Usana MLM Review

Usana is an MLM company that focuses on health and wellness products. It was founded by Dr. Myron Wentz in 1992. His background in microbiology and immunology and his expertise in human cell culture technology inspired him to create a line of nutritional products that provide cells with the right nutrients in optimal amounts.

Usana is a respected member of the Direct Selling Association and the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations. It maintains high standards in both product quality and business practices. This Usana MLM review highlights the essential aspects of this company, including its business model, compensation plan, awards and achievements, etc.

Usana MLM Review

Usana Manufacturing facilities

Usana Manufacturing facilities

Usana’s headquarters is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. It takes care of the manufacturing, production, and quality control for approximately 2/3rd of its nutritional products in its centralized manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Additionally, BabyCare, the company’s subsidiary, manufactures and produces almost 100% of its products in its manufacturing facilities in Beijing and Tianjin, China.

This approach helps the company ensure stringent quality standards and control over its production process.

Annual Revenue trend over the years

Year Revenue
2021 $1190 Million
2022 $999 Million
2023 $921 Million

Quotes from Usana Leaders

Dr. Myron Wentz, Ph.D, Founder

“I recognized many years ago that optimal cellular nutrition is key to maintaining long-term health. I believe, with the help of exceptional nutrition, people can live healthy and more rewarding lives.”

Dr. Myron Wentz

Ph.D, Founder and Chairman, Usana

Overview Table

Category Details
Founded 1992
Headquarters Salt Lake City, Utah
Industry Wellness and Fitness
Company Size 501-1,000 employees

USP of Usana

The USP of Usana lies in its focus on cellular nutrition. The company has developed a unique approach to wellness by understanding the crucial role of cells in maintaining overall health and providing them with the right nutrition. This commitment to cellular health sets the brand apart and is one of the factors for its success in the MLM market.

USP of Usana

Awards and Achievements


May 31, 2022

USANA's Celavive skincare system has secured its fifth consecutive Best of State award in the Personal Care Products category


May 31, 2022

Rev3 Energy has been awarded Best Beverage for the fourteenth consecutive year.


May 31, 2022

USANA CellSentials took home the best dietary supplement for its sixth win in a row.


May 31, 2022

USANA's Nutritionals product line won in the Health/Nutrition Products category for the fifth time.

Business Model

What is the Usana Business Model?

The Usana multi level marketing business model allows individuals to share and promote its products with others by referring friends, family, and their social media followers. They can also earn money based on their preferences. Individuals can choose to be associated with the brand as a preferred customer, Affiliate, or associate, and have the flexibility to earn, enjoy free products, or build a team to maximize their earning potential.

Is it a good business opportunity for Usana distributors?

The company’s representatives have multiple avenues to make money. They primarily earn through retail sales of Usana products and earn commissions. Additionally, the Usana network marketing representatives amplify their earnings through both personal sales and team-building efforts. Moreover, they get to be a part of the booming network marketing business opportunity in the health and wellness sector.

Usana’s Growth Strategy

Usana’s growth strategy revolves around increasing its global presence, multiplying its dedicated independent sales force and hard-working employees, and providing constant innovations in its health and beauty products. This multi-tiered approach has helped the brand realize its goals.

Here is a deeper look into each of these growth strategies:

  • Customer retention

    The company’s primary growth strategy revolves around customer acquisition and retention of its active customer base worldwide. For that, the company has been focusing on the “Preferred Customer Invitation Program” along with implementing various customer loyalty techniques. Moreover, regional events and conventions in key growth areas help the brand provide training and support to its associates, further driving customer engagement and retention.

  • Personalized product lines

    Usana aims to enhance customer experience through a personalized product range like the Celavive Skincare line. This range is formulated with Usana’s InCelligence Technology and provides a comprehensive skincare regime that suits all skin types and ethnicities. The range was launched worldwide in 2018, with upgraded skincare technology.

  • Product Innovations

    Usana’s constant focus on product innovation has resulted in its groundbreaking USANA InCelligence Technology. This patent-pending innovation harnesses the body’s natural ability to nourish, protect, and renew itself at a cellular level if provided with the right nutrition. This development has led to the brand’s revolutionary product lines like the USANA CellSentials and the Celavive range.

  • Strategies to expand in the Asia Pacific region

    Usana’s growing associates base in the Asian Pacific region has given the company a strong reason to expand. Their focus is to grow their active customer base in China, as they believe it is their most significant market. Their subsidiary, “BabyCare” has been granted license to conduct direct selling business in twelve of the country’s provinces.

