Vorwerk MLM Review

Vorwerk is a renowned German family-owned company with a rich history spanning over a century. Established in 1883, it has evolved into a global conglomerate known for its innovative products and direct selling approach. Today, Vorwerk is a leader in household appliances, cosmetics, and industrial engineering.

How it all began

Vorwerk traces its roots back to 1883 when it was founded by Carl Vorwerk in Wuppertal, Germany. Initially focusing on carpet manufacturing, the company diversified its portfolio. Vorwerk introduced its first vacuum cleaner in 1930, marking its successful venture into household appliances. Since then, Vorwerk has continued to innovate and expand its product offerings, to become a household name worldwide.

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Vorwerk MLM Review

USP of Vorwerk

Vorwerk’s USP is its dedication to innovation, quality, and human connection. It aims to enhance lives globally by focusing on superior products that have long-term durability. The brand also empowers individuals and communities through its direct selling model, and socially responsible practices, to ensure a lasting impact for future generations.

Brief Overview of Vorwerk MLM Company

Information Details
Company Name Vorwerk
Founded 1883
Founders Carl Vorwerk, Adolf Vorwerk
Headquaters Wuppertal, Germany
Industry Consumer Goods
Revenue 3,171.3 Million Euros (2022)

Vorwerk Production units

Vorwerk Production units

Vorwerk’s incredible products are made at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, which are a perfect amalgamation of the latest technology and skilled workers. The company has three main manufacturing units in Europe.

  1. Wuppertal, Germany

    At Vorwerk Engineering’s headquarters in Wuppertal, nearly 1200 employees work in research and development, quality management, administration units, and production departments. They develop and manufacture various components, from injection-molded parts to motor technology, assembling final products on the production line. Vorwerk files about 100 new patents annually, showcasing its drive for constant innovation.

  2. Dusseldorf, Germany

    Düsseldorf is a hub for agile digital research and development teams specializing in embedded software, Cloud, and apps. The teams work alongside their counterparts in Wuppertal to drive innovation in Vorwerk's product development initiatives.ility outside the US. The facility produces and distributes doTerra products to the European market. This has allowed the brand to serve the European and nearby markets, where the product demand is increasing.

  3. Semco, France

    Vorwerk Semco is located in Cloyes sur Le Loir, France, and employs 360 individuals. It is an important location for Thermomix production, catering to European and non-European markets. With a remarkable daily output of over 7000 appliances, Vorwerk Semco is a key contributor to its global manufacturing operations.

Various Groups of Vorwerk

Vorwerk has various divisions, each specializing in distinct areas of expertise. Ranging from “Thermomix” for household appliances to the Kobolt range of vacuum cleaners, every product of the brand is innovative and has the latest technology. The group’s portfolio also includes financing solutions and a venture capital company. Let us delve deeper into each of these groups.

  • Thermomix

    Vorwerk's Thermomix group has a rich history dating back to 1971 when the "original Thermomix" VM 2000 was introduced. Since then, Vorwerk has continuously refined its Thermomix models, with the latest model Thermomix TM6. This state-of-the-art digital kitchen appliance offers users access to over 90,000 recipes through the integrated Cookidoo recipe portal, with guided cooking functionality to simplify the cooking process.

    The Thermomix division boasts subsidiaries in 16 countries across Europe, Asia, and North America, along with over 40 distributors worldwide. The brand boosts a network of more than 82,000 advisors and 4,200 employees. It also generated €1.7 billion in sales in 2022.

  • Kobolt

    Vorwerk's Kobold group has been revolutionizing home cleaning for over 90 years. With innovative solutions like the handheld vacuum cleaner introduced in 1929, Kobold sets the standard for high suction power and portability. Today, the Kobold product range includes upright and handheld vacuum cleaners, a vacuum robot, a window cleaner, and a cordless hard floor vacuum and mop.

    With subsidiaries in 12 countries and a network of distributors worldwide, Kobold continues to redefine cleaning, generating €803 million in sales in 2022. Kobold is a trusted name in household cleaning solutions, with over 11,100 sales advisors and 1,880 employers.

