Optavia MLM Review

Optavia is a vibrant MLM company founded in 2016 by Dr Wayne Scott Anderson. The headquarters is located in Baltimore. It focuses on holistic well-being through science-backed nutritional products and personalized coaching. Their unique weight loss meal plans, scientifically-backed products, and supportive community, empower individuals to transform their lives through healthy choices.

The main focus of Optavia MLM is building health habits to improve the quality of your life, which is definitely good for you in the long run. However, this cannot be just obtained by consuming nutritional products and supplements, hence, the company offers personalized coaches, exceptional meal plans, and healthy snacking options to transform healthy eating. This Optavia MLM review explores the company’s approach to providing lifelong health and a great business opportunity.

Optavia MLM Review

About Medifast - Optavia's Parent Company

Medifast is a health and wellness company founded in 1981. It tapped into the booming network marketing opportunities in the health and wellness sector through its brand, Optavia. The company is the market leader in the $7 Billion Weight management industry. It has transformed 3 million lives through the support of Optavia coaches, who guide the clients in developing holistic healthy habits.

The company publicly trades under MED on the New York Stock Exchange. It continues to innovate with its coach-based model to drive program effectiveness and company growth.

About Medifast - Optavia's Parent Company

Company Overview Table

Category Details
Founded 2017
Headquarters 100 International Drive, 18th Floor, Baltimore, Maryland- 21202.
Company Size 501-1,000 employees
Industry Wellness and Fitness

Optavia-Medifast Revenue Trend

Year Revenue
2021 $1530 Million
2022 $1600 Million
2023 $1100 Million

USP of Optavia

USP of Optavia

Optavia’s Unique selling point is it's all-in-one approach to lifelong health transformation. Instead of subjecting individuals to fad diets, their revolutionary Habit of Health Transformation system takes a slow and steady approach to healthy weight loss through developing healthy habits, one day at a time. This results in sustainable weight management and also helps people build healthy habits for life.

Providing personalized customer experiences is one of the best Customer Loyalty techniques and Optavia excels in this regard. Optavia coaches are responsible for tailored coaching and customized meal plans for their customers. This tailored approach supports and motivates individuals on their health journey and fosters deep customer loyalty and satisfaction along the way.

Optavia MLM Company Quotes

Dan Chard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Optavia

“With an experienced leadership team and dedicated independent OPTAVIA Coaches, the company is well positioned to capitalize on numerous growth opportunities – reflecting the success of our approach to optimal health and wellbeing for our Clients.”

Dan Chard

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Optavia

How does the OPTAVIA Business Model work?

The OPTAVIA multi level marketing model is all about empowering people to achieve their best health with a supportive coaching community and top-notch, science-backed products. As an OPTAVIA Coach, you get to inspire and guide clients on their wellness journeys with awesome plans like the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan and the Habits of Health System.

Plus, the Optavia business model helps you earn commissions from product sales and score bonuses as your team expands.

If you are looking for more information on how multi-level marketing works, we recommend you read our blog.

How can individuals join OPTAVIA Network marketing as a Coach?

Joining Optavia MLM as a Coach is straight forward and empowering. First, you need to connect with an existing OPTAVIA Coach to learn about coaching opportunities and get started. Once you're ready, you can purchase the OPTAVIA Coach Business Kit for $199, which includes essential tools, plan information, and a personalized website for a year. Engage with the OPTAVIA Coach Community for ongoing support and follow a proven system of diet plans to help people achieve their goals.

How does the Optavia Business Model provide an opportunity to healthcare professionals?

Optavia network marketing offers healthcare professionals a unique opportunity to transform their practices and patients' lives. By becoming an OPTAVIA Coach, healthcare providers can integrate OPTAVIA's comprehensive health programs into their practices. This allows them to guide patients toward optimal weight and overall health using evidence-based systems and Optavia products.

This approach improves patient care, offering more personalized care while keeping patients’ wellness goals in focus. It also shows you how to increase your direct sales business through strategic partnerships.

