, earn commissions, and bonuses, and recruit new members to build their own teams. The brand also provides tools, training, and support to help distributors achieve MLM success.

How does the direct selling model benefit the company and its distributors?

The Shaklee network marketing model helps the company expand its reach and customer base through Shaklee distributors. They personally promote and sell their products. The company also provides training, tools, and support, allowing distributors to build their own businesses and create a community focused on health and wellness.

For distributors who join the MLM, the Shaklee Multi-level marketing model offers a flexible way to earn income, with opportunities for both weekly and monthly payouts.

How do Shaklee Ambassadors make money?

Shaklee Ambassadors, make money by selling Shaklee products and earning commissions on these sales. They also earn bonuses from product sales and sponsoring new members into the Shaklee community. Earnings can be boosted through weekly and monthly compensation plans. Representatives can work on their own terms, using online tools and MLM mobile apps to manage their business.

Social responsible

Shaklee’s commitment to social responsibility runs in its brand ethos. Its dedication to sustainability, community welfare, and ethical business practices is reflected deeply in the social initiatives it supports. Moreover, the brand wants to create a positive impact on the world by reducing carbon footprints and focusing on creating safe and environmentally friendly products.

Some of its social initiatives include:

  • Shaklee Cares

    Shaklee Cares is a nonprofit initiative dedicated to improving people's and the planet's well-being. The foundation partners with organizations like Vitamin Angels and American Forests and supports children's nutrition and environmental conservation. With every purchase, customers contribute to these causes. Shaklee Cares has planted over 2 million trees, supported over 205,000 children, and assisted thousands of families in need.

  • Shaklee’s Sustainability Efforts

    Shaklee has been eco-friendly since before it was a trend. It is also the first company worldwide to achieve climate-neutral certification. Embracing circularity, reducing packaging and shipping weight, and sourcing recycled materials are just a few of the ongoing initiatives aimed at minimizing environmental impact. Also, the brand continues to lead the way in sustainable practices through programs like Shaklee Sustainable Packaging and Beyond Carbon Neutral.

Social responsible

Awards and Recognition

Shaklee has garnered numerous awards and achievements over the years, reflecting its commitment to excellence and innovation in the health and wellness industry. It has been recognized as a Trusted brand by consumers and continues to receive accolades for its environmental stewardship and product quality. Some of its notable awards and achievements include.



Shaklee achieved a historic milestone by becoming the world’s inaugural company to attain climate-neutral certification, effectively offsetting all its CO2 emissions.



Shakalee received the prestigious Clean Air Award from Breathe California.



Shaklee was bestowed with the Business Environmental Award for Sustainability by Acterra: Action for a Healthy Planet.



Shaklee was voted Trusted Brand by Malaysian consumers for four consecutive years, based on an annual survey conducted by Reader’s Digest Malaysia.

Success Stories

Shaklee’s success stories form the core of the Shaklee MLM review. They come from individuals who have found health, purpose, and financial success through its products and business opportunities. These MLM success stories serve as testimonies to people who are looking to improve their well-being and pursue their passion for owning their own businesses, along with making new connections.

Story of Tif

Tif's Shaklee journey began over 10 years ago when her mom introduced her to the products. After experiencing personal transformation, including weight loss and improved well-being, Tif decided to build her Shaklee business seriously. She has since become a successful entrepreneur, leveraging Shaklee's products and business opportunities to create a thriving business. Tif is passionate about sharing her story and helping others achieve their health and financial goals through Shaklee.

Story of Coleton

Coleton, a school social worker and personal trainer, found Shaklee while searching for ways to support others on their health journeys. She was impressed by the quality and effectiveness of Shaklee's products and decided to incorporate them into his own life and business. He has since become a dedicated Shaklee enthusiast, advocating for the brand and using his platform as a social worker and trainer to help others discover the benefits of Shaklee. Coleton's story showcases how Shaklee can complement different professions and empower individuals to make a positive impact on others' lives.

Story of Christine

Christine, a mother of four and personal trainer, discovered Shaklee 13 years ago and became a happy customer. Five years ago, she decided to build her own Shaklee business, drawn to the community and wellness focus. Despite initially fitting Shaklee into her busy schedule, Christine embraced her role as a "mompreneur," finding balance and flexibility to prioritize her family while growing her business. She now enjoys helping others achieve their health goals and values the hope and support her Shaklee community provides.

Shaklee Athletes

The Shaklee Pure Performance Team is a group of world-class athletes from various competitive sports, chosen for their commitment to excellence. They adhere to strict anti-doping regulations and rely on Shaklee's 100% safe, pure, and effective nutrition to enhance their performance. These elite athletes have collectively won 146 medals at the Summer and Winter Games, and trust Shaklee for guaranteed quality and efficacy.