  • Akf Group

    The Akf group was founded by Vowerk in 1968. Today, it has emerged as one of Germany’s leading leasing and financing companies. The group specializes in providing tailored financing solutions to small and mid-size companies. The group generated €496.7 million in sales in 2022 and had over 507 employees.

  • Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures

    Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures is Vorwerk Group's venture capital arm, dedicated to investing in innovative sales concepts. It operates independently from the Vorwerk Group's strategy and seeks opportunities in new segments with strong growth potential and high profitability. Its portfolio includes companies such as LILLYDOO, OTTOnova, Smart Frog, everdrop, and Thermondo.

Various Groups of Vorwerk

Company Leadership

 Dr. Thomas Stoffmehl, Speaker of the Executive Board
Dr. Thomas Stoffmehl

Speaker of the Executive Board

Hauke Paasch, Member of the Executive Board
Hauke Paasch

Member of the Executive Board

Dr. Thomas Rodemann, Member of the Executive Board
Dr. Thomas Rodemann

Member of the Executive Board

Dr. Rainer Hillebrand, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Dr. Rainer Hillebrand

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheid, Honorary Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheid

Honorary Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Quotes from Nu Skin Leaders

Dr. Thomas Rodemann, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Executive Board

“Being a future-proof company calls for long-term thinking and acting responsibly. By making sustainability an integral part of our corporate strategy, we set the course for an economically successful tomorrow.”

Dr. Thomas Rodemann

Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Executive Board

Vorwerk Company Growth Over the Years



Carl Vorwerk establishes Barmer Teppichfabrik Vorwerk & Co., a small carpet factory, laying the foundation for the global brand.



August Mittelsten Scheid takes over the company, leading to rapid growth and expansion of product offerings.



Vorwerk MLM company ventures into household appliances with the Kobold vacuum cleaner, marking a significant innovation in the market.



Direct sales are introduced in Germany, becoming Vorwerk's trademark and a key driver of its success.



Dr. Erich Mittelsten Scheid initiates changes in management, product range expansion, and international market expansion.



AKF Bank becomes the first service brand to join the Vorwerk Group.



Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheid takes over management, leading Vorwerk into international success and expanding the product portfolio.



The Thermomix, the first multifunctional food processor, is launched, further diversifying Vorwerk's product offerings.



Vorwerk establishes its first foreign subsidiary in China, followed by expansion into Eastern Europe.



Dr. Jörg Mittelsten Scheid steps down from management but continues as Honorary Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Product Portfolio

The Vorwerk product range has products that make chores of the daily life easier. The company’s portfolio is a mix of its proprietary brands and acquired ones. However, it continues to expand its offerings to ensure customers access the best-in-class products across various categories. Vorwerk’s current product range includes:

The Thermomix is a versatile kitchen appliance with a heating element, a motor for blending and stirring, and a built-in scale. It is programmed with 28 cooking functions including, chopping, blending, steaming, kneading, sauteing, grinding, whisking, sous-vide, slow cook feature, and more.

The first Thermomix model VKM5, was launched in 1961. Since then, it has evolved through multiple models, the latest being the TM6 introduced in 2019. It has a 6.8” touch screen for easy navigation and essential accessories, making it the ultimate kitchen appliance.

Thermomix® TM6®

Kobold range of vacuum cleaners by Vorwerk offers versatile and efficient cleaning solutions designed to simplify household chores. Its wide range of vacuum cleaners makes cleaning an experience rather than a chore. The cordless and flexible VK7 EB7 is perfect for grab-and-go cleaning, while the VR300 Robot Vacuum cleaner automates cleaning tasks.

If you want crystal-clear windows, The VG100 Window Cleaner is perfect. On the other hand, the VC100 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for quick clean-ups. With accessories and add-ons, Kobold users can achieve exceptional cleaning results without much effort.