MLM Optavia Events

OPTAVIA MLM company offers a vibrant calendar of events designed to inspire, educate, and celebrate its community of Coaches and participants. These fun-filled gatherings are all about personal growth, professional development, and building a tight-knit, supportive community. Let us look into some of these events and understand their agendas.

  • The Optavia Convention

    This event is held from July 24 to 28, 2024, where like-minded individuals gather to immerse themselves in Lifelong Transformation and adopt a Healthy Lifestyle. The event is all about developing skills required for MLM success, along with opportunities for prospecting and networking.

  • Advanced Leadership Retreat

    It is an exclusive annual event focused on providing advanced skill training for Optavia leaders. The retreat is led by field experts and empowers leaders to develop their leadership capabilities and contribute to shaping the future of Optavia.

  • The Incentive Trip 2024

    The Incentive trip is a coveted reward for achievers within the Optavia community. It is held every year at a different exotic location. This gateway serves as a well-deserved trip to qualified coaches, who have excelled in their Optavia businesses. The events promise to be a week filled with fun, connection, and the celebration of the supportive Optavia community.

  • Optavia Field Training Events

    These events occur throughout the year and are usually hosted by Local coaches. They provide opportunities for learning, inspiration, and networking within local communities. events such as these help generate MLM leads by connecting with the local communities and educating them about the company’s business opportunities and products.

MLM Optavia Events

Healthy Habits for All- Optavia's Social Initiative

OPTAVIA’s Healthy Habits For All is a social initiative that aims to make a meaningful impact through education and access to healthy habits. The foundation partners with No Kid Hungry, to empower generations by teaching children the Habits of Health and providing essential resources to turn these habits into everyday practices.

By supporting Healthy Habits For All, you're helping ensure that kids in need have access to nutritious meals, giving way to healthier futures. The goal of the initiative is to teach communities across the country about staying healthy and strong from a young age.

Healthy Habits for All- Optavia's Social Initiative

Optavia’s Social Media Strategies

Optavia MLM’s social media network marketing strategy is all about building a supportive and inspiring community. They use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share real success stories, helpful health tips, and motivational content that resonates with their audience. By highlighting the journeys of real people and posting interactive content, Optavia creates a strong sense of belonging and encouragement.

They also host live Q&A sessions with coaches, provide educational posts, and keep everyone up-to-date with the latest health trends. This engaging and personal approach keeps their followers motivated, informed, and connected, driving both customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Optavia’s Social Media Strategies

Success Stories

Online marketing success stories are powerful testimonials showcasing how individuals have transformed their lives, achieved their goals, and found fulfillment through the opportunities provided by MLM companies. In this section, MONAT Market partners share countless success stories using the #MONATeffect. Here is a glimpse of a few such stories.

Story of Sandy Burgess

Sandy Burgess always wanted to stay healthy but life got busy caring for her family and her weight reached 245 pounds. A cancer diagnosis served as a wake-up call and she decided to join Optavia’s Habits of Health Program with a Personal Coach.

In eleven months, she shed 120 pounds and learned to manage cravings and emotional eating. Now an OPTAVIA Coach, Sandy shares her journey to inspire others, proving that with determination, anyone can overcome challenges and achieve their health goals.

Story of Jody Genessy

Jody Genessy, a seasoned sportswriter, found himself at 373 pounds. He felt uncomfortable and stuck in life. A pivotal moment on a plane prompted him to join OPTAVIA, where he lost 165 pounds and regained control of his finances.

Now an OPTAVIA Coach, Jody not only focuses on his health but also helps others achieve their goals. His journey from struggle to success is inspiring others to transform their lives physically, financially, and emotionally through the Habits of Health program.

Optavia Products

An essential part of running a successful MLM business is having a good product or service line. Optavia MLM Company successfully delivers high-quality, science-backed nutritional products. Let us dive into some of its popular products in detail below:

The brand’s essential Drizzled Chocolate Fudge Crisp Bar is a perfect blend of chocolate and crispies that will delight your taste buds. These high-protein, nutrient-dense bars are portion controlled and can fit into your busy lifestyle and are portion controlled. If you are looking for a healthy and tasty snack throughout the day, this is an ideal choice.

