Network Marketing Successes: 10 Inspiring Stories To Fuel Your Ambition

Updated on Aug 18th, 2023
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Network Marketing Successes: 10 Inspiring Stories To Fuel Your Ambition

You might assume that network marketing is not my tea of cup, but wait! These incredible marketing success stories are surely going to inspire you to kickstart your journey!

To give you a fair and square idea, network marketing or MLM is a business model that survives on collaborative sales via personal networks. So basically, as a network marketeer, you help connect an MLM company’s products with people with your dynamic way of association.

MLM is an excellent platform for your entrepreneurial growth and, more importantly, community building; that is exactly what these big shots have done.

Network marketing successes are highly potent catalysts to give you the push you need to be your master. We have carefully selected these marketing success stories to show how ordinary individuals can taste extraordinary success with sheer determination. The secret of successful network marketing involves a combination of skills, mindset, and strategies.

Moreover, we are sure you will gain some useful insights into network marketing and how to sail through the journey. Let’s start with the 10 most inspiring MLM stories that will ignite the spark!

Success Story 1: Nancy Dornan

Nancy Dornan was born and brought up in Georgia, Atlanta. Like any other ordinary person, she did her studies and started making her living as a speech therapist in a district school. In her early 20s, she married the love of her life, an aeronautical engineer, Jim Dornan.

After that, their fortunes changed forever once they tasted their share of network marketing successes!

Nancy’s MLM quest began in 1971 when she and her husband Jim Dornan joined Amway, counted among the success MLM companies. With their sheer hard work and love for the work, they both reached crown ambassador levels.

Nancy and her husband introduced an internal support system that they used to assist other ABOs in helping them go further in their MLM careers.

She helped establish “Network TwentyOne,” which has been helping budding marketers worldwide with their useful mentorship services.

Even after her husband’s demise in 2013, her love for the MLM has been undefeated. She has been active in numerous charitable endeavors. Network marketing successes like hers surely teach us how you can be successful by putting others first!

Success Story 2: Sarah Robbins

Sarah Robbins leads a very normal life as a kindergarten teacher. She was married to Phil, who was in the landscape construction business. But owing to some uncertainties, she had to look for some extra source of income to sustain her household and was bound to be a beaming example of network marketing successes.

The local economy’s bad health scared her of losing her job, leading to her association with “Rodan + Fields.” She started selling the company’s products to supplement her regular income, and soon enough, this work became her passion. Eventually, she became the number one top earner in the company with a seven-figure paycheck!

She was among the first distributors without training materials when she started with the company. She had to develop her own systems of setting expectations and making sales. Sarah’s well-planned strategy and hard work led her to reach a six-figure monthly income in just 5 years of her journey.

She retired at 29 from the network marketing business, all thanks to the MLM software she used throughout the journey. Network marketing successes like Sarah’s is a testament to that with the right strategy and efforts; you can also make a dent in the MLM space.

Success Story 3: Eric Worre

Born in the U.S., Eric faced a lot of hardships in his early years; he even had to drop out of his junior college. He was determined to taste the network marketing successes and provide for his family, and he started his MLM career at 23.

His network marketing journey began when he joined his first MLM, “The People’s Network,” where he honed his skills as a network marketer. Another turning point was when he started his platform (NetworkMarketingPro) as a marketing consultant.

He crafted a comprehensive guide that helped him unlock his full potential and reach unfathomable heights among the MLM success stories. With his unique approach to the business, he garnered a behemoth network of 500,000 distributors spanning 60 countries!

Eric’s dedication to working with and association with success MLM companies like TPN helped him earn the title and position of co-founder and president of the company. Another feather in his hat is his network marketing guide. He has sold over 1.5 million copies and remains an Amazon best-seller.

Network marketing successes like that of Eric Worre’s proves that even with a humble beginning, you can reach the top given your clear vision of your goal.

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Success Story 4: Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon has enjoyed a successful real estate career in Florida since he started in 2004. But his business took a hit and crashed during the 2008 financial crisis. He lost all his fortunes, and his bankruptcy also caused his divorce before tasting network marketing successes.

At the lowest point in his life, he was introduced to MLM by a woman he dated named Jessica. He joined a network marketing company called “Numis,” which changed his fate forever. During his initial days in network marketing, he, like any other salesperson, faced a lot of rejections.

He believed that taking the first step into the unknown is the first step towards network marketing successes. Moreover, he stuck to his action plan and was fully committed to his work.

By February 2011, he was able to earn a whopping $46,000 in a single month and broke the previous earning records of the company. Unstoppable Ray then surpassed his own record in June of the same year by amassing $52,000.

Network marketing successes like Ray Higdon inspire anyone who is at their lowest in life that you can always rise from your ashes just like a phoenix.

Success Story 5: Donna Johnson

Life for this Wisconsin girl wasn’t always easy; Donna started her career as a swimming coach in her neighborhood as a single mom without any college degree. She could barely make ends meet for herself and her child, but she knew something needed to change.

Donna’s network marketing journey started in 1987 with” Arbonne,” which later helped her make earnings of more than $1 million per year and reach the leadership level in the same company where she began as a distributor. Her story is truly worth adding to our list of network marketing successes, isn’t it?

In her 40-year-long and successful period of association with Arbonne, she was able to build an extensive downline of distributors and thus helped her earn a huge chunk from the commissions on their sales.

Under Donna’s aegis, 1,000 distributors have reached the leadership levels and earned themselves the white Mercedes-Benz! She is very active in philanthropic endeavors and supports charitable ventures like “Spread The Wings.”

Network marketing successes like that of Donna Johnson mean true empowerment for all women, and even single moms can make it big in MLM businesses.