Kobold VK7 Cleaning System

JAFRA Cosmetics, part of the Vorwerk Group since 2004, offers a wide range of skincare, makeup, bath & body, fragrance, and men's grooming products. JAFRA provides quality beauty solutions for the entire family, including iconic offerings like Royal Jelly skincare and Tender Moments baby collection.

Royal Jelly Classic Bundle

Lux Asia Pacific has been a part of the Vorwerk Group since 2001. The brand’s range of air purifiers are advanced systems designed to provide clean and healthy air for everyone. These utilize cutting-edge technology to remove pollutants, allergens, and other airborne particles, ensuring the air is fresh and safe. With features like filtration systems and air quality sensors, Lux Asia Pacific air purifiers offer reliable performance and peace of mind.


Vorwerk Flooring offers a diverse range of high-quality textile floor coverings, produced exclusively in Germany. Their extensive range includes tufted broadloom carpets, Woven carpets, acoustic tiles, and fitted rugs for residential and commercial use. Vorwerk flooring combines aesthetics and functionality, to provide perfect interior solutions.

Vorwerk Floor Carpets
Thermomix® TM6®

Best Selling products of Vorwerk

Vorwerk’s most iconic product range is the Kobolt vacuum cleaners, which combine over 90 years of expertise in powerful cleaning solutions with ergonomic design. The range offers versatile options, from cordless models for flexible cleaning to robotic variants for automated cleaning. With innovative features and a commitment to quality, Kobold vacuum cleaners continue to set the standard for home cleaning worldwide.

Vorwerk’s Business Model

Vorwerk operates primarily through direct selling business model. Independent consultants known as “Vorwerk Advisors”, market and sell the company’s products directly to consumers. Additionally, the brand sells its products through its online platform. Through this approach, Vorwerk emphasizes direct customer engagement and personalized services to meet the needs of its clientele.

How does Vorwek’s business model work?

Vorwerk benefits from its MLM approach, by having a dedicated sales force of independent consultants motivated to promote and sell its products directly to consumers. This model allows Vorwerk to control its brand image, customer experience, and distribution channels.

On the other hand, independent consultants can use MLM Vorwerk as a platform to build their own businesses and achieve their financial goals. They can earn income through product sales and commissions. They can also manage their own schedules and can work from home or in their local communities. Additionally, partners receive support and training from Vorwerk to enhance their selling skills and product knowledge.

How do Vorwerk Advisors make money?

Advisors earn money through various components of the Vorwerk network marketing commission plans. This includes basic commissions, performance bonuses, recruitment bonuses, team builder qualification bonuses, and others. These bonuses are earned based on sales performance, recruitment activities, and rank advancements within the Vorwerk’s consultant hierarchy.

Vorwerk’s Business Model

Company Statistics

The brand offers a comprehensive Velocity Compensation Plan with various partner levels. Each level comes with increased benefits and opportunities. Success at each level of the Nu Skin Pyramid structure depends on the dedication, skills, and commitment of each partner.

Below is the summary of the various levels of the Nu Skin Multi-Level Marketing Plan, the eligibility criteria, and so on-

  • Annual Revenue

    Vorwerk MLM company’s Group Sales for 2022 was 3,171.3 Million Euros.

  • Number of Vorwerk Advisors

    The Vorwerk multi- level marketing network has over 94,000 self-employed advisors worldwide, as of 2022.

Company Statistics

Vorwerk’s Sustainability efforts

Vorwerk is dedicated to sustainability across its operations, integrating it into its corporate strategy with four key focus areas:

  • Responsible supply chains.

  • Climate protection.

  • Sustainable products.

  • Circular economy.

It supports the UN Global Compact, striving for sustainability principles and promoting Sustainable Development Goals. Vorwerk also aims to reduce its carbon footprint, achieve climate neutrality by 2045, and produce sustainable products using recycled materials and energy-efficient processes. Through these efforts, it seeks to positively impact society and the environment while ensuring responsible business practices.

