SeneGence MLM Company Overview

Senegence is a dynamic MLM company that combines innovation and beauty. It was founded in 1999 by CEO Joni Rogers-Kante, the original creator of Long Lasting Lip Color. The Name “SeneGence” means, intelligent anti-aging that actually works, and combines two words, Senescence (Process of Aging) and Intelligence. The SeneGence Headquarters is located in Foothill Ranch, California.

The company began in the tropical South Pacific, where Joni first explored natural ingredients for beauty. Her discoveries led her to create effective skincare and a wide range of long-lasting cosmetics. Today, the company’s MLM model offers a chance to enter the booming network marketing business opportunity in beauty and skincare. They also get to be a part of a supportive community that celebrates personal and professional growth.

SeneGence MLM Company Overview

USP of SeneGence

In a world where Cosmetics Companies are founded every day, SeneGence stands out for its dedication to innovation and integrity. Its groundbreaking SenePlex+ complex, enriched with Orchid Stem Cells, is scientifically proven to combat aging and rejuvenate skin for a vibrant, youthful glow.

Also, the company’s Clean Beauty Promise bans over 1,450 harmful chemicals to ensure that the products meet the strictest EU Standards for Safety and Efficacy. Moreover, SeneGence MLM leads the way with initiatives like sustainability, responsible sourcing, and eco-friendly packaging. These factors have made it one of the top Network marketing companies in the world.

USP of SeneGence

SeneGence MLM overview table

Information Details
Founded 1999
Headquarters Foothill Ranch, CA, USA
Company Size 51-200 employees
Industry Personal Care Product Manufacturing

SeneGence Revenue

Year Revenue
2021 $1020 Million
2022 $900 Million
2023 $900 Million


  • Product Awards

    • 2020- SeneGence’s LipSense Color Technology Earned the Beauty 2020 “ICONS Award” from Shape.

    • 2021- The Translucent Loose Powders claimed the 2021 “SHAPE Beauty Award” for best Powder.

    • 2022- The BlushSense Cream Blush secured the 2022 “Girl’s Life Beauty Award” for the best cream blush.

  • Corporate Awards

    • 2019- SenGence was listed among HAPPI’s Top 50 Household and Personal Products Companies.

    • 2021- Direct Selling News recognized it as one of the Best Places to Work in Direct Selling.

    • 2022- The company received the Direct Selling Association’s Digital Marketing Awards for Best on Facebook.


Company Timeline



Joni had the idea for SeneGence and put together a business plan.



SeneGence MLM introduced six LipSense colors and expanded in Canada and Australia.



Three Distributors reach $5 million in team sales and are awarded the rank of Queen.



SeneGence moves its headquarters to a larger space in Irvine, CA.



SeneGence releases Solutions' line of treatment products.



Joni writes Million Dollar Lips.



SeneGence launches the SeneStyle line of women’s and men’s clothing, accessories, and activewear.



SeneGence launched in Hong Kong and holds its first virtual event.

Quotes from SeneGence Leaders

Joni Rogers-Kante, Founder, CEO, and Chairwoman, SeneGence.

“Choose to Live Life in Love and Abundance, then Work for It!”


Founder, CEO and ChairWoman, SeneGence

What is the SeneGence Business Model?

The SeneGence MLM Business Model empowers you to become independent distributors, who market and sell the products. This is the perfect opportunity if you have always dreamt of owning your own MLM business. As an Independent Distributor, you get to sell the company’s popular products and enjoy the benefits of network marketing like flexible hours and minimum investment.

What are the benefits of being a part of MLM SeneGence?

Becoming a SeneGence distributor offers numerous advantages. You can enjoy significant discounts of up to 50% off product purchases, and sell them at retail prices to make a profit. You will also gain exclusive access to SeneGence’s acclaimed range of cosmetics and skincare products, with advanced formulations and exceptional quality.

The business model simplifies operations by eliminating the need for inventory handling, as products are shipped directly to customers. Moreover, you will benefit immensely from ongoing support, including training resources, marketing materials, and opportunities for personal and professional growth within a supportive community network.

Senegence’s Social Initiative- The Make Sense Foundation

The Make Sense Foundation was established by Joni Rogers-Kante in 2002 and embodies the company’s commitment to giving back to the community. This non-profit organization focuses on supporting women and children in need through various charitable initiatives. Proceeds from specific SeneGence product sales directly fund the MSF’s operational expenses.

Additionally, the foundation allocates 100% of received donations to other deserving NGOs. SeneGence Independent Distributors also contribute by donating a portion of their commission checks and actively participating in fundraising events. They have successfully raised $60,000 in scholarships in the last 3 years.

