Nature’s Sunshine MLM Company

Nature’s Sunshine is an MLM company that helps you embrace, health wellness, and vitality. It was founded in 1972 by Gene Hughes and Kristine Hughes. It all began with a humble start in their home kitchen, where they were trying to encapsulate capsicum, to make it easier for people to utilize its health benefits. Today, it is one of the top MLMs in Utah, with over 600 products that ship to 40 countries worldwide.

Nature’s Sunshine headquarters is located in Utah, USA. Here, herbs and raw materials are carefully processed to ensure purity, potency, and consistency in every product. It adheres to strict cleanliness and safety protocols and meets rigorous Good Manufacturing Practices. This ensures that customers receive the highest quality supplements and health products.

Nature’s Sunshine MLM Company

USP of Nature Sunshine Company

The founders at Nature’s Sunshine MLM believed in nature’s ability to heal. They understood that people found it difficult to consume herbs with spoons. Hence, they encapsulated these herbs and other raw materials to make it easier for consumption. The Company sources the purest herbs globally, handles every step in their state-of-the-art facility, and performs over 600 rigorous tests to ensure purity and potency.

USP of Nature Sunshine Company

Nature’s Sunshine Company Overview

Category Details
Founded 1972
Headquarters Lehi, Utah
Company Size 1,001-5,000 employees
CEO Terrence O. Moorehead
Industry Wellness and Fitness

Nature’s Sunshine Company Revenue

Year Revenue
2021 $444 Million
2022 $422 Million
2023 $445 Million



Jun 17, 2024

Nature’s Sunshine Honored with Comparably Awards for Best Leadership Team and Best Career Growth.


Apr 29, 2024

Nature’s Sunshine Recognized with Six Stevie Awards in the 2024 American Business Awards.


Dec 19, 2023

Nature’s Sunshine Recognized with Best Company Culture Award.

What is Nature’s Sunshine Business Model?

Nature’s Sunshine operates on a multi-level marketing business model. When you sign up to become an independent distributor of the company, you can share the company products and earn commissions for the same. You will also receive promotions and other incentives as you build your business team.

How do Nature’s Sunshine Distributors Earn?

There are two ways you can earn with Nature’s Sunshine MLM. If you are an influencer, you can become a brand ambassador and earn rewards. However, if you are serious about converting your passion into a business, you can enroll in their Consultant business model, which offers many more benefits.

Let us explore each of these options in detail below

  • Consultant Business Model

    The Consultant Business model provides you with an opportunity to own an MLM business. For just a $40 joining fee, you can become a consultant with the company. The benefits of this include:

    • Purchase products at discounts, sell them at retail prices and earn retail profits.

    • Receive up to 20% rewards through referrals.

    • 5 levels of rewards when your downline team purchases or resells products.

    • Exclusive deals, event invitations, promotions, recognition and more.

  • Customer Sharing Plan

    Not ready to start a full business? No problem! The Customer Sharing Plan is perfect for anyone who loves the products and wants to share them with friends, family, or your social network. Such influencer partnerships are a great way to drive MLM leads. With this plan, you can:

    • Sign up and get your personalized code and link.

    • Recommend your favorite products to friends, family, and followers.

    • Earn up to 45% commission when they make a purchase, qualify for amazing trips, get exclusive access to new products, and more.

Social Initiative- Impact Foundation

Malnutrition affects millions of people worldwide, causing chronic illnesses and even early deaths and The Impact Foundation is on a mission to change that. They are committed to combating vitamin and mineral deficiencies that contribute to malnutrition. The foundation works to ensure issues such as childhood malnutrition and anemia in pregnant women are tackled by providing access to the essential nutrients needed for a healthier life.

The organization encourages help through direct donations, and volunteering for service projects. They also support other organizations aligned with their goals to empower individuals to make a tangible impact and create a brighter future for communities around the globe.