Vorwerk’s Sustainability efforts

Latest News on Vorwerk’s

Cultural Heritage Meets Digitalization: Vorwerk Group Sponsors Wuppertal’s Von der Heydt Museum

Cultural Heritage Meets Digitalization: Vorwerk Group Sponsors Wuppertal’s Von der Heydt Museum

Thermomix® extends Success Guarantee and Guided Cooking function for the first time to include ovens, pans and grills

Thermomix extends the Success Guarantee and Guided Cooking function for the first time to include ovens, pans, and grills

Sustainability made in Wuppertal- Vorwerk nominated for German Sustainability Award 2024

Sustainability made in Wuppertal: Vorwerk nominated for German Sustainability Award 2024

Vorwerk’s Marketing Strategies

Vorwerk’s marketing strategy is centered around engaging customers through personalized experiences and innovative solutions that demonstrate the value and versatility of its products. Their value-added services aim at customer education, engagement, and community building.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the brand’s popular customer engagement programs-

  • Thermomix Loyalty Program

    The Thermomix Loyalty Program allows users to earn points through various activities such as hosting cooking demos, making purchases, leaving reviews, and following Thermomix on social media. These points can be redeemed for Thermomix accessories, kitchen essentials, and more. Points can be easily applied during checkout, excluding Thermomix TM6 purchases.

  • TM4U Program

    The Thermomix TM4U program incentivizes new consultants with rewards like a welcome pin and apron for their first sale, followed by discounts on subsequent Thermomix units sold during their Smart Start period. Consultants can earn their Thermomix for free after selling four units, while also receiving standard commission starting at $170 per sale. This strategy effectively incentivizes consultants' efforts to promote Thermomix products and grow their business.

  • Hosting Cooking Demos

    Individuals can host Thermomix Cooking demos by contacting a consultant and inviting friends. A Thermomix expert will guide the host through 5 recipes tailored to specific dietary requirements, showcasing the TM6’s capabilities. Hosts earn reward points every time they host a demo. These serve as an effective way to drive product awareness and generate leads.

  • Cookidoo app

    Cookidoo is Thermomix's cooking app with over 80,000 guided recipes for the TM6. It provides step-by-step instructions, adjusts cooking settings automatically, and ensures foolproof results. The app includes meal-planning tools, dietary filters, and the option to scale recipes. Users can create, import, and modify recipes and access them all in one place. Through this, Vorwerk aims to enhance the user experience with Thermomix products.

Vorwerk’s Marketing Strategies

Awards and Recognitions Over the Years

From Industry adoTerra’s commitment to excellence and innovation has earned it numerous awards and recognition in the health and wellness industry, Here’s a timeline highlighting some of the key accolades received by the brand over the years.



The brand was recognized at the Utah Genius Awards as a Top 20 Trademark Registrant.



The brand was honored by the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce as the Business of the Year.



The brand received the Best of State Awards in the Essential Oils/Botanicals category. It was also named as Top Ten Economic Engine by Utah Valley BusinessQ.



doTerra earned top honors at the Best of State Awards for the second consecutive year. It was also recognized by Forbes as America's No. 10 Best Midsize Employer and the No. 1 Enterprise in the State of Utah.



It received the American Spa's Professional's Choice Award for Favorite Aromatherapy Line.



Emily Wright, one of doTerra's founders, was named among the "Limit Breaking Female Founders" by HuffPost.



The brand was honored with the Gold Stevie Award for Achievement in Sustainability.



The brand won the Gold Award at the Universal Beauty Awards for “Best Essential Oil Product with the Anti-Aging Moisturizer”.

Vorwerk Compensation Plan Details

Vorwerk Compensation Plan Details

The Vorwerk compensation plan is structured to reward its sales advisors for promoting and selling the company’s products. The plan includes various components such as commissions and bonuses. Commissions are based on their personal and team sales. Bonuses are paid for achieving certain ranks and for developing and maintaining teams.

More details are given below-

  • Individuals signing up for Vorwerk’s commission's plan are called “New Consultants”.