  • International expansion to other key regions

    Their plans to set up manufacturing facilities support Usana’s vision to expand in new markets like Germany, Spain, Italy, and Romania. These facilities will allow for vertical integration of their business, help expand their product lines, and grow their customer base.


  • Usana operates in 25 countries worldwide and serves over 483,000 active customers.

  • The company achieved $921 Million in annual net sales, in FY 2023.

  • Nutrition products account for 71% of Usana’s total sales, essentials amount to 16%, foods are 7%, skincare 5% and all other products stand at 1%.

  • 80.4% of Usana’s sales came from the Asia Pacific region, while 19.6% were from the Americas and Europe.


Social Initiatives

Usana MLM company not only provides high-quality nutritional products but also strives to make a positive impact on society through its various social initiatives. These initiatives focus on supporting communities in need, and advocating for sustainability and environmental practices. The company strives to create a healthier and happier world through partnerships with NGOs, charitable donations, and volunteer efforts.Some of its social initiatives include:

  • Usana Kids Eat

    The USANA Kids Eat program fights childhood hunger in Utah by providing weekend food packs to at-risk youth. It aims to break the cycle of hunger and empower children and families, through community involvement and awareness campaigns. The program also collaborates with organizations like Mountain America Credit Union, offering immediate relief and working toward sustainable solutions.

  • The Usana Foundation

    The USANA Foundation is dedicated to providing immediate and long-term global food relief to those in severe need. Since 2012, the Foundation has donated millions of dollars and provided meals to communities in 26 countries. It also partners with organizations like the Children's Hunger Fund and International Relief Teams to work tirelessly and address the urgent needs of food insecurity around the globe.

  • Usana sustainability

    USANA's sustainability program focuses on three pillars: People, Planet, and Products. They prioritize waste reduction, renewable energy, and sustainable packaging to support a healthy planet. In 2023, there was a 65% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the Usana global HQ. Moreover, 53% of their Salt Lake City campus is powered by solar arrays.

    Additionally, the company also encourages active volunteering by its employees and invests heavily in initiatives to improve the health and wellness of the communities in which they operate.

Social Initiatives

Usana community

The Usana Community is a supportive network of like-minded individuals who are passionate Usana product users and advocates. They seek to share the benefits with others through a shared passion for holistic health and cellular wellness. They share tips on embracing whole, low-glycemic foods, regular exercise, hydration, stress management, and quality sleep, and empower others to do the same.

These efforts are supported by Instagram handles such as @USANAINC, @USANAATHLETES, and the #LiveUsana hashtag, which are an important part of the Usana MLM’s social media strategy. These strategies help drive engagement, increase brand visibility, and help in community building among affiliates and potential customers alike.

  • Usana Athletes

    Usana Athletes are a group of Olympic athletes worldwide who trust Usana products for their cellular health and scientifically backed product formulations. The brand’s Athlete Guarantee Program ensures that its supplements are free from any banned substances. From para track and field to freestyle skiing and wrestling, these athletes exemplify excellence and rely on the brand's superior products to support their performance and overall well-being.

Usana community

Latest News

Bella Magazine Beauty Awards 2024, Usana
May 23, 2024
USANA Celavive Postbiotic Barrier Balm Named to Best in Skincare List.
Mike Sessions, Vice President of HR, Usana
May 15, 2024
USANA HR Executive Awarded for Excellence in his Field.
 Kevin Guest, Executive Chairman, Usana
May 3, 2024
USANA Executive Chairman Kevin Guest Advocates for Family Wellness in May's Celebratory Month.

Product Portfolio

Usana's product portfolio includes high-quality nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. A good product portfolio is an important part of a successful MLM company. For a comprehensive MLM guide to business success, consider reading our blog.

The brand offers scientifically tested, high-quality products and solutions for weight management, personal care, and energy support, all designed to improve overall health through advanced nutritional science and a holistic approach to wellness.Some of its popular products include:

The Usana CellSentials is a premium daily multivitamin and multimineral system designed to support total body health. The product contains over 40 high-quality vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients in a patented formula. It promotes healthy aging, sustained energy, improved immune function, muscle function, and heart health. The product is formulated with Usana’s unique InCelligence technology, which helps activate the cells’ natural ability to protect and renew themselves.

