Top 11 MLM Companies in Utah [2024]

Updated on Jul 10th, 2024
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Top MLM Companies in Utah

Have you ever wondered which place is the network marketing hub of the USA? If you think it's Utah, you are right.

With such a great infrastructure to support MLM businesses, seeing direct-selling companies flourishing here is no surprise. But the real question is which companies have done it so far?

As an MLM enthusiast, knowing more about these MLM companies can lead your business a long way.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the top MLM companies in Utah.

List of MLM Companies in Utah

We have curated a list of MLM Companies in Utah based on factors like revenue and achievements.

1. Herbalife

Herbalife logo

Herbalife is a well-known wellness brand that offers MLM business opportunities to its users all across the globe.

Founder Mark Hughes
CEO Michael Johnson
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Year Founded 1980
Company Size 10,001+ employees
Products It is the best MLM in Utah, dealing in a number of categories ranging from nutrition to skincare. The notable products of Herbalife include Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix and Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix.
Revenue $5,100 Million
Achievements Herbalife has won Two Gold Excellence Awards for Providing Best-In-Class Education and Tools to Help Its Independent Distributors

2. Avon

Avon logo

Avon operates in the cosmetic and beauty industry and has been present in the MLM market for a long time.

Founder David H. McConnell
CEO Kristof Neirynck
Headquarters New York, NY
Year Founded 1886
Company Size 501-1,000 employees
Products Avon is a skincare brand that deals in products like Avon Eve Truth EDP, Avon Far Away EDP, and Avon Little Black Dress.
Revenue $3.63 Billion
Achievements Avon is the winner of the Philippines Smart Parenting Awards 2023.

3. Nu Skin

Nu Skin logo

Nu Skin is a personal skin care brand that makes quality product supplements to improve quality of life for its customers.

Founder Blake Roney and Sandie Tillotson
CEO Ryan Napierski
Headquarters Provo, Utah
Year Founded 1984
Company Size 1,001-5,000 employees
Products Nu Skin is one of the most successful Utah based MLM companies. This company specializes in selling personal care products and dietary and nutritional supplements. Some of their products include ageLOC Rose Gold LumiSpa® iO + Cleanser and ageLOC Blue LumiSpa® iO + Cleanser.
Revenue $1,970 Million
Achievements NU Skin received International Innovation Awards® 2021 for Product ageLOC Boost.

4. YoungLiving

YoungLiving logo

Young Living brand’s focus is on essential oil with a range of hair care and oral care products.

Founder D. Gary Young
CEO Mary Young
Headquarters Lehi, Utah
Year Founded 1993
Company Size 1,001-5,000 employees.
Products This company deals in essential oils. They offer products in Massage Oils, Diffusers, Skin Care, Hair Care, Oral Care, Cooking, Household Cleaners categories as well.
Revenue $2,000 Million

5. doTerra

doTerra logo

doTerra company is famous for providing wellness related products, mostly for adults.

Founders David Stirling, Gregory P. Cook, Corey B. Lindley, Emily Wright, Dr. David K. Hill, Mark A. Wolfert & Robert J. Young
CEO Kirk Jowers
Headquarters Utah, USA
Year Founded 2008
Company Size 1,000-5,000 employees
Products This is yet another network marketing company in Utah that deals in supplements and gut health products. Their product range has a number of products like After Sun Restorative Body Spray and MetaPWR
Revenue $525.00 million
Achievements The company won the Gold Medal for USA Global Makeup Awards for Best Bath/Shower Product in 2023.

6. Morinda

Morinda logo

Morinda is an MLM company focused on wellness and lifestyle products.

Founder Kelly Olsen
CEO Linda Non-Gal Knight
Headquarters USA
Year Founded 1996
Company Size 201-500 employees
Products This company deals in wellness products. Tahitian Noni Juice is one of their premium products.
Revenue $500 million

7. Plexus Worldwide

Plexus Worldwide logo

Plexus Worldwide MLM company provides weight management related products, but it also has a wide range of skincare and nutrition related products too.

