PM International MLM Review

PM-International is a well-established MLM company based in Luxembourg, Europe. It was founded by Rolf Sorg in 1993 and is an economically independent family business. The company has an equity ratio exceeding 60% and a triple A+ rating. Due to its strong business ethics and exceptional product portfolio, it is named one of the Top MLM Companies in Europe.

The company's product line includes the FitLine range, which features high-quality nutritional supplements and cosmetics designed to promote health and wellness through scientifically backed formulations. This PM International MLM review will explore the company’s history, best-selling products, compensation plan, etc.

PM International MLM Review

PM International MLM Company Overview

Category Details
Founded 1993
Industry Wellness and Fitness
Company Size 1,001-5,000 employees
Headquarters Schengen, Luxembourg

PM International Revenue Trend

Year Revenue
2021 $2,350 Million
2022 $2,550 Million
2023 $3,030 Million

USP of PM-International

The USP of PM-International MLM lies in its combination of strong financial stability, high-quality product offerings, and a successful MLM business model. It is also a family-owned company that gives importance to trust, reliability, and long-term growth. The company invests heavily in R&D to ensure potent formulations for its products that provide amazing results to its customers. All of these factors contribute to the company’s position as one of the leading network marketing companies in the world.

USP of PM-International

PM International Company Headquarters

PM International Company Headquarters

The PM-International headquarters is based in Luxembourg, Europe. It also maintains regional headquarters in Germany for the European region, Singapore for the Asia-Pacific region, and Florida, USA for the American region. The company also operates 45 subsidiaries and distribution partners in more than 40 countries, making it a global player in the direct sales industry.

Product Innovations

Product Innovations

FitLine products are renowned for their certifications, to ensure the highest quality, safety, and efficacy. The company’s unique Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC) guarantees the absorption of nutrients at the cellular level for the best results. Also, all fitLine products are made in Germany and manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

To ensure maximum safety, all products undergo regular independent testing by ELAB Analytik GmbH. All of FitLine’s nutritional supplements are on the Cologne List, to showcase the brand’s commitment to clean sports. Furthermore, FitLine collaborates with esteemed institutions like the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology and the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, to drive constant improvement and innovation in its products.

Awards and Recognition



PM-international MLM ranked #6 on DSN Global 100.



The company received the Bravo International Growth Award for the Fastest-growing company in the world for the fourth consecutive year.



The company ranked among the Top Innovators for the 22nd time.



PM International CEO Rolf Sorg was honored with the Bravo Leadership Award.



Netcoo Magazine recognized the company as a “Top Network Marketing Company”.



Rolf Sorg received the Le Fonti Award for CEO of the Year in innovation in the beauty & healthcare category.

PM International Company History



PM launched as PM Cosmetics GmbH.



The company launched Q10, its First food supplement product under the brand “FitLine”.



PM International initiated its Charity program.



The brand was elected as one of Germany's Top 100 most innovative companies for the first time.



The company achieved 100 million euros in annual sales.



The company built a Logistics and Administrative center in Switzerland.



Official opening of Headquarters in Luxembourg and Asia-Pacific.



The company reached $1 billion in annual sales.



The company was awarded the title “Fastest Growing Company in the World” by The Direct Selling News Global.

Quotes from PM-International Leaders

Rolf Sorg, Founder and CEO, PM-International

“Behind every great achievement stands a dream that has become reality.”

Rolf Sorg

Founder and CEO, PM-International

PM International Business Model

The PM-International multi-level marketing model works by employing a retail distribution system that prioritizes direct sales to customers through its network of independent distributors. This approach ensures personalized customer service and builds strong customer relationships. Also, surpassing traditional distribution methods allows the company to offer competitive prices and higher-quality products.

How does the PM-International Multi-level marketing model benefit the distributors?

The company offers a fair and reliable compensation system, providing distributors the freedom to choose their work hours, enjoy instant extra income, and the opportunity for self-employment without risk. This flexibility allows distributors to balance work with personal life and pursue their entrepreneurial goals. Additionally, PM-International network marketing provides a supportive network and resources that highlight MLM business opportunities and help distributors grow and succeed in their MLM business.

Distributor Benefit Program

The company also offers a range of benefit programs to support and reward its distributors. Some of its programs include:

  • Training Programs

    Online training programs are a crucial part of the network marketing funnel, allowing the company to onboard new distributors easily and keep them engaged. They receive regular training and attend sales academies, including special annual events like Leadership Training and the World Management Congress, to enhance their skills and motivation.