Social Initiative- Impact Foundation

Nature's Sunshine News

Jan 02, 2024
Nature’s Sunshine Announces Participation at the 26th Annual Needham Growth Conference on January 19, 2024.
Sep 20, 2023
Nature’s Sunshine Names Sarah Crockett Global Chief Marketing Officer.
May 03, 2023
Nature’s Sunshine’s New ESG Report Demonstrates its Commitment Toward Sustainability.

Nature’s Sunshine Products

Since 1972, the company has focused on using top-quality ingredients to manufacture its range of products. A good product portfolio is the heart of any MLM company. However, other factors contribute to the success of an MLM business.

Their range of health and wellness products includes herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals, weight management products, immune support, digestive health, etc. You can directly buy the products from their Direct Selling e-commerce website or locate your nearest Nature’s Sunshine distributor. Here are a few of the Bestselling Nature’s Sunshine company Products in detail.

The Chlorophyll sticks are one of the best-selling Nature’s Sunshine products. These sticks are the ultimate tool for your daily detox. These travel-friendly single-serve packs deliver over 20-140% more active ingredients per serving and come in delicious flavors like Spearmint, Lime Twist, Sweet Melon, and Crisp Apple.

Each stick is packed with a powerful blend of sodium copper chlorophyllin and dietary fiber, which support your digestive, intestinal, and immune health, all while balancing your gut microbiome. Plus, the product has undergone testing for minerals, heavy metals, and pesticides, making it completely safe for you.

Chlorophyll Stick packs

“Eat your Greens” is a supercharged blend that gives you 2 full servings of veggies, 200+ plant-based nutrients, prebiotic fiber, enzymes, adaptogens, and immune-boosting herbs- all in one delicious drink mix. It has 3X more potency and 4X more veggies and fiber than most leading brands. Power Greens feature key ingredients like spinach, spirulina, and elderberry. Plus, it's vegetarian, non-GMO, gluten-free, keto-friendly, and free from added sugars.


The Probiotic Eleven capsules are the new way to love your gut. The delayed-release capsules are packed with 11 potent strains of friendly bacteria, which nourish and strengthen your gut microbiome. Ingredients like Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Bifidobacterium bifidum, support digestion, boost immunity and promote overall gut health. It is also enhanced with prebiotics to help those probiotics thrive.

Probiotic Eleven

Boost your immunity with Elderberry D3fense. This powerful blend contains elderberry, echinacea, olive leaf, and royal jelly and a whopping 250% of your daily recommended value of vitamin D3. It is perfect for cloudy winter months to support your immune and respiratory functions. The capsules are allergen-free, vegan and non-GMO. Take this tablet daily to restore good health and aid longevity.

Elderberry D3fense

Power Beets is a potent formula that contains nitrate-dense Tibetan beetroot and patented botanical blends that enhance your blood flow, and boost energy, stamina, mental alertness, and recovery. It supports healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular function with clinically studied ingredients like green coffee beans, turmeric, and blueberry extracts.

Power Beets

The Melatonin Extra Capsules contain a powerful blend of 3 mg pure melatonin, and vitamin E and sustainably sourced herbs like Chinese ginkgo leaf and eleuthero root. The capsules are designed to promote your natural sleep rhythm and enhance nervous system support.

Melatonin Extra

Magnesium is the latest mineral that health experts have been raving about. These magnesium capsules contain a perfect blend of magnesium citrate and malate to offer superior bioavailability. It plays a crucial role in over 300 enzymatic systems, supporting muscle function, and energy production and boosting your heart, brain, and kidney health.

Magnesium Complex

Perfect Eyes is a powerful supplement packed with lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins A and C, and a blend of herbal extracts to protect against damaging blue light and support overall eye health. The formula is inspired by the AREDS study, which helps reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration. This ensures you maintain sharp, healthy vision.