Shaklee Athletes


Shaklee hosts various events to inspire and educate members. These events are a perfect place to provide valuable insights, introduce business opportunities, and help the community get together to celebrate achievements. Some of these events include conventions, leadership summits, and training workshops, which highlight Shaklee’s MLM business opportunities.

  • Virtual Conference

    The Shaklee Virtual Conference recognizes and celebrates the achievements of dynamic leaders who had an outstanding year. In this digital age, virtual events such as these are a great way to bring the direct-selling community together. These events help motivate attendees by showcasing exceptional performance and dedication.

  • Wall of Honor

    The Wall of Honor celebrates Shaklee's Family members who are among the top in four different success categories. Each Wall of Honor achiever will be announced and celebrated at Shaklee’s Global Conference.

  • Shaklee Leadership Summit

    The Shaklee Leadership Summit 2024 offers a dynamic platform for attendees to ignite their professional and personal growth. This two-day event features expert insights and inspiring narratives from Shaklee leaders. The event delves into wellness, marketing, and business strategy, with specialized master classes, networking opportunities, and a gala awards celebration.


Product Portfolio

Shaklee’s product portfolio has a wide range of health and wellness products designed to support overall well-being. Their offerings include nutritional supplements, weight management solutions, and sports nutrition products. Moreover, the company seamlessly integrates direct selling e-commerce, allowing customers easy access to their range of personal care items, including skincare and beauty products through their e-commerce website.

The Shaklee MLM review is incomplete without listing some of its popular products. Let us look into some of their products ranging from nutritional supplements, and beauty essentials to eco-friendly household cleaners.

Vivix is a premium anti-aging supplement designed to target aging at the cellular level. It leverages the potency of polyphenols, the product’s key ingredient, to help live younger and longer. It is scientifically formulated and backed by 27 global patents. Vivix protects DNA from damage, neutralizes free radicals, and guards against oxidative stress and inflammation. It is available in gummies, liquid gels, and kosher liquid forms. For optimal benefits, adults should follow the recommended daily intake instructions.

Vivix Anti-aging at the Cellular Level

The Ready Set Wellness Bundle offers a personalized 3-product approach to improved energy, sleep, and overall health. First, the Meology Assessment provides custom vitamin recommendations for precise nutrition. Second, the Life Shake offers non-GMO protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber in two flavors. Third, customers can choose from options like the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse, Collagen-9, or Triple Defense Boost to target specific health needs. This convenient, customizable bundle supports the establishment of healthy habits effortlessly.

Ready set Wellness Bundle

The Youth Luminous Gel Oil Cleanser is a soap-free, pH-balanced face wash that cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin. This cleansing gel contains avocado oil, an algae complex, and a patented blend of vitamins and botanicals. It effectively removes sebum, dirt, makeup, and impurities, leaving skin soft and ready for further skincare. The cleanser is also Ophthalmologist-tested, dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, vegan and cruelty-free.

Youth Luminous Gel Oil Cleanser

The Restore Body Serum is a luxurious, age-defying body treatment that firms and protects the skin. It is infused with a potent polyphenol blend, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide to slow collagen breakdown and shield against premature aging. The serum is also enriched with vitamins and nutrients to smooth texture and target free radical damage. It is cruelty-free, vegan, and dermatologist-approved and comes in a soothing beach scent.

Restore Body Serum

The Pomifera Men's Grooming Collection includes a Beard Wash, Beard Oil, and Body Butter Cleansing Bar, all formulated with sustainably produced Pomifera oil. The products are vegan, cruelty-free, free of harmful chemicals, and feature a Spiced Leather scent for a sophisticated grooming experience. All the products are easy to use and effectively nourish and replenish both beard and skin.

Pomifera Mens Grooming Collection

Meology Prenatal - Pregnancy Prep offers customized support for women planning for pregnancy. Each monthly pack includes essential vitamins, minerals, omega-3s, and choline to nourish the body. Optional supplements like CoQ10 and Stress Relief Complex are available. Every purchase of the kit supports nutrition for pregnant women globally through the Shaklee Cares and Vitamin Angels program.

Meology Prenatal Pregnancy Prep

Nature Bright Laundry Booster and Stain Remover utilizes natural enzymes and active oxygen to rejuvenate laundry and effectively remove stains from various surfaces. Its versatile formula dissolves easily in warm water and should be used within six hours of preparation for optimal results. Ingredients like sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, and enzymes, ensure effectiveness while remaining safe for the environment and health.