  • Car Programs

    Distributors starting from the International Marketing Manager level can participate in a free car leasing program. This program provides them with the opportunity to drive increasingly upscale cars based on their level, through an exclusive partnership with BMW.

  • Travel Incentives

    Qualified distributors get a chance to go on free holiday trips, and experience luxury vacations in beautiful locations. This provides both relaxation and memorable experiences.

  • Pension Program

    Distributors reaching certain positions can set up an additional pension, with PM International companies paying half of the contributions. The company has partnered with Allianz, to ensure the social security of their distributors for old age.

Social Initiatives

PM International’s social initiatives are as compassionate as they are impactful. Programs like PM We Care are dedicated to uplifting children in need and supporting communities affected by global challenges like COVID-19. The company also focuses on sustainability and providing high-quality products free from preservatives.

  • PM We Care

    Among the company's social initiatives, PM We Care remains at the forefront. This charity foundation is led by Vicki Sorg, the Charity Ambassador. Under his guidance, PM We Care has sponsored over 6,000 children globally, with a long-term goal of supporting 10,000 children.

    This initiative focuses on sustainable projects, including education, access to clean water, and child protection. The foundation also collaborates with organizations like World Vision to empower communities and provide essential resources. These efforts aim to uplift lives and create a lasting impact.

Social Initiatives

Fitline Community

The FitLine community is a place where health enthusiasts, athletes, and distributors come together and provide a source of motivation for fitness enthusiasts. Individuals connect, share experiences, and celebrate success on their wellness journey. This vibrant community includes:

  • FitLine Athletes

    FitLine Athletes is a group of elite sports professionals who rely on FitLine products to enhance their performance. These athletes span various sports disciplines and hail from different parts of the world. They trust FitLine as their go-to nutritional supplement for achieving optimal results in their respective sports.

  • FitLine Partners

    FitLine Partners are individuals or organizations that collaborate closely with FitLine to promote health, fitness, and athletic performance. These partners include athletes, sports teams, associations, and influencers who endorse FitLine products and incorporate them into their training and performance routines.

    Such strategic partnerships play a crucial role in the company’s direct selling business model. They help spread awareness about the benefits of FitLine products and their impact on sports performance and overall well-being.

  • FitLine Club

    The FitLine Club is PM International’s customer loyalty program that offers a world of rewards and benefits to its members. They can join for free and gain access to exclusive perks.

    These perks include a 10% special discount on advantage packages, early access to new products, free shipping on orders over €50, and exclusive content such as recipes and workouts.

    Members also receive an exclusive FitLine Club pin as a token of appreciation. Additionally, members can order products in advance and pay in three monthly installments.

    Customer loyalty techniques such as offering rewards and exclusive member discounts, have helped the company build lasting relationships with its customers and encourage repeat purchases.

Fitline Community

Success Stories

PM International has had a transformative impact on people with its products and business opportunities. These MLM success stories narrate how individuals have overcome challenges, achieved their goals, and attained financial freedom through the company's products and a supportive MLM community.

Story of JongWon Kim

JongWon Kim, a 44-year-old former office worker, found himself struggling with declining health due to the demands of his job, including frequent night shifts and social drinking. He was introduced to Activize by a friend.

He quickly embraced PM's products for their quality and affordability. Inspired by his positive experience, Kim shared the products with family and friends, eventually building his own PM Business. With his hard work and dedication, he earned over 1,000 € within just two months. Kim looks forward to a promising future with the PM and is confident that it will lead to a fulfilling life alongside his family.

Story of Sarah

Sarah, a 34-year-old single mother from Lübeck, Germany, faced significant challenges in her life. A serious riding accident left her with three fractured spines, jeopardizing her mobility and career as a veterinary assistant.

She was determined to change her life for the better when she came across the business opportunity by PM-International. Their products and community support have helped her experience a remarkable transformation. She feels healthier, and more motivated, and has successfully built a team of like-minded individuals.

Story of Maria Nelkert

Maria Nelkert, a 29-year-old from Lausitz, Germany, works in surface mining. However, she aspired for a more fulfilling life, that included travel and financial independence.

Her grandparents and father raised her after her parents' separation, Maria's desire for change intensified after her father's heart attack in 2015. She joined PM-International, which has since transformed her life, providing her with the opportunity for greater independence and time freedom.

