Top 10 Tea MLM Companies To Brew into Your Team's Expansion


Updated on Jul 7th, 2023
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Top 10 Tea MLM Companies To Brew into Your Team's Expansion

MLM programs have gained traction in recent years, as most marketing and sales are managed online. The multi-level quality of the MLM is due to the hierarchical nature of the commissions made based on your sales or referral membership arrangements. As your downline grows, so will your level, incentives, and commission.

Besides the more traditional MLM business opportunities, tea is becoming the new favorite among direct sales companies and thus taking over the networking market's mainstream.

It's interesting to note that most companies mentioned in this article do not deal in tea alone. Most of these tea MLM companies focus on a larger range of offerings revolving around plant-based supplements.

Tea MLM Business Model


    The tea MLM business model can be understood in such simple steps:

  • First, you join a direct selling program or via an upline (referral)

  • Promoting the products via workshops, online, or via parties.

  • While making sales, you convince the buyer to sign up for the program.

  • Once they join, they are placed underneath you and thus called a downline.

  • You earn extra commissions for everything your downline sells.

  • Depending on your levels, the income increases as well.


  • Opportunity to enhance marketing, sales communication, and leadership skills.

  • Getting to meet many aspirational people, thus a great networking opportunity.


  • Even though the idea of being independent is promoted, there are still restrictions based on companies' rules and policies.

  • Supporting and managing a team is a time-consuming and demanding affair.

How do compensation plans work?

Most MLM tea companies' downline rankings and commissions are reached based on calculating the P.V. or personal volume. Tea MLM companies pay commissions based on points assigned to a product rather than the total sales. It is to be noted that the retail price and personal volume ratings are usually different. In order to qualify for commissions, there are minimum thresholds to surpass. One P.V. point is usually valued at $1.

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Benefits of Tea MLM Companies

  • MLM tea companies source tea leaves from reputable suppliers, offering great taste and making them popular among consumers.

  • Working as an associate gives you the convenience and flexibility to work from the comforts of your home. You can build your schedule and have a great work-life balance.

  • Tea MLM companies offer comprehensive training and support programs to help you excel in the tea business. You'll get exclusive strategies and techniques to develop as an entrepreneur and achieve your goals.

  • MLM tea companies offer an opportunity to earn a passive income via downline sales; this means you earn a percentage of what your team earns.

Top 10 Tea MLM Companies

Founded in 2016, Via Divina, headquartered in Ontario, California, runs with the motto of #LeadWith Love. The tea MLM company clocks revenue of $245M.

Vida Divina's product catalog includes consumables focused on weight loss and detox, such as:

  • TeDevina® - detox tea

  • Café Divina® - top-end coffee with a range of flavors

  • Meal Replacement Weight Loss Shakes

Company associates are called affiliates, and earnings can be made via various bonus options and commissions. The earnings are received on a weekly and monthly basis.

  • The base commission rate is quite attractive at 50%.

  • Downline commission rates range from 20% to 50% based on rank.

To hone your entrepreneurial and marketing skills, you are offered training materials that are available at the Vida Divine app, along with extensive training.

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Founded in 2008, Organo is headquartered in Richmond, Canada, with operations in over 40 countries. The tea MLM company clocks revenue of $115.3M.

Organo or Organo Gold offers a variety of products, and its tea offerings include:

  • Red Tea

  • Green Tea

Coffee-related offerings include:

  • King of Coffee

  • Café Supreme

  • Café Mocha

  • Café Latte

  • Gourmet Black Coffee

  • Hot Cocoa

  • Espresso Capsules

Company associates are called "Distribution Partners," and the earnings can be made in the following ways:

  • The base commission rate goes up to 50%.

  • Earnings from the downline commission can be 1 to 5% upto the level 9.

Only a little training is involved, but you are provided with a personalized website once you sign up with the company. They know how to make MLM business soar with an online presence and cutting-edge tools.

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Born in China and based in Canada, Alphay is the world's largest grower and supplier of Lingzhi mushrooms. The tea MLM company clocks revenue of $121.3M.

Alphay offers a variety of products infused with the goodness of Lingzhi mushrooms, and its tea offerings include:

  • Royal Blend Tea

Coffee offering includes:

  • Café Latte

  • Rich Black Coffee

Alphay associates are called "Independent Distributors," compensations are paid mainly in commissions and additional bonuses as well:

  • Earning from the base commission is capped at 25%.

  • Downline commission can range from 5 to 15% up to 8 levels.

Training and help guides can vary depending on the starter kit you buy during signup.

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Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Michigan, U.S., Total Life Changes started with a single product called Nutra Burst, and the tea MLM company clocks revenue of $28.2M.

Total Life Changes provides a variety of products, and its tea offerings include:

  • IASO tea range

Dietary and weight loss supplements are among the other list of product offerings.

Total Life Changes associates are called "Life Changers," and the compensation plan includes base commissions and a few bonuses.

  • Earnings from the base commission are 50% of the Q.V. of all the products sold.

  • Additional earnings from the downline commissions can range from 10 to 25% of all the downline sales. Such earnings are capped based on the rank you are on.

Total Life Changes provides modules and training to enhance your sales techniques with their starter kit.

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Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Texas, U.S. The tea MLM company clocks revenue of $58.5M.

Among other healthcare and fitness supplements, the tea offering from First Fitness Nutrition includes:

  • Detoxifying tea product range

FFN, or First Fitness Nutrition, calls all its associates "Distributors." The earning potential from First Fitness Nutrition's MLM business opportunities is as follows:

  • You can earn up to 20 to 40% of the base commission from the products you sell.

  • Earnings based on downline can go from 6 to 8% spread across 5 levels.

  • You get exclusive discounts based on the pack which you have purchased.