Nature Bright Laundry Booster and Stain Remover
Vivix Anti-aging at the Cellular Level

Shaklee’s Ingredient list

Shaklee’s Ingredient list

Shaklee products are formulated with natural ingredients, but not all are 100% natural. They prioritize safety, effectiveness, and sustainability in their product formulations by using a blend of natural and scientifically backed ingredients.

They use a diverse range of natural and ethnically sourced ingredients, that include antioxidants like vitamins C and E, essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, as well as botanical extracts such as ginkgo biloba and saw palmetto. Each ingredient is carefully selected and sourced to meet the highest quality and efficacy standards.

Shaklee’s Non-GMO Policy

Shaklee is known for its high-quality health and wellness products, including vitamins, supplements, and household products, designed to promote overall well-being. Its non-GMO policy helps maintain product safety and purity standards. They rigorously test each ingredient, including over 350 pesticide residue tests, exceeding regulatory standards.

Furthermore, they are in the process of certifying all food products as non-GMO. The brand has over 60 years of leadership in natural nutrition and guarantees product safety and satisfaction, offering refunds if customers are unsatisfied with their products.

Shaklee’s Non-GMO Policy


  • In 2022, Shaklee ambassadors earned an average of $750.

  • Approximately 73% of the Shaklee family comprises members and customers, while the remaining 27% are dedicated business owners.

Statistics Shaklee

Shaklee’s Clinical Study

The Landmark Studies, conducted with the University of California Berkeley (2005) and Tufts University (2015), explored the health impacts of long-term dietary supplement use. The studies compared Shaklee users with a control group and found that Shaklee users had healthier biomarkers, higher blood nutrient levels, and lower medication usage, even after 10 years.

Key findings included 32% lower triglycerides, 13% lower homocysteine, 36% lower C-reactive protein, and 32% higher HDL levels, which indicates better heart, brain, and overall health. These studies highlight the potential benefits of regular supplement use by Shaklee for overall health.

Shaklee’s Clinical Study

Company Leadership

Dr. Forrest C Shaklee, Founder, Shaklee
Dr. Forrest C Shaklee

Founder, Shaklee

Roger L. Barnett, Chairman and CEO, Shaklee
Roger L. Barnett

Chairman and CEO, Shaklee

Jeff Hill, President for Global Sales, Shaklee
Jeff Hill

President for Global Sales

Shobhna Asthana, Chief Financial Officer, Shaklee
Shobhna Asthana

Chief Financial Officer

Franci Kursh, Chief Information Officer, Shaklee
Franci Kursh

Chief Information Officer

Melina Baxter, Chief Marketing Officer, Shaklee
Melina Baxter

Chief Marketing Officer

Matt Town, General Counsel, Shaklee
Matt Town

General Counsel

Kelley Moran, Vice President of Human Resources, Shaklee
Kelley Moran

Vice President of Human Resources

Dr. Jamie McManus, Chairman, Medical Affairs, Health Sciences and Education, Shaklee
Dr. Jamie McManus

Chairman, Medical Affairs, Health Sciences and Education

James R. Brooks, PhD, CFS, Executive Vice President, R & D, Shaklee
James R. Brooks

PhD, CFS, Executive Vice President, R & D

Ed Wang, Chief Supply Officer, Shaklee
Ed Wang

Chief Supply Officer

MLM Plan Details

The Shaklee Compensation plan for 2024 allows ambassadors to earn money through different channels such as commissions and bonuses. This part of the Shaklee MLM review breaks down the company’s compensation plan, making it easy to understand. If you are looking for more information on the best MLM compensation plan, you can read our blog.

Here are a few points to explain Shaklee’s Compensation plan in brief.

MLM Plan details

The Shaklee Compensation plan for 2024 allows ambassadors to earn money through different channels such as commissions and bonuses. This part of the Shaklee MLM review breaks down the company’s compensation plan, making it easy to understand. If you are looking for more information on the best MLM compensation plan, you can read our blog.

Here are a few points to explain Shaklee’s Compensation plan in brief.

  • The main income stream for ambassadors is the price differential, which is the retail profit they make, by buying the products at wholesale price and selling at the suggested retail price.

  • Various bonuses help ambassadors increase their earning potential and boost their income.

  • There are various levels of ambassadors within the Shaklee compensation plan, starting from the director and moving to the Presidential Master Co-ordinator.

  • Higher titles come with more bonuses. Ranks starting from Senior Directors are also eligible to receive generation bonuses based on the number of generation leaders in their team.

Shaklee’s Fast Track Program

This program offers the opportunity to earn extra bonuses if ambassadors advance through the ranks in a specific time frame. The below table shows the qualifications, time frame, and rewards for each title.