PM International Products

The company’s product portfolio consists of products under the brand name “FitLine”. It offers a comprehensive range of health and fitness products. However, it is renowned for its skincare products. The company manufactures its products in Germany and adheres to pharmaceutical industry standards. Below is a detailed look into some of the top PM International products.

FitLine D-Drink is a tasty drink that supports normal liver and metabolic function. This delicious beverage contains high-quality nutrients, including extracts from broccoli, milk thistle, and wild garlic. It also has low sugar content, but without compromising on taste, through exclusive Stevia extract. Each cup provides the benefits of Cholin for liver function and Chromium for macronutrient metabolism support.

FitLine D-Drink

The FitLine Skin Triple Lift Set is one of the most demanded products of this skincare MLM company. The set is a powerful combination of two products, the Ultimate Young Serum and the rich 24-hour Facial Care cream. The serum uses the brand’s signature NTC technology to reduce wrinkles and visibly tighten the skin. The rich 24-hour facial care cream for AM and PM supports skin firmness and elasticity and provides an even skin texture and tone.

FitLine Skin Triple Lift Set

The Optimal Set is powered by PM-International's Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC), which delivers essential nutrients directly to the body's cells for optimal bioavailability. The Optimal set contains the FitLine PowerCocktail for mornings and FitLine Restorate for evenings, which supplements daily nutrition effectively. This modular product concept ensures nutrients are provided at the right times, and promotes a balanced diet and overall well-being.

Optimal Set with PowerCocktail

The FitLine Microsolve+ Heart Duo are drops enriched with plant-based Omega 3 DHA and Thiamine. The drops are enhanced with groundbreaking tech that provides essential nutrients to support normal brain function and heart health. To consume, 36 drops, or 1.7 ml of the product should be added to still water once a day.

FitLine Microsolve+ Heart Duo

The brand’s Herbaslim Tea contains a mixture of high-quality herbs. The tea helps support the body’s fluid balance and aids in weight loss. This carefully selected mixture reduces food cravings and promotes healthy eating habits. It can be enjoyed hot or in the form of Iced tea. It is sugar-free and perfect for individuals seeking a healthier beverage option.

Herbaslim Tea

This innovative serum contains the power of the exclusive Nutrient Transport Concept along with active ingredients like Guarana, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B complex. It provides smooth, revitalized skin instantly.

FitLine Skin Activate Serum

The FitLine Fitness drink is a potent isotonic carbohydrate solution that is packed with vitamins and minerals. It supports endurance performance and is a go-to solution for short, medium, or long-term energy needs. The drink comes in a refreshing orange flavor that enhances the exercise experience and keeps individuals hydrated.

FitLine Fitness Drink
FitLine D-Drink

FitLine Autoship Feature

The FitLine Autoship feature provides customers with the convenience of scheduling customized deliveries of various FitLine products.

Customers can choose to receive a three-month supply in a single shipment or opt for monthly deliveries by specifying the desired number of sets. This approach effectively addresses marketing problems in companies, particularly in customer retention and ensuring repeat purchases from customers.

Orders are processed monthly on the original order date, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience. With FitLine auto-ship, customers can enjoy the benefits of their favorite products without the need for repeated manual ordering, making it easier to maintain their health and wellness regimen.

FitLine Autoship Feature

Company Leadership

Rolf Sorg, Founder and CEO, PM-International
Rolf Sorg

Founder and CEO, PM-International

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Tobias Kuhne, Chief Scientific Officer of FitLine, PM-International
Dr. Tobias Kuhne

Chief Scientific Officer of FitLine, PM-International

JProf. Dr. Manfred Eggersdorfer, Professor of Healthy Aging, University Medical Center.
Prof. Dr. Manfred Eggersdorfer

Professor of Healthy Aging, University Medical Center

Prof. Dr. Julian Weghuber, Head Center of Excellence Food Technology and Nutrition at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
Prof. Dr. Julian Weghuber

Head Center of Excellence Food Technology and Nutrition at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Dr. Jurgen Reimann, Specialized Pharmacist for Drug Information and Pharmaceutical Analytics
Dr. Jurgen Reimann

Specialized Pharmacist for Drug Information and Pharmaceutical Analytics

Dr. Peter Pfortner, Certified Food chemist and attorney at Law specializing in Foodstuffs and cosmetics
Dr. Peter Pfortner

Certified Food chemist and attorney at Law specializing in Foodstuffs and cosmetics

Dr. Rudi Wajda, Developer of carrier systems based on natural products for cosmetics and food supplements
Dr. Rudi Wajda