Essential Drizzled Chocolate Fudge Crisp Bar

Do you crave salty food while on a diet? Then, this is the perfect snacking option for you. This healthy popcorn is made with olive oil and sea salt, making snacking guilt-free. Enjoy this healthy crunchy snack while watching TV and just any time of the day!!

Olive Oil and Sea salt Popcorn

Elevate your hydration game with this Strawberry Lemonade Infuser Drink Mix. It is a perfect drink to delight your taste buds while boosting your metabolism with 100 mg of caffeine and 90 mg of EGCG per serving. The drink is ideal for breaking through weight loss plateaus or maintaining your progress without adding extra calories to your diet. You can enjoy up to three servings a day for a flavourful energizing boost.

Essential 1: Calorie Burn Strawberry Lemonade Flavor Infuser Drink Mix

Boost your workout results with Optavia Active Essential Amino Acid (EAA) blend in delicious Orange Mango flavor. This powerful supplement delivers 10 grams of EAAs per serving, including 5.3 grams of branched-chain amino acids in a clinically studied 4:1:1 ratio. It supports healthy muscle building, enhances post-exercise recovery, reduces muscle soreness, and activates muscle protein synthesis. No matter what your activity level is, this nutrient-packed drink will maximize your efforts and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Optavia Active Essential Amino Acid Blend- Orange Mango

Enhance your fitness journey with Optavia Active Whey Protein Powder drink mix in a delightful chocolate flavor. It is ideal for fitness enthusiasts and newcomers alike. One serving provides 24 grams of protein, which will help promote lean muscle growth and aid in post-workout recovery. Enjoy the delicious chocolate taste while supporting your muscle development and recovery needs with every workout.

Optavia Active Whey Protein- Chocolate

The Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan from Optavia is a structured Meal Plan that facilitates effective weight loss and healthy living. It involves consuming six small meals, five of which are various Optavia Fuelings and one Lean & Green meal. You also receive support from Optavia coaches and community resources to learn healthy eating habits and manage your weight sustainably.

The kit contains 154 servings of various Optavia Fuelings and Lean & Green meals. You can also customize products based on your preference.

Optimal Weights 5 & 1 Active Plan Kit

The Chicken with Rice and Vegetables is part of the company’s convenient and nutritious Lean and Green Meal options. Each box contains 6 servings of a hearty dish made with tender white chicken meat, long grain rice, colorful bell peppers, celery, mushroom, and water chestnuts, in a rich savory sauce. The dish is high in protein and is designed to offer a quick meal option without the hassle of cooking.

chicken with rice and vegetables
Essential Drizzled Chocolate Fudge Crisp Bar

Optavia Company Leadership

Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson, Co-founder, Optavia
Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson

Co-founder, Optavia

Dan R. Chard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Optavia
Dan R. Chard

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Optavia

Jim Maloney, Chief Financial Officer, Optavia
Jim Maloney

Chief Financial Officer, Optavia

Tony Tyree, Chief Business Operations Officer, Optavia
Tony Tyree

Chief Business Operations Officer, Optavia

Nicholas Johnson, Chief Field Operations Officer, Optavia
Nicholas Johnson

Chief Field Operations Officer, Optavia

Jason L. Groves, Esq, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary, Optavia
Jason L. Groves

Esq, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary, Optavia

Claudia Greninger, Chief Human Resources Officer, Optavia
Claudia Greninger

Chief Human Resources Officer, Optavia

Optavia Compensation Plan

Optavia Compensation Plan

Optavia’s plan lets you kick start your own health and wellness business while empowering others to achieve their fitness goals. You earn commissions from client orders and bonuses for team growth and leadership. It's a journey where you help people with their health goals while being part of an exclusive community. Here are a few things to know about the plan:

  • The OPTAVIA Compensation Plan offers three levels of earning opportunities based on your skills.