Founders Tarl Robinson & Alec Clark
CEO Tarl Robinson
Headquarters USA
Year Founded 2008
Company Size 10,001+ employees
Products Mostly related to weight management and wellness products, Plexus is a company with a good reputation. Its range of products includes Plexus BioCleanse, Plexus Microbiome Activating and Black Cherry Lime Blossom
Revenue $377 Million
Achievements Plexus Worldwide won the Direct Selling Association's Marketing and Sales Campaign award for Plexus Reset.

8. Nature's Sunshine

Natures Sunshine logo

Nature's Sunshine is an award winning living and wellness related MLM company that provides herbal related products.

Founder Gene Hughes
CEO Terrence O. Moorehead
Headquarters Utah, USA
Year Founded 1972
Company Size 1,001-5,000 employees
Products The company is famous for top-notch herbal products ranging from detox and weight loss. Their main products are Power Beets, Power Sticks and Cholorphyll Stick Packs.
Revenue $445 Million

9. Senegence

Senegence logo

SeneGence is an emerging MLM company that specializes in anti-aging and self-care related products.

Founder & CEO Joni Rogers-Kante
Headquarters USA
Year Founded 1999
Company Size 51-200 employees
Products The company is one of the top-performing MLM in Utah. They deal in various categories related to wellness and fitness. Body Butter, Lip Color and Lip Liners are some of their premium products.
Revenue $20.8 million
Achievements SeneGence received the 2021 Shape Beauty Award in the Best Powder category.

10. LifeVantage

LifeVantage logo

LifeVantage is a famous nutrition and health supplement MLM brand. It specializes in manufacturing products that combat oxidative stress and improve overall quality of life.

CEO Darren Jensen
Headquarters Salt Lake, Utah
Year Founded 2003
Company Size 51-200 employees
Products It is an MLM based in Utah that operates in the health and fitness sector. The company’s prime focus is on general wellness, skincare and energy-related products. Some of their main products include Lifevantage D3, LifeVantage Reset PM and Axio Cherry Limeade.
Revenue $213 million
Achievements LifeVantage was Honored with the Stevie Award in the 2019 American Business Awards

11. Modere

Modere logo

Modere is a health and wellness company that provides innovative products that promote self-care, clean beauty, and women's health, and focus on safety and scientific research.

Founders: Leslie Mower & Thomas Mower
CEO Asma Ishaq
Headquarters CA, USA
Year Founded 1992
Company Size 201-500 employees
Products This company ranks as one of the best Multi Level Marketing companies in Utah. The company sells health and wellness products across various channels. Their product range includes Modere Pure, Trim and Carb Blocker.
Revenue $70 million
Achievements Modere won the 2021 BEST EYE CREAM award, held by CertClean Clean Beauty Awards.
S.No Name Year Founded Company Size Revenue
1 Herbalife 1980 10,000+ employees $5.02 Billion
2 Avon 1886 10,000+ employees $3.63 Billion
3 Nu Skin 1989 1,000-5,000 employees $1.9 Billion
4 Young Living 1993 1,001-5,000 employees $213.7 million
5 doTerra 2008 1,000-5,000 employees $525.00 million
6 Morinda 1996 201-500 employees $500 million
7 Plexus Worldwide 2008 10,001+ employees $377 Million
8 Nature's Sunshine 1972 1,001-5,000 employees $445 Million
9 Senegence 1999 51-200 employees $20.8 million
10 LifeVantage 2003 51-200 employees $213 million
11 Modere 1992 201-500 employees $70.00 million

Factors Responsible for the Success of MLM Companies in Utah

Because of the solid entrepreneurial culture and growth opportunities, MLM companies in Utah have been pretty successful in establishing their market presence. However, there are some other reasons that add to their MLM victory. They are:

1. Social Media Strategy

Amway’s engaging social media strategy played a role in their success too. It can be observed that they strike a balance between engagement and value addition for their users. For instance, most of their posts related to testimonials and quality product images have helped drive engagement and enhance brand awareness.

