Top 11 MLM Companies in South Africa (2024)


Updated on Jan 17th, 2024
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Top 11 MLM companies in South Africa (2024)

Do you dream of building your own business? Multi level marketing companies in South Africa may help you achieve your dreams. There are some controversies surrounding these businesses. So, is it lawful to associate with them?

Let us help you in making the decision.

MLM is a legitimate business structure in South Africa where you sell products and recruit others to do the same. You earn commissions not only from your own sales, but also from the sales of the people you bring on board.

But wait, there's more to this.

In South Africa, MLM companies must comply with the regulations set by the Consumer Protection Act and the Companies Act to ensure fair play for everyone involved. And if they're offering credit options, then they must follow the laws stated in The National Credit Act. Transparency is key, too, with laws like The Electronic Communications, The Promotion of Access to Information Act, and the Transactions Act and keeping things above board.

This strict regulatory environment may raise a question: is it worth it? The answer depends on your dedication and skill set. A committed MLM distributor in South Africa can earn a minimum of $2047.50. So if you’re interested in this business model and ready to make the effort, here is a list of best MLM companies for your consideration.

MLM Companies in South Africa

Presented below is a list of the top MLM companies in South Africa.

Forever Living Products is the best network marketing company in South Africa. It is an MLM company that specialises in aloe vera products. The company also sells a variety of other beauty, health and wellness products.

Achievements: It has won many awards, including Gold, Silver, and Bronze in the Sustainable Beauty category. (Source)

Controversy: Forever Living Products was fined $60 million in 2004 for misleading health claims about its products.(Source)

  • Year Founded: 1978

  • Latest Revenue: $1800 million (2022)

  • Social Media:

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2. Amway


Amway is another one of the best MLM companies in South Africa that offers a diverse range of products, from home care and personal care to nutrition and beauty.

Achievements: Amway products Nutrilite and eSpring won the Gold Awards at the Reader's Digest Trusted Brands Awards 2023.(Source)

Controversy: Facing accusations of deceptive marketing, inflated earnings, and bogus training tools, Amway's UK and Irish operations were suspended in 2007 after a year-long government investigation.(Source)

  • Year Founded: 1959

  • Latest Revenue: $8.1 billion (2022)

  • Social Media:

3. Nu Skin


Nu Skin is regarded as one of the top MLM companies in South Africa. This beauty and wellness company offers a wide range of anti-aging and personal care products.

Achievements: The company won Asia Pacific Enterprise Award for promoting goodness, wellness, and sustainability in 2021.(Source)

Controversy: In 2014, the company faced China's scrutiny for pyramid scheme concerns, leading to a fine of $540,000.(Source)

  • Year Founded: 1984

  • Latest Revenue: $2 billion (September 2023)

  • Social Media:

Herbalife has also established itself as one of the top MLM companies in South Africa. The company offers a wide range of weight loss and energy products.

Achievements: Herbalife Nutrition South Africa got a special award for being a great employer. They were recognized for having good human resources, policies, and ways of working with people.(Source)

Controversy: Multiple case reports have linked Herbalife products to liver injury. One study suggested that the intake of Herbalife products may have caused liver damage in a woman who was previously in good health.(Source)

  • Year Founded: 1980

  • Latest Revenue: $1.3 billion (September 2023)

  • Social Media:

Tupperware is an American company that practises multi level marketing in South Africa. It sells food storage containers and other kitchen products.

Achievements: The company has earned prestigious design accolades like Red Dot Design Award, International Design Excellence Awards and more for their innovative and quality products.(Source)

  • Year Founded: 1946

  • Latest Revenue: $313.7 million (March 2023)

  • Social Media:

6. Neolife


Neolife is also one of the best MLM companies in South Africa. The company offers health and wellness products, including dietary supplements, skincare, and weight management solutions.

  • Year Founded: 1958

  • Latest Revenue: $140 million (2022)

  • Social Media:

7. Avon


Avon is one of the world's oldest and largest MLM companies. It is a multinational entity that sells cosmetics, perfume, skin care, and personal care products.