Rank Promotion Criteria Reward
Director Promote within first 3 months and maintain paid-as status for 4 consecutive months. Registration for two to the Shaklee Global Conference ($500 value)
Senior Director Promote within first 6 months and hold paid-as rank for 4 consecutive months. $1,000
Coordinator Promote within first 9 months and hold paid-as rank for 4 consecutive month. $3,000
Senior Coordinator Promote within first 12 months and hold paid-as rank for 4 consecutive months. $5,000 (paid as $2,500 after the fourth consecutive month and $2,500 for the next month rank is held)
Executive Coordinator Promote within first 15 months and hold paid-as rank for 6 consecutive months. $25,000 (paid as $5,000 after six consecutive months and $5,000 for each of the next four months you hold paid-as Executive Coordinator rank)
Key Coordinator Promote within first 24 months and hold paid-as rank for 6 consecutive months $25,000 (paid as $5,000 after six consecutive months and $5,000 for each of the next four months you hold paid-as Key Coordinator rank)
Master Coordinator Promote within first 36 months and hold paid-as rank for 6 consecutive months $25,000 (paid as $5,000 after six consecutive months and $5,000 for each of the next four months you hold paid-as Master Coordinator rank)

Various Bonuses of Shaklee’s compensation plan

  • Gold Bonus

    • Gold Bonuses are immediate cash rewards paid weekly for sponsoring Gold Ambassadors with GOLD PAKs.

    • Gold Ambassadors are Distributors who join Shaklee with GOLD PAKs.

    • Sponsoring a Gold Ambassador with a $599 GOLD PLUS PAK earns a $100 Gold Bonus.

    • Sponsoring a Gold Ambassador with a $299 GOLD PAK earns a $50 Gold Bonus.

    • There's no time limit to earn GOLD Bonuses. Each time you personally sponsor a Gold Ambassador with the purchase of one of the GOLD PAKs, you earn a GOLD Bonus.

  • Power Bonuses

    • Power Bonuses provide immediate weekly cash rewards.

    • They are available the month you join Shaklee, plus the following three months, and an additional three months each time you advance in the Business Leader rank.

    • Accumulate 15 Power Bonus points to receive $150.

    • You earn Power Bonus points by personally sponsoring:

      • 10 points for each new Gold Ambassador with a GOLD PLUS PAK.

      • 5 points for each new Gold Ambassador with a GOLD PAK.

      • 2 points for sponsoring someone with the $49.95 New Distributor Welcome Kit or the $19.95 New Member Pack, plus an order with a minimum Point Value (PV) of 100.

      • 1 point for sponsoring someone with the $49.95 New Distributor Welcome Kit or the $19.95 New Member Pack, plus an order with a minimum Point Value (PV) of 50.

  • Personal Group Bonuses

    • Personal Group Bonuses are monthly bonuses based on the Personal Group Volume (PGV) generated by your team.

    • Your Personal Group consists of you and all the customers and Distributors in your personal team.

    • Each Business Leader in your organization has their own Personal Group.

    • Personal Group Bonuses are paid each month on the total Personal Group Volume for you and each Distributor/Gold Ambassador in your Personal Group who generates volume.

    • Your bonus percentage increases as your Personal Group Volume (PGV) grows.

    PGV Bonus Rate
    Up to 250 Up to 4%
    Up to 500 Up to 8%
    Up to 1000 (to qualify for Associate) Up to 12%
    Up to 1500 Up to 14%
    Up to 2000 (to qualify for Associate) Up to 20%

Various Bonuses of Shaklee’s compensation plan


Yes, Shaklee is an MLM that operates as a direct-selling e-commerce company where distributors earn income by selling products and recruiting others to join their sales team. Distributors can advance through the ranks and earn commissions based on their sales and the sales of their team members.

No, Shaklee is not a Mormon company. It was founded by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, who was not affiliated with the Mormon faith.

Shaklee is considered a reputable brand known for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and scientific research, making it a trusted choice for health-conscious consumers.

A Shaklee distributor, also known as a Shaklee Ambassador, is responsible for promoting and selling Shaklee products to customers. They may also recruit new members to join their team and build their own business as Shaklee distributors.

To earn money with Shaklee, individuals can become distributors and earn income through retail sales, commissions from team sales, bonuses for achieving certain milestones, and other incentives provided by the company's compensation plan.

No, the idea of the Shaklee Pyramid scheme is wrong. It operates as a legitimate multi-level marketing (MLM) company where distributors earn income through product sales and building a sales team while adhering to legal guidelines and offering high-quality products.

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