Top 11 MLM Companies in Cyprus

Updated on Jul 11th, 2024
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Top MLM Companies in Cyprus

Cyprus is often referred to as a Mediterranean paradise. This beautiful island is nestled between Europe, Asia, and Africa. However, beyond the crystal clear waters and sun-kissed shores, the island is carving out a new identity as a hotbed for MLM companies.

The island is at the convergence of the new and the old. Among the ancient ruins, you will find a perfect atmosphere conducive to MLM entrepreneurship. The growing economic opportunities and a shift in the preferences of the local population make it a perfect place for MLM Cyprus companies to thrive.

List of Top 11 MLM Companies in Cyprus

We have compiled a list of the Top 11 MLM companies in Cyprus based on their revenue.

1. Herbalife


Herbalife is one of the top network marketing companies in the world. It offers a range of health and wellness products through its network of independent distributors. It has established a presence in Cyprus and helps individuals achieve their wellness goals through personalized coaching and community engagement.

  • Founder: Mark Hughes

  • CEO: Michael Johnson

  • Year Founded: 1980

  • Industry: Wellness and Fitness

  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

  • Products: Nutrition supplements, weight management products, and personal care products.

  • Company Size: 10,001+ employees

  • Revenue (2023): $5.1 Billion

  • Achievements: Herbalife Wins Two Gold Excellence Awards for Providing Best-In-Class Education and Tools to Help Its Independent Distributors Grow Their Businesses.

  • Website:

2. Vorwerk


When it comes to home appliances, Vorwerk is a brand known for its high-quality products. Also, their rewarding business model and impactful marketing strategies have contributed to Vorwerk's success and strong reputation in the home appliance industry.

  • Founder: Carl Vorwerk

  • Year Founded: 1883

  • Industry: Household appliances, Consumer goods

  • Headquarters: Wuppertal, Germany

  • Products: Vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, household appliances

  • Company Size: 10,001+ employees

  • Revenue (2023): $3450 Million

  • Achievements: Vorwerk SE & Co. KG has been honored as a Top Employer for 2024 by the Top Employers Institute, marking the third consecutive year of recognition.

  • Website:

3. Young Living


Young Living has built a strong reputation as a leader in essential oil and wellness products. It continues to thrive in Cyprus, providing local customers with its renowned products through a dedicated network of distributors.

  • Founder: D. Gary Young and Mary Young

  • CEO: Mary Young

  • Year Founded: 1994

  • Industry: Wellness and Fitness

  • Headquarters: Lehi, Utah, USA

  • Products: Essential oils, personal care products, nutritional supplements.

  • Company Size: 1,001-5,000 employees

  • Revenue (2023): $2000 million

  • Achievements: Young Living Honored by DSA Awards for Make a Shift Campaign.

  • Website:

4. Forever Living Products


The Aloe Vera-based Forever Living products are liked by millions of people worldwide, including in Cyprus. The company is known to have strict quality standards and also follow sustainable farming practices.

  • Founder: Rex Maughan

  • CEO: Gregg Maughan

  • Year Founded: 1978

  • Industry: Wellness and Fitness

  • Headquarters: Tempe, Arizona, USA

  • Products: Aloe Vera gel-based products, Personal Care Products.

  • Company Size: 201-500 employees

  • Revenue (2023): $1800 Million

  • Achievements: Forever Aloe Vera Gel received the Silver award for Best Aloe Vera Product in the 2023 Global Green Beauty Awards.

  • Website:

5. Oriflame


This Swiss beauty brand is known for its clean and effective beauty products. Oriflame continues to set high standards of quality and purity in Cyprus, to ensure that the customers have access to their diverse range of skincare, cosmetics, and wellness products.

  • Founder: Jonas and Robert af Jochnick, Bengt Hellsten

  • CEO: Anna Malmhake

  • Year Founded: 1967

  • Industry: Beauty and Personal Care

  • Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

  • Products: Skincare, Cosmetics and Wellness products

  • Company Size: 5,001-10,000 employees

  • Revenue (2023): $811 Million

  • Achievements: Oriflame was honored with the prestigious IFCA Star Award 2023 for its innovative approach to sustainability in packaging.