If you want to learn more about why social media is important for Network Marketing business, Consider reading our blog: What is the Importance of Social Media in Network Marketing Business.

2. Health and Wellness Focus Company

As most of the direct selling companies in Utah are health and wellness related, it is easier to find a good customer base.

3. Compensation Plans

Additionally, companies such as Herbalife and Young Living are transparent about their compensation plans. Owing to this, these companies have been able to win trust and witness growth in their business. Young Living allows its IBOS to earn a 25% bonus on their personally enrolled Brand Partners’ orders during their first 3 calendar months.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Network Marketing Companies in Utah

Here are some reasons why you should choose network marketing companies in Utah. They are:

1. Support Training

Companies like doTerra offer training courses that help an IBO understand market dynamics and get a better grasp of their work. The courses include quizzes and engaging videos, using which you can learn the concept easily. Hence, choosing these kinds of companies would be a wise decision.

2. Community and Culture

MLM companies in Utah ensure that IBOs feel a sense of skill enhancing community through various events like workshops. Also, regular reward programs at these companies instill an appreciative work culture.

3. Brand Reputation

These MLM Utah companies are present in more countries all across the globe. Moreover, they have a good number of reviews that enhance their reputation. This could be an important factor when choosing MLM companies in Utah.

Marketing Strategies Used by Multi Level Marketing Companies in Utah

The Marketing Strategies used by MLM Companies in Utah are:

1. Digital Marketing

Though each company has its own marketing strategy to get into the market, however, there’s a common strategy that all of these companies use. And that is online marketing. As observed, the organizations used a multichannel approach using various social media platforms.

2. Value Adding Content

As observed, many of these companies that have utilized a multichannel approach have also focused on making content that connects with users. A fine example of this could be the infographics or videos shared by Amway and Herbalife that address the common problems of their customers.

Stats of Utah based MLM Companies

  • Utah’s established direct-selling industry anchored over 38,000 well-paying jobs in 2020.

  • Direct selling companies paid their Utah employees an average of 18.4% more than companies in other industries in 2020. It is one of the reasons why MLM Companies are so popular in Utah.

  • Different kinds of MLM companies exist in Utah. But nearly 20% of MLM Companies in Utah represent the Beauty and Fashion segment.

The future of MLM holds enormous potential, especially in terms of technology. In the coming years, the following technologies will revolutionize the direct selling world.

1. AI and Data Analytics

With the help of AI-based analytics, the IBOs will be able to make informed decisions about creating a personalized marketing strategy. This would eventually lead to better conversions.

2. Performance Tracking Tools

The performance tracking tools will gain even more popularity in MLM. The distributors will be able to track their incentives, performance and efficiency. Based on this better communication and higher productivity can be ensured.

3. Advanced CRM

The advanced CRMs will transform the relationships between IBOs and their teams. The CRMs will provide them with a comprehensive view of every minute detail in the business. This will aid in improving decision making.

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So far, we have discussed Utah based MLM companies, along with the reasons why they succeeded in their business. It can be concluded that in MLM business, companies now need to take a step ahead in boosting their reach and conversions. And social media could be one excellent source for it.

Another big takeaway for MLM businesses is to adapt to changing technology for improving productivity in repetitive tasks such as onboarding, and data/incentive management. For both of these tasks, Global MLM Software can be the most accurate solution.


1. What factors make Utah a hub for MLM companies?

Utah is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, supportive business environment, and a strong network of distributors. The state also has a rich history of MLM companies thriving due to these supportive factors.

2. Are MLM companies in Utah legitimate and reputable?

Yes, MLM companies in Utah are legitimate and have built reputations for their quality products and ethical business practices. However, it's always recommended to conduct personal research and due diligence.

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