Complete Guide on Real Estate MLM


Updated on May 28th, 2023
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Complete Guide on Real Estate MLM

Real estate is a cash-cow industry that includes property development, appraisal, selling, leasing, and marketing. According to Andrew Carnegie, real estate accounts for over 90% of millionaires' wealth. And more people could benefit from the sector with the assistance of real estate MLM.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a business strategy in which distributors receive compensation for product or service sales and commissions for recruiting new distributors. It also applies to the real estate industry, where real estate MLM is simply a network marketing enterprise based on property sales where agents may develop their teams and earn more money.

But how exactly does it work?

Understanding Real Estate MLM

MLM is also known as network marketing or direct selling. Its core structure consists of a hierarchical network of distributors, with each distributor recruiting new members into their downline and earning a commission on sales made by their downline.

In the real estate MLM industry, a firm hires independent salespeople, agents, or affiliates to assist in marketing investment products and services.

These agents, in turn, will be required to recruit new agents into their downline to receive commissions on personal sales and sales made by others in their downline – it's a win-win situation for everyone.

These agents' commissions are often based on a percentage of the selling price of the property. Most MLM companies pay in levels, let's look at one such example :

  • Level 1: Agents receive a 7% commission when a customer they introduced to the company purchases a property.

  • Level 2: When an agent they recruited to the MLM company makes a sale, the agent earns a 3% commission.

  • Level 3: An agent will earn a 1.5% commission on any sale made by an agent recruited by one of their downlines.

The process goes on and on, but the percentage of the commissions decreases with each level.

But here's the thing: if you have 10 people on Level 2 in your team and each of them makes a $400k sale this month, you'll make roughly $120k with a 3% commission from 10 downline sales.

When you consider it in this light, you can realize how lucrative this opportunity is. The good news is that, unlike other MLM programs that require agents to enroll in a monthly autoship scheme, real estate MLM programs do not.

Also, real estate MLM companies frequently offer a duplicable system that includes marketing materials, sales scripts, and other resources to assist their agents in succeeding.

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MLM Business

MLM vs real estate

Even though they seem similar, being a multilevel marketing agent and a realtor are two very different things. For one, you'll need a license to operate as a realtor, but MLM agents do not.

You'll also have to take several courses that cost money and time to become a realtor. In Florida, for example, realtors dedicate up to 63 hours and invest almost $200 for a license.

While they're both very distinct industries, real estate MLM is the sweet spot in between. Even though you'll need a license, it is straightforward, and anyone can grasp the concept. But the fundamental MLM business principles remain constant.

  • Prospecting: Telling others about your business (recruiting). But instead of selling or convincing anyone, encourage them to come to see for themselves before making a decision.

  • Following up: Show them how they will benefit from joining. Discuss the commissions they could earn by selling the company's services or products.

  • Sponsoring: MLM relies heavily on recruiting. As a result, you will require your downlines to replicate the prospecting process to establish a successful MLM business.

Types of real estate MLM Programs

Because the real estate market is enormous, companies offer several multi-level marketing programs.

  • Real estate brokerage MLMs: Participants in this MLM program recruit people to become real estate agents and sell properties through the company's brokerage services. Agents generate commissions based on personal sales and sales made by the recruits.

  • REITs (real estate investment trusts) MLMs: Agents must sell investment options such as rental properties or real estate investment trusts (REITs). Participants earn commissions on both their sales and the sales of those they recruit.

  • Real estate education MLM: Some real estate MLM programs focus on educating and training individuals interested in becoming real estate investors or agents. Participants earn commissions on instructional resources sold and new members they recruit who buy these materials.

  • Real estate referral MLM: Participants in this sort of MLM earn commissions by introducing buyers or sellers to real estate agents or brokers. They may also be compensated for sales made by the agents they refer.

How commissions and bonuses are earned in real estate MLM

The commission and bonus systems of real estate MLM schemes differ. Examine the company's compensation plan and other program materials to learn about their requirements and how to earn money. Agents in real estate MLM can earn commissions and bonuses in various ways.

  • Sales commissions can be earned by selling real estate items or services such as properties, investment opportunities, or instructional resources. Commissions are typically calculated as a percentage of the selling price and can vary based on the program.

  • Recruitment commission: In many real estate MLM programs, participants earn commissions for recruiting new members, often a percentage of the new member's sales or earnings.

  • Agents might receive bonus commissions if they accomplish specified sales and recruitment goals. Bonuses take the form of cash, prizes, or other incentives.

  • The residual commission is paid to agents based on the sales or earnings of members they recruit or members in their downline.

How to Choose the Right Real Estate MLM Program

Your chosen program holds the key to developing a successful real estate MLM business. You want one compatible with your goals, interests, and skills. Consider the company’s offerings:

  • Training and support: You'll need all the help you can get when starting a new MLM program. Look at the program's training and assistance features like access to mentors, coaching, and educational resources.

  • Legal compliance: The program you choose must follow licensing laws and guidelines that apply to real estate MLM. Always do your research before joining a program.

  • Product quality: Evaluate the quality of the program's products and services to ensure they are competitive and provide value to clients; otherwise, marketing will be difficult.