  • Website:

6. LR Health and Beauty


L R Health and Beauty is recognized for its wellness and beauty products, especially aloe vera-based products. The company operates globally, including in Cyprus, to promote its certified health and beauty products through its direct sales channel.

  • Founder: Helmut Spikker, Achim Hickmann

  • CEO: Dr. Andreas Laabs

  • Year Founded: 1985

  • Industry: Health and Beauty

  • Headquarters: Ahlen, Germany

  • Products: Health and beauty products, specializing in aloe vera-based products.

  • Company Size: 1,001-5,000 employees

  • Revenue (2023): $296 Million

  • Achievements: The German Innovation Award 2023 has recognized Zeitgard Pro with a special mention, highlighting its outstanding user-centered design and added value as a premier cosmetic device for home use.

  • Website:

7. Greenway Global


Greenway Global has paved the way for a greener environment through its eco-friendly beauty and health products. It offers its products to multiple global markets, including Cyprus through innovative distribution channels and partnerships that make eco-friendly living affordable to all.

  • President and CEO: Leonid Morgunov

  • Year Founded: 2017

  • Industry: Health and Beauty

  • Products: Home, Beauty, Heath, Dietary Supplement items, etc.

  • Revenue (2023): $265 Million

  • Website:

8. Avon


Avon has cemented its global reputation as a leading MLM makeup company. Its beauty and personal care products are quite popular worldwide. It has extended its reach to the picturesque island of Cyprus. The company’s quality and innovative products are one of the reasons why their products are a household stable worldwide.

  • Founder: David H. McConnell

  • CEO: Kristof Neirynck

  • Year Founded: 1886

  • Industry: Beauty and Personal care

  • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

  • Products: Cosmetics, Skincare, Fragrances

  • Company Size: 10,001+ employees

  • Revenue (2023): $243.8 Million

  • Achievements:

    1. Angela Cretu won Best People-Focused CEO of the Year at the HR Excellence Awards 2023.

    2. Hydramatic Lipstick wins Best New Lip Product of 2023 Global Makeup Award.

  • Website:

9. APL Go


APL Go is recognized for its innovative approach to health and wellness, particularly through its range of nutritional supplements and lifestyle products. It is one of the top MLM companies in Cyprus, which empowers individuals to achieve their health goals through personalized wellness solutions and a supportive community.

  • Founder and President: Sergey Kulikov

  • Year Founded: 2011

  • Industry: Health and Wellness

  • Headquarters: Cyprus

  • Products: Beauty products, Health supplements.

  • Revenue (2023): $220 Million

  • Website:

10. Jeunesse


Jeunesse is the leader when it comes to anti-aging products. This MLM skincare company manufactures its skincare and dietary supplements with the best ingredients that restore the body's natural ability to repair itself. Its worldwide presence expands to Cyprus, where its anti-aging products are in demand.

  • Founder: Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis

  • CEO: Jason Borne

  • Year Founded: 2009

  • Industry: Health and Wellness

  • Headquarters: Lake Mary, Florida, USA

  • Products: Beauty, Wellness, Fitness, and Health products.

  • Company Size: 201-500 Employees

  • Revenue (2023): $8 Billion

  • Achievements: Jeunesse received top honors at the Golden Bridge Awards.

  • Website:

11. My Daily Choice


My Daily Choice is an online marketplace where you can products from various brands. The company’s innovative marketing strategies, CBD oil-based wellness products, nutritional sprays, and travel services make it one of the top MLM companies in Cyprus.

  • Founder: Josh and Jenna Zwagil

  • CEO: Josh Zwagil

  • Year Founded: 2014

  • Industry: Health and Wellness

  • Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

  • Products: Health and Wellness products.

