Top 11 MLM Companies in Europe (2024)


Updated on May 18th, 2024
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Top MLM Companies in Europe

Did you know that Europe is the 3rd largest market for Direct selling in the world? It generated a whopping revenue of 34.7 billion USD by the end of 2022. Some of the top MLM companies of Europe have significantly benefitted from factors like diverse population and a strong customer demand for quality products and personalized services.

MLMs in Europe offer a wide range of products spanning Health, wellness, beauty, and technology. These companies are changing Europe’s economic landscape and making it a thriving MLM hub.

MLM companies in Europe

We have compiled the list of top 11 MLM companies in Europe based on their revenue.

1. Vorwerk


Vorwerk is a household name for quality, innovative products in the German market. This top MLM company in Europe continues to evolve adapting to modern needs while maintaining its core values. Some of its iconic products include Thermomix and the Kobold Vacuum Cleaners.

  • Founder: Carl Vorwerk & Adolf Vorwerk

  • CEO: Fredrik Lundqvist

  • Year Founded: 1883

  • Product Categories: Thermomix, Kobold, Kitchenware items etc.

  • Revenue: $4.1 Billion

  • Achievements:
    Vorwerk won the 2020 German Design Award for outstanding design in the Home Textiles and Home Accessories category.

2. Utility Warehouse


Utility Warehouse is one of London’s leading multi-purpose service providers. They provide services like Energy, Broadband, Mobile, and Insurance. Their USP is that they provide cost-effective solutions by bundling services like Broadband, Mobile, Energy and Insurance to their customers.

  • Co-CEO: Andrew Lindsay MBE & Stuart Burnett

  • Year Founded: 2002

  • Product Categories: Energy, broadband, mobile, insurance.

  • Revenue: $3.1 Billion

  • Achievements:
    Utility Warehouse passes the One Million Customer Milestone on 6th March 2024.

3. PM International


PM-International is an MLM in Europe that focuses on dietary supplements and cosmetics. Over the years, it has become one of the largest direct-selling companies in the health, wellness, and beauty category.

  • Founder & CEO: Rolf Sorg

  • Year Founded: 1993

  • Product Categories: Sports, Cosmetics, Weight Management and other products.

  • Revenue: $3 Billion

  • Achievements:
    PM International received the award for the biggest international growth in 2022.

4. Oriflame


Oriflame is a global leader in direct sales of beauty and wellness products. Their USP is a portfolio of skincare, makeup, and fragrances all inspired by Swedish nature. The company is known for its commitment to quality and innovation.

  • Founders: Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick

  • CEO: Anna Malmhake

  • Year Founded: 1967

  • Product Categories: Makeup, Fragrances, Hair products etc.

  • Revenue: $811 Million

  • Achievements:
    Oriflame has been recognized for its scientific achievements in patented cosmetic technologies and beauty innovations.

5. LUX international


Lux International is a household name in Switzerland for its impressive range of household appliances. The brand promotes the concept of healthy homes through its range of vacuum cleaners and air purifiers.

  • Chairman: Marzin R. Shroff

  • CEO: Urs Meier

  • Year Founded: 1901

  • Product Categories: Vacuum Cleaners, Steam Cleaners, Air Cleaners etc.

  • Revenue: $396 Million

6. Just International


Just International boasts of a variety of best-selling products across different categories, catering to a wide consumer base. Their USP is their range of herbal creams, essential oils, herbal teas, and personal care products, made with the highest quality Swiss raw materials.

  • Founder: Ulrich Jüstrich

  • CEO: Marcel Jüstrich

  • Year Founded: 1930

  • Product Categories: Beauty, Wellness, Health and Household items.

  • Revenue: $315 Million

7. L R Health and Beauty


L R Health and Beauty has been setting new standards with beauty and wellness products for over 35 years. The majority of its revenue comes from its range of high-quality nutritional supplements. The brand is also one of the largest manufacturers of Aloe vera products in the world.

  • CEO: Dr. Andreas Laabs

  • Year Founded: 1985

  • Product Categories: Beauty products, personal care items, nutritional supplements and fragrances.