Senegence’s Social Initiative- The Make Sense Foundation

SeneGence Media

  • E-Book- Million Dollar Lips- A Journey into the Heart - Women and Business

    “Million Dollar Lips” by Joni Rogers explores her journey as the CEO and Founder of SeneGence MLM company. It contains a foreword by Anthony Robbins. It delves into her dedication to empowering women in direct sales. The book offers valuable insights into achieving personal and professional goals through clarity, tools, and alignment of emotions, desires, and beliefs. You'll also find motivational network marketing quotes from the founder.

    The book serves as both a testimonial to Joni's entrepreneurial journey and provides practical MLM tips for succeeding in direct sales. It emphasizes the importance of making informed choices that shape one’s achievements in life and business.

  • SeneGence Beauty Book - Product Catalog

    The SeneGence Product Catalog is your complete guide into the entire range of SeneGence products. Whether you're exploring tried-and-true favorites or cutting-edge innovations, this catalog is your go-to guide. Some products even boast clinical study results, proving their effectiveness in real-world scenarios.

    You can also discover exciting new launches that redefine skincare and cosmetics. Plus, don't miss out on the Kiss and Tell customer rewards program, where every purchase earns you points towards fabulous perks. For new distributors, the Jump Start and Fast Start Programs offer a turbocharged beginning with discounts and the chance to earn up to $1,400 in free products within the first 90 days.

    The SeneSeller Program brings thrilling incentives like the coveted SeneCar and dreamy SeneTrips for top achievers. This magazine is your go-to guide for everything related to SeneGence.

  • SeneGence Digital Magazine - Acclaim

    The SeneGence Acclaim is a yearly Digital publication that is a window into the world of SeneGence. The magazine provides all the details regarding the products, opportunities, tools, and compensation plans. You can also dive into inspiring online marketing success stories of Independent Distributors, heartwarming philanthropic efforts, and innovative programs designed to uplift women of all ages and stages of life.

    Whether you're seeking inspiration or ready to join the SeneSisterhood, SeneGence “Acclaim” promises to illuminate why it's more than just a brand—it's a lifestyle of empowerment and excellence.

SeneGence Media

Senegence Distributor Success Stories

Story of Jalynn Schroeder

Jalynn Schroeder, a former fashion blogger from St. George, Utah, found something special in SeneGence that she couldn't resist. She recognized the transformative power of their products and was instantly attracted to the business opportunity. Despite the initial struggles, Jalynn's dedication paid off as she witnessed her team thrive. She traveled across the country, training and empowering her team members. Now, Jalynn not only celebrates her own success with MLM SeneGence but also aims to inspire others to achieve their dreams.

Story of Dawn Christian

Dawn Christian was initially hesitant due to her natural shyness but soon discovered a new passion and confidence as an entrepreneur. Moving to a new town prompted Dawn to step out of her comfort zone and seize the opportunity to build her own business. Despite her introverted nature, Dawn's determination and strong work ethic propelled her forward. Today, she encourages others to start their own journeys to persevere and embrace growth along the way.

Story of Tauni Alexander

Tauni was introduced to SeneGence by a friend who thought that it would change her life. Since then, joining SeneGence has allowed her to live her dream life. Tauni finds fulfillment in being there for her children every day while achieving remarkable success. Now, she shares her passion for SeneGence with others, empowering women to embrace confidence and change through its products. Tauni's story is a shining example of how SeneGence can bring joy, success, and a sense of purpose to life.

Company Leadership

Joni Rogers-Kante, Founder, CEO, and Chairwoman, SeneGence.
Joni Rogers-Kante

Founder, CEO, and Chairwoman, SeneGence

Ben Kante, Chief Strategy Officer, SeneGence.
Ben Kante

Chief Strategy Officer, SeneGence

Nathalie Cedeno, General Counsel, SeneGence.
Nathalie Cedeno

General Counsel, SeneGence

Alan Rogers Kante, Owner/CXO, Chief Experience Officer, SeneGence.
Alan Rogers Kante

Owner/CXO, Chief Experience Officer, SeneGence

Dean Hong, Chief Financial Officer, SeneGence.
Dean Hong

Chief Financial Officer, SeneGence

Kristen Aguilar, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing and SeneCare, SeneGence.
Kristen Aguilar

Executive Vice President of Global Marketing and SeneCare, SeneGence

Charles Miller, Senior Vice President of Global Operations, SeneGence.
Charles Miller

Senior Vice President of Global Operations, SeneGence

Alix Orza, SVP- Human Resources, SeneGence.
Alix Orza

SVP- Human Resources, SeneGence

Murali M Chandra, Senior Vice President of Digital Solutions, SeneGence.
Murali M Chandra