Success Story 6: Jerry Scribner

Who would have thought that a usual construction worker, Jerry, would make it big one day in the multi-level marketing business and be listed among the top network marketing successes? Living a very average American life, Jerry was never fully satisfied with his job and knew that something beautiful awaited him.

By the time he stepped into the MLM business, his financial position was deteriorating, and he was almost bankrupt, making the transition into the new business necessarily easy. With his commitment to hard work and passion, he became the 12th-highest earner in the network marketing industry.

The most notable technique employed by Jerry in his network marketing career is to ask tiny questions from his perspective downlines. He used this simple yet very effective technique to recruit new distributors.

Jerry Scribner has been a distinguished company associate named “Steam” and is the first person in his history to win the top awards. His continuous effort has made him become a million-dollar earner.

You might be stuck with a job you just do to earn money. Network marketing successes like that of Jerry Scribner are truly a boost for anyone to make their dream career in the network marketing business. You can also embark on your entrepreneurial journey with an MLM software solution for a solid online presence.

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Success Story 7: Mike Sims

Hailing from Alabama, Mike Sims, An Auburn Unversity Graduate, started his career in finance. Later, he discovered that a 9 to 5 job wasn’t for him. His is the most intriguing among the network marketing successes we cover.

Mike initially started his MLM journey with 2 network marketing companies as a side hustle. In a short span of time, he could sail in both boats together and emerge as the top earner for each MLM company. His valuable contribution to the companies helped them reach a whopping $500 million in revenue.

To sail through his network marketing journey, Mike followed the golden rule of working harder on himself than on his business. To work on his connections, he would meet 3 new people every day. Mike Sims maintained close contact with the leadership to get all his questions answered and improve himself and wrote his story of network marketing successes.

He became one of the top-earning distributors with “Zija International,” a wellness and nutritional supplement company. Mike has won the President Millionaire Rank with WGN.

Among the other network marketing successes, Mike’s story stands out as to how self-improvement and a learning mindset can help you get wherever you want to be.

Success Story 8: Margie Aliprandi

An excellent example of “beauty with brains,” Margie Aliprandi has been a beauty pageant winner both as Miss Teenage Utah and Mrs. Utah. Margie was a high school music teacher and a single mom when she realized that she needed to do something different, so her story of network marketing successes started.

Margie wanted to spend time with her 3 children and at the same time earn a living, so naturally, she opted for network marketing despite having no prior exposure to the business. She started her MLM journey with a company named “Neways International” in 1989. With time she became companies, top seller.

During her time working as a saleswoman and distributor, Margie has focussed on making her interpersonal relations with the people she met in her way. Her unique ways towards the network marketing business have led her to scale the heights of success and build an enormous downline of 250,000!

Margie Aliprandi holds the distinction of being the very first distributor to earn the Crown Diamond ranking, the highest in her company. Astonishingly she remains on the list of the top 1% earners in the network marketing circle.

Among the network marketing successes, Margie’s story is immensely inspiring and has touched many lives. Her story tells us that with a promise to self-improve and an undefeated commitment to excel, success is never too far away.

Success Story 9: Jordan Adler

A truly inspiring one among the network marketing successes, Jordan Alder’s story is nothing less than a movie. Before making it big in the MLM space, Jordan used to work with an airline company. His finances plunged and left him with $36,000 worth of debt.

For Jordan, the fruit of success took a bit longer to ripen, but it was worth the wait. His first 10 years in network marketing were not good; in fact, he was not able to recruit even a single distributor.

The next three years worked wonders for him when he was able to make more than 20 million dollars from various companies.

The unique tool in Jordan’s arsenal while working as a distributor and recruiting new employees was the personalized stories. They helped him make an instant connection with the prospective distributors and convince them to be a part of the journey. His way of interaction helped him earn a 200,000-strong downline.

His constant efforts and emphasis on strong networking have helped him become the top networker in the world. Not only does he focus on his own improvement, but he has also been guiding others. He has also written a worldwide best-seller book called “Beach Body.”

Jordan Adler stands tall among the list of network marketing successes all because of his perseverance and never giving up attitude. His story continues to inspire thousands of network marketers who struggle in their initial days.

Success Story 10: Alexandra Laigle

The story of this network marketing legend is rather different from other network marketing successes. Alexandra has been working with the US Department of Defence since she was introduced to network marketing in 2015.

Alexandra is truly is multi-tasker as she still continues her job and at the same time works with the MLM company named “LuLaRoe.” Her association with this clothing brand has given her enormous success; moreover, her husband quit his job to be part of her entrepreneurial journey.

Alexandra became part of the company when there were only 2,000 consultants in the company, and now there are about 35,000 of them! Her most powerful at that time was her gut feeling that the company was going to be a big hit.

Being among the top earners of her MLM company, she makes about $100,000 from both sales and bonuses every year and keeps growing further.

Alexandra’s stands as a testament to the network marketing successes about what a woman is capable of. Her capacity to manage her primary job and earn a hundred thousand dollars each year is truly remarkable.

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These 10 MLM stories of network marketing successes would surely have given you the much-needed push to make it big in the MLM business. MLM is a great entrepreneurial option for anyone looking to get full-time work or have another income stream. All you need is great networking and marketing skills, and you are good to go!


1. What is the success formula for network marketing?

The most important success formula for MLM businesses is to keep things simple for your prospect. In order to be a better marketer, you have to be a better communicator, so work on your communication skills. Personalized stories are a great way to put your thoughts effectively.

2. What are some tips for success in network marketing?

Some of the most important tips for you to be a successful marketer are:

  • Stay confident

  • Interact more

  • Be perseverant

  • Stay transparent

  • Educate prospect distributors in an unbiased manner

3. How do I start my MLM journey?

Before you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, make sure that the company you wish to associate with has potential. If you are not able to convince yourself to join the company, chances are you’ll face a hard time recruiting other team members.

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