  • Revenue: 276.5 Million Euros

  • Achievements:
    The product “Zeitgard Pro” receives a special mention rating in the Bath and Wellness category of the German Innovation Award 2023.

8. Prowin International


Prowin International is one of Germany’s largest direct sales company dealing with beauty, home care and pet care products. Their best-selling products include collagen peptides, spot hydration, electrolyte tablets, and marine collagen.

  • Founder: Gabi, Ingolf Winter and Stefan Schäfer

  • CEO: Ingolf Winter

  • Year Founded: 1995

  • Product Categories: Hair, Aloe Vera, Pet food items etc.

  • Revenue: $283 Million

  • Achievements:
    Saarland recognized Prowin as a “Family Friendly Company” second time in a row in 2022.

9. Greenway Global


Greenway Global is an MLM company committed to providing eco-friendly and sustainable products. Its portfolio includes a diverse range of 550 products spanning over 200 eco-markets.

  • President & CEO: Leonid Morgunov

  • Year Founded: 2017

  • Product Categories: Home, Beauty, Heath, Dietary Supplement items etc.

  • Revenue: $265 Million

10. Energetix


Energetix is a leading player in the Direct selling industry. The company offers a broad range of Magnetic Jewelry and wellness products.

  • Managing Owner: Roland Förster

  • COO: Alexander Link

  • Year Founded: 2002

  • Product Categories: Magnetic Jewelry and wellness items.

  • Revenue: <$5 Million

11. APL GO


APL GO is an MLM company based in Cyprus, focusing on health and wellness products. It includes products like Acumullit SA, All Time Americano Coffee etc.

  • Founder & President: Sergey Kulikov

  • Year Founded: 2014

  • Product Categories: Daily, Premium and Elite Collection of Health & Wellness items.

  • Revenue: $234 Million

  • Achievements:
    Business for Home ranks APLGO with AAA+, making it the most reliable recommendation for direct-selling enthusiasts.

S.No Company name Year Founded Revenue
1 Vorwerk 1883 $4.1 Billion
2 Utility Warehouse 2002 $3.1 Billion
3 PM International 1993 $3 Billion
4 Oriflame 1967 $811 Million
5 Lux International 1901 $396 Million
6 Just International 1930 $315 Million
7 LR Health and Beauty 1985 276.5 Million Euros
8 Prowin International 1995 $283 Million
9 Greenway Global 2017 $265 Million
10 Energetix 2002 <$5 Million
11 APL GO 2014 $234 Million

Factors Responsible for the Success of these Top MLM Companies in Europe

The European continent provides a captivating blend of history and modernity. The technological and cultural fusion lays a perfect foundation for the success of MLM companies. The potential of network marketing Europe is huge due to factors like:

1. Regulatory environment

The regulatory environment laws provide importance to transparency of compensation structures and product information. A set of clearly defined laws that safeguard the interests of business owners, distributors, and consumers will help you build a legally compliant, reputable, and sustainable MLM business.

2. Stable Economic conditions

Stable economic conditions in Europe provide a conducive market for business growth. Factors like low inflation rate provide a sense of stability and predictability, on which business owners can lay plans for growth and expansion. A stable job market can provide you with eligible candidates for employment. Good per capita income of citizens also paves the way for a healthy number of investors and customers for your business.

3. Market Potential

The population of Europe is culturally rich, with diverse backgrounds. An educated and economically developed population is always open to exploring and adopting new products and services. Also, an economically stable environment leads to robust purchasing power among consumers, from which MLM business owners can greatly benefit.

4. Technological Infrastructure

A well-developed technological infrastructure of European countries and cities serves as a solid foundation for online business. This tech-savvy environment is a perfect ecosystem for your MLM business, allowing you to leverage digital platforms to enhance your online presence and effectively reach your target audience.

5. Multi-Talent Pool

Europe’s diverse population with individuals representing various linguistic cultures and backgrounds, will provide you with a versatile workforce. This diversity also helps foster innovation, effective communication, and personalized marketing strategies which will eventually make your MLM business adaptable and competitive in the European market.