 Perfect Eyes
Chlorophyll Stick packs

Company Leadership

Terrence Moorehead, Chief Executive Office, Nature’s Sunshine
Terrence Moorehead

Chief Executive Office, Nature’s Sunshine

Vallen Blackburn, Vice President & General Manager of Latin America, Nature’s Sunshine
Vallen Blackburn

Vice President & General Manager of Latin America, Nature’s Sunshine

Nathan Brower, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Nature’s Sunshine
Nathan Brower

Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Nature’s Sunshine

Tracee Comstock, Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources, Nature’s Sunshine
Tracee Comstock

Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources, Nature’s Sunshine

Martin Gonzalez, Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain Operations, Nature’s Sunshine
Martin Gonzalez

Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain Operations, Nature’s Sunshine

Kevin Herbert, Executive Vice President, President North America, Nature’s Sunshine
Kevin Herbert

Executive Vice President, President North America, Nature’s Sunshine

Shane Jones, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President of Finance, Nature’s Sunshine
Shane Jones

Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President of Finance, Nature’s Sunshine

Jon Lanoy, Senior Vice President of Finance. Nature’s Sunshine
Jon Lanoy

Senior Vice President of Finance. Nature’s Sunshine

Dan Norman, Executive Vice President, President Asia Pacific, Nature’s Sunshine
Dan Norman

Executive Vice President, President Asia Pacific, Nature’s Sunshine

Bryant Yates, Executive Vice President, President Europe, Nature’s Sunshine
Bryant Yates

Executive Vice President, President Europe, Nature’s Sunshine

Nature’s Sunshine Compensation Plan

Nature’s Sunshine Compensation Plan

For 50 years, the company has been sharing the healing power of nature with the world. Their MLM Compensation plan is designed to reward those who share the same passion for wellness.

While evaluating an MLM opportunity, it is important to understand the company’s compensation plan. Here, we break down the Nature’s Sunshine Compensation plan to understand your various income components. Primarily, your payment calculations will be based on 3 factors:

  • Your total PV of sale at the end of the month. PV is the value assigned to each product. Your PV adds up based on the number of products you sell.

  • Consultants in your frontline must meet the qualification requirements for the month. If they qualify, you will receive commissions from their sales.

  • The number of qualified consultants between you and your upline, and your rank. The more qualified consultants, the less the rewards you will receive, or the higher your rank, the more you will receive. This is because the commissions are distributed by following a specific table based on rank, and are shared with the first 5 consultants above you.

Various Levels, Qualification Criteria, and Payment Structures

  • If growth opportunities are an important factor for you before you decide to join an MLM, Nature’s Sunshine Compensation plan has 12 titles that you can progress through.

  • Ranks include Consultant, Senior Consultant, Director, Executive, Presidential, and Chairman's Club based on increasing GV thresholds.

  • Consultants start with a GV of 300 and progress through various ranks based on GV and TOV/Month.

  • Payments increase from 12% at lower ranks to 10% at higher ranks, with additional bonuses and incentives for achieving higher levels.

  • The Balance Rule considers the total GV from all first-level leaders in a consultant's downline, except the largest leader, to determine payments.

  • Achieving higher ranks can lead to rewards such as trips, incentives, and recognition within the company.

Various Levels, Qualification Criteria, and Payment Structures


Nature’s Sunshine products are not FDA-approved, since dietary supplements are not required to be FDA-approved. However, the company adheres to strict quality standards and Good Manufacturing practices to ensure that their products are safe to be consumed.

Yes. It is a good brand that has a reputation for its quality and effective products. The company has been around since 1972 and has a loyal customer base who are swayed by its products.

Not all the company’s products are organic. However, it emphasizes sourcing pure and potent ingredients. They also conduct over 600 quality tests to ensure that all their products are safe to consume.

The company’s Compensation Plan rewards consultants based on their sales and the sales of their recruited downline. Earnings are calculated based on Purchase Volume and the rank achieved within the MLM structure.

No, the rumors of Nature’s Sunshine pyramid scheme are false. It operates as a legitimate multi-level marketing (MLM) company where distributors earn commissions based on product sales, not just recruitment.

Yes, Nature’s Sunshine is an MLM company. Distributors sell products directly to consumers and can earn additional income by building and supporting a sales team.

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