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Updated on Jul 3rd, 2023
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When we care, we share! Be it happiness, good memories, or problems. Since food is the ultimate way to someone's heart, sharing it is a great source of joy. What if sharing food with others earned you heaps of money? It seems like an interesting idea.

This basic idea behind the MLM food concept makes it a mutually beneficial business plan. The great potential of the food and beverage sector in the MLM industry can be gauged from the fact that it is expected to grow with a 9.6% growth rate through 2027.

These direct sales food companies are a great opportunity for people to start new businesses. Choosing the right direct sales company is essential as it can make or break your business's success. To make things a tad bit easier, we have compiled a list of the best food companies to work for:

Criteria for Evaluating Direct Sales Companies in the Food and Beverage Industry

To make this list of best food companies, we have considered 5 parameters to place direct sales food companies on our list to help you make an informed choice.

  • Quality and variety of food and beverage products.

  • Earning potential and minutes of the compensation plan.

  • Any support and training, if provided by the company.

  • The revenue and the track record of the company.

  • Work-life balance and flexibility of working hours.

Top 10 Direct Sales Companies Selling Food and Beverages

1. Boisset Collection

Boisset Collection

Boisset Collection is a renowned wine-centric MLM company with a presence in 80 countries. Founded in France, the company has its headquarters in California, U.S., and clocks a revenue of $38.8M.

Boisset Collection has various brands under its label, and the products covered are:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Chardonnay

  • Merlot

  • Sauvignon blanc

  • Pinot noir

  • Zinfandel

  • Sparkling wine

Among other direct sales food companies, the highlight offering of the brand is its limited-edition wines under the JCB label, crafted in small batches and outshining with their unique expressions.

Company associates are called ambassadors, and earning can be made in three successive levels, which are:

  • Selling - Earn up to 35% of personal income and sales bonuses.

  • Team building - Bringing more ambassadors can give you onboarding and team building bonuses.

  • Leading - You get generation bonuses by reaching the executive director level or higher.

Before embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, you are offered intensive training and education, and there's a chance for you to earn a trip to their wineries in France!

Testimonial - “Fun way to learn, sample and sell wine!”

2. Gano Excel

Gano Excel

Founded in 1995 in Malaysia, Gano Excel has a global presence in about 60 countries, making it the biggest Ganoderma company in the world. The company has its headquarters in Malaysia and clocks revenue of $178M annually.

    Gano Excel's product range includes:

  • Ganoderma coffee

  • Tea and herbal drinks

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Personal care products

  • Home care products

The star product of Gano Excel is their Ganoderma coffee, which exhibits a rich taste and potential health benefits from Gano lucidum type of mushrooms.

The compensation plan and the incentives with one of the best direct sales food companies, Gano Excel, are classified as follows:

  • Retail sales - Earn profits on each affiliate sale.

  • Gen5 Fast Start Bonus - Get incentives on each retailer you bring to the Gano Excel ecosystem and get Override Bonuses.

  • Binary Commissions - Earn commission based on associated enrollments.

Gano Excel has a unique training program on its website under the training section, where you can find tutorials to help you grow your business with its products.

Testimonial - ”Excellent environment, multicultural organization”

3. Java Momma

Java Momma

Founded in 2017 in the U.S., Java Momma offers a variety of coffee with their signature air roast technology. The company is headquartered in Pennsylvania, U.S., with revenue touching $5M.

    Java Momma's product range includes:

  • Coffee beans

  • Ground coffee

  • Single-serve pods

  • Loose tea leaves

  • Flavored sauces and syrups

Among direct sales food companies, Java Momma's highlight offering is their variety of irresistible flavored coffees, which they update regularly.

The associated direct sellers are called Baristas and can go up to the level of Roaster. There is a four-fold compensation plan which is as follows:

  • Barista - Earn up to 20% commission on replicate site sales.

  • Java gourmet - $550 plus a 5% additional commission

  • Java leader- $1700 plus an 8% additional commission.

  • Roaster - $3300 plus a 9% additional commission.