6. Education and Entrepreneurship Culture

Europe exhibits a high literacy rate, with a culture that values knowledge and intellectual development. This combined with a strong entrepreneurial spirit creates an environment for individuals, especially the youth, to explore and embrace new entrepreneurial opportunities. This will attract individuals ready to embrace your business model, fueling its growth and success.

7. Proximity to other global markets

Europe is home to countries that are geographically close to each other. This provides a significant advantage for global expansion and diversification opportunities. It is also easier to expand your business across borders, tap into diverse consumer bases, and capitalize on interconnected European markets.

Direct Selling Statistics for Europe

  • Germany is the leading market for Direct selling in Europe with 17.99 billion U.S. dollars generated in 2022.

  • There are almost 7 million active sellers in the Direct Selling industry in Europe.

  • 83% of direct sellers in Europe are women and they work on a part-time basis.

  • 97% of direct sellers value the flexibility offered by the direct selling industry in terms of working hours and commitment.

What are some regulatory requirements for MLM Companies in Europe?

Adhering to regulatory requirements is crucial for MLM companies operating in Europe to ensure that the business operations are within the legal framework. This not only fosters trust between the distributors and the consumers, but it will also ensure the long-term success and sustainability of your MLM business in the European market.

If you are looking to establish an MLM business in any of the European countries, some basic compliance requirements stated by the law include:-

1. Clearly Establishing policies and procedures in writing

You are required to clearly define company policies and procedures in written documents. This includes outlining the terms of distributor agreements, compensation plans, and overall operation of your MLM business. Transparent documentation ensures that distributors are well-informed about the rules and guidelines governing their participation. It will also save you from any legal hassles or any complaint suits if the need arises.

2. Promoting Compensation Plan properly

According to regulatory compliance, as an MLM business owner, you are required to promote your company’s compensation plans, accurately and transparently. You must refrain from exaggerated income claims or promises that could mislead potential distributors. You should also uphold and maintain ethical practices through honest advertising.

3. Establishing proper claims in products and Earnings

All MLM companies are obligated to provide accurate and substantial claims regarding their products and potential earnings. All product claims and benefits must be truthful and supported by verifiable evidence. This ensures the distributors and customers are not misled. This also results in a positive brand image, helping you attract potential investors and customers.

4. Addressing standards for Enrollment, Sales, and Money-Back Guarantees

As an MLM business owner, you must establish clear standards for the enrollment process, sales practices, and money-back guarantees and ensure all distributors follow these closely. You should also ensure fair enrollment practices, and ethical sales practices, and honor money-back guarantees, if advertised, under applicable laws. This helps protect the interests of both distributors and consumers and keeps you away from legal hassles.

5. Maintaining Clear lines of communication between Distributors

It is essential to maintain clear lines of communication with your distributors. This includes providing ongoing training, updates on policy changes, and addressing distribution concerns promptly. Open lines of communication help in maintaining a healthy and compliant MLM network. It also helps you gather valuable feedback from your distributors and supports continuous improvements to enhance the overall effectiveness of your distributor network.

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In conclusion, the list provides a detailed overview of the Top 11 MLM companies in Europe along with insights into their products, market presence, and reasons for success. Moreover, the blog covers some compliance laws required to set up an MLM business in Europe. This comprehensive view will allow you to navigate the European market with confidence and clarity, helping you drive your MLM business towards greater success and sustainability.

In this journey, utilizing specialized Global MLM software can further streamline operations, providing a scalable and adaptable framework for efficient management and growth in the competitive MLM landscape.


1. Is MLM Legal in Europe?

Yes. MLM is legal in Europe, but the legal requirements for setting up MLM companies vary among different countries.

2. How should I choose the perfect product to sell for my MLM business in Europe?

When selecting a perfect product for your MLM business, you must assess the market demands and cultural preferences of the local population. Choose a product with a high-profit margin and also ensure it aligns with the regional, ethical and regulatory standards.

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