    • Client Acquisition and Support.
    • Coach Sponsoring and Team Building.
    • Advanced Team Building and Leadership Development.
  • Optavia coach compensation includes nine income avenues like commissions, bonuses for consistency and growth, and rewards for leadership achievements.

  • The plan is designed to incentivize and reward efforts in client support, team building, and leadership development at various levels of competency within the organization.

  • Personal Volume (PV) is one of the key sales force KPIs that MLM companies use to track the performance of their distributors. In the OPTAVIA compensation plan, Personal Volume (PV) is converted into both Compensation Volume (CV) for calculating commissions and Qualifying Volume (QV) for determining rank qualifications respectively. Other KPIs used are FQV (Frontline Qualifying volume).

  • Compensation Volume (CV), shows how much a product contributes to earning money. Each product in OPTAVIA has a CV, which is a percentage of its price. When clients or coaches buy products, their CVs add up to create the total amount used to calculate earnings for coaches.

  • Qualifying Volume (QV), helps decide a coach's rank and if they qualify for bonuses. It's similar to CV but focuses on how effort is measured across different products. QV adds up from all products clients and frontline coaches buy.

Level- 1 Client Acquisition and Support

At OPTAVIA, Coaches begin by welcoming and supporting Clients on their health journey. They earn a 15% commission on the Personal Compensation Volume (PCV) of orders from their Level 1 Clients. Bonuses increase based on Frontline Qualifying Volume (FQV), rewarding consistency with additional earnings of up to 28%.

The Coach Consistency Bonus rewards Coaches who maintain minimum FQV levels over consecutive months, with bonuses ranging from $250 to $1,000. New Coaches can earn the Coach Accelerator Bonus (CAB) by enrolling 3 to 5 new Clients with qualifying orders within their first three months.

Level- 2 Coach Sponsoring and Team Building

To maximize earnings, Coaches build and mentor their own Coach Teams in their downline. Titles progress from Senior Coach to Executive Director. Coaches earn 15% commissions on PCV from their Level 1 Clients.

The Accelerator Assist Bonus matches a new Coach's CAB earnings, while the Team Growth Bonus rewards Senior Coaches and above for orders placed by their Teams. Achieving Fully Integrated Business Coach (FIBC) status by maintaining specific volume and team requirements over three months earns a $1,000 consistency bonus.

Level 3- Advanced Team Building and Leadership Development

Successful Coaches progress to leadership roles like Regional Director and beyond. Leadership commissions remain at 15% on PCV from Level 1 Clients, with support from their upline.

The Executive Director Generation Bonus rewards higher-ranked Business Leaders for developing Executive Directors within their organization. This bonus is based on the performance of the entire Executive Director Team within their sponsorship line.

The Elite Leadership Bonus rewards top-tier Coaches (National Directors and above). It includes National, Global, and Presidential bonuses, each providing a 0.5% override on the entire organization, ensuring deep earnings potential throughout their teams, within the Generation MLM plan.


No. Optavia is a genuine MLM company that operates as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, focusing on health and wellness products and coaching services. It utilizes a network of independent coaches to distribute its products and promote its programs.

Income for Optavia reps, or coaches, varies widely depending on individual effort, sales volume, and team size. Like most MLM opportunities, earnings can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month.

The potential income with Optavia is largely based on your ability to build a customer base and recruit and support a team of coaches. Top earners can achieve significant income, but success requires dedication, sales skills, and effective leadership.

Independent Optavia coaches' earnings are commission-based, derived from sales of products and team performance. Income levels vary, and success typically hinges on the coach's ability to effectively market products, recruit new coaches, and support their team members.

No. The idea of Optavia Pyramid scheme is false. The company operates as a legitimate direct-selling company, not a pyramid scheme. Its business model relies on product sales and coaching services rather than recruitment alone, distinguishing it from illegal pyramid schemes.

Yes, Optavia operates as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Optavia utilizes a direct selling model where independent distributors, known as coaches, promote and sell its products while recruiting others to join their team.

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