Developer of carrier systems based on natural products for cosmetics and food supplements

 Dr. Bernard Cher, Asia Pacific Director of Science, Doctor of Immunology and molecular diagnostics
Dr. Bernard Cher

Asia Pacific Director of Science, Doctor of Immunology and molecular diagnostics

Dr Raimund Abele, Head of Product and Safety at PM-International
Dr Raimund Abele

Head of Product and Safety at PM-International

Dr. Marcus Iken, Manager of Research and Science at PM-International
Dr. Marcus Iken

Manager of Research and Science at PM-International

Horst Meinhardt, Developer and Expert for Cosmetic Formulations and Process Engineering
Horst Meinhardt

Developer and Expert for Cosmetic Formulations and Process Engineering

Wilhelm Messer, Director of Product Development for FitLine Products at PM-International.
Wilhelm Messer

Director of Product Development for FitLine Products at PM-International

Torsten Weber, Director of Sports Marketing at PM-International
Torsten Weber

Director of Sports Marketing at PM-International

Katrin Seifarth, Management trainer and Expert in marketing and brand development.
Katrin Seifarth

Management trainer and Expert in marketing and brand development.

Anja Wunder, Director of the FitLine cosmetic product line at PM-International
Anja Wunder

Director of the FitLine cosmetic product line at PM-International

Markus Herrmann, Manager Product Development and Laboratory, Business Chemist
Markus Herrmann

Manager Product Development and Laboratory, Business Chemist

PM International Compensation plan details

PM International Compensation Plan

The company offers a comprehensive compensation plan, also called a marketing plan, to reward its distributors at every level of achievement. The plan focuses on fairness and transparency and provides the members with multiple income opportunities like bonuses and benefits based on sales performances, team growth, and title advancement.

Some points to remember about the PM International Marketing Plan are:

  • There are 12 levels in the compensation plan. Partners who complete certain requirements within a specific time period are promoted to the next level.

  • The performance of each partner is measured through some important KPIs. The PGV (Personal Group Volume) is one of the best sales KPIs used by MLM companies, as it shows the total sales from an Active Manager and all the people on their team below them.

Bonus and Incentives of PM International Marketing Plan

Incentives and rewards are key strategies used by PM-International to build a successful network marketing team. Below is a brief description of each type of bonus offered by the company.

  • Firstline Bonus (FB)

    The Firstline Bonus (FB) offers a 10% bonus on the personal sales of Team Partners in an individual's downline. Refer to our blog to know more about what is a downline. To qualify, one must be at least a Team Partner or Manager and maintain a monthly auto-ship of either a Health Set (50 Points) or an Optimal Set (103 Points).

  • Pool Bonus (PB)

    The Pool Bonus rewards Team Partners and Qualifying Managers for enrolling new Team Partners. They can earn up to €30 for each new Team Partner on their Firstline who purchases 250 Points Pool Sets and up to €60 for each new Team Partner who purchases 500 Points Pool Sets.

  • Royalties Bonus (RB)

    The Royalties Bonus (RB) is for Active Managers and above who complete their monthly Check Assurance. It is calculated based on the PGV of Active Managers in their downlines, up to six generations, within the MLM generation plan.

  • Car Incentive

    Team Partners who achieve specific title qualifications within a month become eligible for a Car Bonus/Allowance, which accrues to their account. This bonus can be used for car leasing or purchase. The bonus is paid only if certain conditions are met. Team Partners can opt to accumulate it for later use toward car leasing or purchase.

  • Pension Plan

    The Pension Plan is an option for International Marketing Managers (IMM) and above. If they choose to join, they sign up with Allianz. The company and the participant each pay half of the insurance premium, but the company's share depends on the monthly title qualification.

Bonus and Incentives of the PM International Marketing Plan


PM International is chosen for its dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability in the health and wellness sector. It also offers opportunities for personal and financial growth.

The company was founded in 1993 by Rolf Sorg. It provides high-quality nutritional supplements and skincare products backed by scientific research and manufactured using cutting-edge technology.

FitLine products are completely safe as they undergo rigorous testing and adhere to strict quality standards. They are also formulated with natural ingredients and are free from harmful additives.

No, the notion of a PM International company as a pyramid scheme is untrue. It operates as a legitimate direct-selling company, offering genuine products. It does not fit the criteria of a pyramid scheme, the company relies primarily on recruitment without offering real products or services.

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