  • Consultants can achieve four ranks within the marketing network- New consultants << Consultants << Team Builders << Team Leaders.

  • Every New consultant rank and above is eligible for a basic commission of 170$ on each personal sale. However, they should not be participating in the TM4U program.

  • Apart from the basic commissions, there are many bonuses that consultants can earn upon eligibility.

  • Explore a variety of MLM compensation plans, each offering unique structures for commissions and bonuses. Visit our MLM plans page for an in-depth guide to understanding and comparing these diverse options.

Various partner Titles at Vorwerk

Vorwerk’s commission plan has a carefully charted course for each consultant. They can climb to higher ranks and earn more rewards based on their sales performance and recruitment achievements. With clear eligibility for each rank, they have a clear roadmap to follow as they advance in their career with Vorwerk.

Here is complete information on the eligibility criteria and compensation structure for each level.

  • New Consultant


    Complete the registration process, be activated, and be within the Smart Start Period.


    • Basic Commission: $170 for each Personal Sale.

    • Performance bonus based on the Performance bonus table.

    • Recruitment bonus of 170$ for 1 sales and 300$ for 4 sales, made by the new recruit during the smart start period.

  • Consultant


    Complete the registration process, be activated, and be within the Smart Start Period.

    Maintain active status during at least one of the three previous Bonus Periods.


    • Basic Commission: $170 for each Personal Sale.

    • Performance bonus based on the Performance bonus table.

    • Recruitment bonus of 170$ for 1 sales and 300$ for 4 sales, made by the new recruit during the smart start period.

  • Team Builder


    Make six personal sales

    Have two personally qualified recruits within the previous 3 bonus Periods.

    Should maintain the title by Making six personal sales and have two personally qualified recruits for each successive calendar quarter after qualifying as a Team Builder.


    • Basic Commission: $170 for each Personal Sale.

    • Performance bonus based on the Performance bonus table.

    • Recruitment bonus of 170$ for 1 sales and 300$ for 4 sales, made by the new recruit during the smart start period.

    • Team Builder Qualification Bonus: $25o, a time time payment done when consultants quality for the title of “Team Builder.

    • Team Builder Standard Bonus: $250 per Bonus Period is paid when the consultant achieves 3 personal sales and one personally qualified recruit.

  • Team Leader


    Hold Team Builder rank.

    Make three personal sales.

    Have one Personal Qualified Recruit in each of three consecutive Bonus Periods.

    Maintain the rank by making nine personal Sales and have three personally qualified recruits for each successive Calendar Quarter after qualifying as a Team Leader.


    • Basic Commission: $170 for each Personal Sale.

    • Performance bonus based on the Performance bonus table.

    • Recruitment bonus of 170$ for 1 sales and 300$ for 4 sales, made by the new recruit during the smart start period.

    • Team Leader Qualification Bonus: $250 (one-time payment).

    • Team Bonus: $50 to $500 per Bonus Period depending on team sales.

    • New Consultant Development Bonus: $100 per sale for up to 6 new consultants per Bonus Period.

    • Team Leader Standard Bonus: $500 per Bonus Period if the consultant achieves 3 personal sales and 2 personally qualified recruits within the bonus period .

    • Team Builder Development Bonus: $250 for every team, where at least one member qualifies as a Team builder.

    • Team Leader Development Bonus: $500 for every team, where at least one member qualifies as a Team leader.

Various partner Titles at doTerra


MLM Vorwerk offers a range of innovative products, including the Thermomix kitchen appliance, a range of vacuum cleaners, cosmetics, and, organic teas.

Vorwerk ensures product quality in its MLM business model through rigorous testing, continuous improvement, and a dedicated network of trained consultants who provide personalized service and support.

Vorwerk distinguishes itself from competitors by focusing on quality, innovation, and a direct distribution model, which fosters personalized customer relationships.

Vorwerk MLM distributors are typically allowed to operate within specific geographic regions or territories, with some restrictions and limitations based on contractual agreements and company policies.