Achievements: The company has received several awards globally over the years such as Cosmo Hot List 2023, Brazilian Design Awards, Best People-Focused CEO of the Year and more.(Source)

Controversy: In 2014, Avon was accused of breaking the FCPA (anti-bribery law) by not stopping its Chinese subsidiary employees and consultants from bribing Chinese officials with gifts and payments.(Source)

  • Year Founded: 1886

  • Latest Revenue: $590.50 million (March 2023)

  • Social Media:

Mannatech deals in personal care and dietary supplements. The company used to sell Manapol, an aloe vera extract produced by a different company before creating its own products. Today it is well-known for many products such as Ambrotose, a dietary supplement crafted from plant-derived sugars.

Achievements: In 2006, Mannatech was listed as the fifth-best small business in America by Forbes.(Source)

  • Year Founded: 1993

  • Latest Revenue: $133.6 million (September 2023)

  • Social Media:

Trevo LLC is a network marketing company that sells nutritional supplement juice. Their product contains the goodness of 174 nutraceuticals.

Controversy: The company has never been involved in any serious controversy. But in 2016, money from an internet fraud was found in a bank account that belonged to the company.(Source)

  • Year Founded: 2010

  • Latest Revenue: $32 million (2022)

  • Social Media:

10. Inuka


Inuka is a South African company that manufactures premium quality cosmetics and fragrance products. They are meticulously crafted for a long lasting experience.

Achievements: Though still in its early stages, the company has already established a strong presence in 11 African countries, boasting over 260,000 registered members.(Source)

  • Year Founded: 2010

  • Latest Revenue: $9 million (2022)

  • Social Media:

Edmark International is another one of the best MLM companies in South Africa. They offer health and wellness products which they claim are natural and thus beneficial for humans.

Achievements: Edmark International won “Outstanding Food Supplements Company of the Year” at Ghana West Africa Business Excellence Awards 2022.(Source)

Controversy: In 2023, a Nigerian man named Mr. Maurice Etim Anthony took legal action against Edmark International Limited. He accused the company of faking his signature and ignoring his rights as an unpaid minority shareholder of five percent. This was done to prevent him from knowing what was happening within the company.(Source)

  • Year Founded: 1986

  • Latest Revenue: $2.4 million in 2023

  • Social Media:

Factors responsible for the success of MLM companies in South Africa

MLM companies in South Africa have achieved remarkable success due to several contributing factors. These factors include:

1) Social media

MLM companies in South Africa are thriving on social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have turned into virtual marketplaces, allowing distributors to connect with their potential customers, showcase products, and build their brands. Not only this, social media is empowering distributors by providing them with a cost-effective platform for online sales, targeted marketing, and community engagement.

According to the Linkedin Report, 70% of sales professionals are active on linkedin for business purposes. Furthermore, digital tools for training, communication, and performance tracking optimise operations and provide instant support for a geographically dispersed network.

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2) Use of advanced technology

Paperwork and manual data entry are now things of the past. Companies use MLM software that comes with advanced features to manage everything from marketing and inventory tracking to commission calculations and genealogy reports. This automation helps distributors save valuable time and focus on what is most important i.e building relationships and closing sales.

Seize opportunities in the thriving South Africa market and streamline your MLM business with Global MLM software.

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To help you, we made this list of MLM companies in South Africa that we researched and found to be trustworthy. However, remember, it's important to do your own research before getting involved in any MLM business.

Keep in mind that success in MLM requires hard work, dedication, and a good understanding of how the business works. Be careful of promises that sound too good to be true and choose wisely!

In conclusion, if you're considering establishing and expanding an MLM business in South Africa, leveraging the power of technology is paramount. Partner with Global MLM Software, a premier MLM software development company in South Africa , to propel your business to new heights of success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the potential risks of joining an MLM company in South Africa?

The potential risks of joining an MLM company in South Africa are:

  1. High startup costs

  2. Building your downline

  3. Claims of unsustainable models

  4. Intense sales pressure

  5. Limited control

2. What should I consider before joining an MLM company in South Africa?

Primarily, there are five things you should consider before joining an MLM company i.e the company itself and its products, its compensation plan, company culture and support, legal considerations, and your personal goals.

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