Senior Vice President of Digital Solutions, SeneGence

Melanie Bradshaw, Senior Vice President of Global Events, SeneGence.
Melanie Bradshaw

Senior Vice President of Global Events, SeneGence

Varun Koneru, Vice President for R&D, Quality, and Regulatory, SeneGence.
Varun Koneru

Vice President for R&D, Quality, and Regulatory, SeneGence

SeneGence Products

The LipSense Lip color is the Iconic Product that put SeneGence MLM on the map. This Cult favorite Liquid lip color is available in 64 stunning shades. Women swear by its waterproof formula that won’t smear, rub, or kiss off for an incredible 4-18 hours. You can choose from matte, shimmer, or frost finishes. You can also mix and match to create endless custom looks. It is also free from parabens, sulfates, and other harmful ingredients. LipSense is the perfect choice if you want a transfer-resistant lip color that stays put!!

LipSense Lip Color, Shade- Mod Magenta

Does your foundation sit heavy on your skin, look cakey, or oxidize in a while? If yes, then you must get your hands on this foundation. The MakeSense Original foundation comes in 19 shades to suit all skin tones and adapts to your skin perfectly. It is non-smearing and gives long-lasting coverage to make you look flawless. The foundation is also oil-free, water resistant, and hydrates your skin all day. Now, you can get a natural glow that will last you through the day!!

MakeSense Original Foundation Shade- Vanilla

The Advanced SenePlex+ Renewal Serum with Retinol is a must-have in your nighttime skincare routine. The serum transforms your skin while you sleep to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and give you a radiant, youthful glow. It contains Nano Retinol and Nephoria from Rambutan leaves to deliver a sustained release of retinol. Plus, the hydrating magic of MeadowFoam Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, and Hyaluronic Acid Complex keeps your skin calm and moisturized. Now, wake up to brighter, firmer, and fabulous skin every morning!!

Advanced SenePlex+ Renewal Serum with Retinol

A cleanser is the most important part of a good skincare routine. If you want the perfect cleanser to add to your skincare, this is it. The MicroBiome Correcting cleanser is gentle yet exfoliating enough to refresh your skin without stripping moisture or disrupting its natural microbiome. It is packed with probiotics, and hyaluronic acid, making it perfect for sensitive, oily, or troubled skin. The cleanser is also free from parabens, sulfates, and alcohol. Say hello to a balanced, radiant complexion!!

MicroBiome Correcting Cleanser

The SeneGence for Men Facial Moisturizer with SPF 20 is for men who want to step up their skincare routine. This oil-free formula leaves your skin feeling hydrated and fresh while fighting aging and protecting you from the sun. The moisturizer is packed with cucumber extracts for soothing hydration and Vitamins A, B, and E for antioxidant protection. Your skin will feel refreshed, hydrated, and ready to face the day!!

SeneGence for Men Facial Moisturizer with SPF 20

Say Goodbye to greasy hair days with this fabulous Dry Shampoo. This lightweight waterless spray zaps oils and odor, leaving your hair fresh and voluminous. It is Perfect for all hair types and doesn't leave any white residue. The spray is also free from sulfates and parabens. It leaves a light clean scent that refreshes your day-old hair and gives it a boost of confidence!!

SeneGence Dry Shampoo

The Luxurious EyeCreme from SeneGence is a powerhouse formula that tackles fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and redness around the eyes, while deeply hydrating the delicate skin. The creme is clinically proven to improve radiance and reduce signs of aging. It leaves your eyes looking refreshed, firmer, and more luminous. The Creme is perfect for all skin types and is dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested. Using EyeCreme every day will make your eyes feel pampered and look awake!!

SeneGence EyeCreme

Give a rest to those sleepless nights with the VitaSense Sleep Supplement. This magical formula is crafted to help you fall asleep effortlessly, stay asleep all night, and wake up feeling a million bucks. Its unique blend promotes relaxation, soothes the mind, and ensures you sleep well every night. The capsules are vegan, gluten-free, and packed with essential oils and holistic herbs.

VitaSense Sleep Supplement
LipSense Lip Color, Shade- Mod Magenta

Senegence Compensation Plan Details

Compensation plans are the most part of an MLM company and SeneGence has crafted one that is quite rewarding and straightforward. The plan offers 25- 100% retail profits along with commissions on group sales volume. Add-ons like travel incentives and car allowances make it more interesting.

The SeneGence Compensation plan is designed to maximize your earning potential and turn your passion for beauty into a thriving business opportunity!! Here are a few things to know about the plan:

Senegence Compensation Plan details

Compensation plans are the most part of an MLM company and SeneGence has crafted one that is quite rewarding and straightforward. The plan offers 25- 100% retail profits along with commissions on group sales volume. Add-ons like travel incentives and car allowances make it more interesting.