  • Company Size: 51-200 employees

  • Revenue (2023): $178 Million

  • Website:

Sl. no Company Name Year Founded Revenue
1 Herbalife 1980 $5.1 Billion
2 Vorwerk 1883 $3450 Million
3 Young Living 1995 $2000 million
4 Forever Living 1978 $1800 Million
5 Oriflame 1967 $811 Million
6 L R Health and Beauty 1985 $296 Million
7 Green Way Global 2017 $265 Million
8 Avon 1886 $243.8 Million
9 APL GO 2011 $220 Million
10 Jeunesse 2009 $8 Billion
11 My Daily Choice 2014 $178 Million

Factors Responsible for the Success of These MLM Companies in Cyprus

Cyprus is a hotspot for Multi-level marketing companies, thanks to a blend of factors like business-friendly conditions and other market advantages. Let us dive into a few factors that make MLM Cyprus perfect for your entrepreneurial journey.

1. Pro Business Government and Investment Environment

Imagine a country where the government actually makes things easier for you to start and operate a successful MLM business. In Cyprus, the government actually supports this by offering incentives and making it straightforward to set up and grow. You will find the regulatory environment welcoming, with favorable tax policies and initiatives that attract foreign investment. Thereby, allowing your MLM business to thrive and expand.

2. Strategic Location and Market Access

Location is an important factor to consider when you start an MLM company. Cyprus is your gateway to three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa. This prime location means you can easily distribute your products and reach a diverse customer base. Cyprus’s strategic positioning will help you expand your market reach and connect with new customers across multiple regions.

3. Robust Economic Growth

Cyprus’s growing economy means people have more money to spend on quality products and services. For MLM companies in Cyprus, this economic stability means that they are ready and willing to invest in your products. You will find a fertile market with plenty of opportunities to introduce and expand your MLM ventures.

4. High Internet Penetration and Tech-Savvy Population

With almost everyone in Cyprus being connected to the internet and tech-savvy, digital marketing and online sales are a breeze. MLM Cyprus companies can easily reach potential customers and distributors through various online platforms. You can use social media network marketing techniques to engage with customers effectively and boost the sales of your MLM business.

5. Cultural Acceptance and Social Networks

Cyprus has a strong sense of community and values social connections, which is a perfect ground for MLM businesses. People are open to building relationships and sharing opportunities. This means that it is now easier for you to create MLM leads and grow your network. You can tap into this social culture to create a supportive and motivated team that ultimately drives the growth and success of your MLM Cyprus business.

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The MLM industry in Cyprus is expanding rapidly and it only makes sense to be a part of this booming economy. The local population is increasingly opening up to new business opportunities and innovative products. This guide of the Top 11 MLM companies in Cyprus will help you understand the factors behind their success and the regulatory landscape, which can help you strategically position your MLM business for success.

If you are looking to set up a successful MLM business in the Mediterranean Island, you will need reliable MLM software that will streamline your business operations. Global MLM Software has the latest tools and integrations that will help you manage your network, track sales, calculate commissions, and automate your marketing campaigns, to ensure that you succeed in your MLM Cyprus Business.


1. Is the Pyramid scheme legal in Cyprus?

Pyramid schemes are illegal in Cyprus and focus on making money through recruitment rather than product sales. The country has strict laws in place to protect people from these types of scams.

2. How do I set up a successful MLM business in Cyprus?

Setting up an MLM business in Cyprus requires thorough knowledge of the market. You need to understand the preferences of the local population and the legal requirements of the area. Once your research is complete, you should chart out an MLM business plan, set up your marketing channels, etc, and start building your distributor network.

3. What are the growth prospects for MLM companies in Cyprus?

MLM companies in Cyprus are expected to grow in the coming years. More people are becoming aware of the products they offer, especially those focused on health, beauty, and wellness.

4. What are the regulations for MLM companies in Cyprus?

Regulations for MLM companies in Cyprus typically include requirements for registration, compliance with consumer protection laws, and transparency in business practices.

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