MLM Software for Real Estate

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Are you looking for ready-to-launch MLM Software for your real estate business ?

MLM Software for Real Estate from Global MLM Software
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All-in-One Solution for your Real Estate Business

Our unique Platform integrated with Real Estate MLM Plan is designed to meet the numerous challenges faced in every stage of your Business. We relies on a robust cutting edge technology stack, high customization capabilities, robust third-party integration coupled with Direct Selling strategy to power up your next-gen business

Promotional tools

Promotional tools

  • Attract the right audience and convert more visitors into traders using Global MLMs inbuilt promotional tools like referral links, replicated website, email campaigns etc
Go International
  • Expand your Real Estate business globally with our platform using country specific language, payment gateways etc..
MLM Software for Real Estate
Customised Compensation
Customised Compensation
  • Configure different compensation criteria based on your requirements with complete customization
Real-time reports & Insights
  • Make smarter decisions with powerful, real-time analytics. Track key performance indicators.
  • Generate business accounting reports on the fly.
Real-time reports & Insights
Distributor Engagement Tools
Distributor Engagement Tools
  • Our platform helps you deepen customer relationships, connect to the front office, and drive team efficiency.It is an easy-to-use and connected platform that helps you deliver authentic service and put the customer first.
Secure & Reliable
  • Make smarter decisions with powerful, real-time analytics.
  • Track key performance indicators.
  • Generate business accounting reports on the fly.
Secure & Reliable

Get Started with 3 Easy Steps!

When you need a kickstart in your business and you have no time for coding for your website, MLM Software will take that job for you and have a customised solution for you.

Set up The MLM Software

Choose your own theme for Admin, Member dashboard.

Configure the Business Plan

Setup the binary commission and distributor onboarding tutorials.

Onboard the Distributors

Start enrolling them into your community

Integrate our MLM platform effortlessly with your existing system

Do you already have an existing system ? No worries. Integrate our full-featured MLM platform within your application using our single sign-on API or SAML authentication.

Focus on your core competency

Save your time and resources for developing your core products, rather than building a MLM module or solution building from scratch.

Robust referral network

Improve sales and customer satisfaction by Integrating a strong referral network into your existing system

Accelerate time to market

As a reliable MLM partner, we ensure that no deployment issues or unforeseen delays will hamper your release schedule

Great User Experience

Give your customers a great user experience by providing single sign-on across multiple platforms without having to create separate accounts

Best MLM Software Development Company

We are the fitting choice for your MLM software development needs, as we have some of the most experienced developers working with us. Our deep expertise in direct selling will help provide solutions that perfectly blend with the market requirements

  • Team of highly experienced professionals ensuring quality delivery within the timeline

  • Track record of helping several global clients achieve their goals

  • You get the whitelable solution. The complete IT system will be owned by you and we are just the IT service provider

  • We are keen on constantly refining our services to help users achieve better results

  • We provide the best training to handle our MLM platform so that your team handle the referral network without much external dependencies

Popular Compensation plans for your MLM Business

Here are some popular compensation plans among our valuable customers. You can either choose a single compensation plan or multiple plan (Hybrid model) as per your requirements. Global MLM platform is 100% customizable and configurable based on the needs with ready-made options. Compensation can be set new trade registration or for the first trade or any other unique strategy

Benefits of Network Marketing for your online business

  • Active and Engaged Traders
  • Passive income opportunities
  • High Trade Volume
  • Global Trader network establishment
  • Unique Brand Positioning
  • Unlimited referral possibilities
  • High traffic right audience to your trading website.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience

Hear from our existing customers about Global MLM Software

Global MLM was the choice we made after reviewing six separate platforms in detail with the founders and their team.

Dalvo Diamante, USA

CEO, GEMx - A Publicly registered company based out of USA

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ has been compiled to some of the most frequently asked questions about our product and services. For more information, please Contact US.

What is real estate MLM software?

Real estate MLM software is a specialized tool designed to facilitate multi-level marketing operations within the real estate industry. It helps manage downline structures, commission calculations, and other aspects of network marketing.

It streamlines marketing efforts, enhances team collaboration, and automates commission tracking, making it easier for real estate professionals to manage their network marketing activities.

Yes, some real estate MLM software solutions support social media integrations, enabling users to leverage social channels for marketing and lead generation.

Real estate MLM software providers often offer training resources, tutorials, and customer support to help users get the most out of the software.

Yes, many real estate MLM software solutions are designed to scale and handle large networks with a substantial number of downline members.

Yes, real estate MLM software often includes marketing automation features to streamline promotional activities and communication with leads and downline members.

The features include commission tracking, downline management, lead generation tools, marketing automation, and reporting capabilities.

The frequency of updates varies, but reputable providers regularly release updates to improve functionality, security, and address user feedback.

Customer data is typically stored securely, with features for easy retrieval, updates, and compliance with data protection regulations.

The commission structure is usually based on a percentage of sales generated by the downline. Different levels in the network may have varying commission rates.