Usana CellSentials

Usana’s probiotic comes in a convenient powdered formula, that is designed to support good digestion and immune health with clinically proven bacterial strains. Each box contains 14 packets. Each packet delivers 12 billion CFU of Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. Lactis and Lactobacillus rhamnosus, which are known for their benefits to digestive and immune health. This sugar-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free product is suitable for individuals with allergies.

Usana Probiotic Digestive support

The Celavice Vitalizing Serum is the brand’s best-selling product designed to target fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, large pores, and loss of elasticity. It is clinically proven to restore youthful radiance. The product uses the brand’s signature InCelligence Technology with bioactive peptides and botanical extracts to counteract aging. It is dermatologically tested and paraben-free.

Celavive Vitalizing Serum

Usana Celavive daily mineral protective cream is a lightweight, ultra-hydrating moisturizer designed for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It offers broad spectrum SPF 30 protection against UV rays, HEV blue light, and infrared while providing 24-hour hydration. This non-comedogenic, dermatologically tested, and reef-friendly formula absorbs quickly and leaves a natural finish.

Celavive Daily Mineral Protection Cream SPF 30

The Shake It Up Pak is a convenient and nutrient-rich meal replacement option. The pack features nutritional shakes in two flavors, which are low-glycemic and rich in dietary fiber and protein. Pairing them with fruits and vegetables makes for a complete meal. The pack also contains HealthPak with convenient AM and PM packets of essential nutrients, BiOmega for cardiovascular and joint health, and Usana Probiotic to support healthy digestion.

Shake It Up Pak

The Coconut Craze Collagen Protein bar is a delicious snack that packs a punch for flavor and nutrition. The bar is covered in dark chocolate and bursts with coconut goodness. Each bar contains 15 grams of protein, making it a perfect on-the-go snack. It increases satiety and energy levels and supports weight management goals. Added benefits of oat fiber and collagen promote healthy hair, skin, nails, joints, and bones.

Coconut Craze Collagen Protein Bar

Usana’s pure essential oils range is crafted to elevate moods and support well-being. This pack of 10 essential oils comes with convenient 10 ML bottles. Scents like calming lavender to energizing lemon offer a natural solution for enhancing daily routines. These oils contain plant-based extracts that promote balance and vitality in life.

Pure Essential Oils Collection

Usana’s scientifically formulated fluoride-free toothpaste delivers a brighter smile with fewer surface stains. Its innovative ADP-1 technology and natural ingredients like coconut oil and Aloe vera provide a deep clean while promoting fresh breath and oral health.

Usana Whitening Toothpaste Featuring ADP- 1
Usana CellSentials

The Science Behind Usana Products

The Science Behind Usana Products

Usana lays a strong emphasis on science-backed research when formulating its products. The company has been conducting research and development for over 3 decades. A team of over 150 scientists utilizes advanced technologies like InCelligence to unlock the body’s natural ability to adapt to stress and aging.

Hybrid Technology and Olivol Botanical Blend further enhance the effectiveness of its products. These ensure optimal absorption and utilization of essential nutrients at the cellular level. Additionally, all of the brand's products are backed by rigorous testing and third-party validations that showcase Usana’s commitment to unmatched quality and safety.

Clinical Research

Usana’s R & D team is a dedicated team of experts in various fields including, human nutrition, cellular biology, and genetics. The brand prioritizes the development of high-quality, science-based products that support long-term health. Furthermore, it collaborates with esteemed universities and research institutes to support its scientific endeavors and ensure cutting-edge nutritional products.

Some of Usana’s recent studies include- USANA’s Active Nutrition Jumpstart Program and the Usana Fibergy Active study.

Shaklee’s Non-GMO Policy

Company Leadership

Dr. Myron Wentz, Ph.D, Founder and Chairman, Usana
Dr. Myron Wentz

Ph.D, Founder and Chairman, Usana.