Testimonial - “Coffee smells amazing and tastes so fresh plus they always have amazing flavors..”

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4. Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef

Founded in 1980 in Chicago, U.S., Pampered Chef sells cookware, recipe books, condiments, and eatables. The company is headquartered in Illinois, U.S., and clocks revenue of $75M.

    Pampered Chef's product range includes:

  • Seasonings

  • Sauces

  • Cookware

  • Cookbooks & Recipes

  • Kitchen tools

  • Edible Oils

  • Mixes

  • Enrichables

Pampered Chef's highlight offerings include their cookware and rubs.

Among other direct sales food companies, the compensation and incentives at Pampered Chef are amazing. As an associate, you start working as a consultant and can go up to the level of National Executive Director.

  • Earn 20% commission right away from your first sale onwards.

  • Recruitment bonuses.

  • Monthly activity bonus.

  • Direct and indirect recruits.

  • Generational bonuses starting from director-level positions.

  • Incentive trips.

Pampered Chef runs 'Teach me workshops' for new consultants to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.

Testimonial - “I can run my business from anywhere at any time”

5. Sipology by Steeped Tea

Sipology by Steeped Tea

Named among the top direct sales food companies, earlier known as Steeped Tea and rebranded as Sipology in 2018, the company was founded in 2007 and headquartered in Canada. The company deals in healthy drinks, especially tea, and clocks revenue of $18.3M.

  • Loose leaf teas

  • Tea bags and sachets

  • Tea blends

  • Functional and wellness teas

Functional and wellness teas

Siplology is one of the best food companies to work for, and when you are associated with them, you are called a Siplogist. The company offers exciting compensation plans and incentives.

  • Earn a 25-40% commission on your sales.

  • 6% bonus on first-generation volume.

  • 3% lifetime bonus for all (PEAC) Personally enrolled active consultants.

  • 5% bonus on Central group volume and personal volume.

With their business builder starter kit, you get free online training to be business ready. They know how to make their MLM food business soar with an online presence and state-of-the-art tools.

Testimonial - Tastefully Simple business has made me buy things for my young son, introduced me to great people..”

6. Tastefully Simple

Tastefully Simple

Founded in 1995, Tastefully Simple is one of the renowned direct sales food companies focussed on easy-to-prepare delicious foods. The company has its headquarters in Minnesota and clocks a revenue of 66.2M.

    Tastefully Simple's product range includes:

  • Drinks and beverages

  • Sauces

  • Bread and soups

  • Dressings and oils

  • Bakery and desserts

The product-line highlight is their lip-smacking seasonings and sauces.

Among other direct sales food companies, Tastefully Simple offers attractive compensation plans and incentives to their consultants:

  • Earn up to 40% commission on your personal sales.

  • When making sales of $3,000, you get a $1,200 commission and a bonus amount.

When you buy a starter kit, numerous resources are available to get started with training and kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

Testimonial - “Tastefully Simple business has made me buy things for my young son, introduced me to great people..”

7. Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard was founded in 2001 and restructured in 2010. Headquartered in Massachusetts, the company deals in wines and has a revenue of $75M.

Among direct sales food companies, Tastefully Simple's product range includes:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Rosé wines

  • Sparkling wines

  • Chardonnay

  • Pinot noir

Their Fissata sweet red wine is the top-selling product in their product range.

The compensation plan at Traveling Vineyard includes the following:

  • Luxury getaway incentive trips.

  • A personal bonus of 5-20%

  • Personal marketing expenses of 15%.

Traveling Vineyards offers a pre-recorded online training course for training new wine guides.

Testimonial - “I've been a wine guide for 6 1/2 years and it has changed my life for the better in so many ways..”

8. Wildtree


Wildtree is a spice and seasoning company selling recipes and meals suitable for children with allergies. Founded 2 decades ago, the company has its headquarters in Rhode Island, U.S., and earns a revenue of $6.9M.

    Wildtree's product range includes:

  • Seasonings and blends

  • Pantry staples

  • Pre-made meals

  • Recipe collections

Among direct sales food companies, the USP of Wildtree's products is that they offer great allergen-friendly products.