To get started with your journey, you are provided with a personal website, marketing materials, and back-office support.

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Founded in 1980 and headquartered in L.A., California, with its presence in 90 countries worldwide. The tea MLM company clocks revenue of $5.12B.

Herbalife's tea range comes under their 'Healthy Weight' offering, which includes:

  • Herbal Tea Concentrate

The wide range of health drinks includes:

  • Formula 1 Meal Nutrition Shake Mix

  • Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex

Herbalife's MLM business opportunities include the independent distributor program; the earning potential includes:

  • You can buy the products from the company at a discount and sell at a profit.

  • There is no provision for base commissions.

  • Downline commissions of 5 to 25% are spread across 7 levels.

Herbalife provides training for basic training skills, access to basic selling skills, and guidance from a personalized sales coach.

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Founded in 1982 and headquartered in California, U.S., Sunrider has a presence in 50 countries worldwide. The tea MLM company clocks revenue of $66.1M.

Among its wide range of herbal products, the company's tea products include:

  • Calli ® Herbal Tea

  • Fortune Delight ® Herbal Tea

Sunrider's product line is diverse, with herbal supplements, skincare, and personal and home care items.

Company’s associates are called "Independent Business Owners," the compensation plan includes:

  • Earnings from the base commission on the products sold can range from 10% to 25%.

  • Downline commissions range from 5 to 10%, depending on which of the 5 levels you are on.

To begin with, you are provided IBO pages, online marketing tools, and an official mobile app to hone your marketing and sales skills and help you become a better entrepreneur.

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Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Florida, the U.S., All the products Emris sells are plant and herbal 'superfoods.' The tea MLM company clocks revenue of $5.3M.

Among its wide range of herbal products, Emris International's tea products include:

  • ENIOLA Tea - Energizing skinny tea.

Other offerings include:

  • Vida - Super Greens Supplement

  • Renew - Metabolism booster

  • Vitality Plus - Health booster

Emris' associates are called the "Brand Ambassadors," and the compensation plan for the same includes:

  • Earnings from the base commission are capped at 20%

  • Downline commissions range from 8 to 15% of the (LLV) lesser leg volume.

There are no hard and fast guidelines for the training, but you are provided with a personalized website to sell your products online and back-office support to help you navigate.

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Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Bradenton, Florida. It Works! has a wide range of products focusing on healthcare. The tea MLM company clocks revenue of $14.2M.

Among its wide range of herbal products, It Works! tea products include:

  • Keto Tea

  • Sleepy Tea

  • Skinny Tea

The range of coffee includes:

  • Skinny Brew Coffee

  • Keto Coffee Pods

  • Keto Coffee

It Works! Associates are called "Distributors" who earn income from team building, leadership levels, and sales. The compensation plan minutes are as follows:

  • Earnings from the base commission are 40%, which can be earned by selling products.

  • The downline commission ranges from 2 to 10%, spread across the 6 levels.

To begin your entrepreneurial journey, you are provided with a personalized website, access to eSuite, a complete digital starter kit, and various apps and tools to train you to be a better entrepreneur.

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Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Canada. The tea MLM company deals in healthy drinks and teas and clocks revenue of $18.3M.

Siploogy specializes in steeped tea and thus has a wide variety of tea products available:

  • Fruit Tea

  • Black Tea

  • Green Tea

  • White Tea

  • Oolong Tea

  • Sangria Tea

  • Bubbly Tea

  • Rooibos Tea

  • Pu'erh Tea

  • Cocktail Tea

  • Chai Tea

  • Matcha Tea

Siplologys associates are called "Sipologists," and income can be earned based on product sales commission and bonuses, such as

  • Commission ranges from 25 to 40% based on product sales.

  • Bonuses and downline commissions within the range of 3 to 6%.

You can easily avail of free online training with Sipology's business builder starter kit that can help with the training.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tea MLM Company

📌 Quality and variety of tea products

Go with the tea MLM company, which provides excellent quality teas sourced from renowned tea gardens. To cater to a broad customer base, ensure that the company offers a range of options.

📌 Company reputation and track record

While searching for MLM business opportunities, check their reviews online and read testimonials because the more reliable the company is, the more stable the income.

📌 Compensation plan and earning potential

Go for tea direct sales companies with compensation plans that closely mirror your financial goals and efforts.

📌 Support and training provided

A reputable MLM company provides for comprehensive training and support programs to help you succeed and maximize your potential.

📌 Marketing and promotional materials

Look for a company that empowers you with digital marketing materials tailored to promote the tea products and the overall MLM opportunity itself.

📌 Start-up costs and ongoing fees

It is important to give good thought to the initial and ongoing fees for associating with an MLM company. Evaluate the investment requirements against your budget and realistic financial goals.

Tips for Success in Tea MLM Business

  • Know that success in MLM is a slow phenomenon, so it is essential to have realistic expectations.

  • Experienced mentors are your pole stars while navigating the stormy waters of MLM business opportunities.

  • Having a genuine passion and drive goes a long way to affirming your long-term success.

  • Rather than only seeking customers and downlines, focus more on building authentic relationships.

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Take a sip of success 🎯

Start exploring 10 tea MLM business opportunities now and pour prosperity into your downline pot with top tea MLM companies.Don't miss out, act today!



With growing consumer consciousness and a CAGR of 6.7% of global tea markets, these companies' healthy tea products have tremendous potential. So there is much to be reaped from these MLM business opportunities for you with Global MLM Solutions' software.


1. Which MLM company is best?

Because of its unrivaled reputation in the MLM world, Amway is said to be the best MLM company.

2. Who is the No 1 producer of tea?

China produces about 40% of the world's tea.

3. Which is the No 1 tea in the world?

Based on gross consumption, black tea is the number 1 tea, accounting for about 75% of tea consumption globally.

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