Top MLM Companies: 100 Best MLMs To Work For In USA 2023


Updated on Sep 21st, 2023
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Top MLM Companies: 100 Best MLMs To Work For In USA 2023

MLM, as we understand it, is a popular business model in which a company, rather than self-promoting its products, recruits independent distributors to do the same. Word-of-mouth gives the products a marketing boost; on the other hand, the distributors earn a handsome commission on sales.

This harmonious arrangement in the MLM model makes it very popular among various businesses across industries and the general public as well. In fact, more than 6.2 million Americans are actively involved in this direct selling.

With this huge number of people involved in the MLM business, a lot of newcomers are always perplexed about which company to join. This is why, in this article, we list the 100 top MLM companies.

Criteria For Ranking

In our comprehensive list of top MLM companies, we have taken the latest revenue as the main criterion. As you notice when you go through the list, there are some companies that have almost similar revenue figures.

For those top MLM companies, we have given preference to their foundation year. It means if the revenue is similar, then the older company gets a higher rank on this list.

100 Top MLM Companies In The USA

In the table given below, we have listed the top MLM companies based on their latest revenue collection that are great for you to start your direct selling journey.

Ranking Name And Year Headquarters Latest Revenue (USD) Products
1 Amway(1959) Ada Township, Michigan 8.10 Billion Health, Beauty & Homecare
2 Herbalife(1980) Los Angeles, California 5.20 Billion Nutrition & Weight Control Products
3 eXp Realty(2002) Bellingham, Washington 4.6 Billion Real estate
4 Vorwerk(1883) Wuppertal, Germany 4.1 Billion Household appliances and cosmetics
5 Forever Living(1978) Scottsdale, Arizona 4.0 Billion Drinks, cosmetics, nutritional supplements & personal care products
6 Mary Kay(1963) Addison, Texas 3.00 Billion Cosmetics & personal care products
7 Avon(1886) London, U.K 2.80 Billion Beauty, household & personal care
8 Primerica(1977) Duluth, Georgia 2.72 Billion Insurance & financial services
9 PM International(1993) Hannover, Germany 2.55 Billion Dietary supplements
10 Nu Skin(1984) Provo, Utah 2.23 Billion Personal care products & dietary supplements
11 Melaleuca(1985) Idaho Falls, Idaho 2 Billion Nutritional, pharmaceutical, personal care and wellness products
12 Atomy(2009) Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea 1.84 Billion Health, cosmetic & Personal care products
13 Optavia/ Medifast(1982) Baltimore, Maryland 1.60 Billion Weight loss and healthcare
14 Rodan and Fields(2002) San Ramon, California 1.5 Billion Skin care products
15 Oriflame(1967) Schaffhausen, Switzerland 1.4 Billion Cosmetics, beauty, skincare products
16 Enagic(1974) Katano City, Japan 1.4 Billion Water purifiers & filtration
17 Lyoness or myWorld(2003) Steiermark, Austria 1.39 Billion Online cashback Service
18 Tupperware(1948) Orlando, Florida 1.31 Billion Kitchen & home products
19 Ambit Energy(2006) Dallas, Texas 1.25 Billion Electricity & natural gas services
20 The Body Shop(1976) London, U.K 1.10 Billion Cosmetic and beauty products
21 DXN(1993) Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 1.10 Billion Health food, skincare, household, home appliances
22 Young Living(1993) Lehi, Utah 1.10 Billion Health products, oils, personal care & animal care
23 USANA(1992) West Valley City, Utah 998.6 Million Nutritional products, dietary supplements & skincare products
24 Isagenix(2002) Gilbert, Arizona 958 Million Dietary supplements & personal care products
25 Doterra(2008) Pleasant Grove, Utah 940 Million Essential oils
26 Shaklee(1956) Pleasanton, California 930 Million Nutrition supplements, beauty and household products
27 Market America(1992) Greensboro, North Carolina 791 Million Healthcare, cosmetics & skincare
28 Belcorp(1968) San Isidro, Peru 780 Million Agrochemical products
29 Scentsy(2003) Meridian, Idaho 759 Million Scented candles
30 Stream(2004) Dallas, Texas 737 Million Energy & connected life services
31 Team Beachbody(1998) Santa Monica, California 692 Million Health foods/nutrition food
32 Crowd1(2019) Madrid, Spain 625 Million Online service membership
33 QNet(1998) Kwun Tong District, Hong Kong 520 Million Multiple products
34 Hy Cite Enterprises(1959) Middleton, Wisconsin 508 Million Household products
35 Prüvit(2015) Melissa, Texas 507 Million Health & wellness
36 ACN(1993) Concord, North Carolina 500 Million Electro communication, energy, & other services