Wildtree offers attractive incentives and compensation to their representatives, which are as follows:

  • A representative can get a 20% commission and a 12% bonus.

  • At the leadership level, you can earn a 40% commission on sales and additional generational team and recruitment bonuses.

No starter kit is required, and $14.95 monthly is charged to become an associate or advocate! It includes training guides and tutorials as well.

Testimonial - “Awesome opportunity to sell quality products!”

9. The Gourmet Cupboard

The Gourmet Cupboard

The Gourmet Cupboard is a mix-selling company founded in 2002 and headquartered in Texas, U.S. The company clocks revenues of up to $5M.

    The Gourmet Cupboard's product range includes:

  • Drink mixes

  • Spice blends and seasonings

  • Food mixes

  • Pantry staples

This MLM food company's unique food offering is its various food mixes.

There are multiple levels for the representatives to earn their profits and commissions on their sales:

  • As a representative, you get a free mix with every $50 spent.

  • Get promoted to an advanced representative and earn a commission when you recruit another representative and a $200 sales.

  • The topmost position you can reach is the kitchen wizard, where you get a 12% commission on personal sales.

A $25 nonrefundable advance payment can be applied to your first order to become a representative. No formal training is involved, but you get a welcome email and relevant educational documents to help you start your journey.

Testimonial - “I was so happy to find something that makes meal time so much easier..”

10. Wines for Humanity

Wines for Humanity

Founded in 2007, Wines for Humanity is a wine-tasting event company headquartered in the U.S. Part of companies proceeds go to charities and clocks a revenue of $26.4M.

    Unique among the direct sales food companies, Wines for Humanity's product range includes:

  • White wines

  • Red wines

  • Sparking wines

  • Rosé wines

Chardonnay (Select) is their most popular wine offering.

Becoming a wine advisor with Wines For Humanity brings a lot of incentives and compensation, such as:

  • Earn a 24% commission on client orders.

  • Incentive trips.

  • Exclusive discounts on personal purchases.

When choosing to become a wine advisor, you must buy a $155 business launch kit. The kit has all the required training and orientation materials to get you started.

Testimonial - “Very good opportunity to learn about wine and meet new people!”

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Benefits and Challenges of Working with Direct Sales Food Companies

Benefits: Direct Sales Food Companies

  • You get exclusive discounts and deals across the company’s offerings.

  • Opportunity to hone your networking skills and build relationships with customers.

  • Working with direct sales food companies opens the door to potential second income; the more the sales, the more the income.

  • Great entrepreneurial opportunity for individuals, allowing one to operate a small business in the comfort of their home.

Challenges: Direct Sales Food Companies

  • A lot of people work as consultants, thus a lot of competition.

  • Extremely difficult to build and maintain a customer base.

  • Since the work involves a lot of social interactions, there could be difficulty in maintaining a work-life balance.

  • Recruiting new consultants and selling the product can take time, and you may face rejections at times.

Tips for Success in Direct Sales Food Businesses

  • Work on developing a compelling brand identity, as it helps builds trust and a loyal customer base.

  • Follow the best food handling and storage practices to safeguard your customer’s health and loyalty.

  • Keep yourself informed of the latest industry trends and stay relevant with the customers.

  • Socialize as much as possible, and attend more and more food fairs and local events to boost the visibility of your product.

  • Use social media and online platforms to your advantage and give your brand a voice online.

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As the direct selling business continues to expand at a CAGR of 6.1%, working with direct sales food companies can be a great opportunity. We hope this article on the best food companies to work for will add utility to your knowledge. If you want to make your business presence rock-solid, then Global MLM Solutions can help you.


1. Are there direct sales jobs in the food and beverage industry?

Many direct sales jobs offer a good income, working from the comfort of your home.

2. Why do people get into direct selling?

The flexibility of working hours and the huge potential attracts people to work with direct sales food companies.

3. How does direct selling differ from traditional retail?

Among other things, the compensation structure differs from direct selling from traditional retail.

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