Top 10 MLM Companies in Canada (2023)

Updated on Nov 30th, 2023
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Top 10 MLM Companies in Canada 2023

With over 200 MLM companies in Canada following the network marketing model, the direct selling industry contributes hugely to the country's economy. Most of them are providing money-making opportunities to the locals, while some are also operating internationally. This and many more reasons got us interested in knowing more about the top MLM companies in Canada.

Key Considerations in Selecting the Top MLM Companies in Canada

To prepare our list of best MLM companies Canada, we looked closely at their years of existence, product quality, compensation plan, and sales.

Best MLM Companies in Canada

Here is the List of top 10 MLM companies in Canada

Company Name Year Founded Latest Earnings Social Media
1. Mary Kay 1963 $3 Bn (2022) Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
2. Melaleuca 1985 $800.0 Mn (2022) Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube
3. Epicure Selections 1997 $40 Mn (2022) Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube
4. Opulence Global 2005 $43 Mn (2022) Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter
5. Silver Icing 2003 $33 Mn (2020) Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok
6. Metrin 1932 $5 Mn (2022) Instagram, Facebook , Twitter
7. Organo 2008 $25 Mn (2022) Pinterest, Instagram , Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter
8. Tocara 2007 674 Mn (2022) Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,, Twitter, YouTube
9. Isagenix 2002 $958.0 Mn (2022) Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube
10. Allysian Sciences 2015 $10 Mn (2022) Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

1.Mary Kay

The company that tops our list of MLM companies in Canada is Mary Kay. It is a cosmetics company that manufactures world-class skincare and makeup products. As a direct-selling company, it ensures that its members are rewarded with recognition and incentives through a compensation plan. The latter are also provided with discounts and extra bonuses.


Melaleuca has made a name for itself by manufacturing and selling products made with natural ingredients. Individuals joining Melaleuca can make 50% of product points by enrolling new customers who purchase in the initial month of their enrollment. The commission from the second month onwards is calculated on the number of Active Personally Enrolled Customers during that month.

3.Epicure Selections

Immunotech Research is one of the best MLM companies to take the top spot in the food category. The company provides healthy eating solutions that are also delicious. The products are gluten-free, Kosher check, or Halal certified. Also, 85% of products are Non-GMO Project Verified. One can earn 25% on all the personal sales and 3% on making 2,000+ QV within a single month.

4.Opulence Global

With headquarters in Ontario, Opulence Global has a global reach. You can become its partner and get access to award-winning fashion, health, and personal care products. With one of the best compensation plans in the industry, it has a revolutionary work-from-home opportunity that rewards you for sales generated by both binary teams, the entire organization, and all product sales.

5.Silver Icing

Silver Icing is a fashion and lifestyle-related direct selling company. Their online stylist program empowers stylists to support their customers. One can expect a 10-25% commission on all orders. The commission rate varies on brand and the product type.


Based in Vancouver, Metrin is a 91-year-old skincare company with products for both men and women. Dr. Runnels started this skincare brand after becoming frustrated with his own skin issues. Hair and body products are also available. To become an independent distributor at Metrin, one can contact the company and earn a handsome commission on selling the products.


Organo Gold is based in British Columbia and sells coffee with Ganoderma lucidum, an edible fungi, as its main ingredient. As one of the best MLM companies in Canada, you will find it beneficial for you to make a passive income. Just build a team and earn bonuses from their sales, including a global bonus pool of 3% of total worldwide sales.


Tocara is a luxury jewelry MLM company in Canada. It aims to provide affordable luxury along with a business opportunity to those seeking it. People can earn anywhere between $1200 in PV to $4000 in GV. Even new affiliates receive impressive bonuses for hitting targets.


Isagenix International is an MLM company that sells health and wellness products. They offer a discount to people who sign up to become members, but for this, you need to pay a small annual fee. Isagenix is also a member of the Direct Selling Association and has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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10.Allysian Sciences

Allysian Sciences, the brain nutrition company, aims to create a healthier and smarter world with its brain supplements. To start earning money in Allysian Sciences, you must pay a fee and attend training. Once you've signed up, you can sell products at retail prices and earn commissions from the sales your team makes.

Factors responsible for the success of MLM companies in Canada

Certainly, some factors are helping these companies excel. They are:-

  • Entrepreneurial Opportunity: MLM companies offer individuals the opportunity to become entrepreneurs with relatively low startup costs. This appeals to Canadians seeking financial independence and flexible business ownership.

  • Social Connection and Networking: MLM relies heavily on personal connections and networking. Canadians, known for their strong social ties, find MLM business models attractive as they allow individuals to leverage their personal networks to build and expand their businesses.

  • Training and Support Systems: MLM companies that invest in comprehensive training programs and support systems for their distributors tend to succeed. This enables individuals, even those without prior sales experience, to develop the skills needed to excel in the MLM environment.

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MLM Business


We hope you liked our list of top 10 MLM companies in Canada. It is clear that these businesses play a significant role in shaping the entrepreneurial landscape and providing avenues for financial success. If you are thinking about creating an online marketing business presence, we have the perfect MLM software solution to cater to your needs.


1. Is MLM allowed in Canada?

Yes, companies operating on the MLM model are considered legitimate in Canada.

2. How many MLM companies are there in Canada?

There are over 200 companies working as multi-level marketing businesses in Canada.

3. What are the Canadian laws and regulations governing MLM companies?

Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies in Canada are governed by the Competition Act and enforced by the Competition Bureau.

  1. MLM companies are required to disclose the median income of their participants, and not just the top earners.

  2. Pyramid selling is considered an illegal MLM scheme when it involves paying for recruitment, excessive inventory purchases, and unreasonable product return policies.

4. What are some tips for avoiding MLM scams in Canada?

While choosing an MLM company:

  • Be careful about high-income compensation plans.

  • Research beforehand.

  • Be wary of who you recruit.

  • Have realistic goals.

  • Read about your rights as a distributor or affiliate.

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