  • Compensation plan: After all, you're in business to earn money, so review the program's compensation plan, including commission rates and bonus structure. Compare these charges to those of other MLM programs to ensure they are reasonable and competitive.

  • Reputation: Do your homework and research before enrolling in any MLM program. Examine the program's reputation and the firm that created it. Look for testimonials and evaluations from current and past members and industry professionals. Investigate the company's history, financial soundness, and overall performance. Additionally, look for any lawsuits or legal issues.

Choosing an MLM program that corresponds with your personal goals and values might increase your overall satisfaction. It can also help you:

  • Overcome difficulties and persevere through challenges by keeping you motivated and engaged since you're enthusiastic about what you're doing and have a clear purpose and direction.

  • Assist you in remaining real and true to yourself. You'll feel more at ease marketing products and services you truly believe in rather than something that doesn't resonate with you.

  • Create a relationship of trust with your customers and clients by being excited about your work and acting in their best interests.

How to assess a given MLM program's chances of success

You should evaluate a program's prospects of success before devoting time and effort to it. Find out first if there is a need for the good or service by observing consumer behavior, buyer preferences, and market trends. Verify the size and longevity of the market for the questioned good or service.

Next, consider the program's potential for competitiveness in light of the market competition. Describe the program's unique selling qualities and how it differs from its competitors.

Another factor to consider is the program's remuneration strategy; ensure it is equitable. Then, assess the MLM company's leadership team, which includes the CEO and other top executives. Examine their experience, qualifications, and industry reputation.

Tips for Success in Real Estate MLM

To succeed in MLM, you must put in a lot of effort, be devoted, and be persistent. Agents must have a strong work ethic and commit to reaching their objectives. You could also:

  • Use automated tools or technology: You may increase productivity and streamline operations with the aid of technology. So, consider automating some of your processes using customer relationship management (CRM) software, email marketing tools, MLM software for real estate , and social media platforms.

  • Fantastic customer service: Deliver excellent customer service to win the trust and loyalty of your target market. People want to know they have your full attention, so respond quickly to inquiries, be forthright and honest, and follow up frequently.

  • Build a solid network: Attend networking events and connect with other real estate professionals and potential customers – look on social media to find events near you. A solid network can serve as a dependable source of leads and referrals. Additionally, it can open doors for your business to referral and partnership opportunities as well as help you gain access to vital resources like mentoring, training, and support.

  • Continue learning: As a real estate MLM agent, it is important to keep up with recent trends and legislation because the sector is continuously evolving. It will help you become more productive at generating leads, completing transactions, and growing your business.

Gary Keller, the creator of Keller Williams, is one industry leader that understands the importance of continuous learning in real estate businesses. He emphasizes education, training, and technology to help agents flourish because he understands the value of continual education and training in the real estate MLM sector. He has created Keller Williams University, a comprehensive training program that provides continuing education and training to agents of all levels of expertise.

Common Challenges in Real Estate MLM

Real estate MLM participants encounter a number of problems that can jeopardize their business performance. But you can overcome it if you have the right plan in place. Several obstacles include:

  • Competitive market: There is a lot of competition in the real estate market. It might be challenging to stand out in a field where so many agents and brokers are competing for the same clientele. You may, however, outperform the competition by building a special value offer, providing outstanding customer service, and employing technology to optimize your operations.

  • Lack of leads:One of the most prevalent issues real estate MLM members confront is the need for leads. Focusing on growing your brand, networking with new clients, and generating leads through social media will help you overcome this difficulty.

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  • High initial investment: Some programs frequently necessitate a significant upfront investment, which can be prohibitive for some people. Fees for training, marketing materials, and other resources may be included in the investment. So, find a program requiring a small investment you can comfortably make.

  • Limited time: Balancing your real estate MLM business with other obligations can take time and effort, which could lead to burnout. So, prioritize your duties, manage your time properly, and distribute tasks to team members.

Keep showing up everyday and in no time you will get past these challenges.

Do this: set clear goals, devise a plan that works for you, keep offering value to your clients, and improve your skills consistently, and your business will thrive.

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Individuals can earn money through commission-based sales and creating a downline of agents in real estate MLM companies. However, you should proceed with caution and carefully assess the legitimacy and ethical nature of the business.

The capacity to recruit and train new agents and establish a strong network is typically critical to success in this type of organization. Before joining a real estate MLM, prospective members should thoroughly research the company and its business model, weigh the costs and benefits, and ensure it aligns with their values and goals.

The Global MLM's Real Estate Commission Management Software provides you with real-time calculations, clear breakdowns of commissions, and other features that help you save time and keep your team motivated.


1. Is a real estate MLM business a pyramid scheme?

No. While MLM businesses and pyramid schemes are similar, a legitimate MLM business involves selling actual products or services. Compensation is based on selling those products rather than recruiting new members.

2. Do I need real estate experience to join an MLM real estate business?

Prior real estate experience is optional to join an MLM real estate firm. To be successful in this type of business, however, some expertise or interest in real estate may be beneficial.

3. How much money can I make with a real estate MLM business?

The amount of money you can make will be determined by various criteria, including the compensation plan, the number of sales you make, and the size of your downline. It is critical to investigate and comprehend the compensation plan, as well as to assess possible earnings fairly.

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