The SeneGence Compensation plan is designed to maximize your earning potential and turn your passion for beauty into a thriving business opportunity!! Here are a few things to know about the plan:

  • To be a part of MLM SeneGence, you must sign up as a SeneGence Distributor and purchase starter kits starting from 25$, that include some products and business-building essentials to get you started.

  • Once you sign up, you can order products at a 20-50% discount and sell them at retail prices.

  • Personal Volume (PV) and Group Sales Volume (GSV) are some of the best sales KPIs that help determine how much you earn based on your sales performance. Your commissions and bonus calculations will rely heavily on it.

  • If you maintain a cumulative PV order of at least 750 each month for three consecutive months, you qualify for ongoing benefits through the SeneSeller Program.

  • SeneBucks are credits awarded to Independent Distributors qualifying for various incentives. These credits are redeemable for product purchases at their retail value.

SeneGence Commissions details

A good MLM commission plan provides multiple avenues for distributors to earn an income, which motivates them and encourages the growth of the network. The SeneGence commission structure rewards distributors for their individual efforts through retail profits and team efforts through commissions on group volume. Let us dive into each of these in detail.

  • Retail Profits

    In the SeneGence compensation plan, you can earn between 25-and 100% profit on retail sales based on your point value. There are two types of retail earnings under the plan:

    • Immediate Sales Income- Earn profit from direct sales and follow-up calls within 24 to 48 hours after a demo. This is all about the hustle – your time, effort, and presence are required to make it happen.

    • Reorder Sales income- It is the easiest way to make money. Your profits will keep rolling in with repeat sales from your previous happy customers. The better relationship you maintain with your customers, the more you will earn. Also, higher PV results in a higher profit potential.

  • Commission Income

    The Commission income plan of MLM SeneGence allows you to earn additional income based on your team’s performance. Your commission income will increase as you build your downline. There are two types of Income under the SeneGence Commission structure-

    • Downline Commission

      Start earning quickly with Downline Commissions, which pay out on the first 100 Currency Value (CV) from your team’s sales. To qualify, you need at least 100 Point Value (PV) in the same month as your team’s orders.

      The company’s unilevel MLM plan allows you to earn level commissions for up to 4 levels. To earn 4th Level commissions, you will need

      • 200 PV within the same qualifying month

      • Levels 1-3 must-have group PV of at least 10,000 in the same qualifying month

      • At Least five 1st-level distributors personally sponsored by you. Each distributor should have 100 PV in the same qualifying month.

      The Unilevel Compensation plan is one of the most popular network marketing structures. Read our blog for more information.

SeneGence Commissions details

A good MLM commission plan provides multiple avenues for distributors to earn an income, which motivates them and encourages the growth of the network. The SeneGence commission structure rewards distributors for their individual efforts through retail profits and team efforts through commissions on group volume. Let us dive into each of these in detail.

Kiss and Tell - SeneGence Customer Loyalty Program

Apart from good products, customer reward programs are one of the best customer loyalty techniques that MLM companies use to incentivize repeat purchases. SeneGence has crafted a fantastic Kiss and Tell Customer Loyalty Program that offers exclusive deals to make shopping a rewarding experience. If you are not intrigued by their business opportunity but love their products, you can sign up to be a part of their customer loyalty program.

By joining, you can earn points on every purchase. You get 1 point on every dollar you spend, 100 points if you order an anniversary gift for your loved one, 25 points for a product review, 50 points for a photo review, and 100 points for a video review. You also get points simply to follow their social media accounts!! Moreover, you can redeem these points for either discounts on your cart total or buy your favorite SeneGence products at a discount!!

Kiss and Tell- SeneGence Customer Loyalty Program


SeneGence distributors' earnings vary based on their sales performance and the size of their team. Income can range from part-time supplemental income to full-time earnings, depending on individual effort and success in the business.

Yes, SeneGence products adhere to strict clean beauty standards, banning over 1,450 harmful chemicals. They meet stringent EU regulations for safety and efficacy.

While SeneGence products are not entirely all-natural, they do prioritize high-quality, safe, and effective ingredients. Their formulations focus on combining science and nature to deliver optimal results.

Yes, several SeneGence products contain SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. This includes items like their foundation and tinted moisturizer.

Yes, SeneGence operates as a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. Distributors can earn income through product sales and by building a team of other distributors.

No, the Idea of the SeneGence Pyramid Scheme is not true. Pyramid schemes are illegal and do not involve the sale of actual products, whereas SeneGence offers tangible products and legitimate business opportunities through sales and recruitment.

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