37 Plexus Worldwide(1979) Scottsdale, Arizona 454 Million Health & wellness
38 Unicity International(1986) Provo, Utah 450 Million Health & wellness
39 Nature’s Sunshine Products(1972) Lehi, Utah 422 Million Dietary supplements
40 31Gifts(2003) Columbus, Ohio 410 Million Purses, totes, bags
41 WorldVentures(2005) Plano, Texas 377 Million Discount services
42 Modere(1992) Springville, Utah 368 Million Health & wellness
43 Morinda(1996) American Fork, Utah 363.6 Million Exotic herbal beverages
44 Le-Vel(2012) Frisco, Texas 350 Million Healthcare & wellness products
45 4Life(1998) Sandy, Utah 341 Million Health & wellness products
46 Stella & Dot(2003) Brisbane, California 315 Million Fashion jewelry
47 Advocare(1993) Richardson, Texas 310 Million Dietary supplements
48 Total Life Changes(2003) Fair Haven, Michigan 300 Million Essential oils
49 Neora(2011) Farmers Branch, Texas 300 Million Anti-ageing products
50 LR Health and Beauty(1985) Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany 285 Million Fashion & beauty
51 Kyani(2005) Idaho Falls, Idaho 285 Million Nutrition & health
52 Alliance in Motion(2006) Pasig City, Philippines 238 Million Nutrition & health
53 Sunrider International(1982) Torrance, California 236 Million Personal care
54 Juice Plus +(2006) Collierville, Tennessee 224.8 Million Nutrition & health
55 Valentus(2014) Sioux Falls, South Dakota 220 Million Dietary supplements
56 ARIIX(2011) Midvale, Utah 219 Million Weight loss, healthcare
57 LifeVantage(2003) Lehi, Utah 210.2 Million Health & wellness/td>
58 Life Plus(1992) Batesville, Arkansas 210 Million Personal care
59 Origami Owl(2010) Chandler, Arizona 210 Million Custom jewelry
60 Seacret Direct(2005) Scottsdale, Arizona 204 Million Dead Sea salt based cosmetics
61 Gano Excel(1995) Chino, California 178 Million Exotic herbal beverages
62 Kannaway(2014) Place Poway, California 178 Million Nutrition & health
63 Jeunesse(2009) Lake Mary, Florida 175 Million Skincare & nutrition
64 ASEA(2007) Pleasant Grove, Utah 170 Million Dietary supplements
65 Zinzino(2005) Gothenburg, Sweden 140 Million Healthcare solutions
66 Mannatech(1993) Flower Mound, Texas 137 Million Health & wellness
67 inGroup International(2018) Dallas, Texas 135 Million Travel
68 Stampin Up(1988) Riverton, Utah 133 Million Exquisite paper products
69 Nefful(1973) City Of Industry, California 117 Million Clothing, cleaning products
70 Mega Holdings(1999) Kwai Chung, Hong Kong 116.5 Million IT solutions
71 Xyngular (2009) Lehi, Utah 103 Million Weight loss supplements
72 Perfectly Posh(2011) Salt Lake City, Utah 100 Million Fashion & beauty
73 TruVision Health or Truvy(2014) Draper, Utah 99 Million Health and wellness
74 FM World(2004) Wroclaw, Poland 75 Million Insurance
75 Fuxion(2006) Dallas, Texas 75 Million Nutrition & health
76 Purium Health(2004) Rancho Dominguez, California 70 Million Health & wellness
77 Premier Designs(1986) Irving, Texas 68 Million Fashion jewelry
78 IDlife(2014) Frisco, Texas 65.7 Million Nutrition & health
79 QSciences(2012) Pleasant Grove, Utah 60 Million Health & wellness
80 Nikken(1975) Irvine, California 52 Million Personal care
81 Rain International(2011) American Fork, Utah 46 Million Dietary supplements
82 Opulence Global(2005) Richmond Hill, Canada 43 Million Fashion & beauty
83 SoZo Global(2009) Austin, Texas 42.8 Million Exotic herbal beverages
84 Trevo(2009) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 32 Million Skincare & nutrition
85 Synergy Worldwide(1999) Pleasant Grove, Utah 31.5 Million Health & wellness
86 ViSalus (1997) Detroit, Michigan 30 Million Dietary supplements
87 Sisel International(2006) Springville, Utah 30 Million Personal care
88 bHip Global(2007) Melissa, Texas 30 Million Nutrition & health
89 Organo Gold(2005) British Columbia, Canada 25 Million Exotic herbal beverages
90 Skinny Body Care(2010) Sioux Falls, South Dakota 21.3 Million Skincare & nutrition
91 Javita(2004) Boca Raton, Florida 20 Million Exotic herbal beverages
92 Essanté Organics(2009) Phoenix, Arizona 19.3 Million Home & healthcare
93 It Works! Global(2001) Palmetto, Florida 14.2 Million Skincare & nutrition
94 Send Out Cards(2003) Salt Lake City, Utah 14 Million Greeting card system
95 GVO(1999) Schertz San Antonio, Texas 10 Million IT solutions
96 Talk Fusion(2007) Brandon, Florida 10 Million Video communication
97 Empower Network(2011) Bellair Bluffs, Florida 8.2 Million Digital products
98 Stemtec(2005) Naples, Florida 5 Million Dietary supplements
99 DubLi Network(2006) Boca Raton, Florida 4 Million Referral income
100 ForeverGreen(2004) Lindon, Utah 2 Million Dietary supplements

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Now that we know about the top MLM companies to work for in the States, it’s time that we understand some of the latest trends in the industry.

  • Based on the revenue estimates of the market size, the direct-selling industry is worth $65.1 Billion.

  • The U.S.A. dominates the MLM marketing model and stands as the largest player globally.

  • As clearly visible in the table above, most of the top MLM companies in the list are of American origin.

  • From 2017 to 2022, the MLM industry has seen an astonishing growth rate of 5.3%.

  • Most of the companies in the above-given table of top MLM companies deal in health and wellness products.

  • Top MLM companies have been boasting to take their business to greater heights.

Challenges and Controversies In The MLM Industry USA

There are several challenges and controversies that mar the MLM industry in the USA, and even the top MLM companies are not immune to these. The common challenges are listed below:

Lack Of Transparency

Most of the time, there are allegations surrounding the top MLM companies for them masquerading their real earning potential. Almost all of these companies fuel the idea of financial independence in the minds of newcomers.

Not only is this misleading, but it also leaves these less informed entrants with a financial loss.

Emphasis On Recruitment

The flawed structure of some of the top MLM companies is always under the scanner, and that is their focus on recruitment. Even if these companies offer tangible products and services, the commission earned from creating a downline is often much higher.

But in the long run, these practices are neither viable nor practical. Moreover, focussing on mere recruitment also gives the companies an outlook similar to pyramid schemes.

Questionable Attrition Rates

For the US MLM companies, the dropout rates of their independent distributors are alarmingly high. With the barriers to entering these businesses higher, a lot of people tend to enter as company associates. This makes the competition getting tougher, thus such a high rate of failure and dropping out.

Such a serious allegation makes one wonder if working with top MLM companies can make one financially independent in the long run.

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We hope you liked our authoritative list of the top 100 companies in USA. You can easily choose a company to work for as an independent consultant based on your liking and begin your MLM journey.

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1. Is revenue earned by distributors a good indicator of MLM in USA?

The more an MLM company earns, the more money is earned by its hardworking distributors. One can easily gauge the health of an MLM company and prospects of growth in the company by simply looking at its revenue sheets.

2. How big is the American MLM industry?

The American MLM industry is, in fact, the largest in the whole world. This is mainly because the entrepreneurial opportunities offered by the top MLM companies are very much appreciated by the American masses, who have an entrepreneurial mindset.

3. How can I choose a good MLM company to work for?

Finding a good MLM company can be a little difficult, especially when there are thousands of such companies worldwide. To make a prudent choice, you need to look at various aspects of the company you are choosing, including its balance sheets, reputation, and customer reviews.

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