Jim Brown, President and Chief Executive Officer, Usana
Jim Brown

President, and Chief Executive Officer, Usana

Kevin G. Guest, Executive Chairman of the Board, Usana
Kevin G. Guest

Executive Chairman of the Board, Usana

Doug Hekking, Chief Financial Officer, Usana
Doug Hekking

Chief Financial Officer, Usana

Xia Ding, Director, Usana
Xia Ding

Director, Usana

John T Flaming, Director, Usana
John T Flaming

CDirector, Usana

Gilbert A. Fuller, Director, Usana
Gilbert A. Fuller, Director, Usana

Director, Usana

J. Scott Nixon, CPA, Director, Usana
J. Scott Nixon

CPA, Director, Usana

Peggie Pelosi, Director, Usana
Peggie Pelosi

Director, Usana

Timothy Wood, Ph.D, Director, Usana
Timothy Wood

Ph.D, Director, Usana

Various Ways to Share Usana

Various Ways to Share Usana

  • As a Preferred Customer

    Preferred customers purchase Usana products for personal use. A simple sign-up on their company website is required to become a preferred customer. They get a 10% discount on all orders and an additional 10% on product subscriptions through Auto Order. They can also earn 10% back in product credit for each purchase by referring friends through their unique Refer a Friend program.

  • Affiliate

    Affiliates share their favorite Usana products with friends, family, and social media followers, helping the company in MLM lead generation through referrals. They earn 10%-20% commissions on every purchase made through their unique Affiliate Share Links. Affiliates also benefit from a 10% discount on product orders, and an additional 10% for Auto Order Subscriptions. However, they are not a part of Usana’s compensation plan and do not earn bonuses and other benefits.

Commissions plan details for Affiliates

Usana’s Affiliate Program is designed to reward individuals who are passionate about health and wellness by offering a simple way to earn commissions and enjoy additional benefits. This program allows Affiliates to earn long-term rewards by sharing the brand’s high-quality products with others.

Some highlight of the Affiliate commissions program include:

  • Affiliates can earn 15–20% commissions on sales made through unique Affiliate links, applicable to both new and returning customers.

  • Commissions are paid out weekly via direct deposit, provided earnings are 5.00 USD or more.

  • Affiliates continue to earn commissions on all future purchases made by their customers as long as their Affiliate account remains active.

  • Affiliates can refer others and earn a 10% bonus on their commissions, expanding their earning potential.

  • Affiliates enjoy a 10% discount on all personal product purchases, with an additional 10% savings on subscriptions (Auto Order).

Commissions plan details for Affiliates

Compensation plan detail for Associates

The Usana compensation plan is based on the MLM binary plan, where there is no limit to the depth of commissions that they can earn. They also receive weekly payouts. This plan encourages associates to build teams and evenly distribute their efforts between them so all team members receive fair commissions.

The MLM binary plan allows associates to earn commissions in six ways.These are:

  • Retail sales

    Associates purchase USANA products at a special Preferred Price and sell them at retail prices, earning an immediate profit from the difference. This method provides quick income and helps build a base of satisfied customers, many of whom may become future Associates.

  • Weekly Commissions

    Associates earn weekly commissions based on the Group Sales Volume (points from product sales) on both the left and right sides of their organization. Points accumulate from team purchases and sales, and commissions are paid when volumes match on both sides. An extra volume of up to 5,000 points per side rolls over to the next commission period.

  • Lifetime Matching Bonus

    Associates can earn a Lifetime Matching Bonus by reaching a PaceSetter status within their first eight weeks. This bonus offers up to a 15% match on the base commissions of new Associates for the life of their USANA business, provided they remain commission-qualified and compliant.

  • Incentives

    USANA offers various incentives, including luxury travel, prizes, and extra cash to Associates at any rank who participate in the company's incentive programs.

  • Leadership Bonus

    A portion of USANA’s total Group Sales Volume is shared among qualifying Associates who have achieved certain ranks, continuously sponsor new Associates, and build substantial businesses. This bonus is paid weekly and depends on the Associate’s rank, business size, and generated volume.

Compensation plan detail for Associates


The amount of money you can make from Usana varies greatly depending on your sales efforts, team-building activities, and overall business strategy. Successful representatives can earn retail profits, commissions, and bonuses, but individual results will vary.

Yes, Usana operates as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Representatives earn money through both direct sales of products and by recruiting and building a team.

Usana products are manufactured according to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for dietary supplements. However, as with all dietary supplements, Usana products are not individually approved by the FDA.

No. The idea of the Usana pyramid scheme is false. It is a legitimate MLM company where representatives earn money through actual product sales and not merely by recruiting others.

Usana offers a range of high-quality nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. They also provide products for weight management, personal care, and energy support.

Whether Usana is worth it depends on individual health goals and business aspirations. Many customers and representatives find value in their high-quality products and potential earning opportunities, but success in the MLM model requires dedication and effort.

Yes, Usana is a genuine MLM, offering genuine high